Hereís my address

                                                          203 Corp R Hughes

                                                          15 Battalion R W Fu

                                                             B E F France.

Dear Rolant,

                  I take the pleasure of writing to you hoping that you like me are in good health. I donít have much news to give you this time. Iím surprised that you havenít sent me a letter Iíve sent you two, a reply would Ö.. and I Ďd  like and be glad of it. Has Ben married the maid at Bodwrdda ? Robert Owen is in hospital. Howís Miss Jones Refail. I heard Robin Bach had a warrant, what does old Owen think, is Evan Jones still at Bodwyddog Bach. Itís very cold here. Tell Richard oil that I was asking after him.

How are your father and  mother. The lads are all muddy. Well Iíve no more news this time youíll get more next time when I get a letter from you. Donít forget to reply soon.

             I end this by sending you my best wishes.

                     Yours Richard.

  Paper is scarce here.





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