Other Historical Buildings


Carreglefain Fawr

Carreglefain Fawr 1750, boulder plinth, squat chimney.

Baron Hill. Ruin of single story house, 24ft by 15ft, on platform site.

Bodgrugyn built early 18th century, croglofft cottage now a ruin, modern bungalow built next to it.


The Rectory was built in three stages. The original house of ca 1700, now forming the rear wing, stands on a platform excavated in the hillside and is of roughly coursed rubble, with an added upper storey. It has a squat square chimney with drip ledges. Extensions added circa 1775 and 1833. In 1776 and 1834 the house was described in the Terriers as being thatched.

Bryn-Ffoulk croglofft cottage of circa 1700 with inserted dormer.

Old Mill (Henfelin)

Henfelin ruined water mill on a platform overlooking Hells Mouth, rubble-built, 20ft by 14ft, said to have been inscribed 1611.

Ty'r Felin

Tyr Felin ruined, rubble built house circa 1700 partly rebuilt; tall square stack.

Meillionydd Bach early 18th century, modernised.

Sarn (Sarn y Plas)

Sarn, 17th - 18th century, croglofft cottage with boulder footings on platform.

House NE of Bronheulog. Ruin 19ft by 11ft, on a long hut site.

House N. of Pant. Ruin, 26ft 6ins by 14ft. Opposite doorways.


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