Griffith Thomas

Ael y Bryn






Thursday 1 – Shift on the level first quarter E W, O J Jones and I, shifting stones for three quarters for John.

Friday 2 – Shift, shifting stones until twelve. Got the small engine from the yard. Clearing in the afternoon to get the runners to WJ at the jetty. Letter from Nel (daughter.)

Saturday 3 – Shift on the level. Muck spreading in Tyn Gamfa in the afternoon. Had my hair cut at Pwllmelyn in the evening.

Sunday 4 – Mostyn Jones 2 and 6.

Monday 5 – Shift on the level, went there with the wagon, the water has risen. New Year prayer meeting.

Tuesday 6 – Shift on the level. Sent a parcel to Nel.

Wednesday 7 – Shift, quarter on the level three quarters shifting stones.

Thursday 8 -  Shift on the level. Pay £1-11/-

Friday 9 – Shift on the level in the morning shifting stones in the afternoon.

Saturday 10 – Shift on the level. Had a letter from Nel. At Tyn Gamfa started on the wall.

Sunday 11 – Williams Rhiw. Prayer meeting at 6 . Freezing hard.

Monday 12 – Ellis W Davies at the school. Night shift.

Tuesday 13 – T L Williams at Penebo 2pm. Night shift.

Wednesday 14 – Shift .

Thursday 15 – Shift.

Friday 16 – Sack of Feed paid 17/6. Shift.

Saturday 17 - At Tyn Gamfa walling. The man from Bryn Awel   has had an accident on Lon Newydd (new road).

Sunday 18 – Horeb Chapel Uwchmynydd school meeting. Collection at Pisgah at 2.  No chapel for me took to my bed all day.

Monday 19 – Shift on the level. Read a paper on the ministry of Nebo Chapel.

Tuesday 20 – Shift on the level.

Wednesday 21 – Shift on the level. Sent a letter to Nel.

Thursday 22 – Shift on the level. Pay £2 –O -1d

Friday 23 – Shift on the level. Shifting stones, Owen Jones and John fill 22 rounds.

Saturday 24 – Shift. Evan, Owen Jones and I shift stones. Fifteen and a half rounds. John Croesfryn is ill.  Drill with the ‘Big Gun’ at Penarfynydd 2/6d.

Sunday 25 –No chapel. Rain all day.

Monday 26 – Night shift swapped with Owen Jones.

Tuesday 27 – Sent a letter to Clwt y Bont.

Wednesday 28 – Shift.

Thursday 29 – Went to the funeral of the son of the old cobbler.

Friday 30 – Shift on the level. Sent Nel the grey blouse.

Saturday 31 – Went to Tyn Gamfa to fetch buttermilk.



Sunday 1 – Williams Rhiw.

Monday 2 – Shift on the level. Five working John Croesfryn ill.

Tuesday 3 – Shift on the level . Lifted ten rounds of stone half to W Griffith’s half.

Wednesday 4 – Shift on the level. Letter from Nel.

Thursday 5 – Shift on the level. Pay £2- 1/3d.

Friday 6 – Shift on the level.

Saturday 7 – Shift on the level shifting stone Evan, Owen Jones and I, 23 and a half rounds. Built a cupboard in the pantry.

Sunday 8 – Joseff  Jones Neven.

Monday 9 – Shift.

Tuesday 10 – Shift

Wednesday 11 – Shift.

Thursday 12 – Shift.

Friday 13 – Shift, Lifting stone 34 rounds.

Saturday 14 – Shift on the level. Went to Tyn Gamfa. Rain.

Sunday 15 – Prayer meeting.

Monday 16 – Shift. Evan and I go to Porth Alm to raise timber.

Tuesday 17 – Shift on the level. Nel sends tea, sweets and a shaving brush.

Wednesday 18 – Shift on the level in the morning, wire for the pump. Evan and I shift stone in the afternoon. 16 rounds.

Thursday 19 – Shift on the level. Pay £2-5/1d. Pwllmelyn and Erw miss Wednesday night.

Friday 20 – Shift on the level. Went to the school to listen to Danial Brynodol on ‘The land Bill.’

Saturday 21 – Shift on the level. Planted hawthorn on the hedge below the kitchen. Sent a letter to Nel.

Sunday 22 – Strong winds today. School in the morning only a few present. Wind and rain all day. Mostyn Jones 2pm.

Monday 23 – Shift raising timber in Porth Ysgo and Porth Alm in the morning, on the level in the afternoon.

Tuesday 24 – Shift on the level. Evan Tyn Gamfa gave me 8/-.

Wednesday 25 – Shift on the level. William Erw goes to town. Had a letter from the South. Got some meat from Tyn Gamfa.

Thursday 26 – Shift on the level, opened the box of powder (explosive)

Friday 27 – Shift on the level. Erw and Pwllmelyn loading. Went up to see Henry Thomas on account of the loads.

Saturday 28 – Shift on the level went to the lads to clear stone. Drill with the ‘Big Gun’ at Penarfynydd in the afternoon. W John has his tea here.



Sunday  1 – Hugh Hughes Cricieth probationary.

Monday 2 – Night shift. Worked until midday Tuesday ship.

Tuesday 3 – Shift . No ship. Worked until midday.

Wednesday 4 – Shift. Mary Brynfran dies.

Thursday 5 – Shift start at 5, 16 rounds. Evan Williams wants to go to town with John Griffith Carreg Lefain.

Friday 6 – Sent a letter to the South. Shift. Evan Williams calls round after being to town.

Saturday 7 – Moved the entrance at Ty Croes Mawr. Pay £2-0-7d.

Sunday 8 – R Williams.

Monday 9 – Shift Evan Williams and I half and half with Pwllmelyn and Erw. Mary Brynfran’s funeral

Tuesday 10 – Shift on the level, two working today. Expecting a ship.

Wednesday 11 – Loading the SS Anne, 73 rounds.

Thursday 12 – Shift quarter on the level raising a cradle until lunch. After lunch went to Porth Llawenan to haul a runner up the cliff. Shifted stone until 5, 20 rounds.

Friday 13 - Shift on the level.

Saturday 14 – Shift on the level.

Sunday 15 – Williams Rhiw 2pm. School morning. Began questioning EW.

Monday 16 – Shift on the level. John Croesfryn goes to Ffairnewydd.

Tuesday 17 – Shift. Evan and I pass under the incline by the sea, three loading stone.

Wednesday 18 – Shift EW and I with Thomas again. Lightning kills Wil’s sheep.

Thursday 19 – Shift with Thomas finishing the incline and putting the wagons in place on cradles.

Friday 20 – Shift on the road with Thomas, the Bodwyddog road. Pay £2-2/8d. Had a letter from Nel saying there was news.

Saturday 21 – Shift. Constructing the bridge near the smithy at Nant. Margaret Parc Y Brenin’s funeral.

Sunday 22 – School in the morning. Went to see the effect of the lightning at Garth. Was (dog) catches a rabbit on the mountain.

Monday 23 – Shift on the level. This year Rhiw sheep fetch from £1-12/- to £1-15/- each.

Tuesday 24 – Shift on the level. The main shaft is leaking. Sam,  Hugh Robert Syntyr  and Thomas Ffor come to our lot on Tuesday night.

Wednesday 25 – Shift on the level. Pwllmelyn has gone to town for a dog licence. Sent a letter to Nel.

Thursday 26 – Shift on the level.

Friday 27 – Shift on the level. Nel sends tea.

Saturday 28 – Shift on the level. Drill with the Big Gun at Ty Croes 2/6d. Sent a letter to Nel. Piglets in Tyn Gamfa.

Sunday 29 – Joseff Jones Neven at 2 and 6.

Monday 30 – The vegetables in the garden come to an end. Planted more Hawthorn. Shift 4 – 8.

Tuesday 31 – Mist and rain. Shift 4 – 12, 12 –8. Llawenan’s cow has a prolapsed womb.



Wednesday 1 – Misty again. Started digging the place for the shallots. Shift.

Thursday 2 –Planted  shallots and five rows of potatoes.  Shift on the level.

Friday 3 -  Shift on the level Pay £2-0-7d.

Saturday 4 – Shift on the level. Croesfryn misses a shift.

Sunday 5 – School in the morning, choosing an examiner, Shift started at midnight the pump has broken down.

Monday 6 – Finished planting the border and digging the garden. Had a medical card from Caernarfon. Shift on the level.

Tuesday 7 – Put the eggs from Tyn Gamfa under the hen. Shift on the level, shifting stones 26 rounds. Got the plan from Nel.

Wednesday 8 – Sent a dozen eggs to Nel. Started the plan for the vegetable patch. Shift on the level.

Thursday 9 – Shift on the level. Put winding rope in the pump.

Friday 10 – Had a letter from Nel saying that the eggs had arrived safely. Finished planting potatoes. Eliza has gone to Tan y Ffordd. Shift on the level.

Saturday 11 – Digging by the coal shed. Nel is in Chester.

Sunday 12 – Tyddyn school meeting. William and I ask the questions and Griffith Meillionydd goes from there to Pisgah.

Monday 13 – At Tyn Gamfa planting potatoes and at Pwllmelyn making room for the chickens and marking the sheep.

Tuesday 14 – Shift, shifting stone 8 – 4 Evan and I.

Wednesday 15 – Shift on the level. Sent an apron for Nel.

Thursday 16 – On the level until two. Loading the SS Susanna until 8pm.

Friday 17 – Started loading 6 am until 2pm.

Saturday 18 – Shift on the level until 3. Expecting a chip by evening. Pay £1-15/9d. Eliza at Tyn Llan planting potatoes.

Sunday 19 –

Monday 20 – Shift 4 – 12. The lads leave to work at Carreg Plas.

Tuesday 21 – Shift 5pm until 3 am. Hot weather. Replaced the guttering at the front of the house.

Wednesday 22  - Shift on the level.

Thursday 23 – Loading the SS Kratta 73 rounds.

Friday 24 – Shift on the level.

Saturday 25 – Finished the wall in front of the house. Sent a postcard to Nel about the apron.

Sunday 26 – Mostyn Jones.

Monday 27 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 28- Shift on the level. Had a letter from Nel telling me that the apron had arrived. The chicks from Tyn Gamfa hatch.

Wednesday 29 – Shift on the level. Getting stones from the mountain to put on the garden wall at Ael y Bryn.

Thursday 30 – Shift on the level. The lads on the night shift shifting stone. Expecting a ship.



Friday 1 - Loading the SS Florence began at 10 am until 9pm. Humphrey Ty Fwg Aberdaron dies.

Saturday 2 – Shift on the level. Started to put a capping on the wall in front of the parlour.

Sunday 3 – No Chapel. Eliza is ill. Quite a lot of rain today.

Monday 4 – Sent a letter to Nel. Night shift. Pwllmelyn and E Williams meet the men from the district council to discuss the new road.

Tuesday 5 – Shift again. Showers. Eliza is papering.

Wednesday 6 – Hugh Jones Chwilog called but I was at work.

Thursday 7 – Shift on the level. Rain today.

Friday 8 – Shift on the kevel.

Saturday 9 – Finished putting the capping on the garden wall. Went to dig up moles with EW Tyn Gamfa in the afternoon.

Sunday 10 – Williams Rhiw.

Monday 11 – Shift.

Tuesday 12 – Shift. Go to Aberdaron fair.

Wednesday 13 – EW, Robert Pwllmelyn, John Croesfryn, Williams Erw and I go to Pwllheli fair.

Thursday 14 – Shift. Pay £2-1/6d.  Earth up the potatoes.

Friday 15 – Shift.  Everyone has gone to Sarn Fair. Made my own tea. Planted potatoes near the chicken coop.

Saturday 16 – Shift.

Sunday 17 – Collection for the cause. Mostyn Jones.

Monday 18 – Night shift.

Tuesday 19 – Shift.

Wednesday 20 – Shift.

Thursday 21 – Shift.

Friday 22 – Shift. Gathering sand eels in the morning.

Saturday 23  – Lifted the fishing net. Cold northerly wind.

Sunday 24 – WL Brooks Harlech.

Monday 25 – Shift. Went to fetch the sheep from Tyn Gamfa.

Tuesday 26 – Shift. EW not at work.

Wednesday 27 – Shift. Went to town to get wood for the kitchen.

Thursday 28 – Shift. The sheep has a lamb.

Friday 29 – Shift. Pay £1-18/6d. Misty today.

Saturday 30 – Shift. Planted lettuce seeds in between the rows of Duke of Yorks (potatoes) by the beehive.

Sunday 31 – Joseff Neven Jones.



Monday 1 – At Tyddyn in the morning with Hugh and at Ty Croes Bach in the afternoon digging for the posts of the hay barn.

Tuesday 2 – Shift

Wednesday 3 – Shift

Thursday 4 – Shift. Hard dry wind for the past three days.

Friday 5 – My Brother Thomas is here.

Saturday 6 – Drill with the Big Gun at Ty Croes 2/6d.

Sunday 7 – J H Williams at 10.

Monday 8 – Shift. Williams Garth with DJ Davies.

Tuesday 9 – Shift on the level.

Wednesday 10 – Shift on the level. D Jones and Pwllmelyn missed today.

Thursday 11 – Went to the Singing Festival with Tocia Motors.

Friday 12 -  Shift Pay £1-18/-

Saturday 13 – Shift.

Sunday 14 – Joseff Jones Neven. Prayer meeting at 6. Collected money for the Preaching sessions.

Monday 15 – Put the frames in the beehive. Night shift.

Tuesday 16 – Night shift.

Wednesday 17 – Night shift.

Thursday 18 – Preaching session, Roger Jones and Madog Roberts.

Friday 19 – Shift.

Saturday 20 – Shearing with Wil Ty Rhyd at Penarfynydd. Raining.

Sunday 21 – Williams Rhiw.

Monday 22 – Shift.

Tuesday 23 – Shift.

Wednesday 24 – Shift.

Thursday 25 – Shift.

Friday 26 – Shift.

Saturday 27 – Shift Pay £1-14/-. Went to Aberdaron to see about the boat and see Llawenan ‘s work. The bees have taken flight.

Sunday 28 – WG Hughes. School morning. prayer meeting at 6. No Chapel.

Monday 29 – Shift. Owen Hughes Cadwgan not in work.

Tuesday 30 – Shift.



Wednesday 1 – Shift.

Thursday 2 – Shift.

Friday 3 – Shift. Heavy rain for the past three days.

Saturday 4 – Made the beehive. Went to Sarn to buy a pair of work shoes for Bob and I.

Sunday 5 -  Hugh Hughes Cricieth at 2 and 6. Heavy rain but fine afterwards.

Monday 6 – Shift. Pwllmelyn’s mare kills herself by running into a wall. The bees take flight.

Tuesday 7 – Shift. Finished clearing 85 rounds.

Wednesday 8 – Shift.

Thursday 9 – Shift.

Friday 10 – Shift until 4, went home for tea then back to unload the coal ship all night. Te bees take flight from Penarfynydd hive today. Pay £1-17/4d.

Saturday 11 – Unloading the ship until 9:30am. Drill with the Big Gun at 5. The ship was called the Mary Goldsworthy.

Sunday 12 – Joseff Jones Neven.

Monday 13 – Night shift.

Tuesday 14 – Shift.

Wednesday 15 – Shift.

Thursday 16 – Shift.

Friday 17 – Had a letter from Chester. Shift. Heavy rain.

Saturday 18 – Went to get the bird from Garth. Rain at night.

Sunday 19 – Mostyn Jones at 2 and 6 . Evan leads. Heavy rain.

Monday 20 – Shift.

Tuesday 21 – Dafydd missed. W Griffith full day. Evan Williams missed.

Wednesday 22 – Dafydd misses again. Shift unloading the Mary Goldsworthy. Owen Jones has gone to take Richard. Hugh and Dicw call to get eggs and potatoes.

Thursday 23 – Shift. DJ Davies not at work again. Eliza went to Ty Fair to get oatmeal.

Friday 24 – Shift. DJ hasn’t turned up. Pay £1-17/8d

Saturday 25 – Shift. Went to Town to get frames for the beehive. The doctor and police are with Ann. It’s decided to take her away on Monday.

Sunday 26 – TG Ellis Aberdaron. No chapel. Dick goes to Sarn to post a letter to Nel and to Llanbedrog.

Monday 27 – Eliza takes Anne to Denbigh. Night shift.

Tuesday 28 – Shift.

Wednesday 29 – Half a shift, went home at midnight, came back 5 am Thursday morning to load the SS Made.

Thursday 30 – Loading until two in the afternoon. Very hot day. Carried hay at Brynfran in the evening.

Friday 31 – Thomas and I, O Jones Cadwgan and O Jones Brynteg five in the morning.



Saturday 1 -  Rain all day.

Sunday 2 – Humphreys Llanbedrog.

Monday 3 – Shift on the road near Groeslon.

Tuesday 4 – Loading the SS Kungay (?).

Wednesday 5 – Shift on the road.

Thursday 6 – Quarter. Rain.

Friday 7 – Shift near Groeslon. Got the honey from the upper hive. Pay £1-15/4d

Saturday 8 – Heavy rain.

Sunday 9 – Aberdaron school meeting.

Monday 10 – Shift near Groeslon.

Tuesday 11 – Shift. The first ‘ Gweliedydd’ ( magazine).

Wednesday 12 – Shift. Hot weather.

Thursday 13 – Shift. Took the honey from Penarfynydd hive.

Friday 14 – Shift. At Pwllmelyn with the bees.

Saturday 15 – Sent the bees from the middle hive. Shift.

Sunday 16 – At Aberdaron school, Williams questioning.

Monday 17 – Shift near Groeslon. Hot Weather.

Tuesday 18 – Shift. Hot weather.

Wednesday 19 – Shift. Erw and I go to Nant to load gravel at two.

Thursday 20 - Shift on the level.

Friday 21 – Shift again. The oil engine breaks down.

Saturday 22 – Shift again. Rain in the afternoon.

Sunday 23 – Joseff Jones Neven.

Monday 24 – Prayer meeting.

Tuesday 25 – At Tyn Gamfa.

Wednesday 26 – Pain in my back.

Thursday 27 – Pain in my back.

Friday 28 – Fishing with the small boat. Talafon catches a wrasse. Had a letter from Nel.

Saturday 29 – Built the porch at Ael y Bryn.

Sunday 30 – Decided to start school at 9.30. Prayer meeting.

Monday 31 – Shift on the level. RG and Dafydd didn’t turn up. Prayer meeting at Pisgah in the evening.



Tuesday 1 – Shift on the level again.

Wednesday 2 – Loading the Agnes Ellen, 60 less 3. Hot day.

Thursday 3 – Shift on the level. EW at the tip.

Friday 4 – Shift. Pay £1-1/2d.

Saturday 5 – Shift. At Tan y Ffordd repairing the hay barn.

Sunday 6 – Williams Rhiw. Fine day. Ellis Thomas leads.

Monday 7 – Loading the SS Catherine, started at 5pm finished at midnight.

Tuesday 8 – Night shift on the level.

Wednesday 9 – Shift on the level. EW not turned up. Thunder.

Thursday 10 – Loading the SS Anne 67 rounds 2 until 8.

Friday 11 – Shift  on the level started at 7 until 11.30. Eliza goes with mother to take the pigs.

Saturday 12 – Heavy rain. Sawing wood for posts for the porch.

Sunday 13 – Mostyn Jones Prayer meeting at 6.

Monday 14 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 15 – Shift EW and I make room for the drilling engine. Erw hasn’t turned up.

Wednesday 16 – Pwllmelyn hasn’t turned up.

Thursday 17 – Shift.

Friday 18 – Pwllmelyn misses a quarter. Pay £1-15/11.

Saturday 19 – Shift.  Drill with the Big Gun at Ty Croes 2/6d.

Sunday 20 – Prayer meeting at 2and 6. Shift started at midnight.

Monday 21 – Pwllmelyn and I go hunting with the ferret. Night shift.

Tuesday 22 – Shift.

Wednesday 23 – Shift.

Thursday 24 – Sent a letter to the South.

Friday 25 – Shift. John hasn’t turned up.

Saturday 26 – Mother has gone to Denbigh. Sent Nel a letter.

Sunday 27 – WG Hugh. Prayer meeting at 6

Monday 28 – Shift. Pwllmelyn and Erw missed.

Tuesday 29 – Shift. Erw missed.

Wednesday 30 – Shift.



Thursday 1 – Shift on the level in the morning, filling in. EW on the tip. Erw has gone to a funeral. Anne died.

Friday 2 – Half a shift, Bob comes to tell me that Anne has died in Denbigh, Dick and I go to Sarn bach to tell Tomi

Saturday 3 – Went to town with mother.

Sunday 4 – Williams Rhiw at 2 and 6. Went to Abererch Thomas and I start off for Denbigh, we sleep at Bob’s house in Bangor.

Monday 5 – We go from Bangor to Denbigh and stay the night.

Tuesday 6 – We leave with the body at 10 to 10 in the morning and arrive at Pwllheli at two and have the burial in the evening.

Wednesday 7 – Bob from Chester goes back, Mother, Dick and I take him and Thomas to Pwllheli. Night shift.

Thursday 8 -  Shift. EW misses again.

Friday 9 – Shift. EW misses.

Saturday 10 – Hunting and fetched water from ‘gilgena’.(?)

Sunday 11 – Hugh Jones.

Monday 12 – Shift.

Tuesday 13 – Shift.

Wednesday 14 – Shift. Croesfryn misses.

Thursday 15 – Shift.

Friday 16 – Shift. Pay £1-7/3d

Saturday 17 –

Sunday 18 – Young man from Neven.

Monday 19 – Thanksgiving.

Tuesday 20 – Night shift. Half a sack for the hens.

Wednesday 21 – Shift. Pwllmelyn misses.

Thursday 22 – Shift. The ewe goes with the ram.

Friday 23 – Shift.

Saturday 24 – Carrying bracken with Dick.

Sunday 25 – Williams at 2. School in the morning heavy rain.

Monday 26 – Shift. Erw filling in for a quarter.

Tuesday 27 – Shift. Willy Oerfa misses a quarter. Pwllmelyn filling until 9.

Wednesday 28 – Shift. Pwllmelyn misses a quarter. Heiffer for Tan y Ffordd.

Thursday 29 – Shift.

Friday 30 – Shift. Croesfryn goes to Pen y Bont auction.

Saturday 31 – Shift. Pay £1-15/-. Mending the wall near the hovel at Ty Croes in the afternoon.



Sunday 1 – Mostyn Jones Pwllheli. Rain in the morning. Eight at school. Mostyn preaches about the ministry. Shift. EW and Croesfryn missing.

Monday 2 – Shift. Croesfryn has gone to the fair.

Tuesday 3 – Shift.

Wednesday 4 – Shift. Croesfryn goes home sick. Bag of feed from Seaview.

Thursday 5 – Shift.

Friday 6 – Shift. Put down snares at Bytilith caught seven rabbits.

Saturday 7 – Hunting with Dick and Pwllmelyn.

Sunday 8 – WG Hugh Cricieth.

Monday 9 – Shift. Pwllmelyn missing. Owen Brynteg misses a quarter. Stopped the lads for not working Sunday evening.

Tuesday 10 – Shift. Erw misses a quarter. EW was tipping until 9.

Wednesday 11 – Hiring Fair. Had my watch from town. Shift. Erw and Pwllmelyn go to the fair.

Thursday 12- Shift. Erw misses half. Had 3/8d for the rabbits.

Friday 13 – Shift. Wil and Parry miss a half. Pay £1-10/-. Rain.

Saturday 14 – Shift. Bag of feed for Tan y Ffordd. Made a stall for the foal at Tan y Ffordd.

Sunday 15 – Prayer meeting at 6.

Monday 16 – Shift.

Tuesday 17 – Shift. Eliza has gone to Aberdaon.

Wednesday 18 – Shift. Pwllmelyn misses.

Thursday 19 – Shift. O Parry misses. Griffith Bryn Ffoulk’s funeral. Erw misses half.

Friday 20 – Shift. W Williams and I load stone and muck.

Saturday 21 – Shift. EW and I filling. Cut the brambles in Tyddyn Morthwyl field.

Sunday 22 - H Hughes a youth from Cricieth.

Monday 23 – Shift Go to fetch the churn from Griffith the carpenter, churn the honey.

Tuesday 2 4– Shift. Finish churning the honey.

Wednesday 25 – Shift

Thursday 26 – Shift. EW misses, WE misses a quarter.

Friday 27 – Shift. Maggie my brother’s daughter calls.

Saturday 28 – Shift digging loaded 12 wagons from where Erw and I are. Salted the quarter pig.

Sunday 29 – Humphreys Llanbedrog.

Monday 30 – Shift. Letter from the South.



Tuesday 1 – Night shift.

Wednesday 2 – Shift. Strong winds for days.

Thursday 3 – Shift. Strong wind.

Friday 4 – Shift. EW lost a day.

Saturday 5 – Shift. Put tin on the beehive in case it leaks. Sack for the hens.

Sunday 6 – Williams Rhiw. Isaac Rowlands dies.

Monday 7 – Night shift.

Tuesday 8 – Shift.

Wednesday 9 – Shift.

Thursday 10 – Isaac Rhiwlas’s funeral. Shift. Jones the cooperative.

Friday 11 – Shift. Pay £2-15/-

Saturday 12 – At Erw repairing the gable end of the cowshed. Dick loses a ferret.

Sunday 13 – School meeting, Mostyn Jones questioning.

Monday 14 – Shift. Two lads from Bangor come to lay a cable up the mountain.

Tuesday 15 – Shift.

Wednesday 16 – Shift. Sent honey to Nel. Three sleep here.

Thursday 17 – Had a postcard from Nel. Letter from South Wales regarding the medical card. Feed have paid £1-2/-.

Friday 18 – Half shift. Auction at the mountain top works.

Saturday 19 – Shift. Go to Tan y Ffordd to start on the hovel.

Sunday 20 – Hughes Cricieth. Night shift.

Monday 21 – Shift.

Tuesday 22 – Shift.

Wednesday 23 – Shift.

Thursday 24 – At Tan y Ffordd building the hovel. Pay £3-1-2d

Friday 25 - Went nowhere, went to Porth Llawenan in the evening.

Saturday 26 – Thomas is here from Liverpool. Richard Lon Las and Ben are lodging in Liverpool.

Sunday 27 – Collection at school. Prayer meeting at 6.

Monday 28 – Shift. Sam and Hugh lead the prayer meeting. Snowing as I came home.

Tuesday 29 – Shift. Fellowship meeting. Eliza burns her arm.

Wednesday 30 – Shift. Parry misses a quarter. Heavy wind and rain.

Thursday 31 – Shift, sifting muck from the tip EW , WE, O Parry and I.


Diary's from Mr E Morris, thank you very much.


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