Hen Luniau / Old Photographs


conion_ucha.jpg (64811 bytes)

"Conion Ucha"


Rhuol Photographs

rhuol_01.jpg (48205 bytes)

"Myles Parry, Diana Bryant, Peter Elder, Ve Parry and Tom Parry"

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"Myles Parry, Diana Bryant, Peter Elder, Tom Parry and Capt Elder"


rhuol_07.jpg (52105 bytes)

"Graham and Sybil Elder"


rhuol_03.jpg (50217 bytes) rhuol_05.jpg (42957 bytes) rhuol_04.jpg (51920 bytes)


rhuol_06.jpg (55847 bytes)

"Sybil Elder and Tommy Williams"

"Idris Moelwyn View and Graham Elder"


bwthyn_ysgo_01.jpg (45463 bytes)

"Bwthyn Ysgaw"

(Tan Graig)


conion_ucha_02.jpg (52917 bytes)

"Peter Elder at Conion Ucha"

bwthyn_ysgo_03.jpg (57830 bytes)

"Bwthyn Ysgaw"

bwthyn_ysgo_02.jpg (59593 bytes)

"Bwthyn Ysgaw"


post_ysgol.jpg (45501 bytes)

"Sea View and School"


ty_ucha.jpg (63628 bytes)

"Ty Ucha"

rhiw.jpg (52197 bytes)



Old Photographs XXXXVII

Thanks to Capt and Mrs P Elder for these beautiful images.


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