"The Time Capsule"

When Rhiw.com first kicked off I never thought that I would be writing these words, but I am, and its all down to you.

Iíve always been passionate about photography, and Iíve had a camera from a very early age, the first like a lot of people being a little Kodak. But my first "real" camera was a Yashica 35mm, which I bought second hand in Yokohama, Japan, on my first trip to sea in 1968, and if I remember correctly it cost about £3, (half my weekly wage!!!!)

The camera was without doubt, the second best invention ever. But I donít want to dwell on this, as we all know, they are only a means to an end, and the biggest wallet on the street ended up with the best one, but invariably could not "see" a picture.

Whether It's landscape, portrait, action, or just messing about on the beach or a party, its that split second in time that matters, "The Photograph". Which brings me nicely round to my other passion in life "History". No not the stuff we learnt about in School, Kings, Queens and Empires, which was always written by the winning side, but of course not always accurate. But the History of ordinary people going about their ordinary daily lives. And that is where photography played such an important role in this part of the world. The written word had always been persecuted, an elderly neighbour of mine that died in the seventies remembered books being burnt in a pile on the school yard. Not that they were bad books, but because some people could not understand what was in them, so therefore they must have been bad.

But photographs in general escaped this slaughter as they were more private, and were kept in old biscuit tins under the bed, and if they were found they were just harmless fun. But that harmless fun was a time capsule, which we can now open, thanks to the willingness of ordinary people who opened up their biscuit tins and let us have a peak inside. We can all now look back in time, thanks to the generosity of a few. (Enjoy)

Thanks to you all.

Tony, Rhiw.com


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