Llŷn Aerial Photographs


Mike Sheldrake


June the 3rd this year was a beautiful day on Llŷn, and for the first time in years I decided to climb to the top of the “Clip”. It’s not the highest point in Rhiw, but the views towards the southwest and Bardsey are quite spectacular and especially so on a clear day. After I had been there for about an hour I heard the sound of what I thought was a light aircraft, and within seconds a Paramotor appeared over Penarfynydd and moved along the coast towards Aberdaron. I took several photos of it with Porth Ysgo bay as a backdrop, and I published a couple of them on these pages the next day.

Last week we had one of the most exciting e-mails we’ve ever had at Rhiw.com, and believe you me we’ve had a few of them in the last three years or so. Mike Sheldrake, had seen the Paramotor shots on our website, and he had written to let us know that he was the Pilot, he even attached three stunning photographs of his flight, which left the two of us speechless.

Yesterday a compact disc arrived, with hundreds of photographs that Mike had taken, on two flights that he made over Llŷn, on May 6th and June 3rd 2006.

When it comes to aerial photography a Paramotor has several advantages over an aircraft e.g. you can fly lower and slower, you have 360° vision, plus as you will see on some of these shots, you can even photograph a scene right below you, in fact, the Paramotor is the perfect platform for an eye in the sky. 

On behalf of the people of Llŷn, we would like to thank Mike, for sharing his images and letting us publish these fantastic photographs, so we can show you, what a beautiful part of the world we live in, and from an angle, that most of us have ever seen before.


For anyone that suffers from vertigo, a couple of Sea-Legs tablets is advisable before viewing!!!


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