Griffith Thomas

Ael y Bryn




In May of 1913 Griffith comes to Rhiw for good after working down the coalmines of South Wales for a few years when work was scarce in Rhiw, the diary begins in May when he returned home to work in the Manganese mines,



Thursday 1 – Fine day. No work trouble with the union.

Friday 2 – Went to Porth ( Rhondda) with Hugh Chwilog, prepare for home.

Saturday 3 – Came home with Hugh Chwilog.

Sunday  4 –

Monday 5 –

Tuesday 6 – Went to pick up my clothes.

Thursday 8 – Rain.

Friday 9  – Hugh Chwilog here.

Saturday  10– My brother Thomas is here. Finished the Chicken coop for Bryn Difyr.

Sunday 11 – Roberts Pwllheli.

Monday 12 – Went to the fair at Aberdaron.

Tuesday 13 – Isaac ( son.) is employed at Neigwl Ucha.

Wednesday 14 –Henry and Catherine Ty Fry here.

Thursday 15 – Sarn Fair came home with Pwllmelyn and the man from Erw.

Friday 16 – Went with Isaac to Neigwl Ucha. Meeting at the school.

Saturday 17 – At Pwllmelyn in the morning, Aberdaron in the afternoon.

Sunday 18 – No chapel, ill.

Monday 19 -  Had a letter from Mrs Hopkins from the South.

Tuesday 20 – Bob Is sleeping in Tan Y Ffordd.

Wednesday 21 – Went to Abersoch and Sarn Bach.

Thursday. 22-

Friday 23-

Saturday 24 – Got my money from the South.

Sunday 25 – Joseff Jones Neven.

Monday 26 – Started work at Nantgadfan (manganese works).

Tuesday 27 – Shift.

Wednesday 28 – Shift.

Thursday 29 – Loading the SS Elizabeth, started after lunch, loaded half.

Friday 30 – Half the shift digging.

Saturday 31 – Shift. Afternoon in Ty Croes Bach started building the kitchen.



Sunday 1 – Williams at 2.

Monday 2 – Sent a letter to Thomas in the South. Shift. Quarterly session meeting at Nebo chapel.

Tuesday 3- Finished planting the potatoes at Eifion House. Put frames in the beehive.

Wednesday 4 –Shift. Isaac comes home to go to the singing festival at Cricieth.

Thursday 5 – Everyone from here has gone to the Singing Festival. The Steamer goes back. Shift, filling in below.

Friday 6 – Shift filling .

Saturday 7 – Shift filling. Went to town to buy new shoes and frames for the beehive.

Sunday 8 – Fine day, no chapel. Hugh Jones Cricieth.

Monday 9 – Shift.

Tuesday 10 – Shift.

Wednesday 11 – Shift.

Thursday 12 – Shift. Pay £2 –3/8d.

Friday 13 – Shift.

Saturday 14 – Shift filling. At Ty Croes Bach in the afternoon. Had my insurance card from the South.

Sunday 15 – Thomas Cilan is here. Fine day Chapel at 2 and 6.

Monday – 16 – Shift filling.

Tuesday 17– Loading the SS Maddie, sent my insurance book to Ty Fry.

Wednesday 18 – Shift filling. Bag of flour from Seaview paid 18/6d.

Thursday 19  – Shift filling in the morning, making room for the pump in the afternoon. Pwllmelyn’s cow couldn’t deliver her calf.

Friday 20 – Shift on the jetty, putting the little engine in place in the afternoon.

Saturday 21 – Shift filling, went to Ty Croes Bach at 4.

Sunday 22 – Joseff Jones, school in the morning.

Monday 23 – Shift filling near the pump, then went to Dafydd, Lewis has gone to Charter.

Tuesday 24 -  Shift digging in the morning filling in the afternoon with the engine. Went to Ty Croes.

Wednesday 25 – Shift began with filling then digging with Dafydd and Lewis filling.

Thursday 26 – Loading the SS Florence 250 meant to be 350. Pay £2-2/6d.

Friday 27 – Unloading the SS Lincolnshire until 10 pm.

Saturday 28 -  Started at 3 am until 6.30 pm, day and a half overtime.

Sunday 29 – Williams Rhiw.

Monday 30 – Loading the SS Lincolnshire. Went fishing in the afternoon.



Tuesday 1 – Shift digging.

Wednesday 2 – Shift digging.

Thursday 3 – Shift filling.

Friday 4 – William America.. Shift filling. Salem chapel has burnt down.

Saturday 5 – Shift filling. Had a postcard from William America to say that he is preaching at Rhydbach. Went to Ty Croes Bach.

Sunday.6 – Went to Neigwl to listen to William America preaching, had tea at Rhydbengan and went to Rhydbach chapel in the evening.

Monday 7 – Shift digging. Lewis has gone to Brymbo and likes it very much.

Tuesday 8 – Shift digging.

Wednesday 9 –Shift digging. Cutting the hay at Brynfran.

Thursday 10 – Shift digging . Cutting hay at Brynfran.

Friday 11 – Shift lifting. Pay £2-6/2.

Saturday 12 –Loading SS Elizabetta 395, started at 5.30am until 5pm. Went down at 3am.

Sunday 13 – Prayer meeting.

Monday 14 – Shift digging and tipping.

Tuesday 15 – Loading SS Maggie 280.

Wednesday 16 – Shift winding. Sion Conion Ganol died. Carried hay at Brynfran.

Thursday 17 – Shift winding

Friday 18 – Shift winding.

Saturday 19 – Loading SS Maddie 290 from 7am til 3.30. Strike we want 4d a ton instead of 3d a ton when loading. Had our cards from the office whilst loading.

Sunday 20 – Jones Neven.

Monday 21 – Started work at Ty Canol.

Tuesday 22 –Shift at Ty Canol.

Wednesday 23 – Shift at Ty Canol went to cut grass in the afternoon.

Thursday 24 – Shift cutting and raking.

Friday 25 – Shift finished cutting the thistles, carried on the hill above the road. Mowing in Penponcyn.

Saturday 26 - .Shift Raking and started mowing the hay in the field near the beach. Fishing with Lewis. Parry and Tyddyn…… Pay Nantgadfan £2-3/2d.

Sunday 27 – John P Jones Pisgah.

Monday 28 –Shift.

Tuesday 29 – Shift

Wednesday 30 – Shift.

Thursday 31 – Shift.



Friday 1 – Isaac is injured at Neigwl Ucha.

Saturday 2 – Shift with Tyn Gamfa. Wil and Lewis gone to Wrexam.

Sunday 3 - Went nowhere.

Monday 4 – Shift.

Tuesday 5 – Shift.

Wednesday 6 –Shift.

Thursday 7 – Shift.

Friday 8 – Shift.

Saturday 9 – Shift digging with Evan at Tyn Gamfa.

Sunday 10 – Went to Neigwl Ucha and Abersoch.

Monday 11 – Isaac comes home from Neigwl Ucha. Pay £2-8/0d

Tuesday 12 – Fishing in Aberdaron.

Wednesday 13 – At Ty Croes Bach, working on the kitchen.

Thursday 14 – At Ty Croes.

Friday 15 – Taking the oven out at Ty Croes. Eliza has gone to the bazaar at Aberdaron.

Saturday 16 – Fitted the oven at Ty Croes Bach.

Sunday 17 – School in the morning. Roberts Pwllheli at 6.

Monday 18 – Started work at Nantgadfan, taken a level at £4 a yard.

Tuesday 19 – Shift digging.

Wednesday 20 – Shift again.

Thursday 21 – Shift. Fishing in Abersoch.

Friday 22 – Shift. Rain today.

Saturday 23 – Shift. In Ty Croes building a chimney.

Sunday 24 – School morning. The girl from Neigwl Ucha calls.

Monday 25 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 26 – Gave H Thomas his cards.

Wednesday 27 – Nel goes Porthmadog.

Thursday 28 – Sheepdog trials, my brother Thomas is here. Securing the haystack at Brynfran.

Friday 29 – Shift on the level.

Saturday 30 – Shift on the level.

Sunday 31 – Prayer meeting at 6.



Monday – 1 Shift on the level, started with the muck.

Tuesday 2 – Shift, Pay from Penponcyn £1-0-0. Chapel meeting. Flour from Porthcolmon.

Wednesday 3 – Shift on the level.

Thursday 4 – Shift on the level

Friday 5 – Started loading Pay £2-4/7d.

Saturday 6 – At Ty Croes Bach woodworking.

Sunday 7 – John Williams Pisgah.

Monday 8 – Loading SS Elizabetta 395.

Tuesday 9– Shift on the level. Will, John And The Old Poet started.

Wednesday 10 – Shift on the level. Eliza goes to Aberdaron.

Thursday 11 – Morning on the level. Began unloading the Johann 72 tons.

Friday 12 – Finished unloading started 5am ‘til 5pm.

Saturday 13 – Loaded the Johann 13 rounds. Heavy rain. Fetched the cement from Trip.

Sunday 14 – Collection at 2. School in the morning. Rainy Sunday.

Monday 15 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 16 – Shift on the level. Evan Williams went to Elin Tyn Mynydd’s funeral.

Wednesday 17 – Shift on the level.

Thursday 18 – Shift on the level. Pay £3-5/-0.

Friday 19 – Shift on the level.

Saturday 20 – SS Jimmy Mungs thinking of loading, but went to the Roads. Thrashing at Ty Croes.

Sunday 21 – School meeting. Tom starts and I ask questions.

Monday 22 – Loading the SS Jimmy Mungs. Rain .

Tuesday 23 – Shift on the level.

Wednesday 24 – Shift on the level in the morning, then shifting muck.

Thursday 25 – Quarter morning filling stones, level ‘til lunch and after.

Friday 26 – Level in the morning , lifting stones in the afternoon.

Saturday 27 – Filling stones . Evan Roberts Parc y Brenin dies. In Tyn Gamfa in the afternoon securing the haystack. Evan pays a 1/-.

Sunday 28 – School morning. Prayer meeting afternoon. Fine day.

Monday 29 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 30 – Mary Hughes Ty Croes Mawr dies. Shift quarter on the level filling stones ‘til lunch then shifting muck in the afternoon, William Llawenan goes to fetch sand.



Wednesday 1 – Went to fetch the hen from Pwllheli. Shift in the morning filling stones. Evan Glanrafon comes to see to the wire of the pump.

Thursday 2 – Shift half the morning filling stones, on the level in the afternoon. Pay £2-5/10d. Evan Roberts Parc y Brenin’s funeral

Friday 3 – Shift on the level morning, lifting stones afternoon.

Saturday 4 – Shift on the level. Cemented the gable end of Ael y Bryn . Mary Hughes Ty Croes Mawr ‘s funeral.

Sunday 5 – Collection in the afternoon. Mostyn Jones’s first Sunday.

Monday 6 – Shift on the level first quarter shifting stones and muck ‘til 5pm.

Tuesday 7 – Shift filling stones and muck and after lunch so the lads can start digging.

Wednesday 8 – Shift filling stones, then on the level.

Thursday 9 – Loading SS Anne 400 but 4 tons. Sent a letter ti the South to Thomas.

Friday 10 – Shift on the level morning then lifting stones. Sent a letter to Clwt y Bont.

Saturday 11 – Shift lifting stones. At Ty Croes working on the kitchen door surround.

Sunday 12 – Jones Neven. Prayer meeting in the evening.

Monday 13 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 14 – Shift lifting stones morning on the level in the afternoon. Explosion at Senghenydd South Wales.

Wednesday 15 – Shift lifting stones. Thrashing at Ty Croes and Tyn Llidiart. Evan Williams went to Pwllheli.

Thursday 16 – Shift lifting stones, shifting muck afternoon. Pay £2-5/-0d and 3/- insurance.

Friday 17 – Shift lifting stones first quarter, on the level later. Pwllmelyn has gone to the auction at Morfa.

Saturday 18 – Shift lifting stones. At Tyn Gamfa in the afternoon shifting the rock. Pwllmelyn goes to Llanbedrog to buy the mare.

Sunday 19 – Prayer meeting.

Monday 20 – Thanksgiving.

Tuesday 21 – Shift on the level in the morning lifting stones in the afternoon. Had a letter from Thomas in the South.

Wednesday 22 – Shift lifting stones in the morning, shifting muck in the afternoon. Eliza went to Pwllheli.

Thursday 23 – Shift filling stone in the morning on the level in the afternoon, moved the pumps.

Friday 24 – Shift level in the morning, pump rope breaks.

Saturday 25 – Shift. At Tyn Gamfa in the afternoon dipping and walling.

Sunday 26 – John Ty Newydd.

Monday 27 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 28 – Shift on the level.

Wednesday 29 – Shift on the level, shifting stones until three then back on the level.

Thursday  30 – Shift filling, on the level afterwards. Pay £2 –1/-

Friday 31 - Shift lifting the runner with Wil Jones on the jetty and lifting stones until 12. on the level in the afternoon.



Saturday 1 – Shift on the level. Tyn Gamfa in the afternoon.

Sunday 2 – No chapel in the evening, wind and rain. Rev John Th. Williams Pencaerau.

Monday 3 – Shift lifting stones in the morning, level in the afternoon. First Penny reading.

Tuesday 4 – Shift – laying the road until 9 then lifting stones until 5. Chapel meeting 11 present.

Wednesday 5 – Shift with Thomas in the morning and in the level in the afternoon.

Thursday 6 – Shift with the tram with Thomas, shifted wood from the road to the office after lunch.

Friday 7 – Shift on the level first quarter. Shifted muck until 12 lifted stones then until 5.

Saturday 8 – Shift filling stones. At Pwllmelyn in the afternoon putting corrugated on the work shed roof. Man from Llannor comes to slaughter the cow.

Sunday 9 – Joseff Neven. Charles is in trouble with Nellie.

Monday 10 – Shift first quarter on the level, putting muck in trams until 5 with Evan and William. Eliza and I go to Aberdaron fair.

Tuesday 11 – Shift on the level.

Wednesday 12- Shift on the level.

Thursday 13 – Shift on the level. Sarn fair, Pwllmelyn has gone to the fair. Pay £2-3/-

Friday 14 – Shift on the level.

Saturday 15 -  Shift on the level. Isaac goes (to work) Shop Isa. Evan Tyn Gamfa bach working here.

Sunday 16 – Mostyn Jones.

Monday 17 – Shift on the level. Pwllmelyn and O Jones starting on nights.

Tuesday 18 – Shift on the level. Pwllmelyn buys a foal from Tyn Gamfa.

Wednesday 19 – Shift on the level.

Thursday 20 – Shift on the level.

Friday 21 – Shift on the level. First quarter filling stones, I run the tube.

Saturday 22 – Shift with the tram. Tyn Gamfa catches the foal.

Sunday 23 – Williams Rhiw.

Monday 24 – Shift on the level. Evans Hughes Hebron at Pisgah.

Tuesday 25 – Shift on the level John P Jones.

Wednesday 26 – Shift on the level. JP Jones again.

Thursday 27 – Shift on the level . JP Jones. Pay “2-4/-

Friday 28 – Moon changes. Shift on the level.

Saturday 29 – Sent a letter to Thomas in the South. Shift on the level. Foggy home all afternoon.

Sunday 30 – Jones Owen Dinas.



Monday 1 – Evan waiting for the cow to calve. Night shift with Richard Lon Las.

Tuesday 2 – Night shift with Richard Lon Las.

Wednesday 3 – Shift with Williams Garth on the level.

Thursday 4 – Bought clogs from Pwllmelyn. Shift on the level. Evan Williams starts on nights.

Friday 5 – Bryngoleu dogs joined. Shift on the level.

Saturday 6 – Heavy rain. Caught a rabbit in Cae Pant Ty Croes Mawr.

Sunday 7 – Hughes Cricieth on probationary period.

Monday 8 – Night shift at Nant.

Tuesday 9 – Night shift Nant.

Wednesday 10 – Night shift Nant.

Thursday 11 – Night shift Nant .

Friday 12 – Shift at Nant. Pay £1-19/7d

Saturday 13 – At Ty Croes Bach fixing the stable. Had 10/- and a pound of butter for doing the kitchen.

Sunday 14 – WG Hughes Cricieth.

Monday 15 – Shift.

Tuesday 16 – Shift.

Wednesday 17 – Shift.

Thursday 18 – Shift.

Friday 19 – Shift.

Saturday 20 – At Tyn Gamfa spreading muck.

Sunday 21- Jones Neven. Prayer meeting at 6.

Monday 22 – Got rid of the little boiler in Erw. First drill with ‘Big gun’ 5/- (coastguard ) Shift on the level at night.

Tuesday 23 – Shift on the level.

Wednesday 24 – Shift on the level.

Thursday 25 – Made a box for my books.

Friday 26 – Shift on the level. Sent a letter to Nel, had a letter from Nel.

Saturday 27 – Pay £1-18/9d. Pwllmelyn dropped it off.

Sunday 28 – John Williams Rhiw.

Monday 29 – Shift on the level.

Tuesday 30 – Shift on the level.

Wednesday 31 – Shift on the level.


Diary's from Mr E Morris, thank you very much.


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