Restoration of a Ferguson TE-20 (Lleucu)
Aled Williams



Tegwen’s barn-mate

Tegwen and Lleucu shared the same barn on Peredur Williams’ farm. After the work on Tegwen was complete, Lleucu was brought over to me for attention.



Lleucu has worked for Peredur since 1981 and she has always been an efficient and dependable tractor. Her first owner was Mr. Jones of Mela in the parish of Llannor. He may have brought her over from England as she carries a Derbyshire number –TRB 230.  The tractor number is TEF 340182 and engine: SA24360E.



The steering box was Lleucu’s main problem. Then seized brakes became apparent as did the very advanced effect of corrosion. A great deal of wire-wheeling was required, therefore, but compared with Tegwen, much of the paint-work had been saved by a layer of oily muck.


The engine

The Standard engine was in fine condition requiring only a major service and a good cleaning. The diesel tanks had seeped fuel that had attracted dust on the components. The tanks received a treatment similar to Tegwen’s.


The Gearbox

The starter safety button had to be worked free. Other than that, the whole gearbox was in an outstanding condition. Mr. Jones and Mr. Williams must have treated it with reverence over the years!


The Steering Box

This had been destroyed by galvanic corrosion. This phenomenon arises when two dissimilar metals are in contact. An electric current flowing between them can accelerate the process and an aluminium casing can be transformed into a white powder. Using ‘Titanine’ between the metals checks this problem and Mr. Ferguson insisted on this practice.

Holes had developed at the bottom of the box and all the gear oil had long since vanished. Holes at the top of the box had let in grit with devastating effect. On top of that, someone had fitted a non-TE20 steering wheel to the box. The proper steering wheel has a shoulder that prevents moisture travelling past the chromium-plated collar. This is another example of the designer’s subtlety. The top bearing had subsequently corroded and dropped all its rollers into the box.

Luckily, Peredur had managed to obtain a second-hand box with a proper steering-wheel. This was clear of any corrosion and setting it up was an easy task. New oil seals were fitted and the wheel was re-shaped.


The Brakes

Again, a fair amount of effort was required with these. The use of an impact driver and heat was essential before the cleaning and greasing stages. The brake-shoes were fine.

This was a floating-cam system.


Wheels and tin-work

The angle-grinder and wire-wheel were extensively used for this work and the bonnet dents were hammered out. It’s amazing how many original Fergies have dented bonnets.



Lleucu received a beige undercoat followed by several coats of the correct Ferguson Grey paint as recommended by Holland-Brand. She went back to her new home at Tan y Bryn a healthier and smarter tractor.




Lleucu and Tegwen

Notice that Tegwen is the wrong shade of grey, and is darker.


Aled has a webpage full of detailed step by step photographs of the restoration of Lleucu, Link below.

View Lleucu the Little Grey

Many thanks to Aled for sharing his restoration programs with us.

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