Date: 02 Jan 2007
Annwyl Pawb

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i fy holl deulu a ffrindiau o Ben Llyn

Cariad Mawr
Sian Jones (Qatar)

A Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, i tithau hefyd Sian. Pob hwyl, Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 02 Jan 2007
Thank you for a splendid web page. Many hours of pleasure is being spent perusing the photos and items. I am a granddaughter of Griffith John Williams (Ty Capel) Aberdaron. He was a bus driver for Crossville Buses. Although I never lived in Wales, we would visit when we could and my memories of Llyn and it's people have stayed and will remain with me forever. Thank you for your stirling work, especially the census, which a godsend for an amateur genealogist.
living in New Zealand.

Kind Regards
Susan Foakes (nee Williams)

Many thanks for your kind words Susan, we are very glad that we are able to help, with our website. Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 02 Jan 2007
Hi! Fabulous site! We've had a caravan on the site at Porth Ysglaig for 50 years. Viewing the site makes me all the more desperate for the spring to arrive when we can go again. We were once witness to a bit of smuggling at Porth Ysgaden back in the early '70's. we saw a large boat being signaled by a car on the headland flashing its lights~guiding the vessel into the cove. We saw flash lights moving too and fro' the car and boat for ten minutes or so before they parted company and the boat headed out to sea, direction Ireland. No idea what was going on !
David Barker Holmfirth

Amazing story David. We saw a yacht anchored at Porth Llawenan years ago, and there was some very strange boat movements there as well, it does make you wonder what these people are up to?. Regards Tony


Date:  04 Jan 2007

Llongyfarchiadau i Bethan a Will Bodgrugyn fod yn yn daid ag nain am yr eilwaidd. Ganwyd Gethin am 7.30am, 8lb 3oz yn ysbyty Bryn Beryl bore Iau y 4ydd.

Newydd dda iawn i ddechrau'r flwyddyn. Dymuniadau da oddiwrthym ninnau hefyd. Tony a Gwenllian


Date:  05 Jan 2007
What a wonderful website!  We have booked a holiday in Rhiw for later this year after holidaying in Llanbedrog a couple of summers ago and being completely overwhelmed by the beauty of this breathtaking part of Wales.

A google search brought up your site and I have been here now for 2 hours with so much more to see and read.  Your site is one of the best and most informative that I have visited - a huge thank you for sharing so many stories and photographs.

Amanda Jenkins, Shropshire

Hi Amanda, Thank you for your comments and hope you have an enjoyable time when you visit later this year. Regards Gwenllian.


Date: 06 Jan 2007
Diolch am y dymuniadau da ar enedigaeth Gethin. Bethan a Wil Bodgrugyn.


Date:  08 Jan 2007
Hi just looking on your site, I used to live Tan y Myndd I used to climb on all the walks looking out from the top, very relaxing I loved the voice. I love your site good luck my name is Debby. Good luck in the future.

Thanks for your good wishes Debby. All the best Gwenllian.


Date:  08 Jan 2007
I've been browsing your site for about 30 minutes now and still haven't seen it all. I'll be back to check the rest out very soon.

Keep up the good work
David Thomas

Date:  09 Jan 2007
Thank you for a very interesting and informative site, there is a wealth of information that would not normally be available to the public, thanks to all.
Alan Barton, Warrington, Cheshire. 08/01/2007

Glad you liked the site Alan. Many thanks for your comments. Regards Gwenllian


Date:   13 Jan 2007

Thank you for this great site.  My great aunt Ray Jones still lives in Rhiw and her son Tecwyn as well who is my second cousin (once removed).

As a Canadian I loved Rhiw and the Llyn the natural beauty of the area is on par with the best in the world.  After my visit there in 2001 I would certainly love to live there on a more permanent basis.

Keep up the great work with this site it really makes my day looking around and seeing so much.

Jonathan Williams
Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hi Jonathan, We know  your aunt Ray well and she has helped us out quite a lot not only with old photos but also with many stories of yesteryear when Rhiw was a busier community and every house had a family, the school was open and we had two shops. Many thanks for your comments. Regards Gwenllian.


Date:  14 Jan 2007

David Thomas 8th Jan 2007 has browsed for some 30mins and not seen it all !!. I would suggest that he will have to browse for at least 30days and still not see all the wonderful items within it and which have been so carefully and lovingly put together by Tony and Gwenllian for which they are to be congratulated in their efforts. I have spent many happy hours browsing finding it informative and it must be regarded as the most enjoyable site to visit. (See Lion Hotel in history)
John Jones (Croydon)

Hi John, What can we say but thanks. Regards Tony and Gwenllian

Date:  19 Jan 2007

I think this is a very informative, and really intresting site!


Date:  19 Jan 2007
Fantastic site, very interesting. I especially like your photos new and old, some of your digital photos are amazing! Da iawn! Sarah, Nefyn

Diolch am dy sylwadau Sarah. Hwyl Tony a Gwenllian

Date: 21 Jan 2007
Good day to you all.
I was a Midshipman from October 1964 till September 1969 and my first trip was on the Autolicus from Liverpool to Hong Kong and back. Your web site is very well presented and I will return to search and read the full site with many memories being recalled.

Paul J. Baxter
Living in Perth WA

Thanks for writing in our Guest book Paul, and I'm glad that you found my pages interesting.  Regards Tony


Date: 21 Jan 2007

On a very fine day we can see the Welsh coastline from the top of Killiney Hill just south of Dun Laoghaire here in Ireland. Unfortunately, we don't seem to be having many very fine days at present.
So, your website with its great pictures keeps us in touch spiritually. Congrats on a fine presentation. Dominic Dowling Foxrock, Dublin

Hi Dominic, We have a couple of photos of the Irish coast taken from Rhiw, it would be interesting if next time the weather permits you could take one from Killiney Hill of our coastline. Many thanks for your brilliant comments and for getting in touch. Regards Gwenllian and Tony


Date: 25 Jan 2007
I was an ex BF Junior Electrician on the MV Melampus on it's last voyage Suez June 1967.

Your site has first class photographs of the Holts legacy the Blue Funnel Line. I will certainly pass your website details to my ex shipmates.

EurIng J.L.Hughes

Many thanks your comments, hopefully there'll be a few more updates to the Blue Funnel pages soon. Regards Tony


Date: 29 Jan 2007

Hi all
my name is Ernest Cowan Taylor, and i was a chief engineer with blue funnel from 1948 until retirement in 1983, then office working until 1986, now living in Spain, would love to get in touch with old shipmates! please email me at gerry@landofolives.com, and congrats on fantastic site

Ernest Taylor

Hope you get loads of response Ernest. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 30 Jan 2007
A Most interesting website with information not available elsewhere. Keep up the good work.
Barry Challenger
Beaumaris, Vic.

Many thanks for your kind comments Barry. Regards Tony


Date: 30 Jan 2007

Hello, I am the Great-Grandaughter of Captain Hugh Roberts.  I adore your website and was wondering how I might get in touch with the family members who supplied your website with the information and documents regarding my Great Grandfather? I don't know who they are but it would be interesting to find out!
Regards, Ruth Blacker


Date: 30 Jan 2007

I made an earlier post just now (can't see it up there yet but I'm sure it's there) and would just like to add that anyone wishing to get in touch with me regarding my Geat Grandfather Captain Hugh Roberts can do so via e-mail: ruth.blacker@ntlworld.com
I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to share stories or who may know more about my Grandfather than I do.  My Grandfather Hugh Roberts (JNR) passed away several years ago.  He provided many details and took great care of what little herilooms he had from his father.  However, his passing has also left many loose ends now that I am reading throgh the site and looking to find out more.  Many Thanks, Ruth

Sorry Ruth received both your emails together. Many thanks for your comments and hope you receive some useful info regarding your great grandfather. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 30 Jan 2007
A Most interesting website with information not available elsewhere. Keep up the good work.
Barry Challenger
Beaumaris, Vic.

Thanks for the comments Vic. Hope you keep looking in from time to time we update fairly often. All the best Gwenllian


Date: 31 Jan 2007


My name is Tony Brand and I am currently Chairman of the Liverpool Pilots. I was a cadet with Ocean Fleets from 1975 - 1979, when I was made redundant. On passage out of the Mersey to Point Lynas on Sunday I spotted what appeared to be a familiar vessel alongside in Seaforth. The name "Expert" did not mean anything to me but my wife used her internet search skills to discover that the ship was built as Menestheus at Nagasaki in 1977. She was in fact my last ship as cadet. Love the site
Tony Brand

Many thanks for your comments Tony. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 02 Feb 2007

I think this is an excellent website, and has helped me find out a lot about the little Grey Fergie, as I have just been given one and I am in the process of trying to restore it. Thomas

Good luck with the restoration Thomas, let us know how you get on. Many thanks for your comments. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 03 Feb 2007

Mae'n rhaid dweud hyn,ers fynd i'r byd cyfrifiadur yn 2004 a canfod y wefan arbennig yma ac wedi rhoid fy sylwadau adeg hynny,mae yn mynd o nerth i nerth ac yn dal i roid oriau o gysur imi ac i fy ffrindiau sydd yn newydd ar y we.Diolch o galon,ydych yn haeddu medal.   Ann Roberts.

Be fedra ni ddweud Ann ond diolch yn fawr am eich sylwadau ac mae'n bleser cael gwybod eich bod chi a'ch ffrindiau yn mwynhau ein gwefan, Pob hwyl i chi Gwenllian a Tony


Date: 05 Feb 2007

Hello Tony a Gwenllian, diolch yn fawr am y croeso dydd Sul y 5ed, mae y site yn ddiddorol dros ben,gobeithio nad oedd y cinio wedi oeri,
Pob lwc ichi a,r teulu Iorwerth, Mavis, a'i ffrindiau

Biti sa chi wedi dweud yn gynt eich bod yn dod i Ben Llyn sa chi wedi cael cinio a sa ni wedi cael mwy o sgwrs. Falch iawn eich bod wedi galw a pob lwc i chi yn Awstralia. Hwyl a cofion. Tony a Gwenllian. 


Date: 10 Feb 2007

Wel rwyf yn hoffi y safle yma yn fawr iawn iawn ond mae,n anodd deallt rhai petha fel meddygon y ddafad wyllt does dim son am Griffith Griffiths

Pan ddechreuon ni'r wefan Rhiw yn unig oedd ein cwmpawd ac un o Benygraig, Llangwnadl oedd Griffith Griffiths, tad John Griffiths. Mi fydd raid i ni fynd yn ol a chael rhywfaint o hanes Griffith, mae na lun ohonno ar y wefan ond dim o'i hanes. Efallai y gallech chi fod o gymroth i ni efo hyn? Gyda diolch am eich sylwadau. Pob hwyl Gwenllian


: 12 Feb 2007

Tony a Gwenllian, diolch am y linc i'n gwefan, balch iawn o glywed ei bod yn Wefan y Mis, yn sicr fe gaiff sylw rwan, achos mae Rhiw.com yn boblogaidd iawn drwy'r wlad a thu hwnt. Wrth fy modd yn gweld yr hen luniau, ew1  sai'n braf mynd  n'olmewn amser!!! Diolch i chi eich dau.
John(J&A) Gwefan John ac Alun

Croeso John. Beth am yrru'ch llun cyntaf a hanes y gig gynta naethoch chi gael i ni roi tudalen o hanes John ac Alun ar rhiw.com. Pob hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 20 Feb 2007
Hallo Rhiw.com
Greetings from Norway!! You have a great website.
Extremely impressive  well done!! My interest is specially your great picture from offshore and the D.S.V. Seawell.
I'll be back again soon!

Kindest Regard from Bjarne http://home.online.no/~bjaholte/

Hi Bjarne, Thanks for getting in touch, and glad you like our pages on the Seawell. Regards Tony


Date: 21 Feb 2007

If only you could feel the joy and relief that you have given me, just for a couple of hours, with this gem of a website. I thank you all and wish you well. God walk beside you. 'bye, Malcolm Redman.

We feel very humbled by your kind comments Mark, very touching. Thank you Gwenllian.


Date: 21 Feb 2007

Haia Gwenllian a Tony,
Mi rydw' inna' hefyd wedi gwirioni efo'ch gwefan, ac yn enwedig hefo'r lluniau (hen a newydd) yn enwedig y rhai hen......maent yn werth eu trysori a'u cadw.  Daliwch ati!! Cofion - Anwen Kilian

Diolch am gysylltu Anwen. Cytuno yn llwyr efo chdi mae'r hen luniau i gyd yn drysorau, os oes gen ti fwy neu wybod am unrhyw un fyddai yn fodlon menthyca rhai i ni gad ni wybod. Neis iawn clywed gen ti. Cofion Gwenllian.


Date: 26 Feb 2007

Finally made it Rhiw for the first time on Friday February 23 to see the village for ourselves and to visit the site on the crossroads - Fourcrosses Bach - where the little house "Trip" once stood - the ancestral seat of the Jones family. There were grey skies and rain  - but the weather couldn't take anything away from the magic of this wonderful little village and its friendly residents. Can't understand why my great grandfather, Morris Jones, ever decided to leave to go the Penrhyndeudraeth - of all places. We are definitely coming back this summer!

David and Pat Morris Jones.

Perhaps we can arrange some sun for your next visit you never Know!!! If you're looking for somewhere to stay take a look at our Holiday cottages section. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 08 Mar 2007

Hello,just found your excellent site.I joined Ocean Fleets in 1974 as a deck cadet and stayed in Aulis in Liverpool.I sailed on a few Blue Funnel ships namely-Agapenor&Melampus,when they both came out of the Suez Canal in 1975
Atreus in 1976
Lycaon in 1978/79
Phrontis in 1979
Melampus in 1980/1/2(8 trips)
Other ships served in include,Dalla,Forcados,Pegu,Daru,Liverpool Bay,Dolphin Point,Sherbro and Studland Bay(ex Maron,I think)
My cousin was Hugh Griffiths whose photos you have on your site and it was because of him I joined the Merchant navy.
  Many thanks for the memories
  Gareth Griffiths, Tudweiliog

Hi Gareth, Thanks for comments. If you have any photos or memories you'd like to include on our Llyn Seafarers pages please get in ouch with us. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 09 Mar 2007
Newydd weld hanes a llun Catherine Pritchard (nee Catherine williams) a fu farw yn 103 oed.  Deallaf fel mai "Hen wraig Madryn" oedd hi yn cael ei galw)A oes rhywun yn gwybod unrhyw beth o hanes y wraig yma achos mae hi yn chwaer i un o fy hen deidiau.  Hoffwn gael mwy o hanes y teulu er mwyn gwneud fy nghoeden deulu.  Os oes rhywun am gysylltu efo fi yna fy nghyfeiriad e-bost yw annolyn@aol.com
Wrth fy modd yn edrych ar safle "Rhiw.com" gyda llaw.

Diolch am eich sylwadau. Mi ddown yn ol atoch efo hanes Catherine a'ch rhoi mewn cysylltiad efo rhywun sydd gan fwy o wybodaeth. Pob Hwyl Gwenllian.


Date: 09 Mar 2007
Bore Da!  I sailed with Blue Funnel in the fifties; Memnon; Myrmidon; Mentor; Euryades; Patroclus; Perseus; Neleus and others. I have just found your site and like the looks of it. Although born and bred in England I am half Welsh and now a resident of the United States.
  Thank you for this site; Gorau dymuniad   Keith BRanton

Hi Keith, Many thanks for your comments. We hope you find the website interesting and that it'll bring back a few memories of your seafaring days. Regards Gwenllian


Date:  09 Mar 2007
Wonderful site and keeping our old memories of Blue Funnel and Glen alive.

I would like to hear from anyone who was a crew member of any M or N class vessel who traversed the Suez Canal  and may think they were the ship in Lawrence of Arabia.


Take care everyone and thanks for helping in trying to PROVE which ship it was in the goof shot of the film.


ex Blue Funnel and Starits Steamship. Singapore.

Hi John, Let's hope that J Hughes looks in and gets in touch with you. Many thanks for your kind comments. Regards Tony.


Date: 10 Mar 2007

Mae'r wefan yma mor dda, dwi'n treulio nosweithiau yn edrych ar hwn yn lle darllen! Gwaith ardderchog.
Oes rhywyn yn gwybod lle roedd bwthyn "Tyn y Wern"?
Roeddwn wedi gweld yr enw yma yn yr archifdy pan yn chwilio am fy hen hen hen daid a nain.

Diolch yn fawr i'r ddau ohonoch,Twm

Falch iawn eich bod wedi mwynhau ymweld a'n gwefan a diolch am eich sylwadau. Tyda ni ddim yn gyfarwydd a Tyn Wern yma yn Rhiw ond mi holwn o gwmpas i chi. E bostiwch ni a mi ddown yn ol atoch chi. Pob hwyl Gwenllian.

Date: 12 Mar 2007


Thank you for your interesting comment and glad you enjoy the website. Regards Tony.


Date: 16 Mar 2007

Just looking in following a trail for info on m.v. Lycaon with Dutch Flag.

Interesting site and will return for a longer look later.

Mark V. Colman
(Port Line  66-81)

Date: 19 Mar 2007
Hi - just found your website.  Brilliant!   I did 3 trips as a cadet with Blue Funnel in 1951/52: s/s Melampus (built 1924); Aeneas; Hector.  I wonder if there are any former shipmates out there.  Does anyone have a wartime history of the Melampus?
David Hadfield, Talybont, Ceredigion

Date: 22 Mar 2007

Hi just came across your website, looking for blue flue websites after a nostalgic trip to Liverpool last week. I joined in 1968,sailed on Theseus, later onto bay boats, finishing on Peisander for chief`s combined motor time. Would like to hear from any past shipmates. Keep up the good work
Geoff Brant - gbrant@btinternet.com


Date: 24 Mar 2007

I have no family , or other connection with Rhiw - having visited this excellent site, I just wish I had a link! Your site has helped me decide where to spend some time in the near future. Gwefan ardderchog -  da fod pobol fel chi yn rhoi amser i mewn fel hyn,  i gadw "yr hen ffordd Gymraeg o fyw", yn fyw!
Ken Davies, Y Drenewydd, gynt o Lanrwst a Ddolgellau

Hi Ken Many thanks for your comments. Look forward to seeing you in the area, we promise you won't be disappointed, Llyn and especially the furthest extremities of the peninsula have a magic all of their own and are well worth a visit. Diolch o galon am eich sylwadau falch eich bod wedi mwynhau a cofiwch alw mewn eto mae mwy o drysorau o hen luniau a hanesion i ddod. Pob hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 25 Mar 2007

Fantastic web site of MN nostalgia.
Ex Junior Electrician
Melampus Suez 1967


Date: 04 Apr 2007



Diolch am eich sylwadau David. Pob hwyl Gwenllian


Date:  04 Apr 2007

I own Treddafydd Farm in Llithfaen now and wonder if the tractor restoration on your website came from here originally, or another Treddafydd!
Hi Sharon, yes the tractor was from Treddafydd originally. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 06 Apr 2007


Rhiw.com was an astonishing find! I'm coming to Aberdaron on Sat 19th May with members from our church in Shropshire to Bardsey on a pilgrimage. When I was very young I used to stay at Rhiw in the white-house just above Plas y Rhiw. Some days we would call in to see the ladies who lived in Plas y Rhiw and I got my love of watercolour painting from her influence. My friend, Winifred Fortune, went to the village school and I used to come during school holidays...I loved it so very much that when I married and had my daughter Sally, we bought a tent and stayed every school holiday at Treheli Farm.  When my daughter married and had my two grandchildren, she too camped at Treheli Farm. It's hard to believe but this week, my daughter has driven to Rhiw and visited Megan and Ivan at Triheli and taken my 9 year old great-grand twins to see them.  They played on the beach that I've loved for all these years and loved it just as much as I did. 
Rhiw is the most precious jewel in Wales. Your web site is wonderful.
Bye the way, above the village at the end of the second world war there was some sort of establishment - radio mast or something - I never found out what it was but now perhaps you could let me know.

Many thanks

Jean Wardman 

Many thanks for your comments Jean. Hope you have a good pilgrimage. The station on the Clip is a radar tracking station, which is now unmanned. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 06 Apr 2007

Ma'r 'website' man cwl...sud nathoch chi ffendior wybodaeth ar llunia mai gid?..maen rhaid fod o di cymeryd hydoedd

Diolch am eich sylwadau. Caredigrwydd pobl Llyn yn rhoi menthyca eu trysorau i ni sydd benna i gyfri am y deunydd ar y we ac ambell i drip i'r archifdy i ddilyn trwydd stori neu ddwy i fyny. Mae wedi bod yn fraint a phleser i ni cael gwneud Rhiw.com. A da ni'n dal i chwilio allan am fwy o hen luniau a hanesion ac yn wir mae ganddo ni amryw o bethau i'w gwneud, ond wel mae'n anodd eistedd wrth y cyfrifiadur a hithau mor braf allan.

Date: 24 Apr 2007

A beautifully put together site which is extremely interesting with good quality photographs - something for everyone. Regards Ian, Wirral.

Many thanks for your kind comments Ian, glad you like our website. And thank you for writing in our Guest Book. Regards Tony


Date: 29 Apr 2007
Des Taff Jenkins.
 Great site, will have to visit more comprehesivly later.
Some seamens pubs 'Shoulder of Mutton' [Swansea] Raffles, [Singapore} Ducky's [Dunedin]Auckland Hotel.[Auckland]
Best of luck.

Thanks for getting in touch Des, and for the pub names, we'll add them to the list. Regards Tony.


Date: 07 May 2007

What a wonderful site. Was enchanted by the place (Morfa Nefyn) on the only time I visited. Now, after viewing this site feel the need to return and investigate further. Just wish the people here had one tenth of the interest in our past as obviously people have there.

Peter Brady,
Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust, Fleetwood, Lancs.

Thank you for the compliment Peter. Porthdinllaen is an enchanting place full of history and when you walk along the shore you can still find remnants of it's maritime past. Hopefully you will return and have an enjoyable time. There are moves afoot to re-open the Maritime museum at Nefyn, which is very good news. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 13 May 2007
There is much more to see - so will return later. Meantime I was very interested to see the photographs of coastal vessels from the collection of John Griffith Jones. In your introduction to his collection you refer to Liverpool - others may have been in contact and you may now know that the majority, I am confident, were taken at Preston. Many of the Preston photos show vesssels entering or leaving the outer lock or passing through the half tide basin which were always popular locations for photography. Others show vessels within the dock at Preston, coming alongside or at berth, and in many ways these are more interesting as I have seen fewer of these. Do you know if Mr Griffith Jones had any connections with Preston? Was he a seafarer or involved in the shipping industry? Am I right in concluding this is only a part of his collection? If it is, the chances are his collection includes more photographs taken at Preston. In his lifetime the Diversion Quay would still have been open and as far as I can ascertain photographs of shipping at this wharf are rare - I have never seen one. It would be interesting to know more.
I grew up overlooking the Ribble Estuary which sparked my interest in the sea. This developed into a career - initially shoreside with Ben Line and then moving into shipping agency and ship broking.
With kind regards
John Knight

Many thanks for getting in touch John. I knew that some of them were taken in Liverpool, but had no idea that most were taken at Preston. The three albums that we borrowed from Mr Jones's son gave no indication of the locations, only brief descriptions on some of the ships e.g. if they had called at various quarries around Llyn, or were lost around our coast. And I assume, that this was his only interest in these vessels. This is the complete collection, as far as we know.

Thanks once again for passing this interesting information on to us. Regards Tony


Date: 15 May 2007
Cefais glywed gan gyfneither i fy mam bod llawer o wybodaeth am fy hendeidiau ar wefan Rhiw.com.  Darllenais 'Recollections by Rowland Williams, Bryn Golau, Rhiw" a darganfod llawer iawn am hanes fy nheulu agos. (Roedd Rowland yn frawd i daid fy mam, Mair).Diolch yn fawr iawn am ei roi ar y wefan. Mae'r wybodaeth yn ddefnyddiol iawn i mi gan fy mod yn creu coeden deulu ar genes reunited ar hyn o bryd. Dwi'n siwr bydd mwy o wybodaeth ar y wefan o ddiddordeb i mi hefyd, ond dwi heb gael cyfle i chwilio amdano fo eto. Efallai y gallwch fy mhwyntio yn y cyfeiriad cywir.  Diolch yn fawr. Dr Llinos Spencer, Bethel, Caernarfon (Rhuthun gynt).

priodas_kate.jpg (75286 bytes)

Dyma lun Rowland ym mhriodas ei frawd Robert, un o'r lluniau priodas hynaf sydd ar y wefan.  

Falch iawn eich bod wedi mwynhau y wefan. Hwyl, Gwenllian


Date:   22 May 2007

Hi, great site,spent a few happy year's with Blue Funnel,I sailed on a couple of the featured ship's,Menalaus and Machaon,1967-1969,sorry to see how they ended up but that's life,keep up the good work,I'll try and work my way through the rest of your site could take a while.John.

Hi John, Many Thanks for your comments. We've a few more photos and articles to add to the Blue Funnel pages, so they are very much on going, hope you keep looking in. Regards Gwenllian.

Date:  24 May 2007

I was very touched to find an old photo of what I knew as Drws y Môr, Porthdinllaen. It was where Michael Fernie lived in the 1960s and it was my understanding that it had been a coal jetty before being converted into accommodation. Next door was "The Matchbox" built by the Midwinter family, producers of pottery in the Midlands. In the year 1960-1961 my parents helped "evacuees" from the winter storm floods down in Porthdinllaen. At that time there were still permanent residents: the Williams family (Harbour master Hughie, daughter Jean and children) and Michael Fernie. Michael had to climb up what we called "telegraph cliff" because of the electric poles that supplied the group of houses at the bottom. He was lost at sea during Wimbledon week in the early 1970s.

Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Regards Gwenllian


Date: 28 May 2007

Hi, very nice web site, I sailed on the Myrmidon in 82 to the south Atlantic, then on the Ocean Fleets bay boats which then was bought by P&O, I have done a very amatuerish web site for lads who were on the bay boats.
About 50% of the lads on the bay boats in the early days were from Blue Funnel
again, nice site
Lofty Shears

Hi Lofty, Thanks for adding your comments and the link to your website, it'll be of great interest to many of those who sailed on the Bay boats after their time on Blue Funnel, as well as to others. It's good to keep the memory of these fine ships going. All the best Gwenllian

Date:   30 May 2007

David Clues of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea here.
Originaly from Aberystwyth though (went back last year for the first time in 6 years!).
I spent 7 years in the Merchant Navy in the 70's and it were bloooody great!
I did not come to PNG in those days so I know not of any bars but I note you are missing the Criterion Hotel in Napier in your list - fond memories but I recall she had a big nose!

Hi David, Guess Port Moresby's a bit warmer than Aberystwyth, no wonder it took six years to come back !! - It's been so cold here this last week, but things are looking up, albeit the warmth is accompanied by the rain ! Thanks for the bar name, we'll  pop it on to the list soon. Regards Gwenllian.

Date:   30 May 2007

Annwyl gyfeillion tybed a oes gennych unrhyw wybodaeth am planhigyn y wermod lwyd ag yn wir os oes posib ei brynu gennoch gan fod fynith yn dioddef o ddifyg bwyta cymhedrol byddai nain yn credu yn gryf yn y diod a gafwyd wrth ei fwydo derbyniaf nag nid hyn yw pwrpas ir safle hon byswn yn falch o unrhyw wybodaeth a all ein helpu
 Dan eich bendith.Geraint Jones o Nantglyn

Annwyl Geraint, Allwch chi yrru eich cyfeiriad ebost i ni, yna mi ddown yn ol atoch chi. Diolch Gwenllian.


Date: 30 May 2007
Really good website.... Nice to see so many pictures of the vessels.....

Did you know that the Germans wrote a ditty about Blue Funnel Line? I think Lale Anderson sung it in english... Charlie and his orchestra played it..... Based on a wartime song.. es geht alles voruber.....
Go to

http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2005/03/charlie_and_his.html No copyright on this...

All the best Richard Castle

Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment, we hadn't heard about the song, and I don't suppose many others will have either, so once again thanks for this interesting little snippet. Regards Gwenllian

Date:   06 Jun 2007
My nain was from rhiw, Ellen Rowlands who lived at Gimla as a child, it was lovely to use your site to be able to find out about family connections and put names to the photos I have, and trace back through census records, many hours of enjoyable reading thank-you  Dawn

Hi Dawn, Thanks for your comments. Do you have any old photos taken in Rhiw of your family?. If you do perhaps you could scan them and email them to us. So we could include them on the old photos pages. Glad that you found the site useful and hope you'll call in again from time to time. Regards Gwenllian

Date:  07 Jun 2007

Enjoyed your excellent website-particularly the
Blue Funnel parts. First ship mv Maron , was
also on Melampus as a middy when we got stuck in Suez.Have a nice original oil of Melampus on office wall!
Been living and working Panama Canal since 1974. Pete.

Thanks Pete. The Skipper of the Scottish Star, that was also caught in Suez at the time only lives a couple of miles away, small world. If you've any photos or stories we could include in our Blue Funnel, pages, please let us know, we'd be more than grateful and could add them to the pages we already have. All the best. Regards Gwenllian.

Date:        10 Jun 2007

Gwefan arbennig! Wedi treulio oriau lawer yn sbio ar y lluniau ac yn darllen yr hanesion yma ers i fi adael Aberdaron llynedd. Mai'n braf iawn cael gweld lluniau mor wych o Ben Llyn a finna mor bell i ffwrdd. Diolch yn fawr!

Sion Dorkins
(Yn Laos ar y funud)

Neis clywed gen ti Sion. swnio fel dy fod wedi ymweld a llefydd diddorol iawn. Pob hwyl i ti  ar weddill y daith, a  diolch am gysylltu efo ni. Gwenllian


Date:  12 Jun 2007

Thanks for a brilliant website, my father left the Blue Funnel in 1961, (sadly passed away 12yrs ago) below are names of ships that he sailed on, Atreus, Ascaneus, Demodocus, Peleus, Perseus & Priam.  Keep up the very good work.

We've got more Blue Funnel photos to include on the website and a few more articles on the way. Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the site. Regards Gwenllian

Date:  12 Jun 2007

A wonderfully constructed site. I love the old photos. Many thanks for all your hard work.
I was particularly interested in the section on St Hywyn, Aberdaron. I am related to Rev Thomas Edward Owen, rector of Meyliterne w Bottwnog (1902-1911) & vicar of Abardaron (1911-1919). Does anyone have any photos of Thomas - possibly wedding photos - or of his son Vernon Elias Owen? For many years a photo of Vernon hung in the vestry of St Hywyn, Aberdaron, which, I believe, was built in his memory after he was killed in WWI. In my account of the family history I include R. S. Thomas’s poem ‘The Other’ & imagine the sleepless nights Thomas & his wife Eleanor endured in Aberdaron as they came to terms with the loss of their only son.
Mrs Moira Cholerton (Hertford, England)

We'll get in touch with the vicar and wardens of St Hywyn's to enquire about the photos. If you send us an email we'll get back to you. Regards Gwenllian 


Date: 21 Jun 2007

Da iawn Tony a Gwenllian ond lle mae'r lluniau ohonoch chi?!!cofion gorau oddiwrth Dic,Thelma,Ann,Colin,Gareth,Gwen,Ruth,Usama,Sawsan, Yusef ag Imad.

Rhyw ddiwrnod ella - welwch chi'n lluniau ni - wel ma na rai o Tony, hogan bach o Langwnadl on i de!! Uncle Dic, gobeithio i chi gael penblwydd da ddoe. Brysiwch i Ben Llyn. Cofion Gwenllian


Date: 22 Jun 2007

I am doing my family tree, my brother Cyril William D'Arcy from Liverpool was a chef on Blue Funnel Boats during the fifties, he was on Hector, Perseus,Sarpedon,Nestor and others,
Great web site very helpful for my in my research.
Ged D'Arcy

Thanks for your comments Ged and good luck with the research. Regards Gwenllian.


Date:   26 Jun 2007

This is a wonderful website and I have spent many hours looking.  I would have loved to find out any info on my seafaring ancestors.  My GG John MacDonald (Portmadoc b Inverness 1863) and my GGG Richard Jones (born Nevin 1857)who was captain of the Glen Ogwen when he drowned in Portmadoc harbour in 1903. It would have been amazing if I had come across a photo in your "Llyn Master Mariners" section!!!  Any info greatly received.  Many thanks
Janet Spencer

Hi Janet, Hopefully someone reading this may have a photograph of your great grandfathers and more information about the Glanogwen. Thanks for your comments. Regards Gwenllian


Date:  05 Jul 2007


Sut hwyl Tony a Gwenllian mi ydym wedi setlo yn y
Blue Mountains yn Oz mae,n ganol gaeaf yma ac wrth ein bod 3,000 troedfedd o uchder mae yn debyg iawn i Gymru, mae,n fendigedig cael edrych ar eich we.Byddwn mewn cysylltiad eto, Pob hwyl,
Iorwerth a Mavis, o ie mi ddown am lunch riw dro.

Neis clywed gennych eich dau, ac yn falch iawn o glywed eich bod wedi setlo yna yn Awstralia. Cadwch mewn cysylltiad a pob hwyl i chi. Cofion Tony a Gwenllian.


Date:  05 Jul 2007

Wedi mwynhau eich gwefan yn fawr iawn bu yn gymorth mawr i mi wrth i mi wneud fy nghoeden teulu,yn enwedig y census, diolch yn fawr dalier ati.Llinos Eames Jones,Bontnewydd

Falch ein bod wedi bod o gymorth Llinos, a diolch am eich cydnabyddiaeth. Pob hwyl Gwenllian


Date: 16 Jul 2007

Helo i pawb yn Pen Llyn Diolch i Sara Robat a Gweno am son am rhiw.com i mi Gan Gladys o Port yn byw yn Oludeniz Twrci hwyl i pawb xxxx

Hi Gladys, Mi gaeson nhw wyliau bendigedig a'r son ydi eu bod yn dod nol. Fuo ni yno tua deuddeg mlynedd yn ol - gwyliau goreu gafon ni erioed, lle bendigedig a pawb mor gwrtais a chyfeillgar a bwyd ffantastig, fel dwi'n gofio !!! Hwyl i ti a diolch am gysylltu. Cofion Gwenllian


Date:        18 Jul 2007


Re: Vernon Elias Owen. Many thanks for your interest. I have previously contacted the vicar of St Hywyn, Aberdaron, with no success. Apparently the photo of Vernon was removed when the vestry was redecorated a few years ago. I hope someone may know of its whereabouts.
Many thanks.

Moira Cholerton (Mrs.

If anyone can help Mrs Cholerton locate the photograph of Vernon,please email us and we will pass on any details. Regards Gwenllian


Date:   23 Jul 2007

Hello all at rhiw.com
What a great site,and to see your photographs of the cape horners was great.there is a photo of the langdale,she was a barque built by charles lamport at workington in 1854, 832 gross tons, 3 masts, female figurehead, ellipti stern, with a poop quarter deck, and coppered and copper-fastened,  she was built for a liverpool firm for the eastern trade.if i get anymore info will contact you all the best   JOHN DOLAN WORKINGTON

Hi John, Many thanks for the info and also the comments. The Cape Horners, were fantastic ships and the sailors who sailed them a real hardy breed. Regards Gwenllian


Date:    23 Jul 2007


I keep returning to this site and enjoying the atmosphere.....and the memories.

Completed my cadetship with Ocean, sailing on the following; Polydorus, Glenfalloch (two voyages), Eumaeus, Perseus, Rhexenor (when she became the Opobo), Phrontis, Kowloon Bay and Ajax (the Bulker)and ED's Dummurra.  Left the Merchant Navy and became a plod, now work in a most unusual (but very satisfying)job

Got a box full of photos and memories...and a scanner! so when my current employers allow me some time I'll get to work and copy them to you for you to share with others......if they're good enough!

Anyway thanks for making me a happy person.

Regards Allan 

Hi Allan, We'll certainly look forward to seeing your photos and sharing your memories - hopefully there'll be time to scan and time to write. Many thanks for your comments, it's nice to know folk enjoy our website and that we can bring back happy memories, makes it all worthwhile. All the best Gwenllian


Date:        28 Jul 2007

Mae hon yn un or gwefanau gorau sydd i'w gael.
Wrth fy modd rwan yn pori trwy'r hen lynniau.
Un A aned ym mhen Llyn. Diolch yn fawr iawn a daliwch at

Falch eich bod yn mwynhau a diolch am eich sylwadau ac am gysylltu a ni. Pob hwyl Gwenllian

Date: 25 Jul 2007
Hi Tony and Gwenllian, glad to see your website is booming.  I didn't realise it existed until I bought one of your photos of Garn Fadryn at Glynllifon today.  When I took it home, Dad showed me your website.  I have been looking for photos like yours for years to take with me wherever I end up in the world to remind me of home (The Army takes me everywhere, Afghanistan next).  I was wondering if you print them on canvas at all?  My email is theminxter2@hotmail.com, best wishes and love to Sera.  Sarah Sanders (Nee Cartwright)

Hi Sarah, Great to hear from you. Thanks for buying one of Tony's photos. If you have the time come and have a look through his portfolio, it would be great to see you again, we'll make sure Sera's here so you can catch up on all the news. We do get the photos made on canvas and they look really impressive - if you're in the area pop into the Gwesty Ty Newydd - they have some on the wall there, plus it's a good excuse to have a drink on the terrace and enjoy the view. Hope to see you soon. All the best Gwenllian


Date: 04 Aug 2007
Still like to look at the site keep up the good work....
Mark .seawell.

Hope you are keeping well Mark, nice of you to drop in! Regards Tony


Date:        12 Aug 2007

I am amazed to find such a good website. I have been researching my family history and out of desperation typed in  "Hugh Pugh Carnarfon" in a search engine and bingo!

I would like to know more about Hugh Pugh though as he is a relative, I need to know about his wife and childrens names together with any siblings. I have a marriage certificate for 1818 in Llanbeblig he is only listed as full age, assuming he was 21 then it fits except his wife is listed as Jane Ann Jones. Did he marry twice or is this another relative? any help would be gratefully recieved.

Jayne Merrington (Aberystwyth)

Hi Jayne, Thanks for your email. I hope someone can help you out with this one. All we have on Hugh Pugh is what is already on the website. Regards Gwenllian


Date:        13 Aug 2007

Thoroughly enjoyed browsing this site. Am looking for any photos of A Class ships, including interiors and am happy to supply my e-mail address if required.

Mike Downing (mdowning@toucansurf.com)

Hi Mike. Glad you enjoyed browsing the website and hope you get the old photos you're looking for. If we come across any will let you know. Regards Gwenllian


Date:        14 Aug 2007

I came across this website and it brought back very happy memories of my teenage years. For many summers I worked at Hendy, Pencaerau for Dafydd Jones (who sadly passed away earlier this year)I used to spend hours each day in the saddle acompanying visitors on ponies. I also helped at the Rhiw sheepdog trials.
I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to anyone who remembers me.

Hi Sian, I used to go riding at Hendy , as did our daughter Sera, she had a pony called Shadow for a couple of winters when she was about nine or ten. Thanks for getting in touch. All the best Gwenllian


Date:        21 Aug 2007

Doreen Williams Rhoose..My Father John Jones Glasmor Nefyn , born 1886 at Preswylfa nefyn,son of Master Marriner Owen Jones ofHemisphere106851,also King 123988 My Father  sailed on Langdale 1904 /5 with G Jones.also on Hemisphere Ganganian Blodwen,Venedotian,and king,
finishing on the North britain.ToNew Orleans onS S Engineer,and India OnEtonian built Aberystwyth.


Date: 23 Aug 2007

It's been a while since I last visited the site, and boy, have you been busy! So many different 'rabbit-holes' to go down and explore. The photographs are wonderful, and so atmospheric.
I visit so many sites related to my other interests (military vehicle modelling, and playing rock-guitar), but your site is streets ahead in presentation and ease of access.

I've just realised that the last time I was on your glorious peninsula was 7/11/06 (my birthday) when I had a boy's day out with my Springer Spaniel, Molly.
We did Porth Ceiriad under clear blue skies and had  one of those days that'll remain in the memory banks for many years. Don't know whether the old mutt will be able to cope with climbing this year due to her age, but we've always have an 'away-day' on my birthday, so I'm determined  to bring her on  a less challenging Llyn walk in a couple of months. We may be seeing you soon!

Sad old thing that I am, whenever I have a quiet patch at work, I hit your aerial photograph album. Instant joy! It should be on prescription on the NHS!

Lots of love

Andy Talbot

Hi Andy, Many thanks for your comments and nice to know you enjoy the website and find it easy to browse through. As Rhiw.com became bigger we became increasingly worried that folk would find it difficult to find things - so your comments are very welcome. Hope you have a cracking day out on your birthday. All the best Tony and Gwenllian

Date: 25 Aug 2007

Llongyfarchiadau ar gyrraedd y canmil ymlaen nawr at y miliwn. Bethan Bodgrugyn xx

Diolch yn fawr Bethan, hwyl Tony a Gwenllian.


Date: 25 Aug 2007

What lovely wedding pics! Did you take them Tony? They're really nice and it looks like a happy day. Eif and Viv

Glad you like the wedding photos, yes it was me that took them, but I was'nt the official photographer. That's why I've only got pics taken outside the church. All the best Tony.


Date:   26 Aug 2007
Congratulations Richard and Rhiannon. Pob dymuniad da.
David Morris Jones
descendant of Morris Jones "Trip", Rhiw born Aberdaron 1816.


Date: 28 Aug 2007
Was it you I met on the shore below Tir Glyn yesterday morning after dawn?
It was a real pleasure to meet you and have a chat. That time of peace added greatly to my flying visit to share a meal with old friends who have a caravan at the campsite. The photographs are superb and I shall tell them about your website so that they can explore some new places which you know so intimately.
I hope your work out of Singapore goes well. As I sail I appreciate the "Ships Log"!
Perhaps our paths will cross again, I hope so.
John McIlroy.
Birmingham, West Mids.

Hi John, Yes that was me at Porth Meudwy yesterday morning, along with "Smot" my Jack Russell. I had some superb light for about 10 minutes, and I'm quite pleased with the shots. Great to have a yarn with you, take care. All the best, Regards Tony

Link to the photos I took (Llyn Photographs 21)


Date:   30 Aug 2007

Gwefan hynod ddiddorol. Diolch i'r drefn mai pobol sy'n ymwybodol o'u gwreiddiau sy'n ei rhedeg. Diolch am eich hymdrechion.
Dafydd Edwards, Caernarfon.

Diolch i chi Dafydd am eich sylwadau calonogol. Pob hwyl i chi Gwenllian.


Date: 31 Aug 2007
What lovely wedding photos. Who are the lovely couple? The site has really been interesting. Haven't been in touch for a while. Have been chasing my Grandfathers military life instead of Joyces (in Florida) Welsh connection. We had such a great time there on her family reunion. Its a beautiful area. Longing to come back again. Finding the time is the problem. All the best to you.
Agnes Ebrey

Nice to hear from you again Agnes. Hope all is well with you you, family research still keeping you busy. Hopefully you can visit Rhiw again next summer. Regards Gwenllian


Date:   02 Sep 2007

My only other Guestbook entry was in January of this year when my family and I had just booked a 2 week holiday in Rhiw.

We returned to 'home' to Shropshire yesterday after spending the most wonderful 14 days walking and exploring Rhiw and this beautiful part of the Peninsula.  Such a breathtakingly ancient place steeped in so much history - I cannot emphasise how much we have felt at home and at perfect peace in Rhiw.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to return to your website and look again at the wonderful pictures and archives knowing that this time, we have been able in part to visit some of the places detailed.  I look forward to returning again next year and to visiting this site often.

Thank you both
Amanda Jenkins

Hi Amanda, Glad that you enjoyed your holiday in Rhiw and hope that you return again next summer and have another enjoyable stay. Regards Gwenllian and Tony.


Date:  21 Sep 2007


Many thanks for your comments. All the best with the work Regards Gwenllian


Date: 21 Sep 2007


Many congrats to Gwyn and Nanw. Hope you had the perfect day. All the best.
Love from
Rhiannon and Richard x

Date: 22 Sep 2007

Lluniau ardderchog ar achlysur arbennig.
Tad Rhiannon, Albert Ffer!


Date: 22 Sep 2007

This website is fantastic.  Also thank you, Gwenllian and Tony for the recorded memories of a wonderful day.  ( we are going to Aberdaron next wednesday, and looking forward to picking up the lovely photo that you have apparently left for us with Rhiannon.  Many thanks.....a lovely gesture)
Best wishes for the continuation of your website.
Anne and Albert

Thank you for your lovely comments. It was great to be there taking pictures and to share the happy occasion. Hope you like the photo we chose and hopefully we'll see you in Aberdaron next week. All the best Gwenllian and Tony.


Date:  22 Sep 2007

Thanks so much for the info on the San Demetrio. My Great Uncle Charlie was one of the crew who brought her home. He was paid Ł1000 pounds salvage for her which was a lot of money in those days.

Good to have such an interesting comment. Thank you for getting in touch and glad that you came across the information about the San Dememtrio on our website, if you would like to add a few words to our pages you're more than welcome. All the best. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 4 Oct 2007


As a (young) Nestorian, ex Engineer Cadet, (Aulis and all that), Second Engineer and then Superintendent with Cory Towage here in South Wales, I have often looked at this site and admired it.
If you want to see a blue funnel that is still working, check out my website, www.elpenor.co.uk . Not quite what you might be expecting, but the video taken on Windermere this summer is quite interesting.

Many thanks for your comments. Folk will be pleasantly surprised when they click on to your website - well worth a visit, most interesting. All the best Gwenllian

Date: 10 Oct 2007
S.V. Sentinel
Yr Aifft

Helo Tony a Gwenllian,
'dach i ar y "Rem Etive" byth Tony?
Dyma fi yn ol ar hen llong eto! Y "Scotia" oedd hi gynt. Efallai 'dachi'n cofio hi yn Aberdeen rhyw ugain mlynedd yn ol. Rhywsyt, mae'r tywydd yn braf a'r bwyd digon da! Hwyl a fflag,Robat Cadiw o Gricieth

Neis clywed gynno chi Bob. Mae Tony ar y Maersk Reliance ar hyn o bryd - heb fod yn bell oddwrthoch efallai - mae yntau allan yn yr Aifft. Mae o i fod adref wythnos nesaf os eith pob dim i amser. Hwyl i chi am y tro. Gwenllian


Date: 18 Oct 2007

Actually am trying to find the names of ships my father sailed on as a chief engineer in the 30's possibly on this line - he sailed to Rio - Panama canal - Russia- injured at sea in storm and hospitalised in Alexandria. Any advice welcomed. His name Andrew Dempster Whitton now deceased.


Date: 22 Oct 2007
I came to your site by following a link to "KI-Gass" which is related to the restoration of a Ferguson tractor by Aled Williams. I, also have a similar tractor which can be seen on my website at http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/gwentman I have to say that although the little machine regularly works on my 2 acre holding, its maintenance is very much ongoing. That said, I wouldn't be without this remarkable tractor.
Michael Steele,


Date: 23 Oct 2007

Diolch am y wefan gwych. Rwyf yn gorwyres i Captain Hugh Parry  1840- 1901 o Nefyn a Borth y Gest ac gweithio a'r achau y teulu. Fy hen hen daid oedd Captain Ebenezer Parry,  Well st. Nefyn
Heulwen Jones Hen Golwyn.


Date: 29 Oct 2007
Good afternoon,
              I've recently started looking into the background of my family and came across your site today! Without doubt, it's one of the best put together sites that I have come across in recent months and the contribution of photographs by members is extremely good. I was surprised to see four of Buries Marks' ships on the site, such as the La Falda and La Colina! My uncle, Captain William Davies was master on these vessels during the 60s and he later became commodore skipper of the company.
I've made the site one of my favourites and will certainly be visiting it weekly if not more often.
Regards, Will.


Date:   04 Nov 2007
I found this website via two ways, first via a link from another place and also by google. I was initially drawn to the site because I had some across a pattern by Joan in an old publication, called Sun and Moon. I have worked this pattern and was delighted with it. I have browsed this site and have to say that I was enthralled with all aspects of it.Rhiw, which I had never previously heard of, looks an idyllic place.
 I would like to ask though, why can't I download the pattern into a usable pattern. I can download, but when I come to print out it is very smidged and unusable
I would appreciate comments, as I am very keen to work this pattern also.
Eve Kelly

Hello Eve, Thank you for your comments. I'm not too sure why the pattern turns out as it does - it should come out as a usable template. If you send us an email I'll try and get you a template. Regards Gwenllian


Date:   05 Nov 2007

I am ex blue funnel steward.1959 ships Peleus etc my dad was William Robert Parsons (Bob)last ship Priam sadly passed away 30th Oct 2007 cremation 7th Nov best website about the Welsh navy well done brings back memories

Hope the memories bring you some comfort at this sad time. In sympathy Gwenllian.

Date:  15 Nov 2007
This website is very enjoyable and so did my grandad. he used to work on these ships
and that is why I am on this website and I have learnt a lot about the ships and the people who used to work on them .


Date: 18 Nov 2007

Spent many happy times in the Rectory visiting my mother's uncle, the Rector Deiniol Jones and his wife, my grandmother's sister, Kitty. My great grandmother died in that house, as did my aunty Bessie. Anyone remember them? Croeso ichi atab yn Gymraeg!

Dafydd Bullock, www.bullockmusic.info

Hi Dafydd, The summer before Tony went away to sea he spent a few weeks working for Mrs Jones painting the house. Though my father was Rector of the neighbouring parishes of Llangwnadl and Bryncroes, I can't recall meeting your great uncle, but my father knew them well. Thanks for your comments if you have any photos of your times at the Rectory, please send them along or if you have any old photos of your family there. Regards Gwenllian

Date:  22 Nov 2007

hello there.;
 it is with interest in parchment craft that I am
 adding this comment.....the parchment community around Swansea are interested in Joan Chatfields work. is there a contact number please........ I am mrs sandra rees..... and my contact e mail is sandraeveanna@yahoo.co.uk
 kind regards.. Sandra Rees

Hi Sandra, I hope you got my email with Joan's contact details. Regards Gwenllian

Date:        24 Nov 2007

Great website; keep up the good work !
Both my father & grandfather sailed on Blue Funnel ships, so the photos are good to sea.
Charles Hockenhull

Date:  04 Dec 2007

My name is Thomas James Davis and my ancestors came from Wales and settled in Upstate NY in the late 1700's. My grandmother, Margaret Pritchard Davis wrote a book titled "Honey Out of the Rafters" about the settlement of Remsen in Stueben County, New York. She  was a fourth generation Welsh-American and she didn't speak a word of English on her first day of school because Welsh was all they used at home. I would like to connect with anyone who can help me find distant relatives who are still in Wales. great411<at>gmail<d0t>com

Date:        05 Dec 2007

I was Directed to your site by by RUUD of Ships Nostalgia, I have looked at it with great interest and found pictures of some of the ships I sailed in, I am very interetsed to find a picture of British and Continental Steamship's SS"Dotterel" as I have almost completed a picture album with photographs of each ship I sailed in (26)and I dont have that ship, I would be grateful to you, should you have a picture of if you would allow me a copy.
Kind Regards
Peter (Peggy747 ships Nostalgia
My email is :-  seadog747@yahoo.com.au

Date:   13 Dec 2007


Hello Dylan Tyn y Ffoes gynt su ma gair bach i ddeud diolch am y wefan rhagorol yma fi a dad wedi treilio oria neithiwr yn edrych ar hen lynia Ysgol bByncroes a straeon am bobol Rhiw ac yn y blaen daliwch ati!

Diolch am gysylltu Dylan. Hen Ysgol Bryncroes wedi cau bellach ers blynyddoedd maith - gobeithio geith yr ysgolion nesaf yma well lwc na Bryncroes a Rhiw de. Pob hwyl i bawb sydd yn ymgrychu rwan a chofion i ti Dylan. Gwenllian

Date:  16 Dec 2007
Enjoyed your website. went to sea myself 47 - 76 deck dept.various companies. i.e
CUNARD, FURNESS-WITHY.MC.ANDREWS.to name afew.will keep in touch .thanks.

Date: 6 Dec 2007
Just came across your website via friend of mine (now in aussie).Notice on 25.1.05 there is a letter from TERRY BUTLER.could you please give me his E-MAIL or pass mine on to him, once again, good website. I was with a TERRY BUTLER on NEWFOUNDLAND and tried to get in touch no luck so far .

Thanks for your comments Alf, have emailed you with Terry's address, hope it's current and you get in touch with him and share some memories. Regards Gwenllian

Date: 27 Dec 2007
Hi Tony,

Wishing you and Gwenllian a Belated Happy Christmas but most of all a Happy New Year. Hope you are all well in Rhiw. Miss your work on the site .
Are you still on that contract in the North Sea.
Please keep in touch as you are one of the true gents of EPZ.
All the best,

Tom (toffee) Nichola, Rhiannon and Megan.

All the very best for the New Year, Regards Tony and Gwenllian

29 Dec 2007
Thank you for this wonderful website.  I can only wish I lived in a place as nice as Rhiw.  I plan on visiting Rhiw one day... it looks beautiful, and the people seem delightful, too!  It is my dream to live in Wales.

Thank you again for the fantastic website!  I have added it to my favorites.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Michael Ross, USA

Hi Michael, Hope you have a great New Year, and you make it to Wales soon. Regards Tony and Gwenllian

Diolch yn fawr i bawb am eich sylwadau  / Many thanks to you all for your comments


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