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The first TE20's ran on petrol. There were later versions that ran on TVO, and diesel.
Some were converted in the UK to use a 3-cylinder Perkins diesel engine.

TE, stood for Tractor England.
TO, stood for Tractor Overseas.

Models and production years.

TE-20, Continental Z-120, petrol engine, 1946-1948
TE-A-20, Standard Motor Company, petrol engine, 1947-1956
TE-B-20, Continental Z-120, petrol engine, Narrow wheelbase, 1946-1948

TE-C-20, Standard petrol, 1948-1956

TE-D-20, TVO 1949-1956
TE-E-20, TVO, 1949-1956
TE-F-20, diesel, 1951-1956
TE-H-20, lamp oil, 1950-1956
TE-J-20, lamp oil, Narrow 1950-1956
TE-K-20, petrol, Vineyard 1952-1956
TE-L-20, TVO, Vineyard 1952-1956

TE-M-20, lamp oil, Vineyard 1952-1956
TE-P-20, petrol, Industrial 1952-1956
TE-R-20, TVO, Industrial 1952-1956
TE-S-20, lamp oil, Industrial 1952-1956
TE-T-20, Diesel, Industrial 1952-1956

Production of the Little Fergie's started in late 1946, at the Banner Lane plant in Coventry, England. During 1947, they made 20,579 tractors, and in 1948 they turned out 56,878. In just over two years Harry Ferguson's UK operation had become "Tractor Makers to the World" with three quarters of that production destined for export, for example, in Denmark, 70% of tractors sold were Ferguson. The last one left the plant in 1956, and the final production figure, a staggering 517,651.

The first petrol and TVO versions cost 418, and the earliest diesels 538, at the Pwllheli Ferguson dealer. (The North Wales Agricultural Engineers Ltd)

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