Snippets VII

The Whale.

During the early thirties a whale was washed ashore at Porth Ysgo. According to those that remember it was quite large and the men of the village had to cut it up before burying it in Pwll y Gaseg at the upper end of the beach. We came across a photograph of Daniel Rowlands Rhiwlas with what we presume is one of the whale’s fins.

pysgodun_porth_ysgo.jpg (56239 bytes)


Aircraft disaster.

On October 11 1938 two aircraft collided above Hells Mouth and crashed onto a field at Trefollwyn farm. Three airmen were killed in the accident. The RAF used to use Hells Mouth  for target practise with their bombs at this time.


Furnishing the hall.

After completing the construction of the village hall, the committee sought to furnish it, they bought the chairs from Howells Boarding School in Denbigh, They got 300 chairs for 9/- each, and Mr H Dwylan Griffith Tudweiliog, who had a haulage firm offered to collect them for free. The curtains for the stage were bought from ‘Watts and Cory’ Manchester for £124- 11- 9 and they were put in place by Mr H Williams Uwchmynydd along with Mr Gwilym Hughes Ty Uchaf and Mr G Jones. Mr Cyril Hughes Tangraig ( maths teacher at Bottwnog Grammar School) was consulted as to how to place the lighting and wiring for the stage.


Dic Lon Las.

On the 17th of March 1954 at a meeting of the village hall committee, it was decided to give a vote of thanks to Mr Richard Jones Lon Las for his contribution to the village hall funds. He was the individual that raised the most money ever for the fund, he did this by selling raffle tickets and holding whist drives.

Dic_lon_las6.jpg (97448 bytes)

Another person who had a special thanks paid to him was Lewis Jones Fronoleu for his work as secretary of the village hall committee from 1926- 1952.



On Sunday night the 1st of November 1953 during a severe gale the gable end of the village hall collapsed, ( the hall was under construction at the time)

Adeiladu_neuadd_rhiw_1955.jpg (86179 bytes)



In April 1935 a woman in Rhiw could buy a new outfit for the summer for three guineas.

In December 1907 a housewife in Rhiw bought bed linen for eight shillings and eight pennies.

William Owen Meillionydd paid £75 for a car in 1938.

In 1877 Evan Jones Nant bought half a ton of salt for 1/3 and three tons of coal for £3-12-0.

And in 1894 the Doctor John Roberts M D Surgeon charged one guinea for visits between December 1893 and February 1894.

bil_dillad_01.jpg (25529 bytes)            bil_dillad_02.jpg (35245 bytes)

Thanks to Mr R Jones.



 Years ago Owen Hughes’s family Conion owned a horse called Blodwen, she was a beautiful large mare and everyone in the village knew Blodwen. When funerals occurred Blodwen would pull the cart bearing the coffin, especially from those cottages that were located on the mountain and difficult to get to.

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If you have any little snippets about Rhiw, please let us know, and we will add them to our next page. Thank you.


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