Griffith Thomas

Ael y Bryn





Monday 1 – Shift went to down to the beach to fetch the two girders. Quarrying stone in the afternoon.

Tuesday 2 -  Shift quarrying on the level. John P Jones at Pisgah.

Wednesday 3 -  Shift putting a support up, quarrying later. John P Jones at Pisgah again.

Thursday 4 – Shift quarrying in the morning. Griffith Tyddyn here. John P Jones at Pisgah.

Friday 5 – Shift.

Saturday 6 – Shift. Went to Tan y Ffordd to repair the roof of the cowshed.

Sunday 7 – Prayer meeting at 2. Griff Jones didn’t turn up.

Monday 8 – Shift. Eliza is at Tyddyn . William Llawenan at Pisgah, prayer meeting at 6.

Tuesday 9 – Shift. Cold winds from the west.

Wednesday 10 – Shift.

Thursday 11 – Shift. Anne Penebo Bach dies.

Friday 12 – Shift.

Saturday 13 – Shift. Went to Sarn to the Post Office to see about poor Isaac’s money.

Sunday 14 – D TH Thomas Cricieth. Had tea at Ty Croes Bach. Shared the Sacrament this evening.

Monday 15 – Shift. Eliza at Tyddyn.

Tuesday 16 – Shift.

Wednesday 17 – Half shift quarrying. I Have a headache. Anne Penebo’s funeral.

Thursday 18 – Auction at Tyddyn.

Friday 19 – Shift. Had a letter from the South concerning Mother.

Saturday 20 – Shift.

Sunday 21 – R M Williams Cricieth at 10.

Monday 22 – Shift.

Tuesday 23 – Shift.

Wednesday 24 – Shift.

Thursday 25 – Shift.

Friday 26 – Shift. The bank book is returned.

Saturday 27 – Shift. Sent my poor boy’s certificate to London. I dreamt during the night that he had come home, and was looking at me through the window.

Sunday 28 – T Glyn Roberts, preacher at 2.

Monday 29 – Shift. Pay £11/0/8d

Tuesday 30 – Shift.

Wednesday 31 – Shift.



Thursday 1 – Shift at Nant in the afternoon moving casks/ barrels (?) Full moon 3.53.

Friday 2 – Shift at Nant moving the casks to Groeslon in the morning.

Saturday 3 – Shift. LSA practice 5/-.

Sunday 4 -  A LL Hughes Nefyn at 2 and 6.

Monday 5 – Shift.

Tuesday 6 – Shift. Strong winds from the south east , the roof of the ‘aisle ‘at Tan y Ffordd is blown off.

Wednesday 7 – Shift quarrying in the afternoon.

Thursday 8 – Shift quarrying. Fine day.

Friday 9 -  Shift quarrying and putting a lock on the shed where we have our food, and also moved the pump there. Rain all night.

Saturday 10 -  Robert Syntyr and I go to Sarn to listen to R T Jones MP. Rain all night.

Sunday 11 – No Sunday school today, heavy rain all day.

Monday 12 – Shift.

Tuesday 13 – Shift. Eisteddfod at Rhoshirwaen. Heavy rain.

Wednesday 14 – Shift. Fine day. Hugh Terfyn is home sick.

Thursday 15 – Shift. Hugh home.

Friday 16 – Shift.

Saturday 17 – Shift loaded two wagons and discharged them on the road.

Sunday 18 – Evans at 10.

Monday 19 – Shift loaded a wagon and discharged it on the road.

Tuesday 20 – Shift.

Wednesday 21 – Shift.

Thursday 22 – Shift.

Friday 23 – Shift.

Saturday 24 – Shift loaded a wagon and discharged it on the road.

Sunday 25 – Prayer Meeting at 2. Went to Tyddyn on the evening to listen to Hugh Hughes preaching on Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac.

Monday 26 – Shift. Hugh Terfyn has injured his foot, so not at work.

Tuesday 27 – Shift.

Wednesday 28 – Shift the runners on the jetty have broken , Bob, Robert Syntyr , John Terfyn and I pick them up.



Thursday 1 – Shift.

Friday 2 – Shift.

Saturday 3 – Shift. Went to Bodwyddog to put the oven in place.

Sunday 4 – D TH Thomas Cricieth at 2.

Monday 5 – Shift quarrying and then taking the wagon to be discharged on the road.

Tuesday 6 – Shift quarrying took the wagon to be discharged on the Bodwyddog road.

Wednesday 7 – Shift on the muck level.

Thursday 8 – Loading the Nant y Carw traction, on the level after that.

Friday 9 – Shift loading the traction then quarrying.

Saturday 10 – Shift on the muck level. Labour party meeting in the school.

Sunday 11 -  T G Roberts at 2 and 6.

Monday 12 – Shift on the muck level. Loading the traction. Sent two newspapers to Williams (USA).

Tuesday 13 -  Shift again on the muck level and loading the traction.

Wednesday 14 – Shift on the muck level loaded the tracsion twice today.

Thursday 15 – Went to the new fair.

Friday 16 – Shift on the muck level and loading the traction.

Saturday 17 – Shift on the muck.

Sunday 18 – T H Evans at 10, school at 2 chose new officials for the Sunday school Griffith Thomas inspector, Sam Williams treasurer and Miss L Owen secretary.

Monday 19 -  Shift on the muck, loading the traction in the afternoon.

Tuesday 20 – Shift on the muck. Collecting money to decorate the chapel. Williams from Bryncroes meets us at the chapel.

Wednesday 21 -  Shift went to Porth Ysgo to saw the pile that had come away from the stage, loaded the traction in the afternoon. Planted the border near the hen house.

Thursday 22 – Shift on the muck. Bob is threshing at Ysgo.

Friday 23 – Home ill. The traction comes to fetch a load.

Saturday 24 – Shift loading the traction. Bob is threshing at Blawdty. Started digging the big patch. The Blind Harpist is playing in Aberdaron.

Sunday 25 – The first Sunday without lighting the lamp. A Ll Hughes  Nefyn ay 2 and 6.

Monday 26 – Shift in the muck.

Tuesday 27 – Shift on the muck and loading the traction.

Wednesday 28 – Shift on the muck.

Thursday 29 – Shift on the muck and loading the traction. Eliza goes to Aberdaron.

Friday 30 – Shift on the muck. Pay £13/10/10d. Sealing the roof of the middle bedroom.

Saturday 31 – Shift on the muck .Finished putting the wood on the bedroom roof.



Sunday 1 – Paid £1/15/6d to Pisgah Sunday School. J Morgan Evans , Nefyn as was. Eliza is staying in Aberdaron for the weekend.

Monday 2 – Finished putting the wood in the bedroom roof. Eliza returns from Aberdaron.

Tuesday 3 – Shift on the muck, loading the traction. Hoed the border under the parlour window.

Wednesday 4 – Shift on the muck, loading the traction. Heavy rain in the afternoon.

Thursday 5 – Shift on the muck, loading the traction.

Friday 6 – Shift on the muck, loading the traction.

Saturday 7 – Worked ‘til half nine then went to the quarterly session meeting at Llanbedrog.

Sunday 8 – Rev Hugh Hughes at 2 and 6.

Monday 9 – Shift finished taking the ironstone to the road and loading on the traction.

Tuesday 10 – Shift started with the stone, loaded the traction.

Wednesday 11 – Shift.

Thursday 12 – Shift.

Friday 13 – Shift. Dug a hole in the middle of the garden.

Saturday 14 – Shift. Finished digging the hole through. Painted the bedroom ceiling. Eliza is at Tan Y Ffordd.

Sunday 15 – Joseff Jones previously of Nefyn at 10.

Monday 16 – Shift

Tuesday 17 – Shift. Poor Isaac ‘s first letter since he went away to sea was written on April 17 1920.

Wednesday 18 – Shift. Cold weather.

Thursday 19 – Shift.

Friday 20 – Shift quarried a wagonload of stone.

Saturday 21 – Shift quarried half a wagonload of stone. Went to Sarn to fetch my poor boy’s money £55/14/7d. Went to Llangwnadl from Sarn for the committee meeting. Cold wind from the north.

Sunday 22 – T Glyn Roberts at 2 and 6. Dafydd Jones Tyn Castell dies. Cold wind from the north. Sent the clock.

Monday 23 – Shift discharged a wagonload of stone onto the road., cleared earth after.

Tuesday 24 -  Shift clearing earth then quarried a wagonload of stone in the afternoon.

Wednesday 25 – Shift discharged a wagonload of stone onto the road, cleared earth and then quarried some stone.

Thursday 26 – Shift.

Friday 27 – Shift discharging stone onto the road.

Saturday 28 – Shift started at 7 on early ‘til twelve. Got a wagonload of stone and finished loading them from the shaft. Cold wind from the south today.

Sunday 29 – Evans at 10. Catherine , Nel and Richard Ty Fry are here today as wellas a lot o f people from Pwllheli for the United Singing Festival.

Monday 30 – Rain this morning. Shift discharged a wagonload of stone onto the road, cleared earth in the afternoon.



Tuesday 1 – Wet and misty morning. Shit loaded the traction,

Wednesday 2 – Shift.

Thursday 3 – Shift loading the traction.

Friday 4 – Shift loading the traction and began quarrying stone from the bridge.

Saturday 5 – Shift. Eliza and Richard go to Hebron to buy half a pig.

Sunday 6 – Prayer Meeting at 2 and 6. Rolant Jones Refail conducts the prayer meeting, it will be his last.

Monday 7 – Shift discharged two wagonloads onto the road. Sent the monthly books to Surrey to Morris Evans Penarfynydd ‘s wife..

Tuesday 8 – Shift.

Wednesday 9 – Shift discharging two wagonloads into the lorry. Snow and hail during the night.

Thursday 10 – Shift clearing at the top.

Friday 11 – Shift clearing earth.

Saturday 12 – Shift clearing earth, loading the traction. Bob goes to fetch Tedi onhis motorbike to town. It’s been a cold week with snow.

Sunday 13 -  DH Thomas Cricieth at 2 and 6. Rolant Yr Efail Bwlch Clawdd dies aged 33.

Monday 14 – Went to the fair.

Tuesday 15 – Shift clearing earth and loading the traction.

Wednesday 16 – Shift. Cold week hailstorms.

Thursday 17 – Shift, came home an hour early to go to a meeting at the school. Rolant Jones Yr Efail’s funeral.

Friday 18 – Shift clearing earth.

Saturday 19 – Shift finished clearing the earth. Went to Tan y Ffordd to build the pigsty wall.

Sunday 20 – Glyn Roberts at 2. Prayer meeting at 6.30

Monday 21 – At Tan y Ffordd building the pigsty wall.

Tuesday 22 – Shift discharging a wagonload of stone onto the road.

Wednesday 23 – Shift discharging a wagonload onto the road. Cold weather.

Thursday 24 – Half shift discharging a wagonload onto the road. In the afternoon went to the LSA practice.

Friday 25 – Shift discharged a wagonload onto the road.

Saturday 26 – Shift. At Tan y Ffordd making a trough for the pigs. Bob takes Tedi to meet the 10.30 train for the South. Rachel Baronhill comes home from hospital.

Sunday 27 –  Free Sunday. Evans the preacher, preaches a memorial sermon for Rolant at Sunday school. Hugh and my sister Catherin are here.

Monday 28 – Went to the singing festival at Llanbedrog a very cold day. The lads discharge a wagonload onto the road.

Tuesday 29 – Shift, discharged two wagonloads onto the road.

Wednesday 30 – Robert Syntyr goes to Pwllheli to fetch the goat. Shift. Eliza goes to Pwllheli.

Thursday 31 – Shift discharged two wagonloads onto the road.



Friday 1 – Shift.

Saturday 2 – Shift. Cold weather.

Sunday 3 – Joseff Jones at 2 and 6.

Monday 4 – Shift discharged a wagonload onto the road, loaded the traction.

Tuesday 5 – Shift discharged a wagonload.

Wednesday 6 – Shift loading the traction.

Thursday 7 – Eliza and I go to the singing festival at Portmadoc. Farmer Elder is ordained there.

Friday 8 – Shift. Some rain and mist in the afternoon.

Saturday 9 – Shift discharging a wagonload, misty day, Jones the coal is at work.

Sunday 10 – Evans at 10. Final prayer meeting … E Hugh, G Thomas, Tom Hughes, Elis Jones finishes the meeting.

Monday 11 – Shift discharged a wagonload onto the road. Hugh has gone to the singing festival at Portmadoc.

Tuesday 12 – Shift. Pay £5/2/8d. Rain. Richard and Bob go to Clun by motorbike to see Morrise.

Wednesday13 – Shift.

Thursday 14 – Shift.

Friday 15 – Shift. The wife of Nant dies.

Saturday 16 – Shift. Put wood on the kitchen ceiling.

Sunday 17 – A Ll Hughes at Nebo 10. Rachel Baronhill dies.

Monday 18 – Shift discharged a wagonload onto the road.

Tuesday 19 – Shift. The funeral of the wife of Nant.

Wednesday 20 – Shift.

Thursday 21 – Shift. Rachel Baronhill’s funeral.

Friday 22 – Shift.

Saturday 23 – Shift loading the traction.

Sunday 24 – Thomas Cricieth at 6.

Monday 25 – Shift at Benallt.

Tuesday 26 – Shift carrying stone to Pwllmelyn hill to put along the road to Bodwyddog.

Wednesday 27 – Shift on the road.

Thursday 28 – Shift on the road, loading the traction.

Friday 29 – Shift on the road loading the traction. My brother Thomas is here.

Saturday 30 – Shift on the road. Shearing at Tan y Ffordd. Closed the stile near Ty Croes Bach.



Sunday 1 – Went to a Sunday school meeting in Llanbedrog with Sam.

Monday 2 – Shift finishing the Bodwyddog road. ( two years ago today we were on the sea going to the islands, my poor boy Tedi and I.)

Tuesday 3 – Shift at Benallt.

Wednesday 4 – Shift. Rain.

Thursday 5 – Shift.

Friday 6 -  Shift Pay £ 2/17/8d.

Saturday 7 – Shift. Heavy thunder and lightning strikes Cilan chapel.

Sunday 8 -  Evans Pisgah at 2.

Monday 9 – Shift. Went to Llangwnadl to the committee meeting.

Tuesday 10 – Shift. Trustees meeting at Pisgah.

Wednesday 11 – Shift starting in the field at Ty Croes Bach. LSA practice. Ty Croes Bach carry  hay in field above the road.

Thursday 12 – Shift. Ty Croes Bach cut hay in the barn field.

Friday 13 – Shift. Bob and John Parry start carrying hay in pwllfadog field Ty Croes.

Saturday 14 – Shift. William Ty Croes Bach carries hay in the barn field.

Sunday 15 – A man from Portmadoc and one from Nefyn a youth from Pwllheli at Tan y Foel at 2. Evans Hebron at 6.

Monday 16 – Shift.

Tuesday 17 – Shift.

Wednesday 18 – Shift.

Thursday 19 – Shift. Eliza and Jini Syntyr go to see Ellen at Denbigh.

Friday 20 – Shift.

Saturday 21 – Shift. Pay £2/17/6d. Carried hay in the field next to Conion. Isaac Llanbedrog and his wife are here and her sister and family. Bob is at Bodwyddog today.

Sunday 22 – Evans Hebron at 10, Glyn Roberts at 6.

Monday 23 – Shift.

Tuesday 24 – Shift.

Wednesday 25 – Shift.

Thursday 26 – Aberdaron regatta Put a fireplace in the living room.

Friday 27 – Shift.

Saturday 28 – Shift. Made the society collection. Visitors arrive today.

Sunday 29 – Evans Pisgah at 10. W Evans Talsarnau is at Tan y Foel. Prayer meeting at 6.30.

Monday 30 – Shift loading the motor.

Tuesday 31 – Shift loading the motor



Wednesday 1 – Shift loading the motor.

Thursday 2 – Shift. Pay £2/12/8d

Friday 3 –

Saturday 4 –

Sunday 5 – Hughes, Evan Williams and I go to Tyddyn chapel at 6.

Monday 6 – Shift.

Tuesday 7 – Shift.

Wednesday 8 – Shift.

Thursday 9 – Shift.

Friday 10 – Home have rheumatism in my thigh.

Saturday 11 – Home.

Sunday 12 – An old fellow from Pentrefelin at 10 A Ll Hughes at 2 and 6.

Monday 13 – Shift.

Tuesday 14 – Shift.

Wednesday 15 – Shift.

Thursday 16 – Shift. In the evening cementing the chimneys at Eifion.

Friday 17 – Shift. At Eifion in the evening.

Saturday 18 – Shift. At Tyddyn Morthwyl in the evening cementing the chimneys.

Sunday 19 – School master from the South at 10. Thomas Cricieth at 2.

Monday 20 – Shift .

Tuesday 21 – Sheepdog trials at Groeslon. Sent a letter to Surrey.

Wednesday 22 – Shift. Went to Rhoshirwaen preaching festival.

Thursday 23 – Shift rain all day.

Friday 24 – Shift.

Saturday 25 – Shift. Heavy rain. Nebo chapel trip to Barmouth.

Sunday 26 – Williams Ty Mawr at 6, he’s related to Thomas. Prayer meeting at 10. The son of Edern Post Office at Tan y Foel .

Monday 27 – Shift.

Tuesday 28 – Shift.

Wednesday 29 – Went to Pwllheli to see the auditor with William Ty Rhyd.

Thursday 30 – Shift.

Friday 31 – Sheepdog trials at Pwllheli, but I’m at Erw installing the grate.



Saturday 1 – Shift .Pay £2/12/8d. Tan y Foel MC chapel have a tea at the school.

Sunday 2 – Evans Nebo at 10, prayer meeting at 6.

Monday 3 – Shift.

Tuesday 4 – Shift.

Wednesday 5 – Shift.

Thursday 6 – Shift.

Friday 7 – Shift.

Saturday 8 – Shift. Carrying barley at Tan y Ffordd.

Sunday 9 -  Prayer meeting at 10. Went to Uwchmynydd to listen to Hugh Hughes at Salem Chapel at 6.

Monday 10 – Shift. At Ty Croes Bach carrying wheat from the field above the house.

Tuesday 11 – Shift.

Wednesday 12 – Went to my Aunt Ellen’s funeral in Llanbabo.

Thursday 13 – Shift on the incline in Ty Croes Bach field.

Friday 14 -  Shift.

Saturday 15 – Shift. Went to Aberdaron to get gravel for the chapel, the carts had gone far too early for the tide,

Sunday 16 – Evans Nebo at 10.

Monday 17 – Shift.

Tuesday 18 – Shift.

Wednesday 19 – Shift.

Thursday 20 – Shift getting stone down to Ty Croes Bach.

Friday 21 – Shift the same.

Saturday 22 – Shift, loading the motor an quarrying, Finished getting the corn at Tan y Ffordd.

Sunday 23 – Evans Nebo at 10. It rained heavily in the morning as we were going to chapel.

Monday 24 – Shift loading the motor.

Tuesday 25 – Heavy wind and rain. Half shift loading the motoer from Penrhyn. It returned in the afternoon for another load.

Wednesday 26 – Shift.

Thursday 27 – Shift.

Friday 28 – Shift.

Saturday 29 – Shift. At Tyddyn Morthwyl cementing the back f the house. Ty Fair family are here. Elin Bryn Difyr goes to fetch Hugh from Caernarfon with Ismael’s taxi.

Sunday 30 – Evans Nebo at 10. Mervyn Owen from Clynnog at 6.



Monday 1 – Thrashing at Ty Croes Bach. Shift loading the motor.

Tuesday 2 – Shift the motor won’t start, the magneto.

Wednesday 3 – Shift 2 loads for the motor. Tom Plas yn Rhiw’s funeral.

Thursday 4 – Shift loading the motor. Eliza and Martha Carreg Lefain go to see Sarah.

Friday 5 – Shift loading.

Saturday 6 – Shift Sam and I dig a drain near the chapel.

Sunday 7 -  Student from Clynnog at 6. Prayer meeting  at 10. M Thomas, Elis Jones, Thomas Williams, Griff Thomas.

Monday 8 – Shift 2 loads. Bob is at Sarn. Meri and wife are here (?)

Tuesday 9 – Shift 2 loads.

Wednesday 10 – Shift 1load. Robert Syntyr takes his fleece to town.

Thursday 11 – Shift 2 loads. Roped the straw at Tan y Ffordd. Tide 21  -1 in the morning.

Friday 12 – Shift, the company are here this afternoon.

Saturday 13 – Shift discharging 3 wagonloads finished then loaded the motor and quarries some. Bodwyddog finished getting the wheat. Ta Tan y Ffordd finishing the slats (?) for the heifer in the aisle.

Sunday 14 – Evans Nebo at 10. Thomas BA Cricieth at 2 and 6.

Monday 15 – Harvest Festival.

Tuesday 16 – Shift loading the motor, quarrying then. Penarfynydd carrying the barley field.

Wednesday 17 – Shift. Neli goes to Morris. Jini Clwt y Bont comes here.

Iau 18 –  Shift. Neli leaves Pwllheli.

Friday 19 – Shift.

Saturday 20 – Shift. Went to the auction at Castellmarch Mawr. Letter from Surrey.

Sunday 21 – Evans Pisgah at 10. Didn’t go to chapel have a cold.

Monday 22 – No work have a cold.

Tuesday 23 – Home in the morning. Half shift. RT Jones MP is at the school. Tide 6.26

Wednesday 24 – Shift. Bob at Bronheulog. Bodwyddog are thrashing.

Thursday 25 – Shift. Harry Thomas catches a pigeon in the smithy at Nant. Robert Seaview gets married.

Friday 26 – Shift. Pay £2/12/8d

Saturday 27 – Wind and rain from the south, thunder. LSA practice at 11.

Sunday 28 -  Glyn Roberts at 2 and 6.

Monday 29 – Shift loading the motor. Rain.

Tuesday 30 – Shift. Rain in the morning.

Wednesday 31 – Shift 2 loads, the motor wouldn’t start on Ty Canol road.



Thursday 1- Shift.

Friday 2 – Shift 1 load.

Saturday 3 – Shift. Roberts and Harry go to Caernarfon with Ismael, Willie Clwt y Bont comes here. John Evans comes in the middle of the night to say that mother is ill she can’t breathe properly.

Sunday 4 – Aneurin Llanaelhaearn at 2 and 6.

Monday 5 – Shift. Fine day.

Tuesday 6 – Shift.

Wednesday 7 – Shift.

Thursday 8 – Shift. New moon at 3.27 pm.

Friday 9 – Shift. Pay £2/12/8d.

Saturday 10 – Shift. Placed a window in the small bedroom at Ael y Bryn.

Sunday 11 – Evans Hebron at 10. Sang ‘Cofia’n Gwlad Benllywydd Tirion ‘ at the war memorial laid a wreath and had two minutes silence.

Monday 12 – Went to the fair with Ismael.

Tuesday 13 – Shift. Rain all day. Eliza goes to Tan y Ffordd mother is ill in bed.

Wednesday 14 – Shift. Mother is ill Bob and Tedi go on the motorbike  to fetch the doctor in the middle of the night.

Thursday 15 – No work have been up all night with mother at Tan Y Ffordd.

Friday 16 – Shift.

Saturday 17 – Shift. Wmffra Rhydbengan dies.

Sunday 18 – Joseff Jones Nefyn at 2 . At tan y Ffordd during the evening with mother, she has difficulty breathing. Eliza stays with her all nught.

Monday 19 – Shift opened the bridge under the line near Bodwyddog in the morning. Eliza comes home from Tan y Ffordd she is ill.

Tuesday 20 – Half shift. Eliza is ill.

Wednesday 21 – Shift started on the muck.

Thursday 22 – Shift. Pay £2/7/8d

Friday 23 – Afternoon shift. John Evans comes to work to fetch me from work as mother is ill. Icy weather.

Saturday 24 – Shift. Icy weather.

Sunday 25 – No chapel. At Tan y Ffordd with mother.

Monday 26 – Shift on the muck level.. Some men speak for RT Jones ( MP) at the school.

Tuesday 27 – Shift on the level again. News has come that Joni Siop’s wife has died.

Wednesday 28 – Shift. Eliza is at Tan y Ffordd each day.

Thursday 29 – Shift.

Friday30 – Shift Harry Thomas and I go to Nant to prepare to put the pump in place.



Saturday 1- Shift at Nant again. RT Jones former MP at the school.

Sunday 2 – Youth from Clynnog. Eliza goes to Tan y Ffordd in the morning.

Monday 3 – Shift at Nant. Bob goes to Pwllheli to ‘billboard for RT Jones.

Tuesday 4 -  Shift at Nant. Bob goes to town again.

Wednesday 5 – Shift.

Thursday 6 – Shift. Polling day.

Friday 7 – Shift. Pay £2/12/8d

Saturday 8 – Shift. At Tyddyn Morthwyl in the afternoon.

Sunday 9 – Evans Hebron at 10 in Nebo.

Monday 10 – Shift discharging stone onto the road in the morning quarrying in the afternoon. Sent a letter to Newcastle for the photograph.

Tuesday 11 – Shift quarrying in the morning the motor is coming for a load in the afternoon. Ty Rhedyn wife dies.

Wednesday 12 – Shift. Had 4 cwt of coal.

Thursday 13 – Shift loading the motor.

Friday 14 – Shift.

Saturday 15 – Shift quarrying stone in the level above the crane hole. Two years ago to the 16th of this month poor Isaac was lost. This will never be forgotten’ til I go to my grave.

Sunday 16 – Evans Pisgah at 6 in Nebo.

Monday 17 – Shift.

Tuesday 18 – Shift loading the motor in the afternoon.

Wednesday 19 – Shift.

Thursday 20 – Shift loading the motor. Pay £2/17/8d Sent a letter to Nel.

Friday 21 – Eliza is up all night with mother. Shift. Went to the committee meeting at Llangwnadl.

Saturday 22 – Shift clearing earth in front of the chapel in the afternoon with Richard Sgubor Isa and Evan Jones Salfyr, both are here with the cart from Meilllionydd.

Sunday 23 – Rev Glyn Roberts at 2 and 6. Thomas my brother has come with the motor to Tan Y Ffordd.

Monday 24 – No work.

Tuesday 25 – The Trewan cow has calved by morning and the Neigwl ganol cow calves at 11 am.

Wednesday 26 – Shift. Rain at night.

Thursday 27 – Evans at 2 and 6.

Friday 28 – Shift.

Saturday 29 – No work have a cold.

Sunday 30 – Evans at 2 and 6.

Monday 31 – Shift. Isaac ‘s photograph arrives from South Shields.


Diary's from Mr E Morris, thank you very much.

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