"Trysorfa'r Plant Enlli"

Childrens magazine from 1934

Here’s a photograph of the School Children of Bardsey. The teacher is Mrs Murray Williams, sister of the late missionary, Lucy Murray.

Bardsey is known as the Island of the Saints, thousands of pilgrims have flocked there over the centuries and many were buried on the island in olden times.

You get to the island by boat from Aberdaron, a village in the west of the County of Caernarfon. On the southern tip of the island stands the lighthouse which guides mariners in stormy weather and at night.

When we asked the young boy to the right of the photograph what he wanted to be when he grew up he replied; “I want to be a Captain of a big ship”. It’s good to have ambitions and aim high. Let’s hope that one day William will command one of the Great Liners, that he sees passing  by his island home.

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There are seven farms, four other houses, a school, a chapel and the minister’s house on the island. The minister is the Rev Edward Evans, BA, who spent many years as a missionary in Nigeria, West Africa.

The Cove

What a beautiful photograph of the children at the cove watching the visitors,  landing on the island.

Each month the children receive the ‘SORFA FACH’ (Sunday school publication) and it makes the rounds until everyone has read it. The children of the island read every book that is sent to them from the County Library, and they would dearly love to have more Welsh books.

Dame Margaret Lloyd George was kind enough to donate a harmonium to the children to help them with the singing, and Mr Lovatt, from London has presented them with a wireless set. Mr Talmage Davies from Cricieth has always taken a keen interest in the children of Bardsey and over the years has sent them  many gifts, and this year he spent his holidays with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t make him the ‘King’ of Bardsey. If you have any books or gifts you would like to send the children of Bardsey, they would be most grateful to receive them. And should you decide to take your holidays on Bardsey, you’d be assured of the best welcome you’d ever experience.

Rev J Bennett Williams, BA, Cricieth, from ‘Trysorfa’r Plant’ January 1934.


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