Mr Flower, Bryn y Fran


Mr Flower introduces Rhiw to a fellow countryman

Back in the early sixties Mr and Mrs Watkins came to live at Berwyn, Rhiw. At the time Mr Flower a retired Librarian lived at Bryn y Fran, and he thought it might be rather helpful of him to introduce and naturally give his thoughts on the residents of Rhiw, as one did and so he compiled and wrote this list. Here are one man’s impressions of some of the residents of Rhiw in the 1960's.

Keating, Plas yn Rhiw

The Misses.

Miss Eileen, Miss Lona, Miss Honora.


Jones, Brothers.

Emlyn, Llyshyfryd.

Idwal, below Penponcyn ( the old inn)

Will, Bodlondeb.

Griff, Moel yr Wyn.




Griffith, Seaview ‘Post Office’.

Elsie and her mother. Brother John and his wife live in Wimbledon, Surrey.


Griffiths, Pencaerau. Shop halfway to Aberdaron. Is brother to Mrs Griffith, Post Office, as above.




Williams, Capt. House on left before Parish church. Has many relatives in the district. The daughters both married one living at Barrach farm, the other in Canada. The old chap very cantankerous, one has to be very careful what one says. He is now living with his daughter after an illness – house was still unoccupied when we came away.



Jones, ‘Trip’, beside the Garage and wife. He was a driver on Crosville. The first Mrs Jones had three sons Will (Garage), one a driver on Crosville and another living at Llanfair PG, Anglesey and two daughters. This first Mrs Jones was sister to Mrs Hughes, opposite chapel (next to you). Will’s wife is sister to Mrs Jones (Dairy) and Mrs Roberts, Llanwenan (Selwyn’s mother) that is the farm beyond Penarfynydd Farm.


Jones Harry (Farmer) Ty Croes Mawr. Farm belongs to – Grey, Loasby and Harry Jones is the working partner. His wife is daughter of the late John Williams who sold us his uncle’s cottage Bryn y Fran. Her sister married Harry Jones brother and continues to live in her father’s house Groeslon – corner of 2nd road left going to Aberdaron. John Williams lost his wife while living here and later gave it (Groeslon) to his daughter Myra (Mair). He John Williams bought Ty Croes Mawr – was farmed by him for a number of years, then he gave it to his other daughter Kitty and her husband Harry Jones. John Williams intended building a bungalow on the fork of the bridle road, even planned it, but this was not permitted. He bought Bryn Tirion. He bought Conion and sold Bryn Tirion. He died of cancer 12-2- 61. Conion nine and a half acres, originally belonged to Capt Williams – this went to Harry Jones, the house was sold to a retired Liverpool building contractor. Groeslon was originally a single floor cottage, it was converted to a house sometime after 1950 by John Williams.



Jones, Bryn Ffoulk, little house beside road and below Plas yn Rhiw, where there are sheep and chickens. Mrs Jones’s second husband was mate on the Queen Mary. Brother to Mrs Nellie Owen (widow) Bryn y Ffynnon on the hillside above Dr Maud Richards and her companion Miss Nora Higgins Tyn Parc. Mrs Nellie Owen has another brother living with her who has recently had both feet amputated – these, the Jones, Richards and Owen are not on terms with the Misses Keatings.

The two bungalows facing down the village (beyond the Community Hall) – the first one.

Williams, Tom and his wife, Gwelfor, Mrs W, had a stroke about 1961, but has recovered quite well.

Williams, John, his brother the next bunglow Hirael. We call him ‘London Williams’, he was chief buyer to Harrods, Knightsbridge, London. He lost his wife August 1962. Some connection with Mrs Jones, Lon Las, first house on right below Loasby’s. She Mrs Jones is connected with Daniel Rowlands, the house opposite – he is now 86 or 87 years old (birthday 29th May). ‘London Williams’ is also connected with Miss Griffith and her brother Tyn Lon Fach, little farm on the S bend. The parents of Tom and John Williams owned the house opposite John Owens (farmer) and also the house at the bottom of the hill, opposite the entrance to Plas yn Rhiw.




Jones, Councillor Griffith (ill tempered devil) Moelwyn View, opposite Shop Newydd (grocers) He is step brother to Miss Jeannie Thomas Ty Canol, bottom of hill below Loasby’s. She is not on good terms with her step brother.

Williams, Captain, previously quoted, adopted Mrs Jones (Dairy). He was on the Blue Funnel or Red Funnel Line.


Williams, Dora, Eifion House (just below Loasby’s and on same side)

Beware – she is to be avoided at all cost.


Williams, Miss Bryn Awel, son and two daughters.

Griffiths, Miss Mary, died 1963 Tyddyn Morthwyl (next door Jones builders) son Rowland Griffiths, farming for Miss Evans, Penarfynydd. Miss Griffith was also related to ‘London Williams’.

Owen, Miss, Bryn Tirion – son Will (Post), her brother lives next door with her mother (enemies)

Griffiths, Wyn, brother of Llewelyn Wyn Griffiths, author of ‘Wooden Spoon’ etc, Conion Ganol.



English, Loasby’s, Wheelers, Smithy, Ward, Chidley and one or two others.

Avoid Women’s Institute, - I think most of the village are members.

"Naturally, rather impossible to give all the connections, would have to live here for years. Think you had better, take it that they are all connected in someway or other"


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