The Keating's Song


Keating's powder does the trick,

Kills all Bugs and Fleas off quick;

Keating he's a jolly brick.

Bravo! long live Keating!


Keating he's the man who knows

How to bring us sweet repose

When in sleep our eyelids close !

Stop the Fleas from biting !


So, if you would soundly sleep,

Keating's Powder always keep;

Peace and comfort you will reap !

Is not that inviting !


If all folks would use the same,

See each tin bears "Keating's" name,

Fleas would stop their little game

And their midnight meeting.


As you've probably gathered by now, the Keating family had a past quite different to Plas yn Rhiw, as this little poem from a advert in 1886 so amusingly shows. And the writing on the Flea powder packets was just as good.

Great fleas have little fleas

upon their backs to bite them

And little fleas have lesser fleas

And so  ad infinatum !!!


Have you started scratching yet ? Its quite amazing how adverts have changed over the years. In the 1880's it must of been a very hip campaign, just imagine the board sitting around listening to the ad campaign manager going through his latest creation, and all the board nodding their heads in approval. (And it gets better !!!!!)

Done to Death


Who killed the Cockroach ?

Says KEATING; 'Twas I :-

My powder let fly,

And so killed the Cockroach.


Who saw him die ?

Says Cookie: 'Twas me :-

I watched him with glee,

And I saw him die.


Who caught his blood ?

No blood was there seen :-

He "dropped off" quite clean !

So none caught his blood.


Who'll dig his grave ?

I ! said the boy :-

I'll dig it with joy :-

Let me dig his grave !


What caused the crowd ?

The numbers that flew-

The marvel to view :-

Yes ; they caused the crowd.


Who saw the come ?

Thomas KEATING stood by-

With gratified eye ;

And he saw them come.


Who'll ring the bells ?

We! said the Nation :-

We'll ring an ovation :-

Oh we'll ring the bells !


Then a chorus of shouts rose loud. yet louder,

In praise of the infallible KEATING'S POWDER ;

And all Britons joined in a big "mass meeting"

To vote their best thanks to THOMAS KEATING.


The board must have been paralyzed after that one was read out.



Thanks to Mr E J Griffith for his help with this article.


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