Llyn Classics


Every once in a while we come across stunning photographs taken of the Llyn Peninsula and it's people. They range from family portraits to landscapes, village scenes and agriculture, and we will be bringing you the best of them on this page.



Traffic Jams at Aberdaron

By F. H. May


Unloading at Bardsey

A stunning photograph of a two masted topsail schooner unloading at the "Cafn" at Bardsey. The little steamer in the distance seems to suggest that it was taken circa 1890, and later beautifully hand coloured. The amount of activity shows what an important day it was when the ships called with essential supplies. Brilliant.


Thrashing Day


Many years ago, the thrasher would move from farm to farm, and everyone would give a hand, even the children would stay away form school, so it was an especially great day for them. The farmers wives would all get together as well, and a special pudding was made called "Pwdin Dyrnu" which was like a Christmas pudding boiled in muslin cloth. This very old photograph was taken on a Llangwnadl farm. Notice the two wheel barrows, one with coal for the traction engine, and the other with a bag of corn.


Aberdaron Eleri Stores

A fascinating look back to the mid 1950's in this interesting image by Dr David Williams. Then Eleri Stores was a butchers shop owned by E G Jones, and Daron café is on the far right.


If you have classical images from the past, please could you let us scan them, so we can share with others, your identity if you so wish will remain anonymous, thank you. (Tel 01758 780209)

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