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Re –Opening of the Old Temple, July 10th 1906 – by Henry Lloyd (vicar)

In a historical sense the parish and village of Aberdaron is almost without comparison in Wales. Within the parish can be found the Roman Fortification on Mynydd Ystum where once stood Odo’s Chapel, below in another direction are the remains of the cottage of the esteemed character, Dic Aberdaron. At the furthest end of the parish towards the Holy Isle of Bardsey is situated Cwrt Farm, where once courts of justice were held and within a stone’s throw to the farm is the Saint’s River. Overlooking the sea at the furthermost part of the parish are the remains of St Mary’s church, it was from here that pilgrims made the crossing to the famous isle. For the historian the parish is full of interesting antiquities. No less important in historical terms is the village itself, for it is here in close proximity to the sea, stands the church, founded by Bishop Hywyn of Bardsey in the sixth century.

The passage of time saw many changes and the church became prey to many enemies and marauders, it was abused and degraded by Cromwell’s ‘dogs of war’. But the Old Temple remains despite the ravages of the sea and of evil foes. And stay it will, for the past few months has seen it undergo restoration and repair and by today it is a resplendent, beautiful and fitting place for the spiritual needs of the parish.

On Tuesday July the 10th, 1906, the church was re-opened with special services to note the occasion. With the weather being so pleasant, the crowds came together and the latest inventions of this new century were present giving their services with pomp and ceremony – the Motor Cars and Motor Buses – as if paying homage to the building that saw Christianity in it’s infancy in our country. The first Service was held at midday, in a foreign language (English). Morning Prayer was intoned by the Rev T. E. Owen, BA, Rector of Botwnnog, and the Rev TE Shepperd Jones, vicar of Llannor and Rev DT Davies, MA, Vicar of Tudweiliog read the Lessons and to note the occasion the Bishop of Bangor gave a suitable sermon comparing the Apostle Peter’s stay in Joppa and his services to  Christianity in the East and Aberdaron’s place in the Christianity of Wales. After the sermon the Bishop took the Communion Service, assisted by the Rev H J Manley, Rector of Llanbedrog. After this service the Clergy and other dignitaries were invited to a splendid luncheon kindly hosted by Mr and Mrs Carreg, Carreg Plas.

The Litany was said in Welsh at three by the vicar of Llannor and the Rev H Lloyd, Aberdaron gave a stirring sermon. The subject of his sermon was Christ, king of the Church. Following this service, the clergy and others were yet again shown great hospitality by the same gentleman and his amiable wife, and an excellent tea was enjoyed by all. At 6.30, Evening prayers were intoned by the Vicar of Botwnnog and the Revs J Wheldon Griffith, curate of Llangian and Hugh Lunt, curate of Bodferin, read the lessons. The Rev, D, Jones. BA (York) gave an eloquent and fiery sermon, his subject was wisdom and character based on strong foundations. Miss Mary Lloyd, the Vicarage, Aberdaron, was the organist for all three services. The collection was more than well supported and a sum of £20 was raised. During the evening service the church was full, the Worship intense and the congregation attentive.

The following gifts have been donated by the bereaved in memory of their dead: A large chair by the altar, given in memory of of the late Edward T Carreg; Esq, by his mother and sister. The beautiful Stallis which adorns the Chancel is in memory of the late Thomas Langton Hugh Lefroy, MA,DL, Carrig Glas Manor, given  by his widow, Mrs Lefroy. The The Scillian marble is in memory of the late Agnes Winifred McCowan.

The parishioners of Aberdaron are more than indebted to the esteemed Carreg family of Carreg Plas for their praiseworthy efforts and excellent work in securing this most successful conclusion to the plans they set in motion. From the other world comes the thanks of a son, thanks of a brother and thanks of a friend; - this was the last wish of Mr Edward Carreg. God rest his soul beside the sea.

Translated from Eglwysi a Phlwyfi Llyn (Churches and Parishes of Llyn 1910)


Parish Priests since 1906


Rev Henry Lloyd

Rev Francis Henry Dinnis

Rev Thomas Edward Owen

Rev William Walter Jones

Rev John William Jones

Rev William Hugh Williams

Rev W Emrys Edwards

Rev W Artro Evans

Rev William Jones

Rev R.S. Thomas

Rev Robert Williams

Rev Christopher Armstrong

Rev Evelyn Davies


Many thanks to Miss M Evans, and Mrs O Pritchard, for the photographs.

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