Date: 01 Jan 2010

Blwyddyn newydd dda ir teulu oll a phawb arall ar Rhiw.com. Mae hi yn bwrw eira yma yn Bontnewydd. Llinos ar teulu.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chithau Llinos - eira wedi cyrraedd Rhiw erbyn amser te hefyd.

Date: 01 Jan 2010

Thank you - a picture of the Bay Fisher has bought back many memories for my mother (now 84) of the time she and her brother spend childhood visits to see their Father, my grandfather R Mills who I understand was Captain

Date:   03 Jan 2010

Mi ddois draw i Aberdaron noson croesawy y 'flwyddyn newydd'  - ond och dim golwg ohono chi!!!
Da dweud i mi a nifer o gyfeillion gael andros o noson dda yn y ddau dy potas - ac aros hefo Iain a Wilma yn y 'Ty Newydd'.
Blas rhagor ar Aberdaron pob amser - mi fyddai draw eto'n fuan heb os.
Cofion fil

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i tithau Mici.

Hwyl Fawr Tony a Gwenllian

Date:  07 Jan 2010

Having stayed in the area over the New Year, I can say it was the most beautiful and peaceful start to 2010.

Wonderful website
Deb Clark

Date:   13 Jan 2010

Safle gwych iawn - rwy'n gwneud ymchwil i greu pecynau addysgol ac mae eich gwefan yn llawn i'r ymylon o wybodaeth werthfawr.
Diolch o galon
Haf llewelyn

Date:   15 Jan 2010

I Wil Efail Rhos :"Old LLyn House Names" :
Dyma dri arall i adio i'r rhestr:
 Tan y Bwlch - Penrhos
 Truan (neu Traian) Rhydyclafdy/Boduan
 Bryn Ogo (Brynogo) Edern
Rhestr diddorol iawn - Diolch - John Jones (Croydon)

Date:  02 Feb 2010

I should have visited this site years ago. Wonderful tales from a bygone age.
Some of the old Masters, Chiefs and Snr Electricians and Ch Stewards I sailed with in the early 80's with Ocean Fleets spoke of the old days and especially the dawn of the new age with the Super P's. I was glad to read why. I also remember fond thoughts about Centaur's travels except the smell of those sheep etc.
I was fortunate to sail on some good ships and 9 years of Ocean (Blue Funnel and ED). From Aulis to Iliad House, Oddy Works and India Buildings, L class, a steamer (Tantalus), the new M class and the RoRos (Priam, Perseus and Hector)I had a great time leaving with a 2nd's ticket and 2 stripes as a 3rd Engineer. It's been 23 years since I left and I feel I could pop back into it in a jiffy. I will come back again for more nostalgic memories of the sea. Fabulous site. Thanks.

Richard Petrie

Date:   05 Feb 2010

My name is Peter Trodden,of Birkenhead,Merseyside.  Outward Bound sea School.Aberdovey. Jan/Feb,1955.course 146.Rodney watch. My 1st trip m.v.Cyclops,11/3/55.After afew years went to Mann Is,the Pool, and sailed with many companies out of Liverpool. In 1984 I went Offshore as a Rigger,working on Rigs,Platforms,Heavy Lift&pipelaying Barges,D.S.Vs supply&stand by vessels. Last trip 10/12/03. retired,26/1/04. I miss the Life.

Date: 06 Feb 2010
fantastic web sire.
can anyone tell me if William Jones, Carreg-Lefain married Sydney Evans, Bryn Gwynt in 1890.
i saw while trawling through the site that Moruya from NSW posted about the same family in 2004.
any information would be greatly welcomed. i visited Rhiw for the first time ever last year and i though it was the most beautiful place i had ever seen.
people can contact me at annevans77(at)hotmail.com
many thanks for a wondeful website.
Ann Elias

Date:   07 Feb 2010

I was please to find oyur website. My grandmother, Hannah Moody, worked on a Blue Funnel ship in the early 1920s. She was from Liverpool and sailed on a ship that visited China, japan and Australia. In fact, theis is how I came to be an Australian. My grandmother got off her ship in Australia and stayed there to marry my grandfather who had flowwed her to Australia. I'd love to know if ther eis anywhere I can find out information about the crews who worked on the Blue Funnel Ships.
Gail Seay

Date:  11 Feb 2010

Helo yna i bawb dwi n nabod ym mhen Lleyn. Didorol iawn oedd gweld yr hen enwau yn ymddangos ar eich gwefan.Hoffwn ychwanegu un sef Abergafren Bottwnnog,Ty unos oedd maen debyg.Roedd y teulu yma yn perthyn ir gwr.Hoffwn os oes gan unrhyw un och darllenwyr unrhyw wybodaeth ynglyn ar teulu buaswn yn falch iawn o glywed ganddynt. Diolch, Llinos Fy ebost ydi jones.llinos(at)yahoo.com

Date:   15 Feb 2010

What an interesting website!
I am researching my husbands family tree, perhaps you can help?
His grandfather was Ellmore Hillary Rowlands born in 1904, his parents were Anne Rowlands formerly Roberts and Richard William Rowlands from Maesmawr Road, Minffordd, Talybont
You can contact me at Markandlisagealy(at)aol.com
Thank you
Lisa Gealy

Date: 18 Feb 2010
Hello my brother Laurie was a petty officer on the "Athel Laird" The Captains report of the loss found on your site was very welcome news to me.
Have you any connections with the crew of "Athel Laird"? Regards Ted Youens(87yrs)

Educated at Harrow Grammar School, Matriculated at the age of 14 years.
Joined merchant navy 1939 as petty officer, torpedoed aboard "ATHEL LAIRD"
Early 1940 aged 16, spent 10 days adrift in ships lifeboat. Picked up by an Irish coaster and landed at Trallee Co Kerry. Spent some days as guest of Brandon Hotel in Trallee before returning to England. Worked at Shiptons Northwood Hills for 1 2 months, then enlisted in the Royal Air Force as a navigator, (did his training in Canada.)

 "ATHEL LAIRD"  2.7.40; 47 24N 16 49W;" (sunk)
Educated at Harrow Grammar School, Matriculated at the age of 14 years.
Joined merchant navy 1939 as petty officer, torpedoed aboard "ATHEL LAIRD: 2.7.40; 47 24N 16 49W;" aged 16, spent 10 days adrift in ships lifeboat. Picked up by an Irish coaster and landed at Trallee Co Kerry. Spent some days as guest of Brando n Hotel in Trallee before returning to England. Worked at Shiptons Northwood Hills for 12 months, then enlisted in the Royal Air Force as a navigator, (did his training in Canada.) Killed 3 months before his 21st birthday.

 "ATHEL LAIRD"  2.7.40; 47 24N 16 49W;


Date: 18 Feb 2010

Hi Tony, googled the Roe Deer container ship and found your website. Spent seven great years in the merch (75-82) and spent one of the worst weeks of my life on the Roe Deer. Dam thing did everything but sink!!! I've lost my discharge book over the years but i reckon that your last trip would had been the week i spent on there. I was a catering boy and i remember the there was only 13 crew including the officers and the whole catering dept consisted of me and the cook. You won't remember me as my job was to look after the officers and it was only one week out of our careeers. But i will never forget that week (I never stuffered from sea sickness once over that period but that was the worst i ever felt)i remember not being able to walk straight when I got of in Tilbury and i was very glad to be on solid ground once more. Rick Walford

Great to hear from you Rick. As I recall the Roe Deer was a very poor sea ship, and used to roll like hell in bad weather, No wonder you remember that aspect of her.

All the best Tony.

Date:  18 Feb 2010

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb acw, dipyn yn hwyr ond yn meddwl amdanoch yn yr eira, mi fydd y gwanwyn acw yn fuan Pob bendith, Iorwerth a Mavis, Mynyddoedd Glas yn
ymyl Sydney Australia

Ar y gair mi gaeson dipyn bach mwy o eira yma bore ma !! Neis iawn clywed gennych eich dau. Mi fu Hefin, Deiniolen yma yn ystod gwyliau'r Nadolig ac mi fu'n holi amdanoch.

Pob hwyl i chi'ch dau.

Cofion Tony a Gwenllian

Date:   19 Feb 2010

What a treat to find this site, and all the info on the Blue Funnel Line!

Our family took the Diomed from Liverpool to Hong Kong in 1959. It was a freighter which also carried 12 passengers. For a swimming pool (what luxury!) there was a big canvas bag on deck full of seawater. I was only 7 years old at the time.

We stopped in Singapore for 6 days, as the ship was cleaning out its bulk storage tanks prior to taking on board the first ever shipment of bulk peanut oil . After the tanks had been cleaned we went paid to Port Swettenham to load the oil, then again to Singapore for a brief shop before starting on the final leg to Hong Kong.

About half way across the China sea we ran into and through a Major Typhoon! The ship took a pretty good battering, with the sea constantly coming well over the bow and often hitting the bridge. It was pretty exciting!

The total trip was 46 days, arriving in Hong Kong on 23 October 1959. Of all the trips we took back and forth between Hong Kong and England in the 1950's (my mother's family lived in Carmarthen), this was the best, because as the only kids onboard, my sister and I got to know the whole crew, and had complete run of the ship, including the wheelhouse and engine room.

David Shipway
Cortes Island,
British Columbia

Date:  21 Feb 2010

My Dad, Robert William Mason (Bob or Bobby Mason) sailed with the blue funnel from around 1954 when he joined at 15 until around 1966/1967 when my family emigrated to Australia, Kogorah nr Sidney.
He was a Chief Cook and sailed mainly on the Aussie boats.
I wonder if anyone knows him as he is still alive and kicking aged 70 and lives in Wigan, Lancashire.

Date:   24 Feb 2010

Hi there does anyone know what the buildings are at penmon point. the one with a chimney possibly a brickworks. is this so. thanks.

Hi Winifred, If you go on the Penmon website, they'll be able to help you out.

Date:   17 Mar 2010

I loved the story of the fishing trip- brilliantly told. What a piece of local history!

Viv Williams
(sea View, Rhiw)

Date:  17 Mar 2010

Fishing Trip 1933
Diolch am argraffu hanes "Twm Gwelfor". Diddorol dros ben.  Mi gefais y fraint o ei adnabod er pan yr oeddwm yn blentyn yn ymweld a Tudweiliog, ty taid a nain (Lion Hotel) ac wedyn dros y blynyddoedd. Mi gefais yr hanes yma ganddo yn ei weithdy ar Lon Dinas, wrth fynd am dro gyda fy modryb.
John Jones o Croydon

Date  22 Mar 2010

Hi, I found your website completely by accident when doing some family history research on the LLoyd family who lived at Rhosgoch and Llain Hir. Some of their details were in the 1861 census, and looking at your old photos has put their lives in context for me. Loved the website. Thanks
Sally Wood

Date 25 Mar 2010

Thank you for a wonderfull and informative web page.I have a number of letters dated 1870 sent out to the gold field of Australia from Robert Williams, William William,one a letter of intrudection signed by John Williams, Owen Hughes and rowland Hughes. They speak of life then and the hope of a new one here in Australia. Through the stories on your site and these letters they come back to life. William William is my Great great grandfather form Wales.

  Regards Andrew Penna

The letters must be amazing Andrew. A  real insight into a world that must have been a great adventure albeit full of difficulties and hardships at times, and so far from home (Rhiw) Perhaps you might consider sharing them with us - this would be a fantastic bit of history.

Many thanks for getting in touch with us.

All the best


Date:  12 Apr 2010

Just looking at the pictures on your website and enjoying again the beauty of Aberdaron and it's people!  Thanks for sharing.   Izzy (Cramlington)

Date:  12 Apr 2010

This just gets bigger and better every time you look.  Anne and Albert


Date: 25 Apr 2010

Hi Tony

I spent many happy years at sea with Blue Funnel. It is great to find this site and all the information and to know that there is such a keen interest in the ships and crew of Alfred Holt & Co.
Jim Stafferton R825959

Thanks for getting in touch Jim, Regards Tony


Date: 30 Apr 2010

Walter Eugene Roberts
Jane Jenkins Roberts was my Great Great Great grandmother.I am planing A trip to remsen NY this summer. May she rest in peace.



Date: 30 Apr 2010

Diddorol iawn, Dof yn ol eto o Ynys Mon !


Date: 30 Apr 2010

Rhag ofn fod rhyw un yn gwneud coeden teuluol
Dyma fedd yn Eglwys, Niwbwrch, Ynys Mon o :-

Coffadwriaeth am JOHN Williams, Pencraig, Plwyf  Bryncroes, Lleyn/ yr hwn a foddodd ar far Caernarfon, Ionawr 7fed 1843 yn 29 oed.

Mae fy hen hen hen nain yn dod o Nefyn, Catherine Thomas wedi priodi John Lewis yn Niwbwrch, Ynys Mon. Ganwyd tua 1780 . Bu farw 1850 yn Niwbwrch yn 70 oed, Oes teulu imi yn Nefyn os gwn i !

A hwyl fawr o hyd hefo'r wefan.               

Diolch yn fawr iawn Gwyneth. Mae un o ffrindiau gorau Gwenllian yn byw yn Pencraig Bryncroes. Hwyl Tony

Date: 26 May 2010


What a wonderful website!  The Llyn is my favourite place in the world and I visit as often as possible - lovely to find out a bit more about its history! Diolch!

Date:        03 Jun 2010
 pictures are beautiful. very useful information.

Date 05 Jun 2010


Hello there,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your wonderful website. I am tracing my family tree currently and was a little stumped when I was trying to find out the maiden name of the woman my GG Grandad married; searching for a Catherine who married Thomas John Williams is like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack!

I had a stroke of luck on the 1881 census for the pair of them, it said that Catherine's birthplace was Bwlchgareg, Rhiw.. Usually, I have found that people's birthplaces tended to be an area, and then a district, it never crossed my mind that it could be a house/cottage name!

Imagine my surprise when I 'googled' Bwlchgareg and your website came up with (firstly a suggestion that what I was really looking for was Bwlchgarreg!) an article about Tudur Dylan winning the Chair at the National Eisteddfod, I read along, to see that he spends his holidays in a cottage called Bwlchgarreg, which has been in his wife's family for generations!

I explored your website a little more, and saw that you have transcribed the census records going back to 1861, an absolutely mammoth feat by the way, well done! I hoped that when I searched the Rhiw records I would find a Catherine living in Bwlchgarreg, and I did!! She was the daughter of Isaac and Hannah, and now I have estimated birth years for them too..

Without your website, I'm pretty sure it would have been near impossible for me to find that out, so I wanted to extend my thanks to you, I'm so glad that there are people that care enough about the places they live to want to celebrate it in this way, Rhiw should be proud to have you!

Many thanks again,

Heather Williams, (GGG Grandaughter of Issac Roberts, Rhiw)

Date:   18 Jun 2010

I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE AN ENQUIRY AOUT A PHOTO YOU HAVE UNDER THE "M.V ATHELLAIRD" report of loss by enemy actions by Captain Hugh roberts
You have a group of seafarers arriving at Greenwich village (sailors rest)  after their boat was torpoded in 1940  My dad happens to be in this picture & the family were wondering are we able to purchase a copies  of this photo
We are happy to pay costs & postage
veronica Allen

Hi Veronica. If you send us your email address we'll try and find the original file and send it to you so you can get it printed. Regards Tony

Date: 26 Jun 2010

I am most intrigued by what the articles in regard to the Tylwyth Teg in Llyn. Since I found out that an area near to where I live (Drws-y-coed and Llyn y Dywarchen) is supposed to be inhabited by them I have taken great interest in the Fair Family and would feel greatly honoured and privileged if I was to one day came to encounter them.
H. Burkhardt/Dyffryn Nantlle


Date: 26 Jun 2010

Diolch yn fawr am yr hanes "The Flat Ann" (Fflat Huw Puw.) Mi ganaf i y gan yn ystod yr Highland Games yn Mount Vernon, Dalaith Washington UDA y mis nesaf, ac yr oeddwn i yn gobeithio rhoddi yr hanes y gan i'r cynulleidfa


.Date:  02 Sep 2010

Hyfryd oedd darllen cofnodion fy Nhaid, gweinidog yr Ynys o 1883. Diolch. Cefais gyfle i ymweld ag Enlli am y tro cyntaf yr wythnos hon - hudol. Gweld y capel a'r ty lle ganed ac y magwyd fy nhad a'i nifer frodyr a chwiorydd. Diolch eto. K W

Diolch am eich sylwadau diddorol. Tybed oes ganddo chi hen luniau neu hanesion i'w rhannu efo ni o'ch teulu a'u cyfnod yn Enlli? Edrych ymlaen i glywed ganddoch.

Pob hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 04 Sep 2010

os gwn a oes genych rywfaint o hanes Bob Roberts o Bwllheli, bu yn llongwr ar y Tamele EDs tuan 1959-60, hoffwn gysylltu ac ef.
Mae eich gwefan yn ardderchog
Gwyn Roberts -- Pen y Sarn, Saer ar y Tamele ac eraill o loongau EDs

Diolch am gysylltu Gwyn. Tyda ni ddim yn nabod Bob, ond mi holwn rai o gyn longwyr yr ardal a dod nol atoch os y gyrrwch eich cyfeiriad ebost i ni.

Pob hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 13 Sep 2010

I have a ferguson TED 130.  I would like to know where you get parts for these old tractors.  I live in Texas in the USA.  I have a picture.  Would like to send it to you so maybe you could tell me what kind and how old it might be.  Thank you Charles Beck


Date: 16 Sep 2010

The Big Remembrance

24 hour Act of Remembrance on World Maritime Day
Maritime Charity urges public to remember merchant seafarers on 23rd September

To mark World Maritime Day during the International Year of the Seafarer the Principal Chaplain of the global charity Sailors’ Society will be leading a ceremony during which each of the 35,675 names on the National Merchant Navy Memorials in Trinity Gardens, London will be read aloud.

The Tower Hill memorial which was built by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and unveiled in December 1928, stands as a visible reminder of the sacrifices made by Merchant Seafarers in times of military conflict, and who have no grave but the sea.

The Sailors’ Society is committed to replacing isolation with belonging for the world’s seafarers and has supported them and their families for the past 193 years. The Society believes that the event will serve as a formal and dignified Act of Remembrance. It will take 24 hours to read each name on the memorial and ensure that each and every seafarer’s contribution has been recognised. Principal Chaplain Revd. David Potterton will be assisted in the reading by other Sailors’ Society Port Chaplains, staff and supporters, as well as by Merchant Navy Veterans from the Prince of Wales Sea Training School Association, remembering their shipmates who perished at sea.   

Revd David Potterton, Principal Chaplain at the Sailors’ Society said,
"We wanted every name on the memorials to be read on World Maritime Day as a reminder of the huge loss of merchant seafarers in times of military conflict. Every ship and every name will be remembered to ensure that they are honoured and not forgotten."

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which built and now maintains the Tower Hill Memorial is backing the event. The Commission's Director-General Richard Kellaway said:
"At over 22,500 sites in 150 countries, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission helps ensure that those men and women who laid down their lives are never forgotten. I hope this event to honour seafarers will help remind people of the sacrifice of those who helped keep Britain and the Commonwealth supplied during the darkest days of war."

The reading of names will commence at 0001hrs on 23rd September and conclude at 2400hrs the same day.

From: http://www.ss-tregenna.co.uk/


Date: 21 Sep 2010

The Big Remembrance

24 hour Act of Remembrance on World Maritime Day.
To mark World Maritime Day during the International Year of the Seafarer the Principal Chaplain of the global charity Sailors’ Society will be leading a ceremony during which each of the 35,675 names on the National Merchant Navy Memorials in Trinity Gardens, London will be read aloud.

The reading of names will commence at 0001hrs on 23rd September and conclude at 2400hrs the same day.


Behind each name a story lies
A seaman lost, a hero dies,
Duty wrought across the waves
A tale unheard in ocean graves.

Joe Earl

Remember Merchant Seafarers on 23rd September.



Date: 26 Sep 2010

It is good to be able, with the aid of your site, to recall good times with ED/Ocean Fleets, from 1963 to 1970. In retrospect, having read the P and H boat notes, it seems that I found a new career path before being pushed to do so, although every subsequent job bar one involved the sea and/or ships.

In 1968 I had just left Ebani and, whilst in India Buildings, asked if there was any chance of a steamship. I joined Perseus that day as 7th Eng. Whilst my celtic heritage is Cornish the coasting skipper was the usual Welsh type, in this case   'Ale House' Jones.

It was strange starting on the first rung again since this was to be my 9th trip deep sea, whilst the other two juniors could muster 3 between them. In spite of the general reliability of the steamships, during coasting, we left Dublin on one boiler, there being a failed steam joint in the line from the other. Thereafter, we were trouble free averaging 18.5kts for the voyage. It remains a mystery why there was always negative propeller slip. i.e. the ship was always going faster.

For the first (and last) time I had a thwartships bunk, in what had been passenger accommodation. This was usually comfortable, sea conditions being generally benign. Where life became a little more interesting was on the long haul across the Pacific, where, with the loss of weight in the double bottoms, 12 (or was it 24) hours fuel consumption eventually resulted in a 5deg list. This challenge I was able to resolve since, as it was me transfering oil, it was possible to arrange that my pillow was always higher than the foot of the bunk - failing which I guess that I could have transfered the pillow.

We lost fresh water for some time - evaporated water just doesn't taste the same, but it seemed to help with shaving, where, perhaps, it just dissolved a beard. When tank access was finally made, the offending jacket, left by one of the guys cement (or was it lime) washing the tank whilst in Birkenhead, was removed from the end of the suction pipe. It was probably the first wash for the jacket, which appeared to have spent a few nights in the gutter outside an ale house. Didn't bear thinking about, really.

Coasting the Glenfinlas some 15 months later was a totally different experience.

Congratulations on the quality of the web site.

Gregor Morcom
Ex 3rd Eng.

Date: 04 Oct 2010

Wonderful site.  My mother, Blodwen Jones's family came from Rhiw in the 19th century.  Griffith Evans (1771-1843) her great great g'father is in the 1841 census.  He was a weaver,  living at Tan y Graig (Bwthyn Ysgau now) with his daughter Mary Evans (1791-?).  I believe Mary was the wife of William Evans, living in 1851 at Tan y Muriau and one of their daughters, Anne Evans became the mother of William Arthur Jones.   His family came from Aberdaron, and although first of all a fisherman there he moved to Rhiw (Tan y Graig), and then to Tremadog to work at Croesor mine in the 1880s.  The photos are wonderful - how I wish there were names attached, to the school ones especially. 
Robert Morris, California.


Date: 17 Oct 2010

What a detailed and comprehensive website!!
You are to be complimented on your hard work.
I particularly enjoyed your seafaring pages as I sailed with Blue Funnel for twelve years.
Capt. Dugie Mc Nab, Freeport, Bahamas

Date: 23 Oct 2010

Just to compliment you on a fine site. I sailed on the "Salinas"

Just a note for your files, which you may already have, but just in case

"Salinas" was commodore convoy ship during Suez invasion in 1956, you also have photo of "Senator" she was also there, there were of course many others merchant men but their names escape me just now. good luck Ivan Cloherty


Date:  21 Nov 2010

I found your web page fascinating and spent too much time looking at it.
I am trying to trace my sister-in-law's history am am stuck on a Sianw (Susanah) Parry born 1861 in Llaniestyn.  Should you know any one who can help please contact p.m.butcher(at)ntlworld.com


Date: 21 Nov 2010

Safle ardderchog ~ Gwyndaf Jones

Diolch yn fawr Gwyndaf.


Date: 05 Dec 2010

Hello again Tony,
I last wrote to you in Aug 2005 about the remains of a brig I found in the floor and ceilings of our cottage at Robin Hood's Bay. I've found out a bit more since then you might like to look at: www.lostbrig.net

Best wishes,

Stephen Gavin


Date: 05 Dec 2010

'Hen Luniau o Rhiw'II,lluniau gan Mr. E.J.Griffiths.Un llun o 'Tom Post yn Penarfynydd' ag un 'Tom Post Rhiw'. A oes rhywun yn gwybod os mai Tom Jones, Ty Newydd, Botwnnog oedd y gwr hwn?
Mawr ddiolch. Eifion


Date: 20 Dec 2010

Not been on here for a while and yet still you amaze and stimulate my every sense with your beautiful work, many thanks for all you do, hope you have a wonderful christmas and please say hello to your beautiful wife for me. Thankyou Lesleyann (used to live in new-quay/wales)

All the best for the New Year Lesley. Regards Gwenllian and Tony

Date: 25 Dec 2010

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Ddda i hi i gyd acw, gobeithio fod yr eira yn clirio
Iorwerth a Mavis, Mynyddoedd Glas NSW Australia

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi Iorwerth a Mavis o Gymru fach. Hwyl Tony a Gwenllian.

Diolch yn fawr i bawb am eich sylwadau  / Many thanks to you all for your comments


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