Griffith Thomas

Ael y Bryn





Friday 1 – Feeding (the animals) Robert has taken the pigs to Sarn.

Saturday 2 – B W 11 am to 4 pm.

Sunday 3 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6. B W 12 to 5 pm.

Monday 4 – Building a wall at Eifion. B W 1 to 6 pm. William Camdda Buarth is preaching at Tan y Foel.

Tuesday 5 – At Eifion in the morning. B w 2 to 7 pm.

Wednesday 6 – At Eifion in the morning. B W 3 to 8 pm. A letter comes from Berch to say that Harry has died.

Thursday 7 – At Eifion.

Friday 8 -  At trip putting in the oven and closing the chimney.

Saturday 9 – B W 8 pm to 1am.

Sunday 10 – Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6.

Monday 11 – Digging to put in spikes to hold the porch for the kitchen at Ael bryn.

Tuesday 12 – At Trip. B W 9 pm to 2 am.

Wednesday 13 – In the garden at Ael bryn.

Thursday 14 – B W 3 to 8 am.

Friday 15 – B W 2 to 7 pm.

Saturday 16 – B W money £1/8/1d.B W 8 pm to 1 am.

Sunday 17 – Gwilym Roberts at 2 on the Mission. Gwynfryn Evans at 6. B W 11 am to 3pm. John Terfyn starts at 4.

Monday 18 – B w 7 to 12. Money 5/7d. Fog and rain.

Tuesday 19 – Went to Pwllheli with the Post lorry to fetch wood to make the porch and buy an oven for the stove.

Wednesday 20 –

Thursday 21 – At the Post repairing the wing of the shop. Was up all night with Daniel the heifer was calving.

Friday 22 – B W 7 to 12 noon.

Saturday 23 –

Sunday 24 – John Lewis was meant to come. Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6.

Monday 25 – B W 4.30 to 8.30 am. Willie Eifion calls at 11.30 pm. B W money £2/8/6d. nine clear shifts. At Talafon putting in the oven.

Tuesday 26 – Digging the patch under the aisle. Went to Pencarau shop to pay for my trousers and two pairs of under pants.

Wednesday 27 – At Trip.

Thursday 28 – B W Thick fog 2 pm to 7 pm. Came up to stop Owen Owens as the watch was finishing at seven.

Friday 29 –

Saturday 30 – Started on the kitchen porch at Ael Bryn.

Sunday 31 – Arthur Morgan Aberdaron at 2.


Monday 1 – Put the frame around the porch door in the morning. Feeding and trenching around the haystacks at Penarfynydd in the afternoon.

Tuesday 2 – Thrashing at Penarfynydd.

Wednesday 3 – Feeding and capping the stacks.

Thursday  4– Thrashing the barley at Penarfynydd. News comes that the old drover W Jones has died. The weather has been quiet all week.

Friday 5 – Gathering gorse, and putting ropes on the haystack as well as starting to cap it. Extremely warm today.

Saturday 6 –  Capping the barley stack. Feeding. Robert takes the sow to the boar. Pound of butter 1/9d.

Sunday 7 – Local arrangements. G Thomas, Elis Jones, O Owens, at 2. G Thomas. E Hughes, O Owens at 6. Griffith Williams Fron Oleu dies at Llyshyfryd.

Monday 8 – Feeding and capping the barley stack. It’s a warm afternoon again today.

Tuesday 9 – Half until 2.30 on the Penarfynydd clock. LSA at 2 pm 5/-.

Wednesday 10 – Half in the morning gathering gorse. Griffith Williams Fron Oleu’s funeral. Pound of butter 1/-. B W 3.30 to 9.30 pm. Money 11/3d.

Thursday 11 – Mucking out in front of the cowshed door. Edmunds shows pictures with the magic lantern at the school.

Friday 12 – Went to Refail Bach to fetch the wheels. Mucking out in the afternoon.

Saturday 13 – Mucking out. Pound of butter 1/-.

Sunday 14 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6.

Monday 15 – Gathering gorse in the morning mucking out in the afternoon.

Tuesday 16 – Mucking out the shed. John Morris Ty Rhedyn helps me out in the afternoon. Paid 10/4 rates to Morris Negraig who was in Penarfynydd.

Wednesday 17 – Owen Roberts Glan Gors’s funeral. Finished mucking the potatoes and mangles, spread ten loads on the surface of cae penrorsedd.

Thursday 18 – Muck spreading. Pound of butter 1/6d. John Evans finishes digging the garden.

Friday 19 – Feeding. Robert takes the big sow to Sarn.

Saturday 20 – Feeding. Robert and Rolant close the furrows in cae pant. The mare gets sick at 4 pm, by midnight she’s dead. Pound of butter 1/6d.

Sunday 21 – John Emrys at 2 and 6. Went to Penarfynydd in the morning to get the mare out of the stable.

Monday 22 – Buried the mare.

Tuesday 23 – Feeding and muck spreading at the bottom of dryll mawr. Trustees meeting at Pisgah.

Wednesday 24 – Big spring tide. Feeding and finishing the ploughing in cae pant. Rolant has gone to Ysgo thrashing. Pound of butter 1/6d.

Thursday 25 – Rolant starts on dryll cefnenus. Took the heifer, feeding, gathering gorse. Pound of butter. Mary Cytiau’s here as Jini Syntyr isn’t home.

Friday 26 – Feeding, gathering gorse. Capping the corn stack with the straw from the side of the field.

Saturday 27 – Feeding, gathering gorse, capping with straw again. Pound of butter 1/6d. It’s been very dry this month.

Sunday 28 – Evans who used to be a lay agent from Amlwch. B W 11 pm to 4 am.

Monday 29 – Strong winds from the east, B W 7 to midnight.


Tuesday 1 – At home in the garden and fixing the hen coop.

Wednesday 2 – Sharpening the blades of the mill. Pound of butter 1/8d.

Thursday 3 – Gathered a bundle of gorse, capped straw, fed the stock. Robert sells the bull.

Friday 4 – Feeding, gathering gorse. Robert goes to Bodwrdda to look for a lamb for the sheep that lost hers.

Saturday 5 – Feeding, gathered two loads of gorse. Griffith Parry comes to get me Rolant wants me to pull a lamb in the bottom meadow. Pound of butter 1/8d.

Sunday 6 – Morgan Aberdaron. B W 1 to 6 am.

Monday 7 – Feeding, gathering gorse. Rolant goes to get a lamb for the ewe from Ysgo. B W money £1/2/6d.

Tuesday 8 – Feeding. The big cow calves in the morning. There’s no butter to be had this week so I have to buy it from the Post.

Wednesday 9 – Half in the morning. Nell and John go to town in the afternoon.

Thursday 10 – Feeding, gathering gorse. Rolant is muck spreading in dryll mawr.

Friday 11 – Feeding, gathering gorse. John Cefn Coch tries to buy the dun cow.

Saturday 12 – Feeding. Robert takes the bull away.

Sunday 13 – Gwynfryn Evans the one that’s in place of the preacher at Pwllheli. At 2. We have a collection for the Sunday school representatives 2/-.

Monday 14 – Sent the Sunday school accounts to Gwilym Evans Idris Cafι Cricieth. Feeding, gathering gorse. Rolant has gone to Meillionydd to fetch the cow. Pound of butter 1/8d.

Tuesday 15 – Feeding, gathering gorse, capping the corn stack. Robert owes me £16/10/6d so far, but the money for the butter must be deducted. Pound of butter 1/3d.

Wednesday 16 – Feeding. Rolant and I take the heifer to Bodwyddog to the bull.

Thursday 17 – Half in the morning I come home to plant early potatoes.

Friday 18 – Feeding and took two cows to the bull. Rolant is thrashing at Bodwyddog. Pound of butter 1/3d.

Saturday 19 – Feeding, gathered two loads of gorse. Dry weather.

Sunday 20 – Joseff Jones at 2. Aberdaron Sunday school meeting. Kate Robert Owen Brynffynnon dies at Erw Llanbedrog. No rain in either February or March.

Monday 21 – Feeding and gathered two loads of gorse. Owen Ty Hen and Walter slaughter the dun cow. B W 11 pm to 4 am.

Tuesday 22 – Feeding, moved the calves. Pound of butter 1/8d.

Wednesday 23 – Gathered gorse and fed the stock and then went to help Robert finish the ploughing in bryncaerwyn.

Thursday 24 – Gathering gorse and feeding the stock. Robert tills cae crwth for the second time. The weather is very dry.

Friday 25 – B W 4am to 9 Daniel calls for me. Finished planting most of the potatoes, except for three rows near the peas.

Saturday 26 – B W 5 am to 10. Half in the afternoon feeding. Pound of butter 1/8d.

Sunday 27 – Morgan Aberdaron at2. Prayer Meeting at 6.

Monday 28 – Feeding and gathering gorse.

Tuesday 29 – Heavy rain today. Started fencing off the mountain fenced the barn field hedge. B W 8 pm to 1 am.

Wednesday 30 – Half feeding and gathering gorse started 10.30 ‘til 5. Went to Ty Rhyd to re install the oven. Pound of butter 1’8d.

Thursday 31 – Another day (work)


Friday 1 – Feeding and gathered three loads of gorse. Heavy rain at teatime. B W 7.30 to 12.30 am.

Saturday 2 – Feeding. Pound of butter 1/9d.

Sunday 3 – Jones that used to be the lay agent here at 6.

Monday 4 – Feeding, gathered two bundles of gorse. Fencing the mountain for a while in the afternoon. Parish Council Meeting this evening.

Tuesday 5 – Feeding, gathered two loads of gorse. Started furrowing car crwth.

Wednesday 6 – Feeding then we were sent to furrow in the morning. Went to Bytilith 5 o clock on Penarfynydd clock B W 4.30 to 9.30 pm. Pound of butter 1/9d. The butter is a total of £1/4/5d up until April 6th.

Thursday 7 – B W 7.30 to noon. Cold weather the wind is from the northwest.

Friday 8 – Feeding in the morning. Rolant is home. The heifer has a calf. Started spreading manure on the potatoes in cae crwth. £17/15/0d is owing after deducting the butter.

Saturday 9 – Daniel calls for me. Half feeding. Robert goes to Tyddyn Morthwyl to fetch a calf. Butter from the Post.

Sunday 10 – G Thomas Roberts Botwnnog at 2. B W 5.30 to 9.30 am. John E Williams at 6.

Monday 11 – Feeding, gathering gorse and spreading manure on the potatoes.

Tuesday 12 – Gathering gorse, spreading manure. Butter from the post.

Wednesday 13 – Planting potatoes. Daniel comes to get me to go Bytilith B W 6 pm to 11 pm.

Thursday 14 – Feeding, then fencing from pen llasgwrn down to porth iwrch.

Friday 15 – Feeding and finishing fencing the mountain.

Saturday 16 – Feeding, gathering gorse. Fixed the gate at borthwen isa. Sent the sheep to the mountain. Pound of butter 1/8d. B W money £3/3/0d clear. 57 days.

Sunday 17 – B W 3 to 8 am and 1 pm to 6 pm. John Terfyn wasn’t home. Hard wind east north east. Daniel is poorly.

Monday 18 – Feeding and started sowing cae pant.

Tuesday 19 – Sowing and planted Cadwgan potatoes in the garden.

Wednesday 20 – Feeding. Planted Lon Las potatoes and onions. Pound of butter 1/8d.

Thursday 21 – Feeding and sowing in cae pant. John Morris Ty Rhedyn comes to fetch a peck and a half of oats.

Friday 22 – Feeding and finishing with the sowing in cae pant.

Saturday 23 – Feeding and levelling cae pant.

Sunday 24 – Gwynfryn Evans at 2 and 6.30. Went to Ty Fry with Daniel. Daniel goes to Deunant chapel to lead the singing.

Monday 25 – Feeding. Went to Llawenan to fetch a peck of oats, started on dryll cefnenus.

Tuesday 26 – Eliza Tyn Cae dies at 2 am. Finished sowing oats at dryll cefnenus. Started planting potatoes in cae crwth.

Wednesday 27 – Feeding and sowed the end of cae crwth which is nearest to Bytilith. Pound of butter 1/8d.

Thursday 28 – Feeding, levelling the pasture in cae penrorosedd. Robert has gone to the sale. Rain all night.

Friday 29 – Good rain last night. Feeding and levelling in cae crwth. Weeding in the afternoon.

Saturday 30 – Feeding and finished weeding the roots in cae crwth. No butter 68 and a half days.


Sunday 1- John Lewis Pwllheli at 2 and 6.30.

Monday2 –Feeding and repairing the gate at bryncaerwyn. Rolant goes to town in the afternoon.

Tuesday 3 – Finishing sowing the oats in cae crwth.

Wednesday 4 – Finished dryll cefnenus and started levelling the barley in bryncaerwyn. There’s a cold north wind.

Thursday 5 – Sowing oats and barley in the bottom end of bryncaerwyn.

Friday 6 – Finished sowing the oats.

Saturday 7 – Hailstones today. Sowing grass seeds on the plain in bryncaerwyn. Robert has gone to Bodfean today to deliver the two heifers. 75 days today. B W money 11/3d.

Sunday 8 – John Emrys at 2 and 6.30. Rain.

Monday 9 -  Finished the grass seed.

Tuesday 10 – Sowing clover seed on the plain in bryncaerwyn and rolling it in the afternoon.

Wednesday 11 – Spreading mangle manure (compost?) and burying it. B W 8 pm to 1 am.

Thursday 12 – Heavy rain and fog, raining for two days. B W 3 pm to 8 pm.

Friday 13 – Rain again today. May fair. At Llawenan had £1/2/0d from Griffith Williams for repairing Carreg Lefain Bach.

Saturday 14 – LSA 6/-. Fine day.

Sunday 15 – Morgan Aberdaron at 2 and 6.30. BW 10 pm to 3 am.

Monday 16 – Home today. Went to Bodowen to get the tiles to tile the pantry floor at Bryn Difyr.

Tuesday 17 – At Bryn Difyr laying the tiles. 8 baskets of sand for Bryn Difyr.

Wednesday 18 – Went to fetch the dresser and the chairs from Ty Newydd for Bryn Difyr. Nell has gone to town. Heavy rain in the afternoon.

Thursday 19 – B W 3 to 8 am. At Bryn Difyr putting the grate in the parlour.

Friday 20 -  BW  8 am to noon. Finished with grate and plastered the bedroom at Bryn Difyr and then went to get a load of furniture.

Saturday 21 – At Bryn Difyr putting the clock together and in its place. In the afternoon went to Sarn and TY Fair.

Sunday 22 – Ellis O Lloyd Porthmadog at 2 and 6.30.

Monday 23 – At Bryn Difyr finishing the ceiling in the bedroom.

Tuesday 24 – Repairing the gate posts at Pisgah chapel. BW money £1/2/6d.

Wednesday 25 – Half went to get a load of furniture from Gorffwysfa to Bryn Difyr.

Thursday 26 – Planted a few potatoes in cae crwth, not far from the carrots.

Friday 27 – Tegla Davies is at Pisgah. I’m at Tan Ffordd and fearing the worst.

Saturday 28 – Daniel pays me 4/6d BW money. Repaired the chair and the loo.

Sunday 29 to 31.


Wednesday 1 to 17 – At Tan Ffordd.

Sunday 18 – Washed the sheep at trwynau. Picked potatoes at Ael Bryn.

Monday 19 to 22-

Thursday 23 – The final exam with Bytilith.

Friday 24 – Shearing at Tan Ffordd.

Saturday 25 to 28 –

Wednesday 29 – Had 10/- for the four times I went to Bytilith to learn about the distress flag signals.

Thursday 30 – Heavy rain last night, it hasn’t rained before this month. Thomas Berch is here this evening.


Friday 1 – B W 12 to 5 am.

Saturday 2 –

Sunday 3 – BW 1 to 5 am.

Monday 4 – BW 1 to 6 am. LSA and Whip drill 5/-.

Tuesday 5 – BW money 15/9d.

Wednesday 6 -  Started mowing the hay at Conion.

Thursday 7 to 9 –

Sunday 10- B W 8.30 to 1.30 pm.

Monday 11 – Cut the field next to Conion and the hovel field.

Tuesday 12 – Raking the grass in the hovel field.

Wednesday 13 -  Started carrying the field in front of Bodgrugyn Conion. Thunder and rain.

Thursday 14 – Went to Aberdaron with Thomas my brother.

Friday 15 – Carried two fields at Conion.

Saturday 16 – Heavy rain all day. Thomas goes home after tea.

Sunday 17 to 22  -

Saturday 23 –  Got the hay at Conion.

Sunday 24 – Went to visit my sister at Llanbedrog.

Monday 25 –

Tuesday 26 – Cut the top part of the field below the house at Tan ffordd and carried clover from the bottom field near the chapel.

Wednesday 27 – B W 1 am to 5.

Thursday 28 – Carried hay from the hill at the back of Tan Ffordd.

Friday 29 – Laura and the children are here.

Saturday 30 – BW 1.30 to 6.30.

Sunday 31 –


Monday 1 to 2.

Wednesday 3 – We all go to Pwllheli.

Thursday 4 – Got the hay at Tan y Ffordd. Aberdaron Regatta.

Friday 2 to 6 –

Sunday 7 – BW 12 to 5 am.

Monday 8 –

Tuesday 9 – BW 3 to 10

Wednesday 10 – BW money £1/9/0d. My sister Catherine dies.

Thursday 11 to 12 –

Saturday 13 – My sister Catherine ‘s funeral in Llanbedrog, she was 71.

Sunday 14 – Morgan Aberdaron at 2 and 6.30.

Monday 15 to 16 – Hot humid misty weather.

Wednesday 17 – B W fog 6 pm to 10 pm.

Thursday 18 – Fog due to the heat. Rhoshirwaen Preaching Festival. At Penarfynydd until 9 carrying the barn field. Had £6 from Robert Evans.

Friday 19 – Went to the sheepdog trials at Nefyn.

Saturday 20 – Half at Penarfynydd finishing raking the sides of the barn field..

Sunday 21 – John Emrys at 2 and 6.30. BW fog 4 to 8 am.

Monday 22 – Half getting the sheep off the mountain we think they may have maggots.

Tuesday 23 – Half dipping the sheep.

Wednesday 24 – Half with the haystack. Two men come about the wireless.

Thursday 25 – Finishing with the haystack then went to Aberdaron after tea. RHT is here.

Friday 26 – Three quarters starting to cut the corn at bryncaerwyn. Mrs Mills comes to stay.

Saturday 27 – Finishing cutting the top end of bryncaerwyn.

Sunday 28 – Joseff Jones at 10 and D Griffith Bethel at 6.30.

Monday 29 – Three quarters starting cutting the oats at dryll cefnenus. Rain this evening.

Tuesday 30 – Three quarters finishing with the oats at dryll cefnenus. Rain.

Wednesday 31 – Three quarters cutting cae pant.


Thursday 1 – Richard takes the dun cow to the bull. Half making ropes. Robert takes the heifer to the sale in Sarn.

Friday 2 – BW 7 pm to 12.

Saturday 3 – Finishing cutting cae pant.

Sunday 4 – Hugh Williams Caernarfon at 2 and 6.30. Richard takes the black cow to the bull.

Monday 5 – At Tan Ffordd. Rain.

Tuesday 6 – Rain. BW money 14/7d.

Wednesday 7 – Went to town, John Tyn Ffoes’s writ.

Thursday 8 – BW 1 to 5 am.

Friday 9 –

Saturday 10 – At Conion making room for the corn in the stable loft.

Monday 11 – BW 9.30 to 2.30 pm. RHT.

 Tuesday 12 -At Tan Ffordd. It’s really poor with the corn.

Wednesday 13 – At Ty Lon Fawr repairing the door frame by the kitchen.

Thursday 14 – At Ty Lon Fawr again.

Friday 15 to 17 –

Sunday 18 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6.30.

Monday 19 – Finishing getting the corn at Tan Ffordd.

Tuesday 20 – With the barley and in cae pant at Penarfynydd.

Wednesday 21- Carrying barley again.

Thursday 22 – Carrying corn from Conion and thrashing.

Friday 23 – Thrashing at Conion and carrying the straw home.

Saturday 24 – Carrying cae pant with rakes.

Sunday 25 – G Thomas Roberts Botwnnog at 2. BW 4 am to 9.

Monday 26 – Thrashing started 4 pm ‘til 9.

Tuesday 27 – Finished with the barley then went thrashing to Ty Rhedyn and Llawenan.

Wednesday 28 – In town today had a £1 fine for not having a licence for the radio.

Thursday 29 – to 30 –


Saturday 1 –

Sunday 2 – An old gentleman from Barmouth and Terwyn Jones Talsarnau at 6. BW 12 to 5 pm.

Monday 3 – Capping the corn stack.

Tuesday 4 – Same again.

Wednesday 5 – Went to Nefyn to the finance meeting (chapels) Fine day. Laura and RHT come here.

Thursday 6 – Capping the corn stack. Auction at Bryn. Rain.

Friday 7 – BW 3am to 8am.

Saturday 8

Sunday 9 – Gwyn Jones Aberdaron for the first time.

Monday 10 – Rolant is at Ysgo thrashing.

Tuesday 11 – Robert and Rolant have gone to Pendre Aberdaron to fetch the bull. BW money 15/9d

Wednesday 12 – Finishing capping the corn stack and the little stack. Laura and RHT go back home.

Thursday 13 – Daniel calls BW 8 am to 1 pm.

Friday 14 – Bull for the roan cow. At Tyn Parc.

Saturday 15 – BW 4 am to 9 am. Working on the hay and corn stacks.

Sunday 16 – John Ellis Williams at 2 and 6.

Monday 17 – Thanksgiving. Catherine HW Bwlch’s wife’s funeral.

Tuesday 18 – BW 12.30 to 5.30 am. Putting ropes on the haystack.

Wednesday 19 – Putting ropes on the haystack. It rains at teatime.

Thursday 20 – BW 2 am to 7 am. Watchmen’s drill at 2 pm. BW money £1/8/1d.

Friday 21 – Carrying the straw that got wet, took the corn to the shed. Rain, then we made ropes with the straw.

Saturday 22 – Made a manger for the heifer in the pony’s stall at Tan Ffordd.

Sunday 23 – Joseff Jones at 2.

Monday 24 – At Carreg Lefain Bach for a quarter. Rain . half at Penarfynydd in the afternoon.

Tuesday 25 – Three quarters at Carreg Lefain Bach building a cowshed.Rain.

Wednesday 26 – BW 1.30 to 6.30 am. Ar Carreg Lefain Bach.

Thursday 27 – Three quarters at Carreg Lefain Bach.

Friday 28 – At Carreg Lefain Bach. Sent a letter to my brother Thomas.

Saturday 29 Half at Carreg Lefain Bach. Rain in the afternoon. BW and drill money 7/10d.

Sunday 30 – BW 8 am to 1 pm.

Monday 31 BW 4 am to 9 am. Bad cold have very bad bouts of coughing.


Tuesday 1 – Three quarters at Carreg Lefain Bach. Coughing badly couldn’t sleep last night. John Morfa Bach dies.

Wednesday 2 –

Thursday 3 – Quarter at Carreg Lefain Bach. BW money 11/3d.BW 12.30 to 5.30pm. DR comes to the hut to get me.

Friday 4 – I repair the case of the clock for Miss Williams Brynmor. John Morfa Bach’s funeral at Nebo.

Saturday 5 – At Carreg Lefain Bach.

Sunday 6 – Jones Rhostryfan at 2 and 6. No chapel as I was coughing badly during the night.

Monday 7 – At Carreg Lefain. Fine day.

Tuesday 8 – Half picking potatoes at Penarfynydd.

Wednesday  9 – BW Money 5/7d. Thomas Berch was here last night.

Thursday 10 –

Friday 11 – Went to the autumn fair.

Saturday 12 –

Sunday 13 – Hugh Williams Caernarfon at 2 and 6.

Monday 14 – LSA 5/-.

Tuesday 15 –

Wednesday 16 – With Daniel mixing lime in the afternoon.

Thursday 17 – At Carreg Lefain putting the timber on the cowshed.

Friday 18 – At Carreg Lefain Bach finishing putting the timber on the cowshed and putting corrugated on the sides.

Saturday 19 – At Carreg Lefain finishing the corrugated.

Sunday 20 – John Emrys at 10.

Monday 21 – At Carreg Lefain Bach putting large stones at the botton end of the cowshed and making a door.

Tuesday 22 – Heavy rain today.

Wednesday 23 – Plastering the straw cowshed at Bwlchgarreg.

Thursday 24 – Half at Carreg Lefain. BW 12 to 5 pm.

Friday 25 – At Carreg Lefain paving in front of the door.

Saturday 26 – BW 3 to 8 am. At Carreg Lefain Bach cementing the inside.

Sunday 27 – John E Williams at 2 and 6. BW 4 am to 9.

Monday 28 – At Carreg Lefain paving and filling in under the corrugated. Rev Edmunds goes to the school to give the children a show with the magic lantern.

Tuesday 29 – Repairing the churn at Rhiwlas for Daniel. BW 1 to 6 pm. Mary Jones ‘s funeral at Nebo.

Wednesday 30 – At Carreg Lefain finishing the paving.


Thursday 1 – At Carreg Lefain finishing the inside.

Friday 2 – BW 8 am to 1 pm. Daniel calls for me as he goes down in the morning. BW money £1/8/1d. Topping the aisle at Rhiwlas.

Saturday 3 -  At Tan Ffordd chaffing for the cattle. Weighing Edgar Morris 43lbs, Isaac Thomas 48lbs, Leila Mary 50lbs. BW 9 pm to 12 am. A new newspaper called Y Cymro comes out for the first time.

Sunday 4 – Ellis O Lloyd Porthmadog.

Monday 5 to 6-

Wednesday 7 – With the oven in Bwlchgarreg 2/-.

Thursday 8 – BW went to Porth Ysgo to keep an eye on the ship that was anchored in the bay.

Friday 9 – Putting a grate in at Bodowen. Cold wind from the east.

Saturday 10 – Cold wind from the east. WJT refuses to go the BW, he’s cleaning his motor. BW 15/9d.

Sunday 11 – Gwyn Jones the preacher at 10. Tecwyn Evans is on the wireless. BW 1 am to 5.

Monday 12 – BW 1 to 6 am.

Tuesday 13 to 14 -  My hip is bad, it hurts while walking, the shoes I wore at the end of the year are to blame as they weren’t waterproof I’m sure of it.

Thursday 15 – BW 11.30 to 4.30 am.

Friday 16 – Eleven years ago today I lost my dear son Isaac, the 16th was a Friday then too.

Saturday 17 – BW 5.30 to 10.30 am.

Sunday 18 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6. BW 6.30 to 11.30 am.

Monday 19 – BW 12.30 to 5.30 pm.

Tuesday 20 to 21 –

Thursday 22 – BW 2 am to 7.

Friday 23 – Installing the oven at Brynhyfryd 3/-.

Saturday 24 – BW 10.30 to 3.30 am. Christmas card from Williams in America. Boiled the pudding at Tan Ffordd.

Sunday 25 – John Emrys at 10. We all have Christmas dinner at Tan Ffordd.

Monday 26 –

Tuesday 27 – Churning at Tan Ffordd. Wet day. I brought a cockerel home from Tan Ffordd.

Wednesday 28 –

Thursday 29 – BW 6.30 to 11.30 pm.

Friday 30 – BW money. £2.9/6d.

Saturday 31 – BW 2.30 am to 7.30 am January 1933. Strong winds and heavy rain from the south.


Diary's from Mr E Morris, thank you very much.

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