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John B Jones

In the late 1700's early 1800's I understand that there were a few Inn's, Ale Houses, within the village of Tydweiliog, presumably due to the predominantly small farms in the area, also it being on the main road used by Drovers on their way to the market town of Pwllheli. It was also on the Stagecoach route; one of which I know was operated from Tir Gwenith. I remember as a small boy visiting Tir Gwenith and seeing the old coach. The Lion Inn survived and as many know is the "Lion Hotel" today.

Tir Gwenith Stagecoach at Tudweiliog




The licence for the premises was held by the Jones family for over 200 years until the passing of the last licence holder Anne Jones in 1963. Its survival in such a small community could well be attributed to its connection to the Cefnamlwch Estate. The rents for the smallholdings owned by the Estate were collected at the Lion twice a year for many years. My Grandfather John Parry Jones, who was born in Llangwnadl, married in 1886 Janet the only child of the then Licenses John and Janet Jones. John was born in Penllech and his wife came from Henllan, Denbigh. My grandparents had ten children, five boys and five girls, who, sadly have now all passed away.

Janet Jones and her daughter Janet in 1894

John Parry, and Janet Jones, John Henry, Robert Owen, Thomas, and Anne Jones in 1902.

John Parry Jones was the Carpenter/Joiner for the estate at Cefnamlwch, and also kept cattle, pigs and chickens at the Lion. My grandmother mainly ran the hotel with able assistance from two other daughters Anne and Jane (Shian). My father Thomas Jones (Twm Ring) the third eldest, at an early age, like so many others from Pen Llyn went to sea. He travelled to all corners of the world sailing mainly out of Liverpool on the "City Boats" and became Quartermaster on the "City of Lille" and in those days it was not unusual for them to be away for up to two years.

Tom had followed his elder brother Robert to sea. Robert in port at Sydney Australia met a young lady and fell in love. He came home to tell his parents of his intentions, then returned to Australia and in 1920 married and settled there. He as I mentioned passed away in 1977 and his widow Daisy lived on to celebrate her 100th birthday in 2001, only to die some three months later. Apparently having worked hard all her life and bringing up five children through difficult times her one ambition was to reach 100 years, and as she "jokingly" said at one time "It means that I can have my picture in the newspaper". Both she achieved before joining her beloved Bob.

John and Janet in the Lion garden 1930's

Janet (Shian) Jones, "Twm Dinas" and Anne Jones 1950's.

I am still researching the family history and who knows what I may find - maybe if this is reproduced on the "Web" someone there in Pen Llyn may well provide me with some snippet of information. One aspect in which I am interested in is the property called "Tyn Ffynnon" Llangwnadl where my grandfather was born, but I have been unable to locate it. Someone did mention that it is a ruin, demolished by an exploding mine in the bay nearby during the Second World War.


Many thanks to John B Jones, for this fascinating account, and photographs of the "Lion"

And if you can help Mr Jones, in any way with his family history, could you please contact us, and we will pass your details on. Thank you.


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