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Summary for 1902/3



December 17th.

Counted the children examined the register found and passed correct.- E Roberts Clerk.

December 22nd.

Examined school in the three R’s. The weakest subject was reading and dictation not much better, arithmetic has been fairly well grasped.

December 23rd.

Today broke school for the Xmas vacation.


January 4th.

Reopened school after the holidays.

Result of the Xmas exam. of teachers

Teacher, Grammar Geography History Composition
Maggie Jones 58% 42% 21% 75%
William Griffith 70% 42% 68% 60%

January 6th.

Mr R Parry Bodwyddog, ex Chairman of the Board paid a visit to the school this morning.

January 7th.

 Mr HG Williams visited the school this afternoon.

January 8th.

William Griffith, joiner, repaired ceiling down in classroom today.

January 22nd.

Owing to the extreme severity of the weather but few children are present. Consequently did not register.

January 25th.

No school for similar reason.


Summary of Scheme of instruction for 1902/3 approved by HMI – E Roberts esq.


English Reading Recitation Class 1- “Curfew shall not ring tonight.” And “The Norman Baron”.

Class 11 “ The Wreck of the Hesperus”.

Class 111 “ Father is coming” and “Somebody’s Mother”.

Headline Copy Books, Transcription and Dictation.

Grammar :- Class 1   Book 1-5 Arnold’s language lesson.
Class 11   Book 1-5   Arnold’s language lesson.
Class 111   Book 1-5 Arnold’s language lesson
Class 111(b)   Book 1  Arnold’s language lesson.

Also essay writing for class 1&11 and picture lesson for class 111.

Arithmetic – Scheme 13 with little variation. Also metric system.

Geography :- Class 1- General Geography of Europe. Latitude, longitude and time.

Class 11 British Isles.

Class 111 (a) Geographical terms ref to map of England. Plan of school. Cardinal points.

History :- Class 1 Reading matter for Royal History.

                  Readers 11 Lessons in English History.

                  Class 11 Reading matter for Royal History (1154 – 1603)

                  Readers 111 English History to 1154 A D.

                  Class 111(a) Stories from English History and from Welsh History (10 stories).

Translation :- Class 1 Translation from Welsh to English of short stories as in Hughes’s Guide to Welsh part 1.

Class 11 Translation from Welsh to English and vice versa of easy sentences as in Hughes’s Guide to Welsh part 1.

Singing :- As in appendix 1V  revised instructions. Five songs.

Drawing :- As under former codes, nut new drawing circular to be introduced.

Physical training :- As in the model course of physical training published by the Board of Education for use in Elementary Schools.

Reading :-

Class 1 Readers (fourth)
Family Geog Reader ( Europe)
Century Readers (no V1)
Royal history reader (no 11)
Class 11 Murche’s Science reader (book 111)
Century reader (no 1V)
Townley Geog Reader  ( British Isles)
Royal History reader (no 1)
Class 111(a) Murche’s science reader
Townley Geog reader (no1)
Elementary science and common things

Lesson subject as follows :-

Class 1&11. 28 lessons on common things eg A lesson plants and their uses. 4 lessons on birds and connections and 5 lessons on fish ( common to the coasts) 3 on insects their uses and abuse. 5 lessons on creatures useful to the farmer and man in general.

Class 111. 23 lessons on common things, same on plants and their uses and common plants, some on creatures useful to the farmer and same on the farmers enemies. Confusion of common animals to foster the habit of careful observation




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