New York May 1 1805.

Dear Brother,

                    Received yours which was dated May 10th 1804 which was thankfully read many times and we are always acknowledge our thanks to you, and in regard of what you have propose in your letter of a lease of my wifeís property, I  think that your proposal would answer my purpose as well, therefore my wife and me have come to this resolution of giving up the power to you to be the manager of the house and my wifeís property during her life, the lease will be on the other side of this sheet, in regard of send me the money every three years I must insist having the interest with them which is required by the law of England or send some of them yearly without interest, and am in hopes that my father have received one years rent, if not youíll pay him one years rent for which Iíve used that of value. Should be glad to know where my father lives in your next letter, one thing my wife is at a loss that she does not understand the English language, there is not so much of welsh sermons, there is as much preaching in English as in any part of the world. We both are now very contented and rather live life in America than in poor old Wales. My wife said that she would be very glad to see her sister and brother in America. I do not believe that they shall see me in Wales again. Little Jane is at home with us she has been in school, she can read and write welsh and English very well. Farmers live well in general some of all sorts every where but in general farmers are freeholders most are upon their own farms and the taxes are very light, all taxes is about twenty pence in the pound.

Now to mention to you that we have sold the farm that we have bought at Stuben and have been paid very well for the trouble and improvement we made, and now live at New York where we intend to stay and buy a house in this city as soon as we can with your assistance as soon as convenient you can.

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"The Agreement"

My wife have many particulars in the old and new should been in many little troubles but still she finds that all is to the Glory of the Lord, thanks be to His Name, not many will be disappointed that will give his trust in him and in hopes that the Lord will be glorified in all his mournfully dealings to me and mine house and in hopes that you experience the work of the Lord in your soul which gives me the greatest pleasure to hear. Should be very glad to hear, how is my father situated and all yours as soon as convenient. Please give our joint love to my father Thomas Roberts, sister Mary, Robert Jones Penygraig. David Parry, Brother John Jones and Evan Jones, Mary Jones and all inquiring friends too numerous to mention all.

All I can give is it is much better in America than in the old country for every sober industrious man, either in towns or country, good farms, reasonable rent, good wages in towns for everybody that will work, and plenty of work for everybody to do. I don not invite you to come for afeared of meeting a misfortune on your passage here and blaming us afterwards, but we should be glad to see you.


Divert to me thus:-

Richard J Jones,

No 134 Division Street,

New York.

Joint love to Brother Richard Parry, who am your affectionate Dear brother Richard J Jones.



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