"Rhiw school logs"

1877 ~ 1884



May 7th.

The Rhiw Board School was opened by John Willington, 24 admitted during the week, when three of the Board School members were present.

May 11th

Five admitted during the week, one left.

May 22nd.

The school visited by the Rev David Davies Independent Minister. 6 admitted during the week.

May 28th

26 admitted during the week, Number on the register 60.

June 5th.

( 3 admitted during the week) Visited by the Clerk of the School Board.

June 18th.

Ordinary progress.

June 23rd.

Return made to Mr Rowlands Bangor College.

June 26th.

Mr William Hughes of Mur Mawr visited the school.

July 3rd.

1 admitted. Attendance fair.

July 10.

6 admitted 1 left.

July 24th

1 admitted and 1 left and 74 on the register. School shutdown, the death of the Master.

September 24th School reopened by Evan D Williams.

October 2.

School visited by the Secretary of the School Board and a parent.

October 3rd.

School examined. Very backward in notation.



January 8.

Treasurers visited the school and gave the child a word of advice, also a parent in the afternoon.

Warned the children not to tell lies, and the importance of being truthful children, gave them examples to show how bad it was, and the ends of untrue children.

School visited by a member of the School Board.

January 11th.

Attendance low owing to the children being ill through cold.

School visited by Mrs Thomas Conion, Miss Roberts Bwlch Garreg and Miss Williams Benallt.

January 14th.

I Robert Roberts new Master took charge of Rhiw UD Board School, attendance small.

January 15th.

 Attendance increasing  owing to the weather being so wet.

January 17th

Attendance fair in the afternoon.

January 21st

School visited by a member of the board.

January 24th

School visited by a member of the board and another gentleman.

January 25th

Attendance low owing to the weather being cold and stormy.



This School has passed a very fair examination in the elementary subjects. Sewing fairly promising. Attendance improved. Monitor should be employed. More books and apparatus should be supplied article 32(b).

                                                         E Roberts clerk.

October 6th

Attendance good, School visited by parent.

October 10th

Examined 2nd grade in Reading and spelling. Sewing as usual.

October 15th

School visited by Rev TH Richards Rector of Rhiw.

Attendance good.

October 17th

Rev H Owen Rector of Bryncroes called and took 3rd grade reading.

October 22nd

School visited by the School Board Clerk. Attendance good.

October 24th.

School visited by a parent.

October 28th

Holiday on account of Prayer Meeting in different chapels.

November 3rd

Attendance small owing to the wet and cold weather.

November 7th

School visited by a parent.

November 11th

Holiday for Thanksgiving for the harvest held at Rhiw church.

November 14th

Attendance small. Sewing in the afternoon.




Visited the school this afternoon and account the children – compares with the register and found correct.

                      E Roberts Clerk.

June 6th

Holiday Whit Monday, school visited by a parent. Attendance good.

June 13.

Inspectors Report.

Result on the whole fair and in some respects creditable. Infants backward, sewing satisfactory. I recommend an efficient Monitor or assistant for the infants. I have to remind the School Board that the Childs Book has not been filled up in this instance. My Lords have ordered Grant to be reduced by one tenth for deficient instruction of infants.

                      Edward Roberts Clerk to the Board.

June 14th

School visited by a parent. Attendance good.

June 16th

Attendance low in the afternoon owing to the wet weather.


School Logs,


August 31st

School visited by a parent. Attendance low, owing to the wet and stormy weather.

The first and second standards have passed a very creditable examination in the elementary subjects, while of  third and fourth standards only one I am sorry to say passed in writing and arithmetic. Penmanship of the second standard ,very good.

Unless  there is a very substantial improvement in the writing and arithmetic of the upper standards, and the intelligence of the school generally it will not be in my power to recommend an un….. Grant next year.

                        E Roberts Clerk of the board.

September 4th

Attendance good.

September 5th

Attendance low owing to the wet and stormy weather.

September 10th

School visited by a parent.

September 17th.

School visited by a parent. Attendance good.

September 22nd.

Kept two boys behind for being late in coming to school.

September 24th.

Attendance low owing to the wet weather.


December 7th.

School visited by the School Board Clerk.

December 11th.

Attendance very good.

December 12th.

Weather very rough, small attendance.

December 13th.

Weather very rough, small attendance.

December 14th.

School visited by the School Board Clerk. He warned the children about attending school.

December 117th.

Examined standard two and found them very backward in arithmetic.

December 20th.

School visited by the School Board Clerk and The Chairman.

December 25th.

Christmas. Holiday in school.

December 26th.

Began school attendance very small.



January 7th.

Mr D Oliver left the school since the 28th December last – and was reopened this day by Mr Morgan Williams Normal College Bangor.

                                       E Roberts Clerk.

I Morgan Williams reopened this school after the Xmas holidays. Attendance 36 in the morning. Weather very rough. The Clerk and Chairman visited the school.

                                         M Williams.

Reports .

Summary of HMI’s Report on the Aberdaron Rhiw Board School for the year ending June 30th 1884.

“ Though the failures are rather numerous in the writing and arithmetic of the third standard a great improvement has been effected in the general work of this school, an improvement which promises well for the future”.

                                         E Roberts Clerk.

September 4th.

No sewing the classroom not being in order after placing up the bell.

September 5th.

No sewing. Average for week 43.8 the lowest for the quarter so far. Wrote out the list of absentees for Attendance Officer. It contained 38 names. 24 being absent all the week and 14 two days and upwards.

September 8th.

Opened school this morning with only 38 children present.

September 11th

Mr Roberts the Attendance Officer called at the school.

September 12th.

Average attendance for week 44. Absentee list continued. 25 names all of whom had been absent about ten times.

September 15th.

Attendance better than it has been for several weeks past (52 – 54).

September 16th

The school was visited by Mr Parry Chairman of the Board and Mr Jones Bryn Geinach.

September 19th.

The Misses Roberts of Plas yn Rhiw visited the school and looked over the sewing.




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