Date: 01 Jan 2009

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 2009 i chi ym Mro fy Nghyndadau!


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i ti hefyd Aled, Hwyl Tony a Gwenllian.


Date:  05 Jan 2009

Blwyddyn newydd dda a pob hwyl.

Carwyn Hughes yn de Lloegr

Diolch am y cyfarchion Carwyn a dymuniadau da i chi. Hwyl Tony a Gwenllian


Date:  12 Jan 2009

I have visited your web site on more than one occasion and enjoyed every visit more so because my family lived at Cwrt Farm for over 20 years and it brought back happy memories for me > I now live in Phoenix Arizona. But still miss the area and the times spent walking down to the cove.
Regards to all in Aberdaron and those that remember me.
Robert Topp. Robtopp15(at)hotmail.com

Nice to hear from you Robert, All the best to you. Regards Gwenllian


Date:  18 Jan 2009

A great historical document.A lot of work has gone into this site,and it shows!well done to all concerned.Thank you,regards Mike.

S Wales.

Date:   22 Jan 2009

Good Day to you Tony,As an old Furness hand from Apprentice to 2nd Mate thence to the Railyay boats at Larne Stranraer,I was delighted to see all the Pacific boats also the Beechmore,my first ship, and the Sagamore.
Bob Gray

Thanks for getting in touch Bob. Glad you enjoyed the website. Cheers Tony


Date:   26 Jan 2009

This is the first time that I have visited your site.
Your pictures of Lifeboats past, made me shed a tear as I found among them pictures of my Dad, Frank Foale who was coxswain of The Charles Henry Ashley from 49 to 54 or thereabouts.
They brought back so many happy memories.
Please thank whoever provided them for making my New Year

We certainly will pass on your appreciation, so nice to know you came across the website and found the photographs which mean so much to you. Regards Gwenllian


Date:   27 Jan 2009

What a wonderful website -but tantalisingly frustrating!

I am trying to trace my great-grandparents. William Jones, my great-grandfather born around 1855 put his place of birth as Hendy in the 1901 census. By then he ran a horse-drawn taxi company in Llandudno.

His wife was bon Margaret Williams and in the same census put his place of birth as Lynyrardd, which I cant find, but think it may be near Llaniestyn.

Before she married she was a ladies maid at, I think at Plas Gelliwig, where William Jones was the groom.

The story handed down was that when her 'lady' eloped, the happy couple took her with them, to tour the continent until the heat was off at home.

Her brother, William Williams, became Dean of St Davids in 1919.

Maybe some of your visitors might have info which could fill in the gaps?

Rob  rob (at) roboldfield.com

I heard that the Lady from Plas yn Rhiw eloped and the Lynyrardd could be Tanyrardd - which is just above Plas yn Rhiw. However I'm sure someone out there'll be better placed to help and will make some enquiries on your behalf. All the best with your research. Regards Gwenllian.

Date:  28 Jan 2009

A great site! I loved the "Blue Funnel" collection!
Allan Davidson

Date:  28 Jan 2009

Blwyddyn Newydd dda i chi acw dipyn yn hwyr efallai,
mae gennym grand daughter naw mis oed Cate Annwyl rwan,
gobeithio mi wneith pethau wella yn y byd ynte.
Cofion gorau, Iorwerth a Mavis, Blue Mountains

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chithau'ch dau hefyd. Falch iawn o glywed am eich wyres fach. Mae mrawd Emlyn newydd dreulio tair wythnos lawr yna yn Sydney, a bellach di cyrraedd San Francisco - mi fydd chwith iddo'r tywydd pan ddaw nol i'r Rhiw dydd sul, yn enwedig gan fod posibilrwydd o eira !! Cofio goreu ac annwylaf atoch a cofiwch gadw mewn cysylltiad. Pob hwyl Tony a Gwenllian


Date:  05 Feb 2009

Very Interesting site well done

Regards Ray Devlin

Your comments are much appreciated Ray. Many thanks Gwenllian


Date 11 Feb 2009

Hello from Argentina,
Thank you for sharing your information.
I have a TEA20 Ferguson in restoration and your pictures are very helpful.
Thanks again.

Jose Simes

Hello Jose, Thank you for getting in touch with us. Hope the restoration goes well - lovely little tractors. Best wishes to you. Regards Gwenllian and Tony

Date:  19 Feb 2009

Fel un a anwyd yn Llyn mae eich gwefan fendigedig yn codi hiraeth arnaf am Ben Llyn ac am amser pan oedd bywyd yn llawer mwy syml nag y mae heddiw. Fe'm ganwyd yn Llanbedrog ond 'rwyf yng Nghanada ers 1965. Carwn weld lluniau eglwys Llanbedrog rhyw dro. Dyma englyn gan J. Glyn Davies -
Heulwen ar hyd y glennydd - a haul hwyr
A'i liw ar y mynydd,
Felly y llyn ar derfyn dydd,
lle i enaid gael llonydd.


Date:  03 Mar 2009

John Jones (o Croydon)
Blynyddoedd yn ol pan yn Ysgol Babanod Troed yr Allt Pwllheli, ar ddydd Gwyl Dewi Sant yr oeddym yn canu/adrodd efo'n gilydd awdl sy'n dechrau:
 "Siaradwch yn Gymraeg,
Gnewch popeth yn Gymraeg,"
a oes rhywyn yn cofio, neu yn gwybod y gweddill or gan/awdl yma.


Date:  06 Mar 2009
Ceisio chwaneg o wybodaeth am Margaret Roberts, Tan y Graig, 1860-?. Merch i Evan a Margaret.Cafodd blentyn tua 1880, Evan, a gafodd ei fagu gan fam a tad Margaret.Nid yw Margaret ar y censws ar ol 1871.Carwn wybod beth a ddaeth ohoni.Mae Evan+Margaret, y rhieni, wedi ei claddu yn Rhiw, ag Evan y mab yn Chwilog.  Ymddiheuraf ymlaen llaw os yw y gofyn yn rhu 'bowld' fel byddent yn ddweud. Gwefan arbennig o dda. Eifion

Diolch am gysylltu Eifion . Os oes unrhywun a gwybodaeth a all helpu Eifion efo'i ymchwil yna cysylltwch a ni os gwelwch yn dda ac mi basiwn y neges ymlaen.

Eifon mae neges ichi wedi dod i law - gweler 626. 

Date:  12 Mar 2009

Good site,liked the section of pics from Hughie Griffiths, I sailed deep sea with Hughie and he was indeed a gentleman.

Date:  14 Mar 2009

Hi Tony,
I have joined the Rem Etive again, it seems just having missed you!
Glad to see you are enjoying your retirment!
Will be in contact to buy some of your excellent work soon.
All the best.

Great to hear from you Nils are you still in Indonesia? Give my regards to all on the Rem Etive. Cheers Tony.

Date:  17 Mar 2009

Anthony E. Goodwin

Great Grandson of William Raleigh Goodwin former employee of Blue Funnel Line

Date:  19 Mar 2009

I am trying to establish where Cefn-y-Mein is in lleyn. According to the National library of Wales, it is where Richard Roberts the Blind Harpist was born. I was advised to try this site for possible help. By the way, I do like what your are doing for Rhiw.

Hello Geraint thank you for your comment - Cefn y Mein is situated near the village of Rhydyclafdy. 

Date:   21 Mar 2009

Yn ateb i Eifion am Margaret Roberts yr wyf innau yn gwneud y goeden deuluol ac yn deulu i Margaret
yn 1881 roedd yn forwyn yn Pwllgwd Llaniestyn .Yn 1891 a 1901 yn dal i fod yn Llaniestyn yn gweithio mewn ty arall.Buaswn yn falch iawn am ryw wybodaeth  am y teulu.Bob hwyl ichi Tony a    Gwenllian oddiwrth Maggie

Diolch Maggie, mi fydd Eifion wrth ei fodd yn saff o gael y wybodaeth yma. Hwyl Tony a Gwenllian

Date: 25 Mar 2009


I have happy memories and photos of a stay at Ysgo farm about 1957 including being allowed to ride the carthorse.The path down the cliff to the beach was very steep and we enjoyed the privacy of the cove.The only sad memory was of calves separated by force from their mothers,however we enjoyed milk straight from the cow and possibly even milked one.It was an idyllic place to stay and I also remember the Whistling Sands and ''Lifeboat Bay'' (near Nefyn?)Mother taught us to ask for chips in Welsh and we loved '99'icecreams.

Many thanks for sharing your memories Elizabeth. They still have really good 99 Ice Creams down at Aberdaron,  one of the enduring pleasures on sunny summer days !! Regards Gwenllian

Date:   28 Mar 2009

Hello to Iris and John in Llanengan.Karen and David in   
Boothstown,Greater Salford

Date:        28 Mar 200
wow. What a great website.

I have spent many happy holidays with my family (the Tracys) in Rhiw, and even before i was born my grandfather (Mike Tracy) took my dad and aunties to stay. I think it was my dad's uncle, David, who first moved up in the 70's.

I've got a lot of fond memories of staying in Emlyn Jones' cottage, having BBQ's on Porth Ysgo, bodyboarding at hell's mouth and getting up early to get a quarter of cola bottles from Elsie at the post office.

It's been a good 6 or 7 years since i was last there, but i'm planning to go up with my girlfriend this Easter camping. I hope Lynda Jones and the girls and Harry are well.

Jason Tracy

Thanks for your comments Jason.. Look forward to seeing you at Easter as will Emlyn and Linda. All the best Gwenllian and Tony.


Date:  30 Mar 2009

Gwefan aedderchog- Elfed


Date:  30 Mar 2009

Helo Tony a Gwenllian, Tybed fuasai rhywun yn gallu fy helpu drwy edrych ar eu coeden deulu, gan fy mod yn chwilio am Hannah Goodman o blwy Llannor, rhag ofn mai hi ydir Hannah rwyf yn dal i chwilio amdani ers tua 3 blynedd bellach.Rwyn dal i fwynhau r safler we yma, rydych yn gwneud gwaith ardderchog. Diolch Llinos

Lllinos mi holwn o gwmpas y cylch cyfeillion sydd efo diddordeb mawr mewn hel achau - a gobeithio taro'n lwcus a chael ateb i chi. Hwyl Gwenllian


Date:  04 Apr 2009


I have happy memories and photos of a stay at Ysgo farm about 1958 including being allowed to ride the carthorse. The path down the cliff to the beach was very steep and we enjoyed the privacy of the cove. The only sad memory was of calves separated by force from their mothers, however we enjoyed milk straight from the cow and possibly even milked one. It was an idyllic place to stay and I also remember the Whistling Sands and ''Lifeboat Bay'' (near Nefyn?) Mother taught us to ask for chips in Welsh and we loved '99'icecreams. Elizabeth Morris

ysgo_1958.jpg (151132 bytes)

Elizabeth has sent us family holiday photos that were taken at Ysgo and Porth Ysgo in 1958. Many thanks for these fascinating images,

Regards Tony 


Date:  07 Apr 2009

Just like to say fab website
I am researching dads side of the family majority of whom have been from Lleyn. It is helping me no end. Also reading the stories and memories of people who either lived or visited and being from Lleyn myself brings back my happy memories.

Glad you like the website Caren, Regards Tony


Date: 17 Apr 2009

Stumbled upon this site - marvellous pictures of ships, including some I sailed on. You have wonderful photos of the last ships that were beautiful and it was still fun to go to sea on. I used to love those general cargo boats of the 60's - 5/6 hatches, goalpost derricks, samson posts, jumbos with max lift of 80tons. Sailors aft, idlers midships, treated like shit by pompous wanker deck officers. But, we didn't care as that freed us of any moral responsibility. Great runs ashore to Monty's, Ma Kellys, Hugo's in Montevideo, Quinns of Tahiti. Beer n 'fisticuffs - what bliss! The girls following us around the coast in Oz when we couldn't smuggle them from port to port. Jumping ship when we fell-in-lust. Shipping home DBS - working passage for SFA. Would I do it all again? Wouldn't you?!
Happy Daze (sic) from bosuntom(at)hotmail.com

Yes I would Tom! Regards Tony


Date: 18 Apr 2009

Tua 1947 neu wyth cymerais drosodd fel ail swyddog ar dankar Esso ym Mhenbedw - iard Cammell Lairds - a'r dyn a gymerais drossodd oddiarno oedd John Lewis Jones - prentis o'r San Demtrio.
Trist oedd gennyf weld ar eich wefan ei fod wedi marw ym 1986.
Sidney Davies
(O Benmaenmawr yn wreiddiol ond yn byw ger maes awyr Manceinion ers tro)

Date:   21 Apr 2009

Enjoyed the Blue Funnel section - Odessey Works etc. I am looking for photos of MV Maron as I sailed on her during voyage 18.

Many thanks - John McCormick

Date:  23 Apr 2009

Came upon your web pages by accident.
Re your list of clubs etc for Sailors (from the 1950s on), for Fremantle, Western Australia you are missing The Flying Angel Club www.flyingangel.org.au/ which my father used to frequent when he was a merchant seaman.
Cheers from Fremantle WA.

Date:   26 Apr 2009

Wonderful site.
It must have been a LOT of hard work.

I came across the site while looking for info on my ancestors from Pwllheli town.
Nothing relevant I but stayed a long, enjoyable, time just browsing !

Mike Jones

Date:  28 Apr 2009

We have just returned from a very enjoyable weekend in Rhiw.It was great to see lots of the places talked about on your wonderful website.This 1st visit was prompted by family history research.My great grandmother ,Elizabeth Thomas was born 1847 at Gorphwysfa .She was daughter of John Thomas( Ty Canol thomas family) and Catherine Jones (tyn y fron).She left to marry in Liverpool (John Barnett)and never returned which is why I am finding it difficult to really prove the above .My parents visited cousins in Rhiw/Aberdaron in the 1950's but can't remember much about it.I wonder if any of her descendents know of her.A small chance I know perhaps you could help.
Thanks Liz Oldham in Wirral.

Date:   30 Apr 2009

Excellent website, brought back many memorys of my time with Blu Flu 1968 - 1978.
My first ship was M.V. Protesilaus, I was the 2nd R/o,

Richard Williams

Date:  13 May 2009

My father was a Captain in the Blue Funnel Line his name Captain Alexander Letty.  He died nearly 40 years ago and I am trying to trace his seafaring history with Blue Funnel/Alfred Holt.  Can you advise on who to contact?

Date:   17 May 2009

Present on seismic operation on Cuban north coast.
Ab't "Sailors bars". Scandinavian still going strong in Valparaiso, also Balboa,Panama
Elite and Miami. Few years a go was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Hotel Presindencial, Blue Pelican night club. Also Helsinki, Finland, Salve and Kannas.Hamina, Finland,. Messi and Kompassi. Estonia, Tallinn, Hotel Viru, Bar Bogart.
Greetings for all sailors.
Crew of  M/S Geo Searcher

Great to know the bars are still going. Many thanks for getting in touch. have a good trip.Cheers Tony.

Date:   23 May 2009

Porthmadog ships has been reprinted with a lot of added information + official numbers of the ships.It was on sale from May 9th 18 from local book shops.
Diolch am y wefan.Fe oeddym drosodd yn Morfa Nefyn  yn ddiweddar i weld Glenys mam Lona a Rhiannon
A ydi yr amgueddfa morwrol yn agor y haf yma yn Nefyn?????
Heulwen    Hen Golwyn

Date:   27 May 2009

Cefais llawer o hwyl yn porri'r wefan. Mwynheuais y barddoniaeth yn fawr iawn.

John LLoyd Jones

Date:  07 Jun 2009

Lovely web site brings back happy memmories from our last visit to your good selves at Rhiw.

Allan and Dorothy Grayson

Date:  07 Jun 2009
Hi There, Your website is great. Wondering if you can help, my family and i had a holiday in Aberdaron in 1972, (before we emigrated to australia from England). I haven't had the chance to get back. However this year in Oct my sister and i are doing a visit, we are going to visit Aberdaron. We stayed in a lady's house ( apparantly it meant Duck Pond)The husband had died so she rented out the property fully furnished, it had an orchard out the back also. It was next to a farmhouse. I know its a long shot but wondered if you knew where it was. Kindest Regards, Sharon in Perth West Australia

Date:  19 Jun 2009

Hello - just wondering if anyone happens to have made a family tree of the Joneses who used to live in "Trip" ( a cottage now demolished) on the crossroads at Rhiw.
Please get in touch if you have any geneaological information!
David Morris Jones - email dmj@newsnet.co.uk

Date:  20 Jun 2009

love the web site
we spent our honeymoon(1987) camping at Aberdaron then on to Rhiw where friends had just brought a house and on the 22nd of this month are returning for a holiday again ,will always be a very special place to us .
judy caen

Date 21 Jun 2009


Dear Sir I have just come across your article about S.S. Farfield which was bombed during the war. What I found most interesting about this is that I am researching mine and my wife's family tree and history, and looking at this article there in front of me was her grandfather Fred Edwards Mate on the Farfield. We knew that her granfather had died as the result of enemy action but she had never known the full details leading up to his death. Her Nan would never comment on this sad time in her life and her mother was too young to fully understand. Again I thank you on your article and enlightening us to the circumstanes of this tragedy

Norman C Potter.

Date: 13 Jul 2009


Cael hyd i'r weflan heddiw am tro cyntaf - GWYCH!!! Yn wreiddiol o Borthaethwy ond byw yn Lloegar (Telford) am flynyddoed lawer (dynna pam maer Gymraeg mor warthus! 
Thanks for such an interesting site with so much information.  Passed the area countless times particularly when off fishing (somewhere else!!)  Paths look too steep perhaps for a fat old 'un, but will try in future!
Glynne V. Williams also known as swellyman

Date:   19 Jul 2009

Dymuniadau da i Rob aa Esyllt llyniau da iawn Tony.Pwy di'r boi na yn y siwt ola hefo'i sbectol ddu yn gam ar i drwyn? di meddwi'n barod ia!!!!!

Dwn i ddim pwy dio wir - Gatecrasher ma siwr !!!!

Date:        19 Jul 2009


Mi oedd y parti canu yn arbennig o dda. Diwrnod bythgofiadwy yn saff. Braf di cael pawb yn dod at eu gilydd i ddathlu.


Date:   12 Aug 2009

R-Ballard GREAT SITE SUPER PICTURE'S Visited area recently due to this site Thank-you Keep up the good work ................

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Llyn and hope the sun smiled on your recent visit.


Date:  15 Aug 2009

I found your website by accident, and I an glad I did. My fater Watkin Emrys Jones came from the same area as did his father before him. Thanks for the memories.

Trefor Watcyn Jones.


Date: 18 Aug 2009

Safle we wych. bues yn Rhiw mis Gorffennaf am y tro cyntaf. lle arbennig. bu fi a mam yn hel achau yn edrych am bedd hen nain a taid yng nghapel Nebo.
oes rhywyn yn gwybod rhywbeth am dy or enw Bryn y Gwynt neu Bryngwynt. dyna lle oedd fy hen nain wedi ei magu - Sydney Evans / jones ar ol priodi.
diolch an safle arbennig


Date:    22 Aug 2009

Gwefan gwerth chweil, dim y tro cyntaf i fi edrych arni, wedi cael amser difyr iawn yn edrych trwy y holl luniau, wedi dod ar draws rhai o fy Nhad yn Enlli yn bymtheg oed, gyda ei frodyr a fy Nhaid a Nain, fy Nhad oedd Hugh Williams (Gwenallt Aberdaron), fe hwyliodd llawer i don gyda Blue Funnel, hefyd llun of fy ewyrth "Ifan - Pig y Parc" ei wraig Maggie oedd yn chawer i Mam, diolch yn fawr - Alwyn

Diolch am y sylwadau Alwyn. Tybed oes gen ti hen luniau alle ti rannu efo ni? Os oes gyrra ebsot i ni. Pob Hwyl Gwenllian


Date:   23 Aug 2009

Hi. Just spent a week at Connion at Rhiw. Beautiful part of the Llyn. All the family went right to the top by the mast every day - what spectacular views! Also went to Llanbedrog to visit The Ship and Glyn Y Weddw for dinner(and my Aunt near by), the beach at Aberdaron, Porthmadog for a steam train jaunt to Ffestiniog, Pwllheli and The Woodlands at Edern. I visited the website a number of times and got loads of useful information before our stay - very informative - bendigedig! My Dad also comes from the area (Llanengan) and really enjoyed looking at the site. We shall be regular visitors. Regards, Sioned Dolan.

Many thanks for your comments Sioned. Glad you enjoyed your stay here. Regards Gwenllian


Date:    23 Aug 2009

Llyniau da iawn eto Tony o briodas Sian a James llongyfarchiadau i'r ddau. os nai briodi eto chdi sy'n tynnu llyniau !!!!Bethan xx

Gobeithio na nid i fi mae'r swsus na i gyd, neu fydd pobol yn dechrau siarad !!!!! LOL Pob Hwyl Tony


Date:    24 Aug 2009


What a fantastic web site i have a fishing boat in penryn du (nautical lady) and am so keen to learn more about the ship wrecks and local history this site has everything well done for such a great site
Mick Ireland

Date:    25 Aug 2009

Hi great website,I am trying to do family tree on my mother,s side of the family,Davies who lived at the Emporium Morfa Nefyn .My mother's name was Annwen .In the weddings photographs 1b katie Seaview,is that hywel davies the groom?Is the bridesmaid Annwen?I have had no contact with my mother for the last 37yrs,so it's not easy .I'm sure that the man stood second left is my grandad David Wilson davies.Can anyone confirm thank you Eryl Curvis

Date:   25 Aug 2009

ReEryl curvis forgot to enter my e-mail.address ,ecurvis at hotmail.com .thank you

Date:   30 Aug 2009

Helo o'ch dau..
Troi i mewn unwaith eto (pnawn Sul Gwyl y Banc - a hitha'n damp ac yn niwl dopyn).
Gobeithio'ch gweld yn fuan -  pan fyddai draw yn y pentra..


Mici (Plwm)

Neis clywed gen ti Mici. Os deil y tywydd fel ac y mae mi fyddi'n picio fewn i rhiw.com fory eto !!! Be ddaeth o'r haf hirfelyn tesog dwad ?

Hwyl Tony a Gwenllian

Date:   01 Sep 2009

Amazing !  As a small boy I believe I was on that cruise on TSS Sarpedon in 1938.   David Burgess

Date:   05 Sep 2009

That Sarpedon cruise in 1938.  We joined the ship in the Royal Docks in London, sailed overnight to Rotterdam. Ashore for a day or two, visiting the Peace Palace in The Hague and Delft.  We then took on coal - much hosing down afterwards.  Then across
the North Sea, round the North  of Scotland, down the west coast and to Glasgow to visit the Empire Exhibition, then train to London and home. DB.

Thank you David for your interesting recollections.

Date:    07 Sep 2009

Visited the site to look at Sian and James wedding 22/08/09 and really enjoyed the photos. Its not the first time I have visited the site and I'm sure it won't be the last. We have a lot of family that live in Rhiw and the surrounding areas.
The Marnell-Fox family (Hertfordshire)

Date:        14 Sep 2


Sir's I would like to ask that you may add a link to a new web site. Peter has undertaken years of hard work and a huge task and would love to share with all. Regards Keith at Tregenna.

Hello Everybody

Just a brief note to let everyone I think may be interested know that I finally have a website for the Newport (Gwent) Docks records. I had a URL for the 70th Anniversary but the site could not be uploaded until the 4th.

In future I hope that it is updated month by month when possible.

I dont know if I will add the ports of origin and destination along with cargo because of the amount of work, but we shall see how it goes. The names of the ships and their fate will be my first consideration. The site does not appear on Google searches yet but I am assured it will do at some point in the near future.

I welcome any constructive criticism or correction for errors so that ultimately we have a website of some interest and worth. There is no need to respond to this email, and once again I thank everyone for their help. I am sure Keith for one has waited a long time to see this info put on line. PH.




I believe the ABOVE web site to be of immense value to Newport, Gwent, South Wales and Wales herself and all Nautically like minded, hopefully a Welsh Maritime Web Link will occur. This site is well worthy of being recommended to all. Peter has conducted some sterling work and some support is both deserved and am certain welcomed. Please look in and enjoy: KG.

Date:        22 Sep 2009

Mynd yn ol i Mawrth 2009 mae gen i ofn.Hoffwn gysylltu a Maggie (627) a ymatebodd i fy ymholiad (622)ynglyn a Margret Roberts  (1860-?), Tan y Graig.
 Diolch. Eifion [nia.jones at btinternet.com]

Helo Nia, Gobeithio y bydd Maggie yn gweld hwn - nath hi ddim rhoi cyferiad ebost, felly allai ddim dy roi mewn cysylltiad efo hi.

 Syniad dda fydde rhoi sylw yn y llyfr llofnod a gyrru cyfeiriad ebost i ni i'w basio ymlaen, os  nag ydych yn hoffi'r syniad o roi eich cyfeiriad ar y we. 

Pob Hwyl Gwenllian

Date:  28 Sep 2009

Hello to you.I saw your post ,to my amazment.I will share with you that I lived above the great known Betties bar in langs field st.finnesin.anderson the great clyde docks, and transport depo.for five whole years.what do you want to know I have many a tale and stories.of my childhood,though now I am grown and living in sunny Brighton .look forward in hearing from you .oh by the way I have photos to

Many thanks for getting in touch with us. We'd love to hear your recollections about Betty's bar. Could get in touch with us through the contact page so we can exchange emails. Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Tony

Date:   01 Nov 2009


My mum is staying with the me this weekend- known in Rhiw as Katie Thomas Fron Oleu. She is very interested in  Gwlim Hughes' recollections and wants to know which one is him in the school photo (Ysgol Rhiw 1938) She is on the far left of the middle row. Can anyone else put names to any more of the faces- we have managed about a quarter!

Also to answer Eryl Curvis 25-8-09, the bridesmaid in the picture is definitely not Annwen- it's Elsie, Katie's sister, who ran the Post Office in Rhiw for many years. Not too sure about the groom!

Love the site, which always evokes many happy memories.

Deidre Moquet

Date 02 Nov 2009


In New Orleans there used to be a bar in the French Quarter which catered to American merchant sailors: "The Seven Seas".

There was also a Greek Seaman's Union in the quarter, which was open to the public, with a cover, as I recall.

Date:  06 Nov 2009

What a blast from the past. I worked at Blue Flue's Liverpool office in Water Street between 1967 and 1970. Ahh - The happy days of my youth. Thank you for the enjoyable trip down memory lane.

Date:   14 Nov 2009

Diolch yn fawr iawn am y wybodaeth ar y wefan

Very many thanks, you've helped me find my great grandparents from the Llyn, with only a few names and house names to start with

William Jones b1800 and Gwen b1801, William blacksmith from Tanrardd Llangian
Griffith Jones 1798-1882 and Mary 1799-1873, Innkeeper Penlon Mynytho
Evan Thomas 1801-1889 and Catherine 1806 Tanllan Tudweiliog, farmers
Thomas Morris c1813-1876 and Elizabeth Morris c1818 Caedu Bryn Mawr, farmers.

Gwen Richards

Date 15 Nov 2009




Date: 25 Nov 2009

Hi! My name is Kathleen Byrne-Billingham-Devellerez, my Mother was Kathleen Roberts, the daughter of David Roberts and Jane Roberts your address was given to me by Mrs.Muriel Roberts, Mynytho,Pwllheli,North Wales. I live in Perth Western Australia and my Grandfather was Muriel's Fathers Brother. We understand that Ann our Aunty Katies daughter is with your company. I would just like to say what a wonderful site this is and one I will continue to explore.

Thank You with Best Wishes Kathy Devellerez,Perth.WA.


Date: 01 Dec 2009

What a wonderful website! Congratulations.

Many Thanks. T & G


Date: 01 Dec 2009

Dyma wefan wreiddiol. Hoffwn wybod os oes rhywrai'n yr ardal yn ddisgynyddion i wr o'r enw Ishmael Jones
(Ty'n y coed , 1824 - 1896) . Mae son amdano yn y cyfrifiadau . Fo oedd fy hen-hen-daid.


Date: 03 Dec 2009

Hi from Norfolk Island. What a great Forum, wonderful photo's and stories.


Date: 04 Dec 2009

Gwych o wefan - yn enwedig y lluniau.

Diolch yn fawr, T & G


Date: 07 Dec 2009

Llongyfarchiadau cynhesaf i Huw a Helen - Ty Newydd, Uwchmynydd,- ar ddathlu eu "Priodas Aur" ar y 12ed o Rhagfyr.
John a Shirley - Croydon.

Date:  11 Dec 2009

Rowena here in Western Australia.  Thanks to Mike Sheldrake for making the aerial photos available and to Rhiw.com for putting them up.  Happily enjoying them, not recognising name of whirlygig, imagining an ultralight aircraft, then above the clouds I see a shoe, a leg, two feet, a bag.  Some moment!  Then just as I am beginning to think I would rather like one of these whirlygigs myself, I see the shadow of the pilot on the sands!  Oooh, thanks again, and here is your medal.  Here, quick, have another medal.  What a wonderful way to get a feel for the shape of the country (and trusting Mike didn't get to feel the shape of it more than he chose to).  Better than any map or satellite shot.  I almost felt the breeze in my hair.  Oh no, that was the fan - it's warming up for summer down here.  Diolch yn fawr a hwyl rwan.

Date:    16 Dec 2009

Hi, I believe my great great grandfather was an Engineer on the Ja Ja from Amlwch, do you have any info on this ship. Val Smith.

Date:    16 Dec 2009

Brilliant website the best i've seen yet. The shipping part of the web brought back so many memories especially the Blue Funnel Part.So many photographs,must have taken a lot of hard work. Congratulations. David Jones Bangor.

Date:  21 Dec 2009

Found your site quite by chance, very interesting and brings back a lot of memories of bars visited and hangovers nursed.One bar you could add is the "Anchor Bar" in Havana, it used to be a great run ashore there before Castro went and spoiled it all. If I think of any more I will be in touch. Good luck with the site and a Happy Christmas.

Dave Mace, Birkenhead, email, parthianladatyahoo.co.uk.

Date:   26 Dec 2009

A great site.  Thank you so much for spending the time to put it all together.  My great grandfather and great great grandfather were Coastguards/Tide Waiters/Customs Officers at Porthdinllaen in the 1830/1840/1850/1860 periods, and lived at Tyn y Coed in Edern.
Eunice Bold-Edwards, South Australia:       

Date:    30 Dec 2009

Hi Tony, the site,s getting better every time I have a look,(you must have plenty of spare time now that your retired). All the best for the new year, keep up the good work.
Rob (Seawell)

Great o hear from you Rob. All the best for the New Year to you and all the guys on the Seawell. Cheers Tony.

Diolch yn fawr i bawb am eich sylwadau  / Many thanks to you all for your comments


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