"Nant Gadwen"

About ten years ago on a beautiful summers day, my wife and I went down through Nant Gadwen to Porth Ysgo. Just after we went through the gate on to Ysgo land, we noticed  some very strange marks on a rock Rhiw_Nant_Gadwen_Today.jpg (50198 bytes)to our left across the stream. I had walked down this path a thousand times but had not seen this before, and we realized that the reason for this is the angle of the sun, so the other day I went back there again I arrived about 1pm the weather was perfect plenty of sunshine, but I soon realized that it would be a long wait as the sun had a long way to travel before I would see my "FIND". It was not until 3.30pm that the sun was in the right place, and the photos here are the result of my patience. It only lasts about ten minutes and then its gone for another day. I have asked several people about this but no one seems to know anything about it. I don't think its a natural thing as its too regimental, but I would swallow my pride if I'm told by experts otherwise.

Carreg Nant Gadwen 1.jpg (137622 bytes)

Carreg Nant Gadwen 3.jpg (136894 bytes)

Before the Sun is in the right place.


Carreg Nant Gadwen 2.jpg (116538 bytes)

The face of the rock is very flat


Carreg_nant_gadwen.JPG (96176 bytes)

Just at the right time


Carreg Nant Gadwen 5.jpg (196008 bytes)

What do you make of it?


The rock itself is about two meters high, the top left line is part of a crack in the rock, but the rest looks to me anyway, as man made. I'm going to contact the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust department, and I will let you know as soon as I find out anything.( You never know it could be a treasure map!!!!)


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