Griffith Thomas

Ael y Bryn




Sunday 1 – In Tan y Ffordd, miserable, sad Sunday.

Monday 2 -  Monday and am at Tan y Ffordd, had a letter from the office in Cardiff saying that were rumours about in Cardiff that a crew had been picked up in the North Sea – no certainty.

Tuesday 3 – Tuesday, the plum pudding and letter I sent to poor Isaac have been returned, I felt so sad receiving them – a letter came from my brother Thomas from South Wales with it was a newspaper cutting, and an article about the crew.

Wednesday 4 – Strong winds from the north all through the night. Still no news, Sent a letter to Llanbedrog.

Thursday 5 -  Ice this morning. Bad news today as Mr Williams the vicar brought a form for me to sign from The Board of Trade -  there’s no hope left. Letter from the South.

Friday 6 -  I’m very sad today, there’s nothing. Nothing only black clouds ascending  all around. From Lewis 15/-.

Saturday 7 -   Received a letter from London today wanting me to go the vicar to sign, so that we can receive £5 from the Shipwrecked Mariner’s Fund. Bad news all the time.

Sunday 8 – Evans Rhiw at 2 and 6. At Tan y Ffordd I have a deep longing ( hiraeth) for my son. My sister Catherine has come here with Robert London’s motor.

Monday 9 – At Tan y Ffordd, strong winds again today, Deep longing again today. Letter from my brother Thomas from the South.

Tuesday 10 -  At Tan y Ffordd. I’ve given up all hope, I have to resign myself to the fact.

Wednesday 11 -  At Tan y Ffordd, Sent a letter to my brother Thomas with the address of the man from Cardiff in it. Wmffra Tyn Graig dies.

Thursday 12 – Received a letter from the office in Cardiff giving up on the SS Stevenstone. The vicar Mr Williams writes two letters for me in reply.

Friday 13 – At Tan y Ffordd the grinding pole has broken. Money from Lewis 15/- Bob goes to Nant to fetch 4 cwt of coal.

Saturday 14 -  Wmffra Tyn Graig ‘s funeral. Had a form to fill from Cardiff to do with poor little Isaac. Went to Sarn to the ‘living officer( welfare?)

Sunday 15 – At Tan y Ffordd heavy rain, I miss little Isaac, strong winds.

Monday 16 – Had a letter from the office in Cardiff to say that they had sent a claim in to the insurance. William Ty Croes Bach brings my son’s age ( birth certificate?) from Pwllheli so I can send it to Cardiff.

Tuesday 17 – Had a letter from Thomas from the South with a photo of Trevor Thomas from Cardiff who was on the Stevenstone, filled in the form and sent it.

Wednesday 18 – Nothing by post today. Sent a letter to Owen Williams Ty Newydd in Blackwood. I feel so sad today.

Thursday 19 – Had a letter from Appledore, no news in it.

Friday 20 – No news I’m really heartbroken. Received 5/- from Caernarvon and 15/- from LG. Jones Bach the preacher was here today.

Saturday 21 -  Rain today. Received a letter from Owen Williams Ty Newydd. Received a form to fill and a letter concerning his wages, sent a letter for the number of the ship to Cardiff and one concerning his wages. Bull for the Neigwl Ganol cow.

Sunday 22 – Evans at 2. Fine day many things on my mind. Thomas Hughes is here.

Monday 23 – Fine day, wind from the east. Sent a letter to Owen Williams to Blackwood and one to Mrs Trevor Thomas to Cardiff and Mrs Copp in Appledore.

Tuesday 24 – Sent a letter to Clwt y Bont and Porthmadoc. Went to see Hugh Tyddyn, Dick came to fetch me to go and see the vicar to sign some paper. Very cold wind from the east.

Wednesday 25 – Snow from the east today. Richard Roberts Tyn Fron dies. Had a letter from the office in Cardiff. No news very depressing.

Thursday 26 -  Had a letter from Anne  Porthmadoc . Received £7/18/0d from Hansen Cardiff and also received what was left of his wages £1/2/7d. Mr Williams sends the insurance form away. At Syntyr.

Friday 27 – Went to Sarn to change the money I received from Hansens Cardiff £9/2/7d. Had a letter from Clwt y Bont. The women from Bayview and Llawenan are here this evening.

Saturday 28 – At Tan y Ffordd each day, there’s no pleasure in life now. Had a letter from the Shipping Federation of Liverpool wanting the regret envelope and wanting to know how much money I’d received from the unemployed fund in two months. Richard Roberts funeral. 15/- from Lewis Jones.

Sunday 29 – At Tan y Ffordd fine morning. Resigned to the fact. Eliza and I spend the evening in Carreg Lefain.

Monday 30 – Received a letter I had sent to my son on the 14th of December from Cardiff, it had been in Denmark, there was also a letter sent by Tedi and a Christmas card sent by a girl from Cork, it is so sad and all my hope has gone now. Sent the letter to Liverpool and also the ‘regret envelope’, I also sent a letter to the union in Cardiff.

Tuesday 31 – No letters today. I sent a letter to my brother in the South.



Wednesday 1 – Received three letters, two from Cardiff and one from Liverpool. Joseff Brynffynnon’s funeral.

Thursday 2 – At Tan y Ffordd every day. Nothing with the post.  Rain. Owen Griffith Meillionydd Bach is here this evening.

Friday 3 – Had a letter from London from the Sailors and Firemen’s Union. Sharpening the blades of the mill (grinder) at Penboncyn. Money from Lewis Jones 15/-.

Saturday 4 – Received the monthly books and nothing else. William Jones Ty Croes Bach calls this evening. Parish Council meeting.

Sunday 5 – At Tan y Ffordd. Fine morning. Young man from Clynnog at 2 and 6.

Monday 6 – Received a letter from Hugh Tan yr Ardd sympathising with us on the loss of his dear friend. Sent a letter to Gyfynus and the Rev Madog Roberts.

Tuesday 7 – Went to see Owen Parry in Meillionydd Bach quarry. Received a letter outlining the compensation they decided upon after my poor boy. His story is in The Herald Gymraeg.

Wednesday 8 – In town paying for the slates used for the kitchen roof. Had a letter from Bobi Port from Cork and from Madoc Roberts. 10/- from Caernarvon.

Thursday 9 – Had the agreement to sign and sent it back. Dry day wind from the south east. It was a year ago today that my son came home sick from Llanelly ( 9th


Friday 10 – Nothing by post. Fine day. Longing for my son. His story is in The Herald. 15/- from Lewis Jones. The sheepdog trials committee put on a play at the school.

Saturday 11 – Had a postcard from The Shipping Federation to say that they had sent the agreement to head office. Had a letter from Rev Gwilym Roberts the minister for Pwllheli. Dick is ploughing with the horses at Tan y Ffordd.

Sunday 12 – At Tan y Ffordd in the morning. Ice and wind from the east. William Evans Gwiga at 2 and 6. My son was home sick a year ago today.

Monday 13 – Nothing with the post today. Longing for my son. Bob and Dick plough the chapel field they’re going to put potatoes in the upper end. Dry weather.

Tuesday 14 – Started ploughing cae big. Nothing with the post today, all hope of ever seeing my son is lost.

Wednesday 15 – Closing the entrance of ‘llidiart Dafydd’ for Henry Bodwyddog. Dick and Bob are ploughing.

Thursday 16 – Received a letter from Clwt y Bont and the agreement that came from Arthur Owen Pwllheli.

Friday 17 – Went to Clwt y Bont. 15/- from Lewis Jones.

Saturday 18 – In Clwt y Bont for my uncle’s funeral. Bob and Dick are ploughing.

Sunday 19 – At Llanbabo,  the minister of Llanrug.

Monday 20 – Going to my aunt Sarah’s house in Llanrug. Two letters one from the South. Bob and Dick finish the ploughing.

Tuesday 21 – Received a letter and my son’s birth certificate from Liverpool. Snowing.

Wednesday 22 -  Sent a letter to Josua in America. Bob is thrashing at Meillionydd Bach.

Thursday 23 Received a letter from Jini Brynchwilog. Sent a letter to William Roberts Namor. Received 2/6d from H Parry Bodwyddog for closing the entrance.

Friday 24 – Mist today. Received 15/- from LG Jones.

Saturday 25 – Received 5/- from Caernarvon. Sent a letter to William Trevor Williams my cousin in America. Digging the garden at Tan y Ffordd.

Sunday 26 – Evans at 2 and 6. The first lamb at Tan y Ffordd. Tan y Foel at 6.

Monday 27 – At Tan y Ffordd every day. Rain in the morning, cold wind from the south. Nothing with the post today.

Tuesday 28 – Rhoshirwaun Eisteddfod. Dry day . The women from Efail Bwlch Clwadd are here this evening.



Wednesday 1 – Fine morning, started to rain at 10 am from the east. No news today.

Thursday 2 – At Tyn Lon putting in the oven.

Friday 3 – Finishing at Tyn Lon. 15/- from Lewis Jones.

Saturday 4 – Went to Rhoshirwaun to see Caradog to fill in a form for the unemployed money. Had a letter from Arthur Owen Pwllheli to say that the money would be paid. In court on the 18 of this month. The parish council has given notice that a new member will be elected on the 11 of this month.

Sunday 5 -  John Lewis Pwllheli at 2 and 6. At Tan y Ffordd in the morning. Wind and rain all day. Bob is ill in bed.

Monday 6 – Sent the money for the monthly books £1/4/7d. Sent the paper and signed it to Arthur Owen Pwllheli.

Tuesday 7 – Received a letter from W Roberts Namor. 5/- from Caernarvon. Tedi is ill in bed.

Wednesday 8 – Went to town to see Arthur Owen. Bought wood to make a new cart for Tan y Ffordd.

Thursday 9 – At Tan y Ffordd.

Friday 10 – Finished digging the garden at Tan y Ffordd.

Saturday 11 – Ffebi has a lamb. The big gun (LSA) today at Penarfynydd. A new man chosen for the parish council.

Sunday 12 – Evans at 2 in place of Gwilym Roberts. Prayer meeting at 6.

Monday 13 – In court in Pwllheli concerning my poor son, it’s over now.

Went to Newport on the way home.

Tuesday 14 – Planted a few rows in the garden at Tan y Ffordd. Everyone from work is at Shop Newydd trying to agree on a load.

Wednesday 15 – At Pwllheli to receive the money after my poor boy. £125/0/0d

Thursday 16 –  In Pwllheli again this time in front of the unemployed tribunal.

Friday 17 – At Meillionydd moving the bench from the scullery to the small kitchen. Went to Rhoshirwaun to see Caradog about the unemployed. Fine day, 14 fine days.

Saturday 18 – Took the yearling ewes and the ram to the Comins. Finished planting the garden at Tan y Ffordd. Another fine day.

Sunday 19 – WR Jones at 6. Decided that Evan Williams and I should go and collect money for the society ( bible society)

Monday 20 – I went myself to collect the money for the Bible Society.

Tuesday 21 – Went to Chwilog with the pony to fetch Hugh Jones Tyddyn’s car (trap). Cold day, snowing.

Wednesday 22 – At Tan y Ffordd. Cold day.

Thursday 23 – At Syntyr having my hair cut. At Trip putting the oven in place again.

Friday 24 – Went to Nant to wait for a ship, loaded six wagons.

Saturday 25 – At Ty Canol ffatri putting in the oven.

Sunday 26 – Prayer meeting at 2 and 6. Ellis Lloyd didn’t turn up.

Monday 27 – Loading the SS Amy Summerfield seven ‘til seven 74 rounds.

Tuesday 28 – Finished loading one o clock, 20 hours.

Wednesday 29 – Loading the SS Mary Summerfield 72 round, started 7 ‘til 8.30.

Thursday 30 – Digging the patch below the pig sty.

Friday 31 – Went to Nant to load the SS Amy Summerfield, didn’t load her, wind and rain from the south. Snow. John Tan y Ffordd is here. Ice.



Saturday 1 – Went down to Nant to wait for the SS Amy Summerfield. Freezing hard. A year ago poor Isaac finished planting the border below the kitchen.

Sunday 2 – No preaching today. Prayer meeting at 2 and 6. Fine day a thaw.

Monday 3 – Loading the SS Amy Summerfield 65 round. Cold day. Sent a letter to Rolant Tyn Cae. Eliza and I go to Tyddyn to deliver feed.

Tuesday 4 –

Wednesday 5 – Went down to Nant to load six wagons, the ship couldn’t come alongside.

Thursday 6 – Loading SS Jesse Summerfield 7’til 4.

Friday 7 – Couldn’t come alongside. Made a place to bring stone down from Benallt ( at sea 1920)

Saturday 8 – Laying sleepers on the line to bring stone from Benallt.

Sunday 9 – Bob Humphreys Llanbedrog at 2.

Monday 10 – At Groeslon making room for the horses to carry stone down from Benallt.

Tuesday 11 – Finished planting potatoes in the upper part of the chapel field at Tan y Ffordd.

Wednesday 12 – Furrowing the big patch at Ael y Bryn. Planting cae crwth Penarfynydd. Rain in the afternoon.

Thursday 13 – Went to borrow the cart from Tyn Gamfa to bring a load of manure to Ael y Bryn. Planted the border below the old kitchen and the big patch. Owen Conion dies.

Friday 14 – Heavy rain from the east. Dick goes to Nevin with John Conion.

Saturday 15 – Wind and rain from the south in the morning.

Sunday 16 -  Rev T Gwilym Roberts. Accepted into the chapel Bob and Johnnie, Mary and Jemima ( Easter) Had tea in Ty Croes. Cold wind from the north.

Monday 17 – Bob at William Conion’s funeral, then Aberdaron and I go to Groeslon.

Tuesday 18 – Went to Meillionydd Mawr, no sand there to make the floor, measure 87. Fine day wind from the north.

Wednesday 19 -  Eliza goes to town with Seaview motor and doesn’t come home, I go to Groeslon.

Thursday 20 – At ty Croes bach making a stall to put between two cows went and got a bundle of wood to take the strain.

Friday 21 – Fine day. Bull for the middle cow. Dick is rolling Cae Big.

Saturday 22 – A letter from Eliza to say she’ll be home from town on Wednesday and will come with Harry’s wife.

Sunday 23 – Prayer meeting at 2 and 6. Jones Nevin didn’t come. Cold day with a little rain.

Monday 24 – Half shift getting the wagon up to Bodwyddog with Nant y Carw.

Tuesday 25 – Shift in the yard at Nant bringing stone from Benallt. Northerly wind.

Wednesday 26 – Shift in the yard unloading. Northerly wind.

Thursday 27 – Shift in the yard unloading.

Friday 28 – Half shift in the yard, timber on the incline collapses. Home in the afternoon. Cold north wind.

Saturday 29 – At home building a chimney for the scullery. Not so cold today.

Sunday 30 – John Lewis at 2.



Monday 1 – Cold northerly wind today again. Annie Bryn Difyr goes to town to be employed. Half shift in the yard unloading.

Tuesday 2- Another day in the yard. Nicer day not quite so cold and windy.

Wednesday 3 – Three quarters again in the yard. Rain from the south.

Thursday 4 – Wind from the southwest.

Friday 5 – Finishing getting the stone from Benallt to Nant.

Saturday 6 –

Sunday 7 -  RM Williams at 2. Fine Sunday.

Monday 8 – Building the scullery chimney in the morning. At Ty Rhyd in the afternoon putting in a skylight.

Tuesday 9 – Building the chimney in the scullery. Fine weather.

Wednesday 10 – Looking for stones above Brynfran to build the chimney with. The doctor’s motor is in Carreg Lefain.

Thursday 11 – In town in front of the tribunal. Had my teeth out as well.

Friday 12 – Cold wind from the north. Put glass in the window of the aisle.

Saturday 13 -  Pwllheli fair no one from here went. Eliza is at Carreg Lefain the women there are all ill.

Sunday 14 – Evans at 2. No chapel I have a swelling in my mouth. Eliza is at Carreg Lefain. Sion Penbryn Bach is here.

Monday 15 – Building the chimney.

Tuesday 16 – Rain today. Meeting at the school. Thomas Charles’s son is here and Harry Penbryn Bach and his wife.

Wednesday 17 – Tomi Bryn Awel goes to Siop Isa to work.

Thursday 18 – Preparing to put wood on the scullery.

Friday 19 -.

Saturday 20 –

Sunday 21 – WR Jones Nevin.

Monday 22 – Eliza and I go to the fair and buy a grate and a sink.

Tuesday 23 – Putting a roof on the scullery.

Wednesday 24 – Loading the SS Mary Summerfield.

Thursday 25 – Hot day. Digging on the potatoes in the border below the parlour. Went to Groeslon in the afternoon to mix lime.

Friday 26 – At Meillionydd Mawr laying a cement floor.

Saturday 27 – Loading the SS Jessie Summerfield. Clearing Benallt stone. Pay £1/12/5d. LSA drill.

Sunday 28 – Young man from Clynnog.

Monday 29 – Hot day. At Nant laying a floor.

Tuesday 30 – Hot day. Repairing Elin Wmffra’s house.

Tuesday 31 -  A day at Groeslon looking for ladders. Began cementing.



Thursday 1 – A day at Groeslon.

Friday 2 – Day at Groeslon. Meeting at Tyddyn.

Saturday 3 – Half at Groeslon.

Sunday 4 – Rev Gwilym Roberts at 2 and 6.

Monday 5 – At Groeslon.

Tuesday 6 – At Groeslon.

Wednesday 7 – At Groeslon.

Thursday 8 – Groeslon again.

Friday 9 – Groeslon again.

Saturday 10 – At home working on the scullery.

Sunday 11 – No chapel. WO Evans Aberdaron.

Monday 12 – At Groeslon putting in the skylight. Dafydd Penbryn Bach dies.

Tuesday 13 – Half at Groeslon. Eliza and I go to Penbryn Bach.

Wednesday 14 – At Groeslon.

Thursday 15 – At Groeslon.

Friday 16 – Dafydd Penbryn Bach’s funeral.

Saturday 17 – At Groeslon ‘til three.

Sunday 18 – Thomas Ellis (engine driver).

Monday 19 – At Groeslon plastering the gable end.

Tuesday 20 – At Groeslon.

Wednesday 21 – Finishing in Groeslon. I dreamt last night that there was a big steamer anchored in Porth Llawenan.

Thursday 22 – The two William’s from Clwt y Bont come this way. Started work in Benallt.

Friday 23 – In Benallt. Went to Meillionydd mawr to see the bees.

Saturday 24 – In Benallt. At Ty Croes Bach erecting a pole near the mowing machine. Hughes pays me for repairing Groeslon. £2/16/10d

Sunday 25 – WR Jones Nevin at 2.

Monday 26 – Shift Benallt. D Tecwyn Evans lectures on AG.

Tuesday 27 – Half shift. Went to Capel Mawr.

Wednesday 28 – Shift.

Thursday 29 – Home not feeling so good.

Friday 30 – Shift. Received 10/- from Caernarvon.



Saturday 1 – Tedi is at sea. Heavy rain and wind.

Sunday 2 – William Evans Gwiga at 2 and 6.

Monday 3 – Shift Benallt.

Tuesday 4 – Shift Benallt

Wednesday5 - Shift. Bob Takes Nant’s bullock to town. Heavy rain all night from the east.

Thursday 6 – Heavy rain again today. Shift. The weather is very bad, Bodwyddog’s hay has been cut for two weeks now.

Friday 7 – Shift. Putting the oven in the scullery.

Saturday 8 – Shift – Willie Clwt y Bont’s here as well as Rhisiart Ty Fair. Heavy rain from the east.

Sunday 9 – Prayer meeting at 2 and 6. I have a lot on my mind, a year ago today poor Isaac went away after tea, down South to sail on the SS Afon Lledi and Dick took him to Bangor. ( July 10 1921)

Monday 10 – Digging stone half the shift in Benallt. Had my hair cut at Syntyr this evening.

Tuesday 11 – Digging stone again. At Ty Croes Bach carrying hay from the barn field.

Wednesday 12 – Shift.

Thursday 13 – Shift. First Pay in Benallt £1/14/2d. Eliza has gone to Llanbedrog. Tommy Pisgah’s funeral.

Friday 14 – Shift. Began cutting hay in the field next to Conion at Tan y Ffordd.

Saturday 15 – Shift. LSA drill. Received £1/10/0d from Lewis G Jones.

Sunday 16 – Evans at 2 and 6.

Monday 17 – Shift.

Tuesday 18 – Shift.

Wednesday 19 – Shift.

Thursday20   – Misty. Shift.

Friday 21   Shift Misty.

Saturday 22 – Shift. At Ty Croes Mawr carrying hay in waen field.

Sunday 23 – Evans at 2 instead of Gwilym Roberts. Rain today. Prayer meeting at 6, Griff Thomas, Elis Jones. Evan Hughes, Evan Williams ( was ill) Tom Hughes.

Monday 24 – Shift digging stone 66 tubs, 88 in the afternoon.

Tuesday 25 – Half digging stone ‘til 10.30, went down then to mine some. Carrying hay at Tan y Ffordd later.

Wednesday 26 – Shift. Rain.

Tuesday 27 – No work, Aberdaron Regatta.

Wednesday 28 – Three quarters today. Tedi comes to fetch me to carry hay, finished carrying the grass meadow. Went to Sarn to meet Williams Portdinorwic.

Saturday 29 – Misty all day.

Sunday 30 – Prayer meeting at 2 and 6. Owen Jones Bodrydd, Evan Jones Efail Bwlch Clawdd, Evan Hughes, Wmffra Jones at 6 W Jones, G Thomas, Elis Jones, R Owen.

Monday 31 – Shift.



Tuesday 1 – Shift.

Wednesday 2 – Shift. Eliza has gone to town. Bob and John go to town with mother.

Thursday 3 – Shift.

Friday 4 – Shift. Rain today.

Saturday 5 – Shift. Put a fireplace in the kitchen. Miss Jones Nant calls here.

Sunday 6 – Gwilym Roberts minister at 10, his last time. I dreamt last night, I saw my son Isaac, he’d come home saying that he’d run away from the ship, I was so glad to see him and proud, he asked me for some tobacco. I’m so grateful for having seen him in a dream.

Monday 7 – Shift.

Tuesday 8 – Shift.

Wednesday 9 – Shift.

Thursday 10 – Shift.

Friday 11 – Shift.

Saturday 12 – Shift. Heavy rain today.

Sunday 13 – Rev WR Jones, the last time.

Monday 14 – Eliza and I go to the fair to buy a stove.

Tuesday 15 – Shift.

Wednesday 16 – Shift.

Thursday 17 – Sheepdog trials at Ty Croes Mawr. The women come here.

Friday 18 – Shift.

Saturday 19 – Shift. Painted the gable end of the kitchen. Hot afternoon.

Sunday 20 – Joseff Jones who was at Nevin.

Monday 21 – Shift.

Tuesday 22 – Shift.

Wednesday 23 – Shift.

Thursday 24 – Shift.

Friday 25 – Shift. Nant in the morning bringing  the wagons to carry the bricks. Wesleyans have their trip.

Saturday 26 – Shift.

Sunday 27 – Bob Humphreys Llanbedrog. Prayer meeting at 6.

Monday 28 – Shift. Getting stone in the afternoon 85.

Tuesday 29 – Shift digging stone in the morning 54.

Wednesday 30 – Shift.

Thursday 31 – Shift. Thomas Parry Ty Fry dies.



Friday 1 – Heavy rain this evening.

Saturday 2 – Shift. Bill for the monthly books 13/-.

Sunday 3 –Evans at 2 and 6. Rain again today.

Monday 4 – Fine morning no wind. Went to Thomas Parry Ty Fry’s funeral.

Tuesday 5 – Shift.

Wednesday 6 – Shift.

Thursday 7 – Shift.

Friday 8 – Shift.

Saturday 9 – Shift. Putting up the guttering at Groeslon. Griffith Ffor comes home.

(Poor Isaac joined the SS Stevenstone Sept.1921)

Sunday 10 – Glyn Roberts the first time. Went to Tyddyn at 6.

Monday 11 – Shift. Digging stone 55 morning, 60 afternoon.

Tuesday 12 – Moved his ship 1921.

Wednesday 13 – Shift.

Thursday 14 – Shift. Bob and Nell go to Tyddyn. The women go away ( they were here as visitors)

Friday 15 – Shift.

Saturday 16 – Shift. Mist and rain. Eliza goes to Tyddyn.

Sunday 17 – RW Aneurin Ll Hughes.

Monday 18 – Shift. Rain all night.

Tuesday 19 – Half. It rained, heavy rain all through the night a lot of animals have drowned in Caernarvonshire and Meirionethshire.

Wednesday 20 – Shift.

Thursday 21 – Shift.

Friday 22 – Shift. Digging stone in the afternnon 75.

Saturday 23 – Shift digging 61 in the morning. Repairing the house at Brynfran. Carrying corn at Tan y Ffordd.

Sunday 24 – Evans at 2.

Monday 25 - Shift. Digging 61. Finished getting in the corn at Tan y Ffordd.

Tuesday 26 – Shift.

Wednesday 27 – Shift.

Thursday 28 – Shift. Mary Williams Fron Oleu dies.

Friday 29 – Shift.

Saturday 30 – Shift. Heavy rain.



Sunday 1- Bob Humphreys at 2 and 6.

Monday 2 – Shift.

Tuesday 3 – Shift. John Roberts brings the bricks to Nant to put round the boilers. Took 2 tons and 7 cwt of stone.

Wednesday 4 – Shift. John Roberts brings more bricks and takes 7 cwt of stone to the train, in the afternoon he takes away 2 tons 8 cwt.

Thursday 5 – Shift. John Roberts finishes bringing the bricks, two loads of stone 2 tons and 8cwt. Rain.

Friday 6 – Shift. Poor weather for the harvest.

Saturday 7 – Shift. At Brynfran in the afternoon repairing the house.

Sunday 8 – Thomas Cricieth for the first time.

Monday 9 – Shift. Received 12/6d from Caernarvon unemployed.

Tuesday 10 – Pay £15/19/6d. Shift. Went to Pencaerau to listen to Jones Gopa and Morgan the mountain.

Wednesday 11 – Shift. Winding 66.

Thursday 12 – Shift.

Friday 13 – Shift. Winding 66.

Saturday 14 – Shift. Winding 66. Went to Llangwnadl to the first committee meeting. Dry weather wind from the east.

Sunday 15 – Evans at 2 and 6.

Monday 16 – Thanksgiving. Morning EW, O Jones, Elis Jones, Evans, afternoon Tom Hughes, EH, G Thomas, Robert Owen, Humph Jones, EW and Tom Hughes.

Tuesday 17 – Shift. Getting stone in the morning to put under the bricks round the boiler at Nant. Scraping the boiler in the afternoon.

Wednesday 18 – Shift. Began laying the bricks. Received 10/- fro Caernarvon unemployed.

Thursday 19 – Shift. Brick laying in the morning. In the smithy in the afternoon making an iron for the gate.

Friday 20 – Shift.

Saturday 21 – Shift.

Sunday 22 – Aneurin Ll Hughes Nevin at 10.

Monday 23 – Shift brick laying at Nant.

Tuesday 24 – Shift the same.

Wednesday 25 – Went to town to fetch two slates to put on the kitchen floor and other things.

Thursday 26 – Shift.

Friday 27 – Shift. Money from Lewis Jones £3/7/5d.

Saturday 28 – Shift. LSA drill.

Sunday 29 – Rev Thomas Cricieth at 2.

Monday 30 – Shift. With the boilers at Nant.

Tuesday 31 – Shift the same.



Wednesday 1 – Shift the same. Heavy rain.

Thursday 2 – Raising a cradle in the morning, with the boiler in the afternoon.

Friday 3 – Shift. Finishing at Nant in the morning. In the afternoon took cement and sand to Pen yr Ogo.

Saturday 4 – Shift.

Sunday 5 – Hughes Fawr. Rain.

Monday 6 – Shift.

Tuesday 7 – Shift.

Wednesday 8 – Shift.

Thursday 9 – Shift. Raising the cradle.

Friday 10 – Shift at Nant. Went to Pen yr Ogo in the afternoon.

Saturday 11 – Shift cementing at Pen yr Ogo. Went to Tyddyn to stay until Sunday afternoon.

Sunday 12 – Glyn Roberts Pwllheli at 2 and 6.

Monday 13 – Shift at Benallt. Sent the ‘Winllan’ to Thomas in the South.

Tuesday 14 – Shift. Digging afternoon 60. Had 10/- for repairing ?

Wednesday 15 – Shift. Digging 61 morning, 60 in the afternoon. Voting.

Thursday 16 – Shift. Went to fetch bricks. Doing the grate in the office in the morning at Benallt in the afternoon. Sent stamps to Edeyrn a dozen shilling ones.

Friday 17 - Shift

 Saturday 18 – Shift. Letter from the South. At Tyn lon Fawr repairing the roof of the cowshed.

Sunday 19 – Evans at 10.

Monday 20 – Shift. Thrashing at Nant.

Tuesday 21 – Shift. Thrashing at Llawenan.

Wednesday 22 – Shift. Rain. Thrashing at Ty Rhedyn.

Thursday 23 – Shift laying six wagon loads of stone on Bodwyddog road. Thrashing at Penarfynydd.

Friday 24 – Shift winding and loading two loads for John Roberts. Thrashing at Tyn Llidiart.

Saturday 25 – Shift. Thrashing at Ty Croes Mawr.

Sunday 26 – AH Hughes at 2 and 6. Hugh Jones Tyddyn dies, previously of Felin Chwilog.

Monday 27 – Shift.

Tuesday 28 – Shift.

Wednesday 29 – Shift. Hugh Terfyn goes to Bangor. Sent the ‘Winllan’ to William Roberts Namor.

Thursday 30 – Went to Chwilog to Hugh Jones’s funeral.



Friday 1 – Shift. Tedi goes to town to catch the first train Saturday morning to go down to the South.

Saturday 2 – Shift. At Tyn Lon in the afternoon. Bill for the monthly books 18/2d.

Sunday 3 – Prayer meeting at 2 and 6. William Llawenan conducts the service.

Monday 4 – Shift. At Llawenan they want me to put in the oven.

Tuesday 5 – Shift. Pay £ 11/0/8d eight weeks, 46 days.

Wednesday 6 – Shift. Hugh Ty Corn is here.

Thursday 7 – Shift.

Friday 8 – Shift.

Saturday 9 – Shift. At Tyn Lon in the afternoon.

Sunday 10 – DH Thomas Cricieth.

Monday 11 – Shift.

Tuesday 12 – Shift. Digging stone in the afternoon.

Wednesday 13 – Shift.

Thursday 14 – Shift. Wind and rain in the afternoon.

Friday 15 – Shift digging stone in the afternoon.

Saturday 16 – on the 16th of December the last letter and tobacco that poor Isaac sent arrived from Blyth.

Sunday 17 – EO Lloyd Porthmadog.

Monday 18 – Shift.

Tuesday 19 – Shift.

Wednesday 20 – Shift. Hugh has gone to town.

Thursday 21 – Shift, wind and rain from the south.

Friday 22 – Shift.

Saturday 23 – Shift. At Porth Ysgo and Porth Alm with the wood for the pier. Wind and rain.

Sunday 24 – Evans at 2 and 6.

Monday 25 –

Tuesday 26 – Shift.

Wednesday 27 – Shift down on the beach in the morning, getting stone in the afternoon.

Thursday 28 – Shift.

Friday 29 – Shift. The women from Llawenan are here.

Saturday 30 – Shift.

Sunday 31 – AH Lloyd Hughes at 10.


Diary's from Mr E Morris, thank you very much.

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