Snippets VIII

1559. Assault.

On the 19th of May 1559 there was an indictment against Ieuan ap Morgan ap Hywel ap Dafydd ap Iorwerth of Penarfynnydd yeoman for assault and wounding of Ieuan ap John ap Hywel ap Ieuan Lloyd at Penarfynnydd.


1510. Killing sheep.

In April 1510 David ap Guttyn Lewis and Ieuan Lewis of Cadlan, his brother in law (a common malefactor with no certain place of habitation) for hunting and Killing eight sheep on the common mountain of Aberdaron delivered for thr augmentation of friend Dafydd ap Ieuan ap Rees.


Christmas 1938.

When the school closed for the holidays the teachers gave each of the children a penny and Miss Dora Williams Tyn Graig gave the children an orange. Kitty Carreg Lefain and Katie Seaview thanked the Teachers and Miss Williams on behalf of the children.

The following pupils were awarded certificates for full attendance :-

Doreen Lon Las, Kitty Carreg Lefain, Katie Seaview and Brenda Eifion.


January 24 1938.

On thursday the first red van belonging to the Post Office brought the mail to Aberdaron, for the past 56 years the mail had been brought by the Tocia carriers.


Tenor’s voice.( January 1915)

When the Rev John Williams left for America a concert was held in the School at Rhiw, one of those taking part was Griffith Williams Bryn Awel or Guto Butcher as he was known. He sang the song ‘We go to America’ and this is how one journalist described his singing. “ Here is a man with an excellent tenor voice, and it is an honour for Rhiw Literary Society to have brought out such musical talent to the eyes of the world !”


Fright. (March 1915)

On monday evening the residents of Rhiw were in fear having seen a ship anchored where no ships usually anchor, but eventually went on her way having neither caused or sustained any damage.!!


February 16 1898 -  The Fever.

There has been a great deal of suffering from this disease in the Rhiw area. There wasn’t one household that wasn’t affected and the Medical Officer Dr Fraser ordered the closure of the school twice for a period of two weeks on both occasions.


Brick works. February 1898.

Work at the brickworks (At Hells Mouth) came to a halt and caused a great deal of anxiety in the area as it employed many people and would be a great loss to the area. However the stoppage was due to the fact that new machinery was being installed much to the relief of those employed there.


March 15 1898.

Mr G Jones and Mr R Jones of Lleyn District Council compiled a report after their recent visit to Rhiw to see the road that had collapsed into the sea.


Elizabethan Pirates.

Morgan ap John wanted to indicite John Wyn ap Hugh who was a pirate that used Bardsey Island as his base. The ignorant people of Carnarvonshire induced by John Wyn to help the pirates are indited for so doing. John Wyn uses Ynys Enlli as his chief headquarters for storage purposes and has a factor there, one William Morgan. The pirates booty is carried thence to Chester and sold there in the market and fairs. John Wyn is a man of good countenance, great, power, no one will object nought against him or his men, and no jury will indict them.


April 1929. Corpse Candle.

Anne Owen woke during the night and out of the bedroom window of her cottage Bryn Tirion, on the mountainside she could see a light going along the path below her cottage.

The path went along the mountain in the direction of Ael y Bryn and Bryn Awel. Anne couldn’t see any signs of a person holding a lantern, but the light seemed to be going along of its own accord until it stopped in the vicinity of Bryn Awel. The following morning Anne heard that Griffith Williams Bryn Awel had died during the night, and Anne believed that she had seen a corpse candle that previous night. It is also said that lights appeared on the garden wall of Syntyr at the exact time that Rolant Syntyr had a fatal accident on his motorbike in the village of Sarn in the thirties.



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