Our Favourites I

Below are our favourite photographs, out of the hundreds that we have seen of Rhiw and its people. 

Except the first one "The Hunting Party" which is an absolute gem, they are in no particular order.

Parti_hela.jpg (157593 bytes)

"The Hunting Party"

This has got to be one of the best photographs that I've ever seen, Guto Pwll Melyn (To the left of the young lady) looks straight out of a Hollywood film set.

Huw_Heather.jpg (98411 bytes)

"Huw WW11"

When I was a young lad, my father used to tell me stories about what a nightmare of a time that Huw Williams from Heather, Rhiw, had during the last war, and then this photo turns up 60 years later. ( the blue spot is next to him)

Teulu_Tyn_lon_Fawr.jpg (95681 bytes)

"Tyn Lon Fawr Family"

The only glass negative that we borrowed, the quality is stunning.

Teulu_ty_croes.jpg (133964 bytes)

"Morfa Bach, Aberdaron, Family"

We had to include this beautiful family photograph on a "Rhiw" website because the old lady in our traditional costume, was originally from Ty Croes Mawr, Rhiw.

Elsie_Post.jpg (105978 bytes)

"Elsie Post"

Elsie was the heart of the village, and she is sadly missed by all. Not a very "old" photograph but must be one of the best, because she didn't like having her photo taken, and for an image like this to turn up is unbelievable.

Gwynedd_siop_newydd_1.jpg (98981 bytes)

"Gwynedd Siop Newydd"

Gwynedd's son Maldwyn e-mailed us this brilliant image. It brings back so many memories of this soft spoken gentleman.

Sion_Ty_Bach_1.jpg (30084 bytes)

"Sion Ty Bach 1981"

I think this is the best photograph that I have ever taken, but with such a character it would have been very difficult to take a bad one !!!

Plant_Ysgol_rhiw_Hen_Iawn.jpg (111838 bytes)

"Rhiw School"

Must be one of the oldest Rhiw school photos (circa 1890)

Elwyn_Penrallt.jpg (113968 bytes)


To hear Elwyn sing was like nothing else, he had a fantastic voice. And an unbeatable darts player.

Post_office_2.jpg (94682 bytes)

"Sea View"

I love the "cool dude" reading his news paper, after all there couldn't have been many cameras around then.

Parti_hela_rhiw_2.jpg (93699 bytes)

"Shooting Party"

Taken outside the "Penboncyn" pub in 1910, Evan Jones on the left was the landlord.

Dic_lon_las.jpg (148209 bytes)

"Dic Lon Las"

Dic loved this car, it was his pride and joy. When he sold it he got more than he paid for it new!!!

Robert_Ty_Rhyd.jpg (241759 bytes)

"Robat Ty Rhyd"

Robert told me a lot of stories when I was young, he was an avid reader and had a wealth of knowledge. Even though he suffered great pain from arthritis he always had a smile.

Twm.jpg (144414 bytes)

"Tom Post"

Tom's ingenuity shines through in this one, he used this home made trailer to carry hay. (another e-mail gem, this time from Mr C Hughes)

Dafaid_Rhiw_ddiwaethaf.jpg (89889 bytes)

"Defaid Rhiw"

This must be the last photograph of the "Rhiw" breed of sheep, which was taken in 1954.

Mynd_i_Sgota.jpg (93437 bytes)


This is the way we used to go fishing for Wrasse, with 18 foot long bamboo poles.

Tan_y_ffordd2.jpg (124766 bytes)

"Teulu Tan y Ffordd"

Photography at its best, we're so lucky that some one had a camera back then.

Laura_Griffith_2.jpg (89985 bytes)

"Laura Griffith"

The only photograph we have of a ship wreck in Hells Mouth, priceless.

Tyn_Llidiart.jpg (122234 bytes)

"Tyn Llidiart"

Taken around 1910, my second favourite.

I would like once again to thank everyone for these unbelievable images,


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