Ty Croes Mawr


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Ty Croes Mawr from Bryn Awel


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Yvonne and  Harry at Ty Croes Mawr

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Tony and  Margaret


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Sheep Fold in the Farm Yard

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Yvonne Tony and Margaret

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Ty Croes Mawr

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Fan a Jack the Terriers


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After the Milking 

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Carrying Hay

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The Yard


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Ty  Croes Mawr

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Due to the wisdom and good thinking of our local planning officers, Ty Croes Mawr had to be demolished before permission was granted to build a new bungalow, at a different location. And thus Rhiw lost one of it's oldest and historic dwellings.

Another inspired decision!!!



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Meny thanks to Yvonne Sargent for sending us these Images of my old family Home.

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