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Date: 01 Jan 2015

Blwyddyn newydd dda I bawb yn Pen LLeyn, gan Llinos ar teulu Bontnewydd.


Date: 02 Jan 2015

Great website. Thanks for sharing some great photographs of Stena Seawell.


Mike Williams


Date:  08 Jan 2015

I could not find an english version of the Welsh note on Gwilym y Rhos. Perhaps my failure. But if not there, I think it would be worth producing. I have recently been shown by a local historian friend  a translation of his piece about the Rhoshirwaun Coal Mine - an amusing local mining enterprise which I had mentioned coming across in the mining records.
Maurice Tŷ Cernyw


Date:  11 Jan 2015

Ddim wedi anghofio amdanoch, ond yn hwyr hefo Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, a llawer ohonynt
Pob lwc i chi yn y dyfodol
Iorwerth a Mavis Mynyddoedd Glas ger Sydney Australia


Date:  03 Feb 2015

Nice Work on your Fergie!!

Giovanni from Italy


Date:  24 May 2015

I really enjoyed your list of Seamans Bars around the world.
I frequented many of them on my two Merchant ships in 1958 and 1960. It was great fun to see those names from my youth.

The Club Mauna Loa in my home port of San Francisco still is going strong and has a guest register dating back to the 40s and 50s.

You mentioned gaps on the west coast of South America.
Where can I submit names of bars from those ports?
David Haberman


Date:  02 Jun 2015

Jamie Pickup, formerly of 1 Lon Las, Y Rhiw, 1988-1990


Date: 22 Jun 2015




Date: 16 Jul 2015

David Collins h/m Fourah  Bay


Date:  29 Jul 2015

Brilliant site I belive my great great grandparents lived at porth y nant the Thomas family so was very excited to come across this page helped me in  my search with my family tree thankyou


Date: 10 Aug 2015

Dear Tony and Gwenllian,
For over twenty years our family enjoyed holidays at Llwynfor; then the property was sold. I look hungrily at what the house has become; from one-time hostel for mine workers, I believe, to a
'luxury' holiday home.

I hope 2015 is being good for you.

R Loftus


Date: 08 Sep 2015

Walter Eugene Roberts working on my family from Wales.


Date: 17 Sep 2015

There was no Contact or home to find Rhiw so I gave a mention to it in bibliography under technical paper and credited it to (Rhiw/Web).
Now researching the ss Agamemnon I came across your site once more, THIS time with a contact address.
So Thank you belatedly.
Richard de Kerbrech (Ex-Shaw Savill).


Date:  26 Nov 2015

Cwestiwn.! ?:::

Oes rhywun yn cofio Rheithor Deiniol Jones a'i wraig Katie.?  Byddai fy nhaid yn teithio o Lanberis I Rhiw I ymweld a nhw yn y 40/50 .Ar y bws fyffai o'n dod--alla I ddim dychmygu faint o amser gymtai hynny.! Diolch am unrhyw help.Anita Butler.


Date:  23 Dec 2015

Happy Christmas to Gwenllian and Tony

then may 2016 be rewarding for you.

Sincere Greetings from   Raymund Loftus


Date:  26 Dec 2015

Hello Tony a Gwenllian, blwyddyn arall wedi mynd
gobeithio i chi gael Nadolig hwylus, a blwyddyn newydd Dda ichi
Hwyl fawr Iorwerth a Mavis, mynyddoedd glas, yn ymyl Sydney Australia.




Date:  20 Feb 2016

Diolch fawr iti Tony. Rwyt wedi rhoid trysor gwerthfawr i ni yn'fama!    Hywel(Llangernyw).


Date: 27 Feb 2016

Love your entries on Blue Flue, dad's family are from Ynys Mon. My grandfather was in deep sea sail and the occasional steamship, until he became a 1st mate on the Garston dredgers in 1910. He sailed on one BF to China and Vladivostock. His eldest son, sailed as an AB, on several BF ships. Once asked my dad, who was a chief engineer, why he didn't sail with the company. He said the trips were too long. Yet he ended up sailing for Booth, six and twelve months long. Dad who went to sea early 1939, had problems with his nerves and was quite irascible. I think he would have found a high profile company difficult, even though, his family were from Ynys Mon and he was Liverpool Welsh.



Diolch yn fawr i bawb am eich sylwadau  / Many thanks to you all for your comments


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