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In the early twenties it was decided that Rhiw should have it’s own ‘Cultural Centre’ and a comittee was formed with the intention of setting up such an institution and also to raise funds towards the cost of purchasing land and building costs. It was with great enthusiasm that the villagers got together a comittee, Lewis Jones Frondeg was the secretary, they met at the village school and for a number of years they worked hard in securing funds.  Landowners in Rhiw were asked if they would be willing to sell land to build the hall on and in 1929 Mrs Jane Griffith Tyddyn Morthwyl said she would willingly sell them land at a reasonable price.

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"One of the first sports day programs (1926)"

Concerts, plays and whist drives were held to raise money and in the summer a show and sports day was organised and by all accounts it was quite an affair. The committee sought sponsorship from far and wide for the sports day, in fact most prominent firms of that period were contacted, most were glad to help. However not all the sponsorship would be deemed ‘politically correct’ by today’s standards, having said that there’s no cigarette race in today’s Olympics either!!! Another race to be held was the ‘ Run to Pen Clip’ for the over fifties – apparently only one brave old fellow attempted it.

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"Clay Pigeon shooting Rules"

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In the 1931 show Pc Owen of Sarn swept the board in the flower and garden section – no doubt an indication that crime levels were low in the area!!!!!

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"1936 Program"  

They wrote to prominent firms and people, people who had left the area to work and had done well for themselves and on the whole the reaction was very favorable.

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Thanks to Mrs G Thomas, for this material. 


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