Date: 04 Jan 2013

Well done to whoever produced this site , beautifully laid out ...and easy to the eye ....have sent you an e-mail ..need advice on producing our own

Gwyn Hughes


Date: 06 Jan 2013

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i Rhiw.com a phawb sydd yn ei dilyn.
Happy New Year to all.
Ann Allen (Conwy)

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Ann, Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 17 Jan 2013

Nice syte! Very Irish!

Mazel tov!

Barzillai dov Ganya
New Zion, USA
6 Shevat 5773
(January 17, 1013)


Date: 20 Jan 2013

I have just found a relative (Grand Uncle) who died in Rhiw in December 1970.
His name is Oswell Griffiths.
He was buried in my local churchyard on 22nd Dec 1970 (St Mary's Church, Brymbo, Denbighshire).
The burial record shows his address as "Salfur Bach, Rhiw, Aberdaron".
Does anyone living locally, have any information on Oswell?
The Griffiths family story (my mothers family) is that he became a recluse, after suffering shell-shock in WW1, and lived in a small cottage near Pwllheli.

Alan Salisbury
North Wales


Date: 23 Jan 2013

Blwyddyn newydd dda i bawb ym Mhen Llyn.


Date: 08 Feb 2013

Donald Martin (Ringbolt)

Brought back floods of memmories from the 1960-1970's
From memory a few other pubs for you:
Home Trade:
Dover: The First & Last, Tavern

Deep sea:

Sydney: The Paragon (Circular Quay)
The Bunch (Welcome Inn)

Port Melbourne: The Pier Hotel

Kingston Jamacia: Shanghai Lil's

Not sure about some of the spelling

Many thanks Donald


Date: 09 Feb 2013

I am googling aroung for some family history and landed on an account from a nurse working in London during the was at the same time a my mother in law. Am sending you a mail to try and follow up further. Thank you.

Frieda Paton, Pilgrim's Rest, South Africa


Date: 11 Feb 2013

Beautiful site :D

Date: 01 Mar 2013

Bore Da a cyfarchion i bawb heddiw wrth ddathlu Gwyl Dewi Sant.
Pan yn Ysgol Babanod Troed yr Allt Pwllheli rhai blynyddoed yn ol, ar fore Gwyl Dewi mi roedd holl blant yr ysgol yn adrodd/canu gyda'n gilydd penillion, rhan ohonynt fel yma:-
"Siaradwch yn Gymraeg
Gwnewch pobeth yn Gymraeg"
A oes rhywyn yn cofio y gweddill y penillion? - a gobeithio bod y plant bychan yn dal i ddysgu y wers sydd ynddi.
Cofion cynes
John Jones (Croydon-Llundain)


Date: 07 Mar 2013

Ted Hill enjoyed the merchant ships.I sailed on the Cuzco back in 1955 and the the Samanco in 1956.


Date: 17 Mar 2013

God, I feel like I should be taking notes! Great work.


Date: 26 Mar 2013

What about a pub called Joe Beefs in Montreal??
Mervyn Maud Thistle Boats


Date: 02 Apr 2013

Great web site. Just looking at the census pages for Botwnnog. My parents were at Erw Bach (next to Congle Cae) but no records in the census. Anyone know if Erw previously had a different name?

Anthony Pritchard


Date: 18 Apr 2013

Just been to see Ysgo Farm where I and my family spent many happy days with the late Ian Chidley in a caravan.


Date: 19 Jun 2013

Dear Tony it was a great thrill for my wife and I to catch up with you. As my ancestors lived and died in Rhiw I felt a feeling of connection with the area. I was amazed to the similarity of the land to parts of Victoria, apart from the ancient stone fences and building it has the same feel.
Our trip to Wales was tacked on to the end of a tour of Italy and at the last minute we decided to do a reconnaissance trip with the view of spending a longer time exploring the old country later.
We are told that we were lucky to have the weather we had, but even in the cold of rain I would find the land scape intriguing. I was able to find my ancestors buried in the church yard and to think you live in the house of one of them was fantastic and something we will relate to for many years to come.
I strolled through the field of what I think was the Garth Farm and photographed a rerun of a very old house which I hope was the family house. I was amazed at the beauty of the woodland and the thickness of the undergrowth.
When money and time permit I will return for a longer visit and if you like help you find that bar of gold. It may not be a legion for history points to the viability of the story. As for my own bars of gold the rain here has made it very messy so I have to wait before I can dig any more. My experience of the gold that brought men form so far away is that it had a profound change in the lives of poor working people allowing them to live a more comfortable life. Some returning others choosing to say.

Thank you for your hospitality and hope to catch up to you again.
Andrew Penna

Hi Andrew, It was great to meet you and your wife the other day, Gwenllian was very disappointed to have missed you. We hope you had a safe journey home, and the next time you come over we will have to be better organized and show you a lot more of the village and the peninsula.

Best regards Tony and Gwenllian. 

Date: 23 Jun 2013

Thank you for your most excellent research. The history of the shipping industry and all the photographs in your website is absolutely fantastic and brings back nostalgic memories.
Daniel Ripley,
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa


Date: 28 Jul 2013

Hello Tony, Hope this find you well and prospering.I'm now on the Wellservicer(hate it),so going over to USA on the Polar Queen for some sun. Have Steve Blow with me here-the man is mad!
The website is very informative and entertaining, so much so, that my good lady wants to take a look at your place sometime(I think she just wants me to do all the driving).Might call and see you next year.

Regards Joe Macleod


Date: 04 Aug 2013

Henry pearson
Late of olgra pengroeslon
Hen gwas trefgraig plas
I still enjoy the site

Date: 07 Aug 2013

Once again an interesting visit to your site.  Could you add my Great-uncle, Hugh Thomas Rowlands to your list of mariners buried in Llyn cemeteries.  When I visited Edern recently I saw his tombstone in the chapel cemetery.  He was Chief Engineer of SS Aylsham and died in Hoji Japan on Jan 16 1938 when he was 60 years old.  I have a photo of the tombstone, which includes his wife Sydney and two children who died in infancy.

Thank you  
Sheila Torres (Toronto Canada)

Date: 09 Aug 2013

I enjoy returning to your excellent  website and wonder if anyone has any information on Ysguborhen  or Cilan Uchaf. My great great grandparents were from these farms .I believe they intermarried . Jane Griffiths  of Ysguborhen d 1799 was married to Robert Williams and the gravestones are in Llanengan. Six of Jane 's  grandsons emigrated to Liverpool and became Welsh Builders and are listed in the book The Welsh Builders of f Merseyside, the last brother stayed and farmed Cilan Uchaf. A possibly apocryphal story is that in 1799 Jane's brother was press ganged whilst taking water to a ship that signalled for water . Any information on either of these farms especially pre 19cy or early 19cy would be very interesting to me . Good luck.
Best wishes
Rhiannon Evans


Date: 17 Aug 2013

Hi!  thanks ...been at sea for many years and can add a few : Kobe hatwigs inn , snoopy bar , sunset/sunrise bar..

kind regards Lars


Date: 08 Sep 2013

Robin Sibley Great site sailed on Anchises Domodocus 1969 1970 as junior engineer then Forcados Deido and Aneas as 4th Engineer till 1972.


Date: 08 Sep 2013

Robin Sibley Great site sailed on Anchises Domodocus 1969 1970 as junior engineer then Forcados Deido and Aneas as 4th Engineer till 1972.Sailed with Gwyn Prosser engineer wonder if he's still around?


Date: 13 Sep 2013

Just spent a rather hectic wend in the lane from LLain down to Sarn Bryncroes locked Keyes in the boot heavy rain cold etc
Saved by Rhiannon  Cruggeran farm who arranged b b with Gladys THomas Carrog farn Llanggwnadal who looked after me and took me to Pwllheli to pick up a hire car
Then drove to Heswall Wirral for spare keys and returned to Sarn for car and then back home   Good job my Welsh was ok
Henry Pearson. Late. Of Olgra. Pen groeslon.

Date: 24 Sep 2013

very interesting, as a ex merchant navy man, i would like to know if i could buy some pictures of my old ships. (copys)

terry bayley


Date: 06 Oct 2013

Phil Hughes email nefyn@aol.com. born and brought up in Nefyn many years ago then moved to Morfa before joining the heathans in South Wales. Trawling through your site found the photo of Nefyn showing the work shop of "D Hughes", he was my Grand Father, I never met him as he died before I was born. (1950) This is the first photo I have seen of him as well, can anyone out there confirm that he is the Gent second from the left and I think the older gent is my Great Grandfather.


Date: 21 Oct 2013


After a recommendation I have just been onto your website, and thereís some interesting reading and beautiful photos.
We bought a house (Derlwyn) in Mynytho several years ago and have a trouble finding old photos of the village, I believe it was an old camp lower down from the main area around the new post office.
Do you have any photos or the best place I may be able to locate some, Iíve been to the photo exhibition in Abersoch but they donít appear to have many of Mynytho.

Look forward to your response and ill will enjoy learning some history from the surrounding villages


John Meeks


Date: 27 Oct 2013

Thank you for all the information on the SS Southern King and its captain.  My father sailed with Capt. Williams on this ship to South Georgia in 1928 and 1929 so it was interesting to see the photos.

Best Wishes
Geoff Baister


Date: 20 Nov 2013

Great site! I was researching a teapot I recently acquired and found such a wealth of information here. I'll send you a pic of the pot, perhaps you can use it here.

Tom Burns
Wendell, NC, USA


Date: 28 Nov 2013

brilliant site love looking at the ship photos bring so many memories back from my days at sea in the 60s-70s have seen quite a lot of the blue flu ships on my travels ,some of the best looking ships ever built no better sight than one coming into an home port with all her sticks up  jimmy fry middlesbrough.


Date: 24 Dec 2013

Dear Gwenllian and Tony,

    I hope that you celebrate the festive season and that you are in good cheer. I do miss my Rhiw annual holiday now that Llwynfor is sold. But I come back to your site and look at photos.  I also look to read guest-book entries but am sad that these have dried up since June.
    I trust that 2014 will be pleasing for you and your dear ones.

    This is not for publication but to record again my esteem for your work.
Raymund Loftus


Diolch yn fawr i bawb am eich sylwadau  / Many thanks to you all for your comments


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