Our Favourites II

Below are our favourite photographs, out of the hundreds that we have seen of Rhiw and its people. 

They are in no particular order.

Teulu Bryn Awel_2.jpg (93827 bytes)

"Bryn Awel Wedding"

This must be one of the oldest wedding photograph that we have, the poverty that people endured then is so evident.

Porthi_yn_cadlan.jpg (141268 bytes)


Evan must have been home on leave, and giving his family a hand on the farm.

Gwydda_Lon_Blawdty.jpg (115059 bytes)


They used to walk geese to market.

godro.jpg (37785 bytes)


We haven't got a clue who they are, but it's such a happy photo.

william_cadlan.JPG (49324 bytes)

"Father and Son"

Brilliantly natural pose, William Cadlan and his young Son.

lina_llanfaelrhys.jpg (38820 bytes)


Lena and her sister Lizzie, on their way home from church, fantastic photograph from the 1920's.  And Lena stayed faithful to the church at Llanfaelrhys to her dying day.

tyn_rhedyn_ffynnon.jpg (89390 bytes)

"The Well"

Wells were the life blood of any village, something that we have now forgotten.

pysgota_gwrachod.jpg (73404 bytes)

"Wrasse fishing"

Wrasse and Rabbits was the staple diet in Rhiw and Llyn, and many families had nothing else to eat.

evan_ag_ann.jpg (25865 bytes)

"The Group"

We've spent a long time looking at this image, just can't think what was going through their minds, brilliant!!!

Dora_Williams_eifion.jpg (67167 bytes)

"Dora Eifion"

We have spent twenty eight years living in her house, I wonder if she would have approved?

ann_ellen.jpg (35135 bytes)

"Proud Mum"

We love this one, she is so proud of her little child.

I would like once again to thank everyone for these unbelievable images,


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