Bardsey’s first tractor

Spring 1956

After having a wander round the island to see the chapel, the school and the lighthouse, and listenening to the radio programme ‘Teulu’r siop’ (The family at the shop) at seven and eating supper Dic, Stan, Emrys, Gerald and Pennant went to bed early on Bardsey. The snow lay on the ground for the first time since the winter of 1947 – by half nine the lads were tucked up in bed snug and warm.

They were oblivious to the fact that the Porthdinllaen lifeboat, it’s decks covered in ice, had been out searching for them for five hours. They were’nt the first to have been stranded on Bardsey either, and there was nothing for it but to have an early night.

 Richard Roberts, Stanley R, Thomas from Mynytho, Emrys Jones and Pennant Evans from Pwllheli and Gerald Lightfoot from Sarn, had just brought a new tractor to the island. That morning when the tractor was disamntled at Porth Meudwy and loaded onto the boat, the sea was as calm as a duckpond. There were no problems in getting the tractor over to the island. Once on the island the tractor was rebuilt and the work completed at about three thirty and the lads were ready to return to the mainland.

By this time the wind had increased and Bardsey Sound was far too choppy for the boat to return to Porth Meudwy. At Aberdaron D.J. Blackstone, mananger of North Wales Engineers, who’d sold the tractor, knew nothing of what was happening. Seeing the hours pass by with no sign of the lads, he decided to ring Holyhead lighthouse so that they could send a message to Bardsey radio to see what was going on, however by that time, Bardsey radio had closed down for the night. This was the reason Porthdinllaen lifeboat ventured out and found that the lads were safe and tucked up in bed on Bardsey Island.

Ernest the 12 year old son of Mr and Mrs W.J. Evans, Ty Pella Bardsey has his hands on the steering wheel already. For him the day the tractor came to Bardsey was a great occasion. That morning  he was up at six in order to get to the mainland , Ernest is a dab hand at steering the boat and he’ll soon be mastering driving a tractor.

Left to right

Pennant Evans, William Evans, Ty Pella, Enlli, Stanley Rees Thomas, Abererch, Jim Blackstone, Pwllheli, Richard Roberts, Mynytho, Emrys Jones, Pwllheli, Ernest Evans as a young lad, William Thomas Evans and Gerald Lightfoot.


Thanks to Mr & Mrs E Roberts, for the original from the "Cymro".


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