"American Tour 1871"

When we were lent three albums of old photographs by Mr and Mrs W Owen, in amongst them was an old notebook that contained the following account of a tour of America in 1871. The collection of old photographs belonged to Mrs Owen’s late Father John, who was the barber at Abersoch as was his father before him. How John came by this notebook is a mystery.  The author obviously comes from Oldham Lancashire and is undoubtedly connected with the cotton mills there. One of the traveling companions was Chas Lees who was an industrialist and donated his paintings to the Oldham Art Gallery as well donating funds to the Oldham Infirmary. All we know of the author is that he has two children at the time of writing known as Harold and Edith. The account is very descriptive of America and Canada at the time and a sense of a ‘Victorian Gentleman of the Empire’ abroad can be seen quite clearly. Whilst emigrants from Llyn hardly enjoyed the same standard of passage or accommodation on arrival in America we decided to include it on Rhiw.com as it is so descriptive of the country at a time when so many left here in hope of a better life.

If you can enlighten us as to the author may be, we would be most grateful. 

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