Date: 06 Jan 2014

Heb sylwi ar y llyfr llofnod o'r blaen - gwefan wych! yn rhoi darlun o hanes yr ardal. Meinir Giatgoch


Date: 11 Jan 2014

I'm a Norwegian ex-seaman who went to sea in 1959 - This is indeed an interesting website for a retired life time seaman like myself.! I got a few names to add to your list of Seaman's bars/watering holes:
Cebu, Philippines; Susie Blue's bar, Slapsie Maxie's, Lucky 9 bar, Sloppy Joe's bar, Aloha Inn, Zenaida's Place
Cristobal, Panama: Zansi Bar
Hong Kong: Olsen Bar
Djakarta, now Jakarta: Bataan Bar, Radio Bar, London Bar, Old Dutch Bar, Bandung Bar, Kramat Tunggak
Kobe: Belle Bar, Hit Bar, Sanyo Bar
Manila: European Bar, San Miguel Garden, Seaman's Canteen, Aurora's Canteen, United Seaman's Bar, Metro Garden, Shamrock Bar, Cactus Inn
Medina, Philippines: Beach Place
Nagoya: New Rose Bar (in 1962)
San Francisco: Mauna Loa
Singapore: Ali Baba, Straits Cabaret, Bugis Street
Surabaya, Indonesia: Dolly, Bangun Rejo
Sydney: Rock'n Roll (in Wooloomooloo)
Vancouver, Can.: Kublai Khan
Yokohama: Negishiya, San Francisco Bar.
Cheers! Dag Breimo, pt. Malaysia

Many thanks Dag.


Date:18 Jan 2014

just returned from Hong Kong and heard the sad news that Dafydd Llewellyn Trefgraig Plas had died
I worked for him for three years as a Gwas in the fifties
great times
Those days have. Now gone but many good memories
 Henry Pearson  late of Olgra Pengroeslon
Now of Heswall Wirral.


Date: 31 Jan 2014

Valerie edge.   I was sitting watching the rain and trying to get to grips with my iPad when I came across your account of the "Stuart".  We spent about fifteen years holidaying with the children and  loved every minute of it.   The farm we stayed at, I think it was ty mawr had a ships bell above one of the outbuildings with the name "dryad" engraved on it.  And the date  1874. I noticed that it wasn't on your list of ships lost on the north coast.   I hope you will be interested in this and if you have any information on it I would be so pleased if you will let me know

It has intrigued me ever since.

Many thanks Valerie, please can you e-mail me.


Date: 31 Jan 2014

Da iawn ti Tony. Dalia ati wir. Rwyt ti'n gneud gwaith gwerthfawr gynddeiriog. Caf fy atgoffa am ddyddiau difyr yn Ty Croes yn y chwedega a chroeso hael iawn dy Dad a'th Fam. Cofia fi at Gwenllian, dy Fam ac Emlyn 'nei di!   Hywel (brawd Dewi).


Date: 12 Mar 2014

I recently came across you site and doy did it bring back some memories. On it found a photo of my Grandfather David Hughes next to his joinery shop in Nefyn. I left Nefyn in 1955 and now live in South Wales. We had family homes in both Nefyn and Morfa Nefyn, cois it possible for you to put me in touch with whoever posted the photo as I would like to positively  identify my Grandfather as second from the left ( I don't have any photo's of him )and I am also convinced that the elderly gentleman on the far right is his father my Great Grandfather. I can be contacted via my email address and you will see from the address I have never forgotten where I am from.
Phil Hughes 


Date: 19 Apr 2014

Helo! Carol dw i, a new Welsh learner in New York City. I heard the song "Fflat Huw Puw" on today's edition of the BBC Radio Cymru program, Post Cyntaf, which I listen to regularly to supplement my studies. I am proud to report that from my rudimentary knowledge, I was able to listen, search the Internet, and find the lyrics on your lovely website. I love the Welsh and their pride in their culture; it is very alive in me for some reason. O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau!! :-)


Date: 24 Jun 2014

What a wonderful website, l was introduced to the peninsula, when my cousin took me to Aberdaron, to arrange his winter grazing. Appreciate the links to the sea, as my father's family are from Ynys Mon and they were seafarers to. Dad was a chief engineer. Photos of the Blue Funnel ships are so evocative. Me and my friends used to  bunk off from the Liverpool  lnstitute and get the bus back home from the Pier Head. I would look over to Birkenhead and see one P class and two A class ships, over the water. You knew that the world was at rest. Unfortunately, l never saw a Blue Flu ship, midstream, in the river. That is one of my two regrets in life, the other being loosing my Cymraeg.


Date: 24 Jun 2014

Oddiwrh Sidney Davies, Bramhall ger Manceinion.
Hen ddyn wyf (88) - llongwr yn fy ieuengtid - yr hen HMS Conay ym Mangor yn1942 ac wedyn i'r mor hefo Brocklebank a c ar ol y thyfel mewn tankars> Gadel y mor ym 1952 (TB). Yr wyf wedi hwlio rownd y byd mewn iot fawr.
Yn wreiddiol o Benmaenmawr rwyn coio yr Amy Summerfield a'r llongay bach eraill - Aquila, Priscilla, Penstone, Briarfiled,Accordance ac yn y blaen.
Hapus meddwl am yr hen ddyddiau. Llongyfarchiadau am eich gwaith da - ac yn enwedig am gadw'r iaith ar fynd !


Date: 02 Aug 2014

Hello. I was going through my father's sea documents and found a certificate issued June 22, 1930 from the Anchor Bar in Manila.   It reads: "This license, issued to K. B. Soper hereby certifies that he has fully qualified as a first-class pilot on the trouble sea of beverages, has a complete knowledge of bars, etc."
Thought you might find this interesting.
Kris Soper Quigley


Date: 02 Sep 2014

Thank you for your web site; I've only just found it. My interest is mainly in shanties but I found your site while looking for images of cape horners (sailing ships) to illustrate my handouts for my U3A shanty group.

I look forward to browsing your web site.

diolch i chi

Elizabeth (folkie) xx


Date: 21 Sep 2014

Thanks for an interesting site Tony. John Garner Ex Veslik, Bergen, and Mystic


Date: 22 Sep 2014

Good morning I am looking for some information about the house I now live in cae Hic roshurwain as on some maps its says it is a post office house and was wondering what was ment by this your local knowledge would be great on the matter many thanks kevin


Date: 22 Sep 2014

MY Family and I have just returned to Cornwall after taking our Father to revisit RHIW where he worked in the Iron Mine for 2 years at the age of 16 in 1942 before being Enlisted to the Welsh Guards in  1944. What a memorable visit it was too, seeing the hostel where he lodged and the outbuilding where they all ate their food, the house is now being renovated . Walking over the fields to locate the mine , seeing the beach where he swam and driving down the familiar road where he walked from Pwllheli when missing the lorry back after a night out while enjoying a pint of Double Diamond which tasted so good after working down the mine all week. We drove over the bridge where he had walked a girl named Freda, who had worked at the hostel cleaning, home one evening. Happy memories indeed for a man who will be 88 in November to visit  all these lovely places and reflect on his hard but happy teenage years. I would like to thank all the ladies who made our visit complete at the Nati
 onal Trust tea rooms at Plas yn Rhiw .
A Truly wonderful and emotional experience in a beautiful country.
The Hooper family , especially Kenneth Hooper


Date: 02 Oct 2014

Diolch am y gwefan! Des i o hyd drwy linc i destun am monoglots ar Her 100 Cerdd 2014 a dw i'n wrth fy modd am eich safle! Diolch am y lluniau ffantastig, am storiau diddorol! Pob lwc i chi, Elena Parina (Moscow/Marburg)


Date: 17 Nov 2013

Hi, It really is a wonderful collection and with your friendly people also donating their collection of ships. Makes for lots of new views. Wandering if anyone has a photo of the S.S. Sagamore WW1. Torpedoed 3rd March 1917. Only 7 survivors out of 17 crew in one of 3 lifeboats launched. Other two lifeboats disappeared when a storm came up overnight. S.S.Deucalion rescued them 12th March 1917 and landed them in Cape Town 6th April 1917. My G/dad was 3rd Engineer Thomas Edward Lunt. All rescued had feet or legs amputated due to frostbite and gangrene. Some great photos once again Thank You Ken Berry ex Liverpool now New Zealand.


Date: 02 Dec 2014

My name is Graham Karlsen from Liverpool and I went to sea in 1973 and finished in 1993. Really enjoyed your site and will come back again. I have a couple of more bar names for you. The "New" Miramar in P.O.Spain Trinidad and the Cambridge and Belvedere hotels in Georgetown, Guyana.
Keep up the brilliant work.



Date: 22 Dec 2014

Thank you for a wonderful web site. I sailed on the  M.V. Zent  in 1960. It was my first trip to sea. I was a junior engineer and  we sailed to Tiko , West Africa . I have often wondered about the Zent and my old ship mates. God bless them.
Robert I Williams, born , Bangor, Wales
I now reside in Hernandez, fl USA.
Once again thank you  for bringing back such great memories.


Date: 24 Dec 2014

Not for publication, just wishing you a happy celebration in good measure during this festive season.
May 2015 be for you rewarding, fulfilling, achieving, with much contentment.

What is wrong with my contact that the last message I find is from Cornwall family in September.  I guess the house/hostel referred to was Llwynfor.
I wonder what the house is like now, hoping it is well used.

Raymund Loftus

Diolch yn fawr i bawb am eich sylwadau  / Many thanks to you all for your comments


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