"Robert Rhiw Jones"

(His diary from 1939)

(Ivor's introductory notes) Our London address was at 47 Tottenhall Road, Palmers Green London N.13 (no telephone in those days) Since my father had been a railway clerk, he was entitled to a certain amount of free travel (passes) as well as concessionary fares that were known as privilege tickets. Mr. & Mrs. Gellett were friends (my father had worked with Mr. Gellett) Mrs. Frome was also a friend but I do not know through what link. My father was born in 1871. He married my mother, Evelyn May Came (who was born 4th May 1900) in September 1923. She is always referred to as May. I (Ivor) was born 12th Ocotber 1924, Howard Emlyn 26th December 1925, Trevor Glyn 27th July 1931. By 1939 I was working as a telegram messenger boy for Cable & Wireless but was granted extended unpaid leave for our retreat to Wales. Howard Emlyn was at Secondary School (now would be called grammar) he is also referred to at times as Dick or Gugg. Trevor was 8 at the time and his legs particularly would cover in blisters thought to be reaction to pollen.




"Robert Rhiw Jones"   "Ivor, Trevor and Howard"

There may be other items that I have failed to foresee, so when these arise I intend to add (italicised) notes on the right hand side if they need only be brief or sandwich, again in italics between entries if a longer explanation is needed.


I will start with an entry (that I have isolated) for Tuesday 30th May:

Returned unused passes to Broad St.

Passes to Wales got ready in April in event of a war.

Planted runner beans near fence.


 August: Forward to top of page above Thursday 24th

Getting tickets for flight after news of Russo-German pact.

Thursday 24th August Wrote to My Lyall re keeping Ivor's place open.


Friday 25th August: Left Euston at 11.15 Pwllheli 5.50

Single tickets on bus 6/3

Sent wire to Catrin "Family arriving tonight"


Saturday 26th August Shoes for May at Pencaerau,

Walk Fryndol lane. Caught in rain outside Owen’s shop.

Went in stable, man came in & was surprised


Sunday 27th August Misty in morning

Porth Ysgo after dinner. All the boys bathed in lovely sunshine. 8.15 when we left Catrin came down.


Monday 28th August:

Mist & heavy rain in morning,

Paid 12/- for 5C coals,

May & Howard go to Rhiw, Ivor churns & gets blisters on hand, Catrin measured for gas mask.

Went Porth Ysgo paddled. Boys bathed. Very hot.

Report from bus driver Hitler refuses terms, must have Poland & Danzig. Trevor has spots restless night.


Tuesday 29th August:

Saw aerplane1st time down here since Friday, fine morning. Ivor to Rhiw Howard to Porth Ysgo.

Trevor more spots but those bathed with Milton, dead. More watery spots appear on legs, better night but restless- up at 12.40 iodising him.

May & I went to Mynydd Graig; boys to Porth Ysgo.

a wait for Hitler day, telegraph from Griffy John & reply received now waiting for cabinet decision. Boys went beach.

(entry runs over to Wednesday space)

(Pencil entry is indistinct, could be Hitler)

Ivor lost shoe in rocks. Late home.


Thursday 31st August:

Received P.O.16/4 for Ivor from Leon Golden Cross House.

(Golden Cross House was branch at which I worked)

Receipt posted. received letter from Moorgate St saying Ivor's leave starts from 28th and job kept open sent letter to thank him.

Card from Mrs G. received LMS cheque.

Letter to LPTB re Ivor's season ticket cashed cheque at Shop Newydd.

Paid Rowland 6 balance for honey in July

Still waiting for news from Hitler.

 (L.P.T.B. is London Passenger Transport Board who ran the Underground)


Friday 1st September:

Card from Baddow

(Little Baddow is village in Essex, my mother's home & where her parents lived)

Paid Cath 5/- rent. First news of war in Poland.

Played in field with Trevor in morning.

Howard went to Rhiw to get paper. Ivor churned.

Both boys went to beach.

After dinner May H & T & I went to beach, back to tea at 8.


Saturday 2nd September:

Daily Herald says Britain may declare war today.

Walk to Pencaerau. Back by bus: raining.

Trevor has new spots on leg & foot: magnesia prevents them coming after applying it to red part.


Sunday 3rd September:

Britain declares war at 11 this morning. Misty in morning.

Fine afterwards.  Sunday papers arrived late,

Walked about lanes. Trevor's spots worse.

Up at 1 a.m. applying magnesia.


Monday 4th September:

News of British ship torpedoed with 120 Americans.

off Hebrides.  Ivor sent to Nant to help on farm.

Didn't want to go. Howard sent Rhiw for paper.

Registered with Gwynedd for Express.

May & Cath go to Rhiw. Cath gets gas mask, refugee children arrive. Howard gets P.C. from Mr. Gellett  reported air raid warning in London at 2 a.m. this morning.


Tuesday 5th September:

Up at 1.30 a.m. popping Trevor's spots.  His condition much better. No new spots.

Age of moon 20.

Walked Pencaerau 9p.m. bought dark blinds.

2/6  heard survivors of Athenis (torpedoed off Galway.) Beach with May Howard & Trevor.

Ordered potatoes at Nant.

Had lettuces from Mrs. Williams.


Wednesday 6th September:

Reply from L.P.T.B. Replied.

Sent key to Mrs. G. To Pwllheli with May & Trevor by 12.55 bus. Return by 4.15 Visited cousin.

Dr. Evans


Thursday 7th September:

Harvesting at Griff Tynlon's, Trevor's spots declining. Good night.


Friday 8th September:

Mrs.G. sends Ivor season ticket and various letters & cards accumulated at 47.

We register with butcher at Sarn. Sent Ivor's ticket back to Edmonton.  Nant for cabbage lettuce beetroot apples 6d Howard gets rabbit from Griff Tynlon

Only two fresh blisters on Trevor

Driver Owen gives me flints from Griff John, 5/- to Catrin.


Saturday 9th September

Evan Williams Nant brings 1/4 cwt kerrs Pink potatoes, 1/- paid. The boys & I got caught in rain whilst harvesting. Trevor says to man in cart throwing sheaves down "stop bombing."  man pleased. Rained afternoon. Bright rest of day.

War news of French penetrating 8 miles in Saar valley.


Sunday 10th September:

Wet day. Boys went out for walk had to shelter hours at derelict Fryndol. One new blister on Trevor, 2 new marks bathed with Milton solution, clear in morning.


Monday 11th September:

TPTB reply ack. recpt of my letter of Friday

(TPTB must remain a mystery - petrol would be for lighter)

Trevor & I go to Pencaerau to buy 2d worth petrol & a chronicle after tea May & I went to Coast guard Hill, bought a 4d marrow at Carreg Lefain.


Tuesday 12th September:

Aerplanes re-appear practising. Fine day. Catrin & boys go harvesting at Griff's

May doing house cleaning. No newspapers today

To Rhiw in Melia's motor, May & I borrow from school 4 books Cwm Eithin, Alfred Miles' 52 Stones.

(Looks like Melia's)

Lights & Shadows The clue of the  dear goldfish.

(Could be dead goldfish)

Boys harvesting. Howard at Nant, Pencaerau 8p.m. by bus get morning paper.


Wednesday 13th September:

No new spots on Trevor, Ivor & Trevor have hair cut  by Griff Ty Cae.

May Trevor & I walk to Porth Ysgo cliff. Tide returning at 5p.m. Two ounce pkt Airman from town 2/2


Thursday 14th September:

Fine morning, rather fresh. Fine all day.

Buses stop running.

Dinner late, roast cockerell marrow & carrots blackberry & rhubarb stewed.

May & I walk along Fryndol Lane.

Paper arrives after 4p.m.

Dick Lon Las, takes names for coal ration.


Friday 15th September:

Age of moon 1

Steam tug off Gull Islands.

Fine day. Big warship appears near Enlli.

Howard helps with hay at Nant. Catrin kills fowl for May's Sunday dinner when she gets to London. Before tea May & Trevor & I take a walk down Nant Lane. Wind cold.

(She went to collect more clothes & return)

Bombers busy over Craggy Mountain.

(Mynydd Graig : they used to dive bomb a raft target in the bay.)


Saturday 16th September:

Fine sunny day.

May & Howard leave for London by bus at 9.15 to catch 10.25 Wrote Super Fund re cheque.

(L.M.S. Railway superanuation fund)

Trevor finds a viper under front window, doesn't know what it is, I go out to find it hiding in grass, go back for spade, see it on wall of house, sticking out a long neck & hissing. Kill & bury it in field. Cut it up it still wriggled.

May London 7.30

Saw Dora Trip: asked for car to fetch May from Pwllheli Wednesday.


Sunday 17th September

Dreadful news of Russia joining Germany.

Trevor & I walk Fryndol Lane in the afternoon.

Fine all day.


Monday 18th September:

Nice dry day. T& I walk Pencaerau to post a letter to May in reply to one received today & one to M.C.C. Education Committee 10 Gt George St. S.W.1 re Howard going to Botwnnog.

Order 140lb bag flour 18/6 Eifion. Trevor walks to Rhiw with Catrin, then walks there with Ivor. Had not come  home to tea at 7.30 I had to go to Lon Las to fetch them.

They had been watching bombing.

Both had been eating plums at Lon Las.


Tuesday 19th September;

Fine day

Trevor's cheeks fill out.

Letter from May in London & parcel.

Saw big viper Llawenan hedge.


Wednesday 20th September:

I catch 5.30 bus to Pwllheli to meet May & Howard. Get there at 5.55. Mr. Thomas.

Station Master takes me to his office to await train arrival.  We ride home with Parry (W) Bodwyddog,

Evan Rice Ysgo & Owen Griffith Shop.

Window cleaner paid at London to date 1/-

Trevor has rash from churning. Given Lysol bath.


Thursday 21st September:

May & Trevor & I take shoes to Evan Hughes the cobbler.

Meet Lloyd Williams Gorphswyfa

Fine day. Boys carry bracken for ricks.


Friday 22nd September:

Rather misty. Boys help churning. Threshing at Tyn Lon Bach. Letter from M.C.C. Educ. Com. Education Office,

(M.C.C. = Middlesex County Council)

Technical School, Station Rd. Harrow Ref.EG/1 21 Sept.

Threshing machine at Nant & Tyn Lon Bach

Went to Pencaerau, bought candles.


Saturday 23rd September:

Wrote Shipman; wrote P.O. re 3 Stock dividends.

(Shipman to do with allotments he cultivated in London)

Cold day. Rhiw with May to get her shoes from Evan Hughes, Pengroes.  Saw Griff Isaac & Owen Brynteg.


Sunday 24th September:

Wrote Gas & Elec Lt Co dated 25

Ivor goes to Welsh chapel with Catrin. Warm day.

(I used to go with Catrin to Tan-y-Foel - moth balls Sunday best, and mint imperials, such sermons you need not understand a word to know that you would go to hell unless...............)


Monday 25th September:

Trevor goes to Rhiw School morning only Ivor & I go to meet him. Take Ivor's boots to Evan.

I wrote to Gas Co. & Elec Light co.

After dinner May & I & the 3 boys take the barrow to Porth Ysgo. Howard & Trevor strip & go in sea. We gather 2 sacks full of firewood.

We wait return of fishing boat & buy 5 mackerels for 1/-

Very hot on sands.  We go for a walk in evening.


Tuesday 26th September:

Wrote Sec M.C.C. Education Offices,

Acton County School, Gunnersbury Lane,

Acton W.3. Wrote Town Clerk Southgate.

Wrote L.P.T. Co, re Ivor's ticket.

(I travelled to work by underground and used a season ticket)

Ivor's boots (heels) repaired 1/-

(some of which would have been unexpired)

May & I go shopping in evening at Shop Newydd, walk back by harvest moon.


Wednesday 27th September:

Trevor goes to school in Will Trip's car, 1st morning comes back with lady in her car.

After dinner we all go to Porth Ysgo. Sun hot. Wind cold.

Sea warm. Make bon fire on beach. Airplanes come to investigate.  Report U-boat sunk in Irish Sea. Loud reports.

I repair roof of coal shed.


Thursday 28th September:

Despatched ground rent sent cheque £2.5.6, to H.C. Wright (Ditto) Shipman.

Recd a letter from Gas Co 658 Lordship Lane

N.22 RM/GEP.27/9/39. Letter from GPO Savings Bank, 785. J/39 Le B5 27Sep 1939


Friday 29th Septemner:

Trevor unwell. No school. Boys go to Aberdaron.

 Ticket 935  P.O 18/8ex LPTB F/St 25.9.39 (Yes! That's it entirely)


Saturday 30th September:

With May & Trevor by taxi to Pwllheli via Bottwnog. Shopping 12/- Bought Trevor Overcoat 12/6, Boots 7/11  Draw pension at Pwllheli post office & £3 on demand & keep my book (new method)

(My recollection is that to draw money from P.O. savings one had to apply by form which was sent on with book and in response a warrant was sent back to you for presentation at a named Post Office.) 


Sunday 1st October:

Cold day. Morning Ivor goes to Pencaerau Chapel with man. afternoon Trevor & Ivor go with Catrin to Tan y Foel chapel.

Trevor has a head cold.


Monday  2nd October:

Trevor does not go to school. Cold in head.

Letter from Treasurer Southgate Council.

Pension cheque.

Shop Newydd with May & T. Take 4 books to School Libnrary. Howard helps Griff Tyn Lon in potato field, gets a sack of spuds.


Tuesday  3rd October:

Trevor cold better goes to school all day, I take him his lunch. Breaks his frame. (Trevor wore glasses - assume  spectacle frame broken)

Form from Middx Educ Com re, Botwnnog. I write Headmaster.


Wednesday 4th October

Windows 6d  Catrin & Ivor go Pwllheli.

(Catrin tried to fix me up with girl in Peacocks but she would have none of it - He's English said she with disdain)


Thursday 5th October:

1/2 ton Wigan coal @ 52/- I pay 13/-

Wet morning.

I spend morning plastering.

Griff TynCae to dinner.  Make straw ropes. May & I go to meet Trevor from school & walk home Fryndol Lane. 

(This was cleverly done with a device carved from a wooden piece. shaped a bit like a "G" clamp but with a freely Revolving 'rivet' instead of the screw thread.  A loop of straw was wound round the top end and subsequent whisps of straw (or hay) were fed in as the tool was turned until there was enough rope to go over the rick and hold down the thatch.)

No newspaper. Giddy in morning.


Friday 6th October:

Trevor missed Will Trip.

Made concrete step & plastered bedroom fireplace.  Letter from Mrs.G. including Water Rate  House Owner's  nowwitz ( No idea!)

Went to Pencaerau.

Hitler's Warsaw Speech. Stove sent Wheeler.


Saturday 7th October:

Fine morning. Hot day Letter from Bett. Despatched letter to House Owner's (Bett was Mrs Gellett)

102 Grenoble at Rhiw P.O

Mrs Gellett's birthday.

Paid Catrin 5/-.


Sunday 8th October:

Equinoxial gale.

Ivor goes to chapel with Catrin.

Trevor goes to bed at 7.20.

Peace propaganda read in chapels disseminated by Welsh Nationalist Party.


Monday 9th October:

6d to Will Trip

Wrote L.M.S.              H.C. Wright sent 1/8

          Bank of E          N.L. Dec Co sent 4/-

          Water Board     F.Warren & Co

                                     268 High Rd. Register (Warren's were coal merchants in London)

May wrote Pavely 142 Sylvan Av.  (No explanation!)

Rec Ivor's shoes from J.D. Williams  ( By mail order)

Returned order for Gug's (Gug was another nickname for Howard)

Letter from Griffiths Botwnnog

Saw attendance officer.

Walk with May by Penarfynydd.


Tuesday 10th October:

Trevor walks to school.

Howard begins school at Botwnnog.

Torrential rain. Catrin attends thanksgiving services at Llanfaelrhys Church.

May Trevor & I after tea go to top of cliff to see heavy seas.


Wednesday 11th October:

Howard & Trevor go in Trip's new car to school. I write S.A. Dyment M.Sc. Glendale (Glendale was Howard's school in London) re Howard at Botwnnog.

All except Howard go to beach to get firewood  very fine evening.  Rain in night.

J.D. Williams order for Gug's overcoat.


Thursday 12th October:

Ivor's birthday. Granpa sends 2/6. (Grandpa was my mother's fathet a lovely gentle man!)

Mr.&Mrs. G send a tie.

May & Trevor & I go shopping at Pencaerau, ride back in John's car.

We plastered back of house.


Friday 13th October:

Wrote Dental Hosp. Lester Sq. re plate and appointment. May & I go to beach bring back wood. Tide well out we paddled in warm sea and a "nice time was had"

Catrin & Ivor attend funeral of Griffith Bodgriggin age 56 then went to tea with Jane Brynteg.


Saturday 14th October

May repeats J.D. Williams re Howard's boots. I make door at back of kitchen.

Catrin bakes & churns. Paid Catrin 5/-

Wrote J.D. Williams complaining of delay.

Shop Newydd with May. Cold in evening.


Sunday 15th October:

Will Tryfan shot a fox.

Ivor goes to chapel with Catrin.

Warm morning we go to cliff in evening.


"Richard and Jane Jones Tyn Lon Fawr, Robert's parents"

Just how unreliable can memory be? could have sworn that churning was always on a Wednesday and baking on a Thursday!! Loaves were about a foot round and oval in section (no bread tins, just put in oven).  BUT I can remember Catrin cuddling the loaf in her left arm with a knife like a machette in her right hand.  It would flash and secure a large lump of butter that would be spread on half a slice, the knife would cut down to halve the slice which would then be cut from the loaf and dropped on a plate.


Monday 16th October:

Letter from Mrs. Ball acknowledging rabbits.

Shoes for Howard (No.6) from J D Williams Manchester. Trevor & Howard have a holiday.

Thanksgiving day at Tanyfoel. Ivor & Catrin go to chapel May Howard Trevor & I run down to beach.

Y Ref U 376941 10/10/39 ( No explanation!)

POTATOE PRICES  Grade A 6/6 whsale  8/3 Retail

                               ..       B 5/6   ..        7/3   ..


Tuesday 17th October:

Howard goes to school. Trevor holiday.

10/- note sent for shoes No. 13S 418357.

Order for Lingylena form 11 D-50  News of Forth Bridge bombing.

(Lingylena is how it looks- but I know not what it is)


Parry Bodwyddog calls with form re ploughing extra land.


Wednesday 18th October:

Daddy's birthday, Window 6d pd. (My mother's father for whom my father had a geat affection)

Catrin goes to town.  I write to Income Tax Euston re a/d.

Rain Cap for  Trevor 2/6 Satchel & Gloves (It looks like cap!) a present from Catrin.  ack from JDW


Thursday 19th October:

Moonlight on sea.

Warm day.

I buy 2 pails at Gwynedd's for clean water 1/3 each. May & I ride up in Dick's lorry.  I mend catches on 2 field gates.  Boys help Griff getting  thatch for hay rick.


Friday 20th October:

Received coat for Howard 18/11 from J.D.W.

& Winc'ette Inv U 380426 13 Oct 1939

Wrote tax insp. Green Lanes & Mrs. Gellett.

Stork coupons for Trevor's stockings.

John Ty Rhos funeral.


Saturday 21st October:

Wrote Mr. Thomas Station Master Pwllheli. With May & Trevor to Porth Ysgo Lovely day watching tide come in.


Sunday 22nd October:

Up at 12 noon, then mended ceiling in bedroom.  Ivor goes to chapel with Catrin, afternoon & evening.  May Howard Trevor & I go for a walk in evening near Llanfaelrhys, meet john Williams Nant.

Doreen Lon Las calls with Herwyn Eifion, I show her how to do proportions.

Intelligent girl.



Monday 23rd October:

(per Mrs. Gellett) Received from M.E.C.

Education Offices, Acton County School

Gunnersbury Lane, Acton W.3.

ASH/E1   18 Oct 1939



with certificate to be signed by Mr Griffith.

Wrote to H M Walton & Mr Griffith asking for certificate.

Ivor goes to Aberdaron P.O. & Glucodin.

Wet day.



Tuesday 24th October:

Wet morning. Ivor goes with Griff Tyn Cae to Pengroeslon to fetch corn for chickens.

Trevor wears eye shade (Left eye today).


Wednesday 25th October:

By bus to Rhiw with May. return books to Mr. Williams. New pipe at Gwynedd's on to Brynteg.  Saw Owen. Jane gone to town.

Met John Jones late of Nant who mentioned Capt W. Llywelyn Davies of Pence* enewydd.

(The entries are in pencil & a mark obscures this letter * or it could be Pencaenewydd?)

Brot 2 books from library.


Thursday 26th October:

Returned pass dated 3rd October asked for extension, certificate signed at Botwynnog to Mr. Walton.

Received letter from Vi asking  Ivor to go and stay (Vi was my aunt - mother's sister) with her  on her return from Elm Bank (Elm Bank + grandparent's home)

Received change 7 1/2d from W D Williams (Should this be J.D. Williams?)

Wrote Vi.


Friday 27th October:

Up at 11.  Hail. Wrote Mr. Vallance, 29 The Grove Palmers Green.

Went to Pencaerau with May: bought nails & Screws; rode back in Trip car gave him 2d.

Eclipse of moon.


Saturday 28th October:

No Post

Boys & I get up to see eclipse.

Windy & cold day.

Bonfire of old books & papers.

May & I go to boot maker & to Shop Newydd. back to tea.

I teach the boys division of decimals.


Sunday 29th October:

Very cold.

Indoors all day.  Reading Philpot's

Forest on the Hill. Ivor goes to

chapel with Catrin twice.


My aunty Vi was married against family approval to a maker of cricket bats who was also a sergeant in the Essex Regiment T.A. and presumably had just been called up for service.  She and I were very close since I had been sent to live with her when Howard was expected - he was born 14 months after me-  so she was more like a mother to me than my own.


Monday 30th October:

Wrote Prudential re Ivor's N.H. Card

Prudential agent called  H T Jones, Gwylfa Edeyrn.

Wrote E E Robyns- Owen B.A. Ll.B.

Clerk's Office Pwllheli.


Tuesday 31st October:

Jane Brynteg calls.

May & Catrin go shopping at Pencaerau.

Papers from Mr. Gellett.


Wednesday 1st November:

Two cheques from P.O.  £14.6/- and £1.00  Pass dated 30 Nov from L.M.S. London E.C.


Thursday 2nd November:

Received L.M.S. cheque

    ..        Bank of E  ..

                                   tax at  8/6 = £2.2.6.  £2.17.6


Ivor walks to Pencaerau to get tobo (tobo probably = tobacco for father's pipe.) accompanied by Ulysees the kitten.


Friday 3rd Is crossed out and Thursday continued inserted.

Hired Will Trip (2/6) to take Trevor & me to Aberdaron paid 1/- extra to return via Efail Rhos.  Cashed warrant for £14.6/- & £1. Deposited cheque for £2.17.6

(I.tax @ 8/6)

Saw my brother Griffith working at smithy. Saw his daughter Ann, her husband Denis and  their daughter Lily, sons Griffith Willie & Richie.

Brought home iron barrow wheel.


3rd Friday. cheque returned for signature (date written in ink)

Rates arrived £8.4.4


Saturday 4th November:

Bot 1 oz Tom Long 10 1/2 at Gwynedd.  Boys go to tea at Brynteg. Catrin gets feathers at T.Llidiart  Griff John brings 2 ozs Airman. Navy Cut from town (Tom Long & Airman Navy Cut are varieties of pipe tobacco)


Sunday   5 November:

Day begins fine.  Howard & Trevor go to Bodwyddog to see the bull.  Catrin & Ivor go to chapel in afternoon.  Rain & big gale later.

Howard has bad cold, given hot milk & treacle.


Monday   5  Novenber:

Howard has day off, middle of term.

Ivor & Howard go to Brynteg to fetch books & mags. Trevor walks to school written pence table up to 36.  Knows them up to 24.  Stormy day. Hail & thunder.

Howard caught in it fetching water.


Tuesday   7  November:

Receive papers from Mr. Gellett.

Letter from Mrs. Strome.

Howard has cold. Ivor's eye is better after application of sulphur ointment.

Very stormy night.


Wednesday   8  November:

May & C go to Bodwyddog field to get 2 bags of turnips & swedes.

Mr. Willie Parry calls in evening.


Thursday   9  November:

Private letter from Mr. E. Thomas, Station master Pwllheli.

Lovely morning.  News of attack on Hitler brought by post man  Shop Pencaerau with May, back by Trip (2d) Bought 2 gals paraffin.

@10 1/2 per gal. 2 Blouses, 5/- each.

**** (Here there is a pencil sketch of a  "C" sickle moon lying on its back with 9. A.M. written beside.)


Friday  10 November:

Lovely morning. Watching sunrise over Caecrwth.  Shop at Gwynedd.  Long talk with Mr Williams at his school. (Looks like Caecrwth)

Return 3 books & borrow a Welsh one.

Mr. Williams regards Trevor very affectionately, he does not believe that Trevor threw stones at the Tyn Rhyd girl as she alleged.

Paid Catrin 10/- Rent. Trip 6d.


Saturday 11 November:

Evan Hughes' ram atacks the boys:

Howard holds him down while the others reach the top of hedge.

May, Trevor & I shop at Pencaerau; back by bus.


Sunday 12 November:

Catrin to Bodwyddog for her birthday, goose dinner, annual custom, Ivor & Howard break two bedroom windows  Picture falls down in our bedroom. (Conveniently, I do not remember the windows breaking and am not sure whether we were still fighting occasionally which would be the most likely explanation.)

Monday 13 November:

I spend morning removing glass and old putty from bedroom window.

Ivor goes to Efail Bach for new glass.

May writes to Mrs. Ball.

Two panes replaced 2/8 & 2d putty.

Rain in evening.

May sent Mrs. Ball P.O. 1/- for windows including 15th.


Tuesday 14 November:

Foggy in morning.

Howard shoes sent to Evan Hughes. Did some cementing & puttying.

Very wet after 4p.m.


Wednesday 15 November:

Feathers from Tyddyn Meirion 10lbs = 10/-.

Football boots for Howard 3/-.

Ann Roberts Bryndeufor, Aberdaron.

Called, wet evening.


Thursday 16 November:

Wet morning. Pencaerau with May back by Trip car. Bot Ivor dungharees 3/6.

May bot overall 1/6 & Ivor's braces 1/6.

Ivor brings sand & wood from Porth Ysgo.

Howard goes to Rhiw to play football after tea.


Friday 17 November:

Wet morning. May shakes table ironing.

INSURANCE notice received from Prudential App Society.

Holborn Bars E.C.1. dated 6/11/39 Membership No.11190101. juvenile member of Approved Society for N136

Paid 6/- for soleing & heeling Ivor's boots.

C 5/-

We call on Mr. Williams (School)


Saturday 18 November:

Auction at Tyrhos Catrin bought wooden round jar 100 years old for 2/-.

Very misty &wet .  Mr. J Hughes Thomas, Biology Master at Botwynnog called with a book on British Birds to identify a bird the boys had seen at Porth Ysgo.


Sunday 19 November:

Fine morning, May Trevor & I go to Porth Ysgo warm on beach. Big waves bring back fire wood.


Monday 20 November:

May & I walk with the kitten to meet Trevor as far as Tyn Meirion, ride back in  Trip car.


Tuesday 21 November:

Very mild

May & Catrin go to Rhiw shopping & Catrin to pay pew rent at Tan y Foel chapel 6/-.


Wednesday 22 November:

Griff Tynlon gets me 2oz Airman at Pwllheli & a bottle of Blands pills.


Thursday 23 November:

Wet & cold later dry & mild.

Howard home with a boil on his hip, May & I go to Pencaerau to get lint & cotton wool & suspender for Ivor.

Ivor's heel repaired by Evan Hughes Penygroes 5d.


Friday 24 November:

Howard home from school more boils.

Bed tick for Ivor & stockings for Howard from J.D. Williams - 9/11 & 2/- cold dry day.

J D W & C     V 2853


Called at school met attendance officer, at Shop Newydd we borrow "No Other Name" by Silas Hocking.

Catrin 5/-

Sent J.D.W. 10/- note 79S141975 & P.O. for 2/- C45212477.


Saturday 25 November:

£2 to May to go to Pwllheli. Nearly missed bus. Ivor chased it to Griff's Tynlon.

Pyjamas Trevor 8/6 Mays shoes 9/11

Fare 2/6


Sunday 26 November:

Howard gets up but boil is painful & has not come to a head.

Ivor & Catrin go to chapel twice.


Monday 27 November:

Howard goes with Trip to Dr Jones, Botwynnog. Gets boil lanced.

Is to stay home a week.  Trip charges 2/-

May applies drawing ointment on lint to the wound and fetches out matter.

Howard has iron tonic.  Is sent to bed early for punishment.  Trevor gets home to dinner, Dr. visiting school.



Tuesday 28 November:

W.D.Williams 12/- actually sent.

Letter & papers from Mr & Mrs. Gellett.

Wrote for renewal of pass & P.T.s

Rabbit 9d from Griff Tyn Lon.


Wednesday 29 November:

NorthMet a/c nothing to pay cementing dairy & under stairs (NorthMet = London electricity supply company.)



6d owing window cleaner.


Thursday 30 November:

Wet day.

May & Catrin go to Rhos to see Winnie.

No money business transacted at Rhos, Post Office.  Edward brings May home on pillion: goes back to fetch Catrin.

Pass to London (Return only) & P.T.s from Broad St.


Friday   1 December:

Death of Ulysees - a dear little kitten, killed in the barn by a post being dropped from the loft on his head. Deeply regretted by us all.

Wrote Mr. Griffith announcing our departure on the 14th December.

Paid Catrin 5/-


Saturday   2 December:

To Pencaerau with May & Trevor back by bus -ordered fresh herrings penny each by Hugh to shop Newydd before tea.


Sunday   3 December:

Stormy day: Evening Catrin & Ivor go to chapel. Howard & Trevor bathed in front of fire.


Monday   4 December:

Wrote Warren 268 High Rd Wood Green N.22 (London coal merchants.) ordering 3 cwt small coke & 3 cwt Taff nuts for.

15 Dec.

Wrote E. Thomas   Station Master Pwllheli for train time & P.L.A. form. Wrote Jones Cefn Coch for Catrin. Received receipt for 9/11 from J.D. Williams 

Howard goes back to school at Botwnnog after being away from the 23rd Nov.  Finish reading J Hocking "No Other Name" don't care for it.


Tuesday   5 December:

Sunny & showery.

Ivor plays chess with Gwynedd Shop.

I buy a pair of dungharees 5/6 at Pencaerau, Cash cheque at Pencaerau.

10cwt of coal from Talafon I pay 13/- half (rate 52/-)


Wednesday   6 December:

Letter from Mr. Thomas Pwllheli & Warren Co P.L.A. forms.


Thursday   7 December:

Wet day. Ivor called Efail Rhos, bought 2 panes for 1/9.


Friday   8 December:

Paid Catrin 5/- & £2 usual 6 monthly.

Bought Howard dungharees 3/- Rope 8yds (In those days bread, as well as milk, was delivered daily)

@2d per yd. paid Trip 6d for Trevor. Inserted window panes for dairy Wrote Mr E. Thomas.

(Carwadines were grocers who also delivered to the do or)

May wrote Mrs Gellett & Ball,

Co-op. Green, Baker & Carwardine.


Saturday   9 December:

Wet day Ivor & Howard walk to Botwnnog to return an empty bottle to Dr Hughes. Walk back past Graig Ewig in the dark & rain & mist home at 7.30 all wet thro.


Sunday  10 December:

Very wet. Water comes through by the clock, 5 pails taken out.


Monday  11 December:

Finish glazing dairy window.

Catrin ditched rick yard to Shop Newydd with May & Trevor.

Trevor home early thro doctor inoculating children. back by Trip car.


Tuesday  12 December:

P.C. from Station master at Pwllheli promising to see to luggage and pay the P.L.A. charge.  Dick Lon Las fetches trunk.

I buy cap for Trevor.  I give Catrin 10/- final payment.  I leave deeds of 47 Tottenhall Rd in her charge.


Wednesday 13 December:

Ivor returns books to Jane.  May & I return books to Mr. Williams & say goodbye to the other teachers. Post our bag of clothes to London. I leave 2/- with Catrin for trunk, cartage rabbits to post on 14th.


Thursday 14 December:

Up at 4.0 A.M.  Will Trip's car calls at 6, Pwllheli at 6.30.

Singles to Afon Wen  Pay bkg clerk 1/- P.L.A. Caernarvon 7.55 Bangor 8.25 Through train to Euston Llandudno 9.0 Chester 10.30 Crewe 11.10 Bletchley 2.30  46 miles, Euston 3.30  Singles on tube via Lester Sq. Home 4.30 Dusk.

Mrs. Gellett had lit fires in kitchen & bedroom & blacked out kitchen Scullery, Hall bathroom.

Dental plate broke in train.

Colder here than in Wales.


Friday 15 December:

To Council Office to register for food & National registration. to Tesco to register Trunk P.L.A. arrives.

May takes my plate to dentist at Finsbury Park.

Pack of clothes sent by post arrives.

Ivor has new boots & overcoat (This last line is pencilled through.)


Saturday 16 December:

Rabbits arrive post 9d.

May & Howard go for plate.

Howard & I make a shutter for scullery window.  Raw cold.


Sunday  17 December:

Baked rabbit from Wales.

Ivor attends Sunday School 7p.m.

Visit allotment first time, bring back 7 lb cabbage. Only 2 men seen digging.



"Ivor" "Howard"


Since the association with Rhiw finished on 14th December there is no great relevance to the remaining entries and I will therefore, consider my task completed. If however, there remain questions about any entries, I will try my best to give honest answers if I know them so don't hesitate to ask.

Regards, as ever,

Ivor Jones.

We would like to thank Ivor, for this fascinating account of life in Rhiw, at the start of the second world war.

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