"Rhiw school logs"

1885 ~ 1895



September 10th 1885.

Copy of Report.

The results of the Elementary subjects are excellent, and the general character of paper work is highly satisfactory. Mr Williams will shortly receive his certificate.

                                        Signed E Roberts Clerk.

September 11th.

The Misses Roberts of Plas yn Rhiw visited the school and examined the sewing.

September 15th.

The Attendance Officer called for a list.

September 21st

Attendance very small. The Attendance Officer visited the school.

September 25th

No school the weather being very rough.

September 30th.

No school the weather being very rough.

The attendance since the holidays has been very irregular average attendance 48.

October 5th.

Attendance small in the morning. Dismissed the children soon in the afternoon, it being very wet weather.

October 9th.

No school thanksgiving in church.

October 11th.

Attendance officer called in for list.


February 19th.

The Chairman of the board visited the school for the purpose of presenting the following children with Free tickets :-


1-David Parry Tyr Efail.  8 Evan Jones Salfyr.

2 Ann Roberts Trwyn Coch. 9 Mary Evans tan y Foel.

3 Lydia Williams Penygroes.10  Jane Jones Trip

4 Jane Williams Tan y Graig. 11 Catherine Hughes penygroes.

5- Jane Williams Tan y Graig. 12 Evan Owens Parish Cottage.

6 Ellen Jones Bodsara.    13 John Roberts Bryngwynt.

7 Sam L Williams Tan y Fynwent. John Roberts Conion Uchaf.


February 21st.

No School.

February 26th.

Attendance very low even though the weather is fine.

March 1st.

No school, owing to poor attendance on account of dreadful weather.

March 3rd.

No school owing to poor attendance on account of dreadful weather.

March 9th.

The Clerk and The Chairman of the Board visited the school.


The attendance is still very low and nothing is done to improve it.

March 16th.

The Clerk and The Chairman visited the school.


Copy of HMIs Report:-

The present teacher has only been a few months in charge and the late master it appears was some time ill before he left. The results are even worse than such circumstances should have left one to expect, not withstanding the fact that a very unusually large proportion of the children were exempted. I regret that I cannot recommend a Merit Grant.

My Lords will look for greatly improved results next year, as a condition of an unreduced grant. ( Article 115).

School Staff :-

Head teacher Lewis Lewis (2nd class)

Monitor William Williams (ex standard V)

Sewing Mistress Miriam Griffith.

                                        Edward Roberts Clerk.




August 18th.

School visited by Mr John Griffith student at Bangor College.

August 18th.

School visited by a parent.

August 22nd.


The failures in the writing of the first and third standards and in the arithmetic of the third standard are numerous. Grammar passable. Class subjects should however be abandoned until the elementary subjects are better taught. I recommend an un. Grant in consideration of the prevalence of Diptheria.

                                        Edward Roberts Clerk.

August 25th.

School visited by a parent. Sewing in the afternoon.

August 26th

School visited by Mr John Griffiths Nebo. Attendance good.

September 19th.

School reopened after three weeks holiday.

September 21st.

School visited by Mr Owen Williams Penygroes.

September 23rd.

School visited by a member and a parent. Attendance good.

September 28th.

School visited by Mrs Jones Baron Hill.

September 30th.

School visited by a parent.



February 17th.

Average falling. Measles reported at Tyr Efail.

The following is the list of children from the parish of Rhiw having their school fees paid from the Cae-mur charity :-

John Roberts, Conion Uchaf.
William Griffiths, Penygroes.
Robert Roberts, Ty Uchaf.
Elizabeth Jones, Tan yr Ardd.
Ellen Jones, Bodsara.
Evan Owens, Parich Cottage.
Catherine Hughes, Penygroes.

The following is the list of children from the parish of Llanfaelrhys having their school fees paid from the Cae-mur charity.

Mary Evans, Tan y Foel.
Thomas Jones, Tyn Rhyd.
David Thomas, Tyn Llan.
Thomas Thomas, Tyn Llan.
Catherine Rowlands, Rhiwlas.
Thomas Rowlands, Rhiwlas.
Catherine Griffith, Carreg Lefain.



To the Chairman of Aberdaron (UD) 

School Board, Dec 23 1895.


 I hereby give notice that I do not acknowledge the validity of the notice which I received to terminate my management by one week notice and that I am prepared to continue it until three months be over and any engagement terminated by a proper notice which I am entitled to receive.

                                  William Thomas.

                                        Board School Rhiw.



Dec 31st

Received a letter fro The Chairman of the Board in which he says:-

Our solicitor has been consulted in the matter and he is satisfied as to the validity of the notice. Now if you refuse to leave, I shall summon a meeting of The Board at once and measures will be affected immediately to evict you. The Clerk has been appointed to take the school over from you.

                                 Henry Williams Chairman.



William Thomas Dec 31st 1895.

January 1st.1896.

It was a most cowardly conduct of the new master and father in August 1895 to visit several members of the Board in a sneaky way to over throw one master for the sake of having his own son installed instead.

                                     W Thomas.



January 2nd 1896.

As the Board is not prepared to have my service continued. I leave for a remedy.

                                      W Thomas.





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