Dear friend,

Here I am taking the pleasure of writing to you, hoping that you like me are in good health. I received your kind letter and parcel safely. Thank you for it. Well I donít have much news for you from here. Where is Guto Meillionydd ? I thought how nice it was for you being at Sarn Fair and me in a place like this. Tell Evan Bodwyddog Bach that Iím asking after him. Guto Pwllmelyn has had a bad injury. Robert Owen has been in hospital for two months now and he still hasnít come back. What does Twm Pisgah think ? How is Dick Tanffordd  now. They go on leave to England from here. Where is Guto Jones Tan y Bryn now. I heard that Robin Bach gets a girl every night. Ben is in the same place as me. How is John Bodwyddog. Iím hoping I can come home soon. Well Iíve nothing more to say this time, write back soon.

             I end this by sending my best wishes to you.

                                          Yours Richard.





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