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This section of the website is being developed by local birder and naturalist Andrew Clarke to document all aspects of the area’s rich natural history - the geology, plants, insect, birds and mammals of the region.

We hope that eventually we will have as much informative about the wildlife of Rhiw and the surrounding areas of the peninsula as the large archives on the social and cultural history, which have been gleaned from our large number of correspondents.

Any records, news, artwork, photographs or historical memories of Llŷn wildlife will be greatly appreciated and duly acknowledged. Do get in touch if you would like to contribute.

Thanks in anticipation!

Please send contributions to Andrew at:

1 Lôn Las,
LL53 8AH.
Tel: 01758 780221 or 07929 768985
Email: herb4garden@yahoo.com

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Many thanks to Andrew for this section of Rhiw.com

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