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When we first started off in February 2003, we bought 100Mb of web space on the server that we used, and as the site grew we kept getting more. We have mentioned a few times in passing, that web space was a constant concern to us. And the other day when it touched 300Mb, things had to came to a head, and we knew that something “radical” had to be done. Web space was a lot dearer in early 2003, and the deal we had, was not the cheapest either. So now we come to the good news. We have made a deal with the same company, for what could be called unlimited web space, and this for half the price that we were paying only the other day.

So the good news is, the photographs that we publish from now on, will be of a much better quality, and what better way to celebrate than this beautiful image of Rhiw, taken some time at the beginning of the 20th century (circa 1910) by F. H May, the renowned Llyn photographer. This is just an example of what you will be getting in the future, we don’t mean that every photograph will be of this size, but when we do get an exceptional one like this, you will notice a big difference in the quality. Please also respect the generosity of the people that lend us these images, by not using them for profit, as this is very unfair, and we think dishonest. Regards, T & G, Rhiw.com (May 2005)


Rhiw circa 1910


Four things that we would like to point out about the photograph. "Tan y Fynwent" the cottage centre left was thatched, and apparently has never had a slate roof. The overhead cable car that fed the jetty at Hells Mouth with manganese, can clearly be seen, two telegraph poles on the main road, seems to suggest communication of sorts, and the grave yard at Nebo chapel is half the size it is today.

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