Evan Jones, Pig y Parc.


Evan Jones of Pig y Parc, Rhiw was a horseman at Carrog farm Llangwnadl, and at that time there were two very difficult horses named Prince and Warwick at the farm. Evan Jones had been home for some weeks after injuring his hand when bringing the two horses back to the stable, they went in opposite directions and his hand was caught in the reins as he held onto them, he was dragged along the ground. It was said that the horses understood each other and when the urge to misbehave came upon them  they would both have their ears back at the same time. One of them for some unknown reason took a dislike to the milestone opposite the farm entrance and would play up on seeing it.

When Evan Jones returned to work after his injury, he borrowed the two horses and a cart ( that was quite common in those days, especially if the horseman and his master were on good terms.) to go to Porth y Sgaden to fetch a load of coal. On the way back close to Congl Cae, the horses started playing up. John Peter Jones Ty Canol was working on the road nearby and came to help Evan Jones calm the horses down., he took hold of the first horse, whilst Evan took control of the one at the rear. As soon as John Peter returned to his digging he could hear the hooves of the horses galloping along the road past Castell Coch. The first horse broke loose and the other bolted and overturned the cart near the bridge at Minafon. Evan Jones it would appear held on to the last and was found dead on the roadside between Pen Lon and Castell Coch. A holly bush was planted on the hedgerow to mark the spot where he died, it grew for years but there’s no trace of it now. Evan Jones left a widow and four young children.



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