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From time to time I have encouraged the children to write Welsh Poetry, two or three have taken keen interest in it and one namely John Rowlands Pen y Groes gives very good promise. He is only eleven years of age and has already composed several short lyrics and verses.

An example :-

Nebo (Cong. Church.)

Dacw gapel bychan Nebo

A chof golofn hogiau’r gad.

Dacw fynwent las yn tyfu

Lle gorwedda’m hannwyl dad.


Dacw lechau beddi gleision

Rhain wnant galon pawb yn drist

Er nad yw ond capel bychan

Lle addolir Iesu Grist.


A review of his work is to be given in ‘Y Dinesydd Gymreig’ shortly by Mr Caradog Jones, Rhoshirwaen.




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