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Ysgyfarnog / Hare

Lepus Capensis


This morning at 6:30, armed with my new super duper zoom lens, which cost nearly half as much as your average family car. I proceeded on my first wildlife photography safari. With Smot firmly on the leash, I ventured out into the great unknown, full of hope and aspirations, for a bagful of images that would make Heather Angel, green with envy. Stealthily I approached my first quarry. Lepus Capensis, There he was in full view, grazing happily in the morning sunshine, in the field between Bryn Awel and Carreg Lefain Fawr. My Nikon D200, only takes about 1/50 of a second to fire up, but Lepus in that brief moment of time, was not going to play ball, and leapt behind this rock. I stood for over ten minutes, and he stayed in the above posture looking at me, looking at him.

I don't think I'll be giving up my day job just yet.


I hope you like this bit of fun, which actually happened. But on a serious note, If you have any images at all of our local wildlife, please can you send them to Andrew, so we can share with others, Thank you. Rg Tony.

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