Griffith Thomas

Ael y Bryn





Thursday 1 – B W 3 to 8.

Friday 2 – Unemployed.

Saturday 3 – Unemployed 11/4d.

Sunday 4 – R Von Owen at 2.

Monday 5 –

Tuesday 6- Evans the Lay Agent preaches at Pisgah for the first time.

Wednesday 7 – Mary Griffith Penbwlch Bach dies.

Thursday 8 – O Owens and I go to the funeral of the lady from Efail Rhos Aberdaron.

Friday 9 –

Saturday 10 – Mary Penbwlch Bach’s funeral at Nebo.

Sunday 11 – Evans the Lay Agent.

Monday – Friday 12 to 16 – Unemployed.

Saturday 17 – Unemployed 14/2.

Sunday 18 – B W 3 to 8 am.

Monday 19 – B W 10 pm to 3 am.

Tuesday – Saturday 20 to 24 – Unemployed.

Sunday 25 – Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6. B W 5 to 10 pm.

Monday 26 – Unemployed. BW 5 to 10pm.

Tuesday 27 – 6/8d for a cwt of corn for the hens from Eifion. B W 8pm to 1am.

Wednesday 28 – Unemployed. Bag of oats from Eifion 15/-.

Thursday 29 – B W 3 to 9.

Friday 30 – Unemployed.

Saturday 31 -  B W 9.30 am to 2.30 pm. Unemployed 8/8d.



Sunday 1 – James Elder at 2 and 6.

Monday 2 – Unemployed.

Tuesday 3 – B W 1 to 5 am. Thrashing at Penarfynydd.

Wednesday 4 – Unemployed.

Thursday 5 – At Penarfynydd topping the haystack.

Friday 6 – Unemployed. B W £1/2/6d.

Saturday 7 – Topping the haystack at Penarfynydd, Robert Evans gave me a £1 and will give me 11/- later. Unemployed 8/6d.

Sunday 8 – B W 12.30 to 4.30 am. Only E Williams, Jenat Bwlch and I attend chapel, Evans was supposed to preach. Heavy rain.

Monday 9 – B W 12.30 to 5.30 am.

Tuesday 10 – Unemployed.

Wednesday 11 – B W 3 to 8 am. B W 5 pm to 10pm.

Thursday 12 – Unemployed.

Friday 13 – B W 8 to 8 am. B W 10/1d. Unemployed 8/6d.

Saturday 14 – Unemployed.

Sunday 15 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6. B W 2.30 to 6.30 am.

Monday 16 – Letter from RHT to say that Anne Owen has died. B W 1 to 6pm.

Tuesday 17 – LSA drill. B W 2 to 7pm.

Wednesday 18 – Unemployed.

Thursday 19 – Unemployed. Anne Owen’s funeral at Denio Pwllheli.

Friday 20 – B W 4 to 9 am.

Saturday 21 – Unemployed 8/6d.

Sunday 22 – Prayer Meeting at 2. Roberts the lad that’s staying with Evan Llwynfor starts preaching.

Monday 23 –  Roping the haystack at Penarfynydd.

Tuesday 24 – Half at Penarfynydd. B W 11pm to 4 am.

Wednesday 25 – Had a letter from John Safn Pant asking me to put a floor on the chamber (bedroom) at Penbwlch.

Thursday 26 – B w £2/3/10d. Sent John Pritchard a letter.

Friday 27 – Cleaned the wagon after the LSA drill.

Saturday 28 – Unemployed 8/6d.



Sunday 1 – Evans Lay Agent. B W 4.30 to 9.30.

Monday  Tuesday 2 to 3 – Unemployed.

Wednesday 4 – Putting a partition in the barn at Glwyd. Had 2/6d from Daniel for cleaning the ropes (LSA)

Thursday 5 – Started at Carreg Lefain Bach and went to Aberdaron to fetch sand.

Friday 6 – B W 5 to 10 am. Half at Carreg Lefain.

Saturday 7 – B W 6 to 10 am. Unemployed 8/6d. B W 5/7d

Sunday 8 – Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6. I stay home I have a headache.

Monday 9 – Putting a piece in the door frame at Carreg Lefain.

Tuesday 10 – Still working on the frame.

Wednesday 11 – Half cementing around the door and the windows.

Thursday 12 – Half at Carreg Lefain still with the door and windows.

Friday 13 – Half again. Heavy rain. B W 10/1d. Unemployed 12/6d.

Saturday 14 – Sent the money for the monthly books £1/1/9d. Went to Aberdaron to Ty Fry, Cae Mur and Penbryn Bach.

Sunday 15 – R Von Owen at 2 and 6. Had tea at Llawenan and then went to Pencaerau chapel in the evening.

Monday 16 -  Digging the garden at Penarfynydd,. Everyone here has a cold.

Tuesday 17 – Half at Penarfynydd cutting the brambles at the bottom of the garden.

Wednesday 18 – Unemployed. Hard weather winds from the east.

Thursday 19 –  Shut the hens in. Planted the early potatoes in the patch below the parlour window.

Friday 20 – In bed with flu.

Saturday – Tuesday 21 to 24 – In bed.

Wednesday 25 – I got up even though I don’t really feel well. Sent RHT a letter. Everyone here’s in bed today.

Thursday 26 – Unemployed.

Friday 27 – Finished planting early potatoes and onions. Unemployed 8/6d.

Saturday 28 – Unemployed.

Sunday 29 – B W 12 to 5 am.

Monday 30 – Unemployed. Everyone’s sick here today.

Tuesday 31 – B W 5 to 10pm.



Wednesday 1 – B W 11/3d. B w 6 to 11pm.

Thursday 2 – B W 6/7d. Laying the floor in Penbwlch.

Friday 3 – B W 3 to 8 am.

Saturday 4 – Cementing in CarregLefain bach. Unemployed 8/6d.

Sunday 5 -  Joseff Jones at 2 and 6.

Monday 6 – Unemployed.

Tuesday 7 – B W 4 to 8am. Half at Carreglefain cementing.

Wednesday 8 – Working at Penarfynydd. B W 10/1d B W 12 to 4am.

Thursday 9 – B W 2 to 5 pm. Sack of feed from Eifion 15/-.

Friday 10 – At Penarfynydd. RHT brings the wireless and sets it up.

Saturday 11 – B W 9/-. Planted a row of potatoes at Bryngoleu.

Sunday 12 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6.

Monday 13 – B w 3 to 7am. Half at Penarfynydd taking down the fence at Borthwen.

Tuesday 14 – Penarfynydd.

Wednesday 15 – Unemployed.

Thursday 16 – Finished putting the ‘wire netting’ in Cae Pant Penarfynydd.

Friday 17 – Half at Penarfynydd furrowing the plough (?) B W 4/6d Hard wind from the north. Unemployed 14/2d.

Saturday 18 – B W  3 to 7 am. Half at Penarfynydd putting the wire netting in Pant field.

Sunday 19 – B W 11 am to 4 pm. Welsh Service from Llanelli on the radio.

Monday 20 -  Sorting potatoes and started on digging the garden at Penarfynydd. Went to Erw to finish installing the oven.

Tuesday 21 -  Helping with the planting in Penarfynydd. The wind is cold and hard.

Wednesday 22 – Half sowing wheat.

Thursday 23 – It rained a little in the night. Sowing again today and finishing planting the patch by the house.

Friday 24 – B W 4 to 9 am. Half at Penarfynydd.

Saturday 25 – Moving the harrow to Cae Crwth. Cut brambles by the apple tree. Heavy rain. Unemployed 8/6d.

Sunday 26 – Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6.30. B W 6am to 11am.

Monday 27 – Carrying stones to make a floor at Carreglefain. Went to Aberdaron to fetch sand.

Tuesday 28 – Cementing.

Wednesday 29 – Started sowing Cae Crwth at Penarfynydd. Sowed two pecks (old measure) from Hendy.

Thursday 30 – Sowing wheat again at Penarfynydd. B W 11/3d.



Friday 1 – Penarfynydd.Unemployed 2/10d.

Saturday 2 – Half at Penarfynydd gathering gorse and started sowing Barley in Penrorsedd field. In the afternoon I went to Llawenan to cement the chimney.

Sunday 3 – Preacher from Bangor at 2.

Monday 4 – Gathered gorse from Borthwen and sowed a peck of barley in Penrorsedd field.

Tuesday 5 – B W 6 to 10 am. Half at Penarfynydd. Robert and Rolant have gone to take the heifer.

Wednesday 6 – Gathering gorse and sowed a peck. Spread muck on the rows of peas and beans in the garden.

Thursday 7 – Half. Daniel calls for me to go to the B W 12 to 4 pm.

Friday 8 – LSA drill 5/-. Seaview’s motor takes the equipment down for the drill.

Saturday 9 – Gathering gorse and sowing grass seeds in Penrorsedd field.

Sunday 10 – B W 2 to 7 am. Went to do the milking in Rhiwlas, Daniel’s not well.

Monday 11 – B W 3 to 8 am. Went from Bytilith to do the milking for Daniel. Half at Penarfynydd sowing clover seed.

Tuesday 12 – B W 8 to 12. Half finishing sowing the clover and finishing in the garden.

Wednesday 13 – Went to the fair. B W 11 pm to 4am.

Thursday 14 – Half at Penarfynydd putting a new leather belt on the pump.

Friday 15 – B W 12 to 5 am. Mist and rain today. Half at Penarfynydd. Robert Evans gave me £5.

Saturday 16 -  Gathering gorse and preparing the pump. Went to a meeting in the school after tea at 5.

Sunday 17 – Evans Pen y Groes who is staying at Moelwyn preaches at 10.

Monday 18 – Moving the sheep to Bytilith and rolling the potatoes.

Tuesday 19 – With Daniel at the Rocket House clearing and sorting the ropes after the drill. B W £2/1/1d. Half at Penarfynydd closing gaps with twigs and branches so the sheep don’t get out of Bytilith.

Wednesday 20 –  Got up too early this morning, got the hour mixed up.

Thursday 21 -  Harrowing the turnips  and went to Llawenan for barley.

Friday 22 – Made a trough for the piglets and gathered stones with Lewis Bwlch in Pwllfadog field.

Saturday 23 – Getting the sheep off the mountain in the morning. The new mare comes from Ysgo. R Evans has paid all the money due to 16th of May.

Sunday 24 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6.

Monday 25 – Sowing the barley below the turnip patch.

Tuesday 26 – Sowing barley again.

Wednesday 27 – Weeding and preparing to fertilise.

Thursday 28 – Finished making the trough for the piglets. Rain. B W 8 pm to 12.

Friday 29 – At Tyn Lon Fawr putting up the guttering.

Saturday 30 – Sealing the roof at Carreg Lefain Bach.

Sunday 31 – Youth instead of R Von Owen.



Monday 1 – Got the sheep back from Bytilith.

Tuesday 2 – Got the sheep down from the mountain , weeding in the afternoon.

Wednesday 3 – Went to Botwnnog to get medicine for Leila. B W  2 to 6pm.

Thursday 4 – Weeding, drilling the turnips and mangles after tea.

Friday 5 – Weeding again, drilling mangles. Rain in the afternoon. Whitewashed the stable loft with the stuff that was left over by Dafydd Mur Melyn.

Saturday 6 – Heavy rain. BW 9/-, 2/6d for cleaning the wagon.

Sunday 7 – B W 1 to 5 am. Earthquake at 2 am, many that were in their beds heard it, and in other parts chimneys have fallen.

Monday 8 – Getting sheep off the mountain. Finished collecting stones.

Tuesday 9 – Mist and rain in the morning. B W 4.30 to 9.30pm.

Wednesday 10 – Mist and rain, the weather is exceptionally wet and its impossible to do anything. B W 10.30 to 3.30 am.

Thursday 11 – The mist cleared at 3 am. Half a day weeding the potatoes.

Friday 12 – B W 15/9d. Bag of feed from Eifion.

Saturday 13 – Weeding potatoes and laying gravel in the front of the house. The Methodists have their festival at Aberdaron.

Sunday 14 – No preacher. Evans is ill. B W 10 am to 2 pm. Mist and rain no one can remember the weather being so wet ever before.

Monday 15 – Getting the sheep off the mountain to neuter the lambs. Put Llawenan dragger through the potatoes in the afternoon. B W 9 pm to 2 am.

Tuesday 16 – Mist and rain the weather is so wet these days exceptional. Half weeding dock leaves in Cae Cocrwth. Went to Pant with Mrs Jones to see what needed cementing. Ysgo’s mare is with the stallion. It’s still raining.

Wednesday 17 – Opened the drain at the back of the hovel.

Thursday 18 – Weeding the potatoes. Robert goes to the Managers Meeting. B W 9.30 to 2.30 am

Friday 19 – Half weeding potatoes. Morris and his wife at Penarfynydd. It’s drying well today the wind is from the north.

Saturday 20 – Weeding. Drying well.

Sunday 21 – Thomas Ellis M C at 2. Fine Sunday mist at times.

Monday 22 – Fertilising and banking the rows.

Tuesday 23 – Banking the rows and sowing turnips.

Wednesday 24 – Shearing at Bodwyddog.

Thursday 25 – Dipping the sheep, then making the hovel narrower. The weather is much better this week.

Friday 26 – Wallpapering at Bwlchgarreg.

Saturday 27 – Making a sheepfold. Weeding potatoes. B W 15/9d.

Sunday 28 – B W 2 to 5. Heavy most. James Elder at 2. Roberts that’s staying at Moelwyn at 6.30.

Monday 29 – Shearing.

Tuesday 30 – Took the wheels to Refail Bach. Weeding in the afternoon.



Wednesday 1 – Finished weeding. At Llawenan in the afternoon painting the house.

Thursday 2 – Thinning the patch at Cefnydd.

Friday 3 -  B W 5/7d.  LSA at 2 pm 5/-. B W 7 pm to 12 mist and rain.

Saturday 4 – Went Aunt Sarah’s funeral in Llanrug.

Sunday 5 – Rev Thomas Griffith Ellis Aberdaron at 2 and 6.30.

Monday 6 – Thinning turnips and starting to cut hay in Cae Pwllfadog.

Tuesday 7 -  Cutting Cae Pwllfadog and started on the top of the Barn field.

Wednesday 8 -  Cutting gorse in the morning and cutting hay in the afternoon. Showers today.

Thursday 9 -  In the barn field cutting round the edges, the machine breaks down, the rod snaps.

Friday 10 – Isaac goes away for the last time 1oth of July 1921. Started cutting Cae Dryll, carried 4 loads from Pwllfadog until nine.

Saturday 11 – Cut the hedge in Dryll. Finished carrying Pwllfadog two and a half loads. Rain in the evening.

Sunday 12 – Evans Moelwyn View ar 2 and 6. B W 3 to 3 am.

Monday 13 -  Dryll mawr again. Turning the hay in the barn field. Five loads from Pwllfadog.

Tuesday 14 – Cutting Dryll and barn field, turning hay at the top end of dryll and carried four loads from barn field.

Wednesday 15 – Carrying hay until 8.15.

Thursday 16 -  Cutting hay. Went to Trip to fetch a load of rakes to turn the hay. Rain started at 8 pm.

Friday 17 – Isaac’s birthday, he would be 32 if he were still in the land of the living. Matting today. Rain. B W  11/8d.

Saturday 18 – Got the sheep from the mountain to take the lambs to Cae Pant. Carried three loads from Dryll. Parry Bodwyddog buys the lambs.

Sunday 19 – R Von Owen at 2 and 6.

Monday 20 – Took the lambs up to Tyn Mynydd to meet Parry Bodwyddog. Carried six loads from Dryll.

Tuesday 21 – Cut Dryll below the house carried three loads from Dryll mawr. B W 9 pm to 12.

Wednesday 22 – Making ropes with straw at Ty Croes Bach. Turned the hay at Dryll after tea.

Thursday 23 – Second cut at Dryll below the house. Carried seven loads from Dryll below the road. John Morris is here with his cart.

Friday 24 – Third turn for the hay in Dryll. Went with John Morris to rake the hay at Dryll until teatime. After tea went to close the drain in the hovel field.

Saturday 25 – B W 3 to 8 am.

Sunday 26 – Griffith Thomas Roberts at 2 and 6.

Monday 27 – Turning hay at the botton of Dryll field. Carried six loads until 0pm.

Tuesday 28 – Cut the slope in Dryll. Made the bed for the haystack in the shed.

Wednesday 29 – A year today!! Half getting the rakes from Dryll Mawr. Went to Ty Croes Bach to see to the oven. B W 9 pm to 2 am.

Thursday 30 – Home painting the kitchen.

Friday 31 – Took the fence down in Cae Pant for the sheepdog trials. Got the sheep from the mountain and cut the grass in the garden later.



Saturday 1 – Carried six loads of hay.

Sunday 2 – Richard Jones Pwllheli at 6.30.

Monday 3 – Carried ten loads of hay.

Tuesday 4 – Cut the slope in Dryll, thick grass cut it one way. B w 16/10d.

Wednesday 5 – Half. Rain in the afternoon. The machine breaks down. Nell goes to Pwllheli.

Thursday 6 – Finished turning Dryll below the house.

Friday 7 – Turning and carrying hay.

Saturday 8 – Rainy day. Started making ropes. Cut bracken. Heavy rain at night.

Sunday 9 – B W 3 to 8 am. Ellis Owen Lloyd at 10.

Monday 10 – Rope making in the morning. Fencing pentrwyn and turning hay.

Tuesday 11 – First sheepdog trials at Blawdty.

Wednesday 12 – Mist and rain.

Thursday 13 –  Raking hay. Dipping the sheep until 10 pm.

Friday 14 – Making ropes in the morning. Cutting docks in the afternoon. Started lifting the mangles. Richard pays me the £5 I lent him.

Saturday 15 – Fencing at pentrwyn in case the sheep start eating the haystack.

Sunday 16 – B W 11 pm to 6 am.

Monday 17 – Weeding the mangles in the morning. Turning hay. Rolant has gone to see the policeman to get the papers to take the lambs away.

Tuesday 18 – B W 2 to 5 am. Went straight from Bytilith to Penarfynydd. Finished carrying the Dryll field.

Wednesday 19 – Made a mat to put over the hay. Rolant and Robert have gone to the Preaching Festival at Rhoshirwaun. Nell and the children have gone to town.

Thursday 20 – B W 7.30 am to 11 am. B W 16/10d.

Friday 21 – Rolant and Robert take the bull to the sale.

Saturday 22 – Flower Show in Rhiw.

Sunday 23 – Roberts and the ‘brother’ from Moelwyn View at 6.30.

Monday 24 – Sheep dipping in the morning. Getting Pwllfadog field ready for the calves.

Tuesday 25 – B W 2.30 to 7.30. Preparing the haystack with ropes ready to secure.

Wednesday 26 -  Securing the haystack. Nell goes to town to get the first train to go and take Reg’s headstone to Clun to put on his grave.

Thursday 27 – Making ropes and putting them on the haystack.

Friday 28 – Shearing the lambs.

Saturday 29 – Edgar Morris and I go on a trip to Caernarfon.

Sunday 30 – Thomas Ellis Pwllheli at 2 and 6.30.

Monday 31 – Cut around Penrorsedd field. Gathered the sheep for Emyr Bodwrdda.



Tuesday 1 – Started cutting barley in penrorsedd.

Wednesday 2 – Home today. Nell arrives back today.

Thursday 3 – Rope making. I go to the sale with Rolant and Robert.

Friday 4 - Rope making in the morning. B W in the afternoon. B W £1/2/6d.

Saturday 5 – B W 3 to 8 pm.

Sunday 6 – Evans Cricieth that used to be in Rhiw at 2.

Monday 7 – Cutting around dryll cefnenus. Cutting barley in penrorosedd.

Tuesday 8 – Finished cutting barley in penrorsedd, good weather.

Wednesday 9 – Cutting dryll cefnenus. Nell and Edgar Morris go to town.

Thursday 10 – Cutting around cae crwth and turned the barley. Good weather.

Friday 11 – Cuttin cae crwth. Rain this evening. Rolant and I mat the hay.

Saturday 12 – Heavy rain this morning. B W 12 to 4pm. At Tyddyn Morthwyl putting a floor in the shed.

Sunday 13 – Sunday School Richard Jones Pwllheli asks questions.

Monday 14 – Cutting cae crwth until the rain comes. Killed a lamb after dinner. B W 11 pm to 4 am.

Tuesday 15 – Mucking out the chicken shed. Cutting with the scythes in the afternoon.

Wednesday 16 – Finished cutting wheat in cae crwth.

Thursday 17 – Putting up the guttering at Pant.

Friday 18 – Cutting barley.

Saturday 19 – Cutting sedges at Borthwen.

Sunday 20 – W G Williams.

Monday 21 – Harvesting.

Tuesday 22 – Carrying the barley from cae penrorsedd. Pound of butter 1/5d.

Wednesday 23 – Carrying the barley for thrashing in the winter.

Thursday 24 – Carrying until 10.

Friday 25 – Gathering chaffs.

Saturday 26 – Thrashing at Penarfynydd and Ty Rhedyn. Eclipse of the moon tonight.

Sunday 27 – B W 3 to 8 am.

Monday 28 – Robert is thrashing at Llawenan.

Tuesday 29 – Carrying Cae crwth. Pound of butter from Penarfynydd 1/2d.

Wednesday 30 – Rain. Making ropes. Put straw falters on the sheep. Paid 10/- for wood for the parlour floor.



Thursday 1 – Making ropes and scything round the corn stack. Quarterly Meeting at Pisgah. B W 3 to 3 am.

Friday 2 – B W 15/9d. Elin Trip pays me 10/-.

Saturday 3 – B W 3 to 8 am. Gathering chaff to top the corn stack. Pound of butter 1/2d.

Sunday 4 – The new preacher from Aberdaron D Arthur Morgan for the first time. B W 7 to 12 pm.

Monday 5 – Taking the barbed wire down in the church land and put it down in the bottom of dryll mawr. Making ropes.

Tuesday 6 – Carrying sedges and cutting bushes until three. LSA drill in the evening 5/-. Pound of butter 1/3d. B W 10pm to 3 am.

Wednesday 7 – B W £1/2/6d. Half at Ysgo. Nell and Edgar Morris go to town.

Thursday 8 – Finishing the top of the straw rick and started on the the rick near the shed.

Friday 9 – B W 2 to 7am. Finishing the stack near the shed and went to Ysgo.

Saturday 10 – Gathered the sheep off the mountain to get the lambs down to the pastures. Started on the top of the haystack for the cattle. Pound of butter 1/3d.

Sunday 11 – Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6.

Monday 12 – Putting a top and ropes on the haystack. B W 10 pm to 3 am.

Tuesday 13 – Putting ropes on the haystack. Pound of butter 1/3d.

Wednesday 14 – Made the top for the wheat stack.

Thursday 15 – Finishing the top and roping the hay stack.

Friday 16 – Robert is in Ysgo thrashing.

Saturday 17 – Daniel castrates the calves. Pound of butter 1/3d. 103 days.

Sunday 18 – Morgan the preacher at 2.

Monday 19 – Harvest Festival. Morgan at 2. B W 11/3d.

Tuesday 20 – Finished putting the ropes on the wheat stack. Started picking potatoes in the afternoon.

Wednesday 21 – Picking potatoes. Pound of butter 1/3d.

Thursday 22 – Picking potatoes.

Friday 23 – Picking potatoes. The Liberals hold a meeting at the school at 7pm. Jini Bwlchffordd’s funeral.

Saturday 24 – Picking potatoes. Pound of butter 1/4d.

Sunday 25 – Prayer Meeting at 10 and 6. Joseff Jones doesn’t turn up.

Monday 26 – Finished picking potatoes.

Tuesday 27 – Election day. Pound of butter 1/4d.

Wednesday 28 – Cutting bracken.

Thursday 29 – Cutting bracken the rain prevents us from carrying it. Washed the engine.

Friday 30 – Half carrying bracken. Robert Evans has gone to the auction.

Saturday 31 – Robert and I put barbed wire down in dryll. Went to install the oven at Lon Las after tea. Pound of butter 1/4d.



Sunday 1 – B W 3 to 8.30 pm. Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6.

Monday 2 – Spent the day trying to catch the foal and mucking out the shed.

Tuesday 3 – B w 2.30 to 7.30 am. Pound  of butter 1/4d.

Wednesday 4 – Mucking out the small cowshed. B W 6.30 to 11.30 pm.

Thursday 5 – Robert Evans is in bed with a cold.

Friday 6 – With the cattle and mucking out. Robert and Jane Catrin are both ill.

Saturday 7 – With the cattle. Rolant has gone to Aberdaron to get muck (?)

Pound of butter 1/4d.

Sunday 8 – J H Jones who used to be a lay agent at 6. B W 1 to 5 am.

Monday 9 – With the cattle. Robert gets up by the evening. B W £1/7/6d.

Tuesday 10 – Pound of butter 1/4d.

Wednesday 11 -  B W 2.20 to 7.30 am. Went to the Fair.

Thursday 12 – With the animals. Robert is still in bed B w 10 pm to 3 am.

Friday 13 – Pound of butter 1/8d. B W 10pm to 3 am.

Saturday 14 – Rain all day and it was exceptional I’ve never seen such a flow before. B W 11 pm to 3 am.

Sunday 15 – Morgan Aberdaron at 2 and 6. At Penarfynydd with the animals.

Monday 16 – With the animals. Gathering gorse and milling it. Rolant(Tyddyn Morthwyl) starts his term on the farm.

Tuesday 17 – Shackling the bullocks. B W £1/2/6d.

Wednesday 18 – B W 3 to 8am. Pound of butter 1/5d. The Missionary Exhibition is at Aberdaron.

Thursday 19 – Got the sheep off the mountain to mark the lambs.

Friday 20 – Gathered two bundles of gorse and feeding the stock. B w 6 to 11 pm.

Saturday 21 – Half castrating the lambs and feeding the stock. Pound of butter 1/5d.

Sunday 22 – Joseff Jones at 10. B W 6 to 11pm.

Monday 23 – Feeding the stock. Received £8 from R Evans. B W 12 to 5 am.

Tuesday 24 – Went to Rhoshirwaen to buy clogs.

Wednesday 25 – Picking turnips and feeding stock. Pound of butter 1/6d.

Thursday 26 – B W 3.30 to 8.30 am.

Friday 27 – William Hughes Hendy Pencaerau dies.

Saturday 28 – Started ploughing cae crwth. Pound of butter 1/6d.

Sunday 29 – Gwynfryn Evans at 2 instead of the preacher from Pwllheli.

Monday 30 – Picking turnips in the morning, gathering gorse and feeding the stock later. William Hughes Hendy’s funeral. B W £1/10/9d.



Tuesday 1 –  Made a stall in the cowshed at Ty Croes Bach.

Wednesday 2 – At Pant putting a gate. B W 8 pm to 1 am.

Thursday 3 – Pound of butter 1/5d.

Friday 4 – B W 2 to 7 am.

Saturday 5 – Gathering gorse in the morning. Fixed the gate to dryll mawr. B W 8 pm to 1am.

Sunday 6 – Sunday School at Tan y Foel. No one at Pisgah in the morning or afternoon.

Monday 7 – Took the small plough to cae crwth .Feeding the stock and gathered three bundles of gorse. Robert goes to fetch them with Lewis.

Tuesday 8 – B W 5 to 9 am. Went to Aberdaron to put a headstone on my dear wife’s grave.

Wednesday 9 – Feeding the stock, gathering the gorse and took the grey heifer to Bodwyddog to the bull. Half pound of butter 8d.

Thursday 10 – Feeding the stock. Weighed 340 fleeces, Rolant takes it to Talafon. Pound of butter 1/5d.

Friday 11 – Feeding and gathering gorse. Took the heifer next to the door the bull.

Saturday 12 – Feeding and gathering gorse.

Sunday 13 – Ellis O Lloyd at 2 and 6. Sunday school in the morning. Evan Williams and I go to the Meeting at Carmel. Owen Griffith takes us in the motor.

Monday 14 – Pound of butter 1/6d.

Tuesday 15 – Robert and I put branches on the boundary at borthwen. B W £1/1/4d.

Wednesday 16 – Got the sheep off the mountain to mark them and fed the stock.

Thursday 17 – Feeding and gathering gorse. Rolant and I finish off at borthwen and pick turnip.

Friday 18 – Started ploughing cae pant.

Saturday 19 – Feeding and gathering gorse. Robert and Rolant have gone to Aberdaron to listen to the Francis brothers. Tyn Fron’s heifer aborts her womb. Daniel, G Jones, Willie, R Jones Lon Las, John Bryngolau and I bury her in the evening.

Sunday 20 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6.

Monday 21 – Feeding the stock and clearing the turnips and mangs from bryncaerwyn.

Tuesday 22 – Gathering gorse and feeding the stock. One of the cows has a calf. B W 7 to 12.

Wednesday 23 – Everyone goes to town to the Christmas Fair. B W 5/7d.

Thursday 24 – B W 1 to 6pm. Went from Bytilith to Penarfynydd to get a pound of pot butter 1/5d.

Friday 25 – B W.

Saturday 26 –

Sunday 27 – Ellis a young man from Cwmci, he’s related to Evans the shoemaker from Rhoshirwaen.

Monday 28 – At Trip widening the back door. B W 8 pm to 1 am/

Tuesday 29 – At Trip in the afternoon. B W 16/10d

Wednesday 30 – B W 7 to 11 am. 4/6d. At trip in the afternoon.

Thursday 31 – At Penarfynydd milling, feeding and putting the hay in.


Diary's from Mr E Morris, thank you very much.

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