Date: 01 Jan 2005


Hi Tony - Bob (Mellie) Harrison here. Interesting website - dont know how I fell into it but enjoyed the Jump Jet 127 bit. I was on the crane as it was winched up hoping to hell it didn't drop out. I have a photo of the aircraft hanging from the hook clear of the water if you would like it. losdos@julian68.fsnet.co.uk 

Good to hear from you Bob, Hope you are keeping well, Tony.


Date: 08 Jan 2005


Da mae yna luniau didorol o ardal yma yn yr hen cyfnod.


Date: 12 Jan 2005


I was fascinated by the whaling photos. It seems that Capt Williams, was master of SOUTHERN KING, and worked for the Southern Whaling Company (Lever Brothers). The whaleboat shown in profile (catcher_01.jpg) has the funnel marking of the Hektor Whaling Company of Tønsberg (N.Bugge), [a square, split with a diagonal, red above and aft, white below and forward] and the boat is probably one of their six catcher-boats, which were named HEKTOR 1 to HEKTOR 6, and built in 1929 by Kaldnes mek. Verk. The gangway or 'gunner's bridge' shown in the picture running from hunting-bridge to gun-platform, (and in catcher_02.jpg) came into use in 1925. The cannon shown in two of the photos are of the pre-1926 muzzle-loading pattern, fitted with recoil-cylinders. They were probably manufactured by Bofors, but Kongsberg were bringing similar weapons to market by 1926, and one or other might be from the latter firm. John Harland ......jharland@smartt.com Kelowna B C, Canada.


Date: 13 Jan 2005


This is raloftus@blueyonder.co.uk writing to say that I very much enjoyed exploring your website. I will come back to it. I found it by chance when I was at a 'club' and when I got back home, I went straight to it and switched off three hours later. I enjoyed Summer Hols at Y Rhiw each year 1968 -1973 and 1989 to present, and am due back in 2005, second week of August. As soon as January arrives, I begin to dwell on my stay at Rhiw, looking forward to it with such eagerness. I write now to ask how I might send any photos by snail mail or by e-mail; I do not know which addresses to use. I also would be pleased to learn of any progress on the road from from Mynytho to Y Rhiw which collapsed some years ago. It was closed in 1968 at same place when I first visited. It is great to see that the site is kept up to date. I have advised my niece who loves to bring husband and children to Llwynfor of Rhiw.com and have told her of the lovely photo of Elsie. Post ! known to Anne's under-tens affectionately as Mrs Goggins. I must go again down to Porth Ysgo. The children drag me too quickly to sandy beaches, but I am sure that Stephen will enjoy the walk and relics of the history. I had not heard of overhead cable traffic or of jetty at Porth Neigl. I am glad to learn. Thank you. Most sincerely, Raymund Loftus


Date: 13 Jan 2005


Tony and Gwenllian, I love your site and visit regularly. I want to send you the photo of Averilda Williams on Bardsey with Chaddy, but search as I may I can't find your email address. I'm sure it was somewhere there once! I sent you a photo from the 1920s of Robert Williams and Ellen Williams, my father and grandmother, Fourcrosses. 


Date: 14 Jan 2005


Wrthi`n syrfio Anhegraig a dyma fi yn fendio y wefan hon. R`oedd mam yn dod o Aberdaron (Mary Jones Anhegraig). R`wyf wedi galw fy nhy yma yn Anhegraig hefyd. Mae gennyf hen gardiau post o`r ardal. Mi edrychai os oes gennyf rhai gwahanol i chi. Pat vennpvenn@msn.com


Date: 17 Jan 2005


I have spent several evenings now, strolling through the pages of the Rhiw web site. It has been most enjoyable. Sometimes, I wished I could have met the people you did. Especially the Jones family. I too, spent summers on my Uncles dairy farm (Newell, Iowa, USA) and grew to love the more simple and hardier life. Thanks for your efforts in putting the web site all together. Leonard, (58 y.o.) Fountain, Colorado, USA


Date: 23 Jan 2005


I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of seing some of my old ships, I was in the Kyleglen; Kylebank, and the Dalegarth Force also the Enid Mary, There is one thing I'd like to mention though, the pic of the Dalegarth Force was taken before she had a mishap (enemy action) and her superstructure was gretly altered, the result of the change made her a little top heavy and caused a lot of apprehension to the people who crewed her after this, as a matter of fact there was one time in the middle of winter when we were loaded with coal that was destined for Limerick, The skipper was a little apprehensive of going to the west of Ireland so we were diverted to Waterford instead, the consequences of this was another story. The town went on strike and the road bridge was kept down and we couldn't discharge or leave , we were there over Christmas and New Year and really enjoyed the Irish hospitality, I think this was around 1950 I do remember there was a Flu epidemic in Britain and people were dropping like flies. I think your coastal ships section should be put in some archives somewhere as they are irreplaceable thanks for your time. Terry Butler (Liverpool)


Date: 23 Jan 2005


Hello to you all and thanks for a good read. Terry Butler.

Hello Terry, Thanks for your kind words about our pages, and your reflections about the "Dalegarth Force". A local young man R J Roberts, Fireman, lost his life on the "Kylebank" on  the 7th of January 1944, and that's all we know, so far, about the incident. (Can anyone help us?)

The album that I borrowed, with the ships photos in, had dozens more ships in it than we have published, the reason being, as far as we know they have no relevance to this part of the country (Llyn) plus they would take a lot of web-space, some thing that we are constantly concerned about. But we have scanned them, and they are of staggering quality, and I would think historically important. Most of them are coasters, and short sea, (All are British) taken between 1900 and 1960, We hope to publish the full list of their names and what little we know about them, so if you or anyone would like a copy of any one of them, drop us a line after we publish the article, and we would be more than happy to  e-mail you the relevant photograph or photographs. Tony (Webmaster)


Date: 27 Jan 2005


Absolutely love this website. Very informative. Keep up the good work. From Abilene, Texas


Date: 27 Jan 2005


Diolch o galon i chi am y seit yma. Brodor o Bwllheli ar wasgar ac mewn eiliad o hiraeth yn hwylio'r we ac yn darganfod awr o nostalgia. Da bo Barry Sweden


Date: 27 Jan 2005


Hello Tony, John Garner from Mystic V. Great job on the website well done. Cheers John G


Date: 04 Feb 2005


Can you please help with any details on the following 1st officer HUGH ROBERTS SS North Gwalia 18th Nov 1893 He was awarded a medal for a gallant act on the above date. but which HUGH ROBERTS was he ? would be most greatfull for any help thank you Jim Kenny.

Sorry but we don't know which Hugh Roberts was the Ist Officer of the North Gwalia, we asked a couple of local historians from the Nefyn area and they weren't sure either, although one of them thought Capt Hugh Roberts, Morannedd, who died in 1934 rang a bell , but he wasn't positive. We'll make a few more enquiries and see if we can find out in the archives, and we will let you know if we come across anything relating to him. Tony.


Date: 09 Feb 2005


What a fantastic web site! Lleyn is one of my favorite places in the whole world and this is the next best thing to being there. The photographs really capture all it's 'terrible beauty'.

Thanks for your kind words about our pages, Tony & Gwenllian.



Date: 09 Feb 2005


Wedi mwynhau edrych yn fawr ac wedi ceisio sgwennu'n ol ond wedi methu! Daliwch ati! Oes modd cael cyfeiriad e-bost i gysylltu gyda rhywun am hanes Rhiw gan fod teulu Mam wedi byw yna yn y gorffennol. Diolch unwaith eto am y pleser o ddarllen a gweld y lluniau ardderchog. Menna Jones, Wrecsam. Diolch yn fawr i chi, Tony & Gwenllian.


Date: 14 Feb 2005


I enjoyed this site very much and have taken away a better insight. I will recommend this site to everyone I know. More people should step into.


Date: 17 Feb 2005


Thank you for this fascinating look into the lives of Rhiw. I long to visit Wales some day and meet the people who gave me my name and my Welsh heritage. Your site is wonderfully put together with so much to see and admire. Best wishes. Van Thomas, Greenville South Carolina, USA.

Glad you like our website Van, and if you do come over the pond, you won't be disappointed in the Llyn Peninsula, it's a truly magical place. Tony.


Date: 19 Feb 2005


This is a wonderful website, full of historical value to genealogists or people that are just interested in the Llyn peninsula. I thank the Gwynedd website than gave us this address; thank you! Barbara Garrett.


Date: 20 Feb 2005


Daliwch i gredu tony a gwenllian, hwyl fawr Gwilym.

Diolch yn fawr am eich holl gymorth Gwilym. T&G.


Date: 23 Feb 2005


I worked as a steward at Plas-yn-Rhiw in the summer of 2000, and enjoyed a truly memorable experience during my six weeks living in Rhiw. It was a lovely surpirse to find your website; I have had a super time browsing the site and recalling memories of my time in Rhiw. Thank you for all your efforts with this. They really are worthwhile! Best wishes to all in Rhiw and up at Plas, Davida Saunders


Date: 24 Feb 2005


Just aquired your web site and I think it`s absoulutely brilliant. It`s a trip back in time for me as I was born and bred in Pwllheli and have been in England for many years. "Diolch yn fawr"


Date: 25 Feb 2005


I was born in 1947, in Ceiri, 8 New Street, Pwllheli.Going through the Census It states that 8 New Street was unoccupied at the time of the census. My mother's maiden name was Roberts and her married name was Gotham. My uncle Goronwy Roberts worked repairing shoes in Ensors Y Maes. Does anyone remember the family?. Cymru am byth! Patricia Wyn Waite.


Date: 27 Feb 2005


Hello---what a lovely website--I was born and bred in Pwllheli as were Mam's family and Dad's. I am researching the family tree and it is coming along well. I got your website through a cousin of my Dad's as she is tracing the same line--( Williams Greens and Jones, Kenny and Evans ). I have an avvid interest in my family roots and love to see the old photos of Pwllheli and how my ancestors lived. Well done on a wonderful site and next time Dad comes here I will log him onto your site so he can have a look as I am sure he will find the photos of great interest (It will be mixing the old generation with new technology!!!) Do you happen to know of any other sites similar to yours that I may be able to access??) Yours Josephine.

Try Penllyn.com they have some history of Pwllheli as well. (Tony)


Date: 27 Feb 2005


Hi, I was told to contact you by martyn croydon in the hope that you could send me some old photos of criccieth beaches. A map of the coastline or any information regarding the beaches at Criccieth would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. you can contact me on clairepowell88@hotmail.com claire xxx.

Sorry, we have nothing about Criccieth, but Cimwch.com have some photos, and there is a contact e-mail on the website, all the best with your search. (Tony)


Date: 28 Feb 2005


Charlotte Nelms - I'm coming to live in Rhiw with my family! Can't wait!


Date: 01 Mar 2005


My family lived at Tyn Lon Fawr but my father (Robert Rhiw Jones) left at the age of 18 to live and work on London. We would frequently holiday at the farm however. This site has provided me with much valuable family information for which I am extremely grateful. It showed for instance my grandfather Richard Jones Barn Hill in the 1881 census and my great uncle Capt Griffith Jones buried at St Mair Bryncroes aged 75 in 1884. Ivor Robeert Jones now aged 80 and living in Cornwall ivor@st-blaise.demon.co.uk


Date: 02 Mar 2005


Hello Tony! What a superb website! Full of interest and with much to read - well done to you. I was interested in the section on Porthdinllaen as I sailed a 32ft boat from Dun Laoghaire to there back in 1989. We spent two nights on a mooring enjoying the local pub and a also visit to the lifeboat station. Best regards, Justin Merrigan Hobart Tasmania

Nice to hear from you Justin, drop me a line, so we can have a Yarn. Tony.


Date: 02 Mar 2005


Visit Rhiw many a time and the mountain. From Cheshire with a mobile home in Abersoch . Have been comming to north wales for 67 years. In fact according to the locals I know the lay of the land better than they do. Gods country love it. Tony Abbott.


Date: 02 Mar 2005


First Rate Site, and must certainly bring back memories of all people who were involved in whaling Operations until the end in 1961 Richard Noon Flf Balaena, 1959 Season


Date: 06 Mar 2005


I typed extra Master on Google and was directed to your site where it seems to be a poem on Extra Master, but unfortunately i cannot understand languages other than English and hindi. Regards, Capt.S.P.Mathur Extra Master sanjeevpmathur@yahoo.com


Date: 09 Mar 2005


Found the site very interesting. Smashing,


Date: 16 Mar 2005


Thanks for the information. I really enjoyed your site. Best wishes.


Date: 17 Mar 2005


Diolch yn fawr iawn a llongyfarchiadau ar safwe ardderchog. Richard Jones Caeathro


Date: 18 Mar 2005


Wish there were more interesting websites such as yours, keep the good work going!


Date: 23 Mar 2005


 I enjoyed this site very much and have taken away a better insight. I will recommend this site to everyone I know. More people should step into.


Date: 24 Mar 2005


Defnyddiol Iawn - da ni'n dod i Rhiw mis Awst i aros yn Tan y Foel - neis iawn cael gweld y lle cyn dwad.


Date: 25 Mar 2005


What a great site with all the history, it would make a very good movie with the tales of all the smuggling that went on, puts Cornwall to shame.


Date: 04 Apr 2005


I like the way you set up your info in the homepage, nicely done.


Date: 05 Apr 2005


Aled Roberts, captaled@aol.com Hailed from Edern, but now live in Houston, Texas. Found your web site very interesting, and will visit again soon to really read it in depth. Very enjoyable.

It's a small world Aled, we are now in the process of documenting your grandfather's career, Captain Hugh Roberts O.B.E. of Edern, and it makes fascinating reading. The first part should be published in the next couple of days. Regards Tony.


Date: 13 Apr 2005


I was delighted to find this web-site. I am related to Gwilym of Rhos. My mother was Rhiannon Wenna Evans born in Rhoshirwaun.


Date: 16 Apr 2005


Congragulations on a wonderful site, I have found it most interesting. My great grandfather, Jerimiah Griffith,was at Bodwrdda from 1864 until he died in 1892 and his son Richard was the tenant until 1904. He died in Aberdaron in 1924. Jerimiah's wife was Margery, daughter of William Owen of Plas Newydd. I could send you a photograph of the family at Bodwrdda if you send me your E mail address. Have you a date or name for the "Bodwrdda Maidsevent" story. Diolch yn fawr am eich gwaith. Cofion cynnes, Ifor Bodvel Owen{enedigol o Pwllheli}


Date: 20 Apr 2005


Tony ~ What a wonderful site! I have really enjoyed my visit and I am in awe of the great photos and stories here. Thank you for sharing!! Sincerely ~ Cynthia Owen-Gaines (cynthia_gaines@sbcglobal.net)


Date: 22 Apr 2005


Hello I love this web site I just wish that I could remember my grandparents names on my Fathers side of the family. My dad was sent to live with his grandparents when he was about 11 years old from Cardiff they lived on a farm near porth ysgo, he attended Rhiw school from around 1929 approx. We always went on holiday to the Llyn when we were children,we still have relatives there and now my eldest Daughter is now living in Rhoshirwaun.My fathers cousin was Tom Hughes but has now deceased but his wife Hannah is still living at Cau-Du farm nr.Sarn.My Fathers name was William Titus Hughes and I think his Grandfather was also Tom Hughes. My Father passed away 15 years ago, but I would love to hear of any information you have on my Family. Thank you Mrs Patricia Pursey.

Hello Patricia, Glad you like our website. My mother tells me your grandparents lived at "Hendy", which is a farm close to Porth Ysgo, Regards Tony. 


Date: 23 Apr 2005


Mae wedi bod yn bwrw glaw drwm yn Abertawe 23/4/05 ond wi n teimlo happis nawr ar ol dod o hyd eich safle chwi.


Date: 07 May 2005


Research my ancestors from pwllheli and came acroos you sit which I find enchanting regards from australia Popjones@tsn.cc


Date: 08 May 2005


hello dwi'n dysgu cymraeg mi wnesti mwynhau darllen eich site dwi'n meddwl bod site adderchod'gobethio mi fyddi in ymwela buan please excuse my spelling of the welsh languge


Date: 11 May 2005


Llongyfarchiadau...Safle hynod ddiddorol a gwerth chweil... Gresyn na fasa pob ardal yn creu safle tebyg a cystal.. Hanes Rhiw/Ynys Enlli/Aberdaron a'r ardal yn tynu dwr i'n nanadd - fel y tatws yn popty!!!.. Mi fasa cael ail flasu tamad o gacan blat mwyar duon Ynys Enlli {wedi i Nain Enlli - Nellie Evans ei gwneud}yn fendigedig... Dymuniadau gorau o'ch dau Mici Plwm.

Neis clywed gin ti Mici, Ti'n cofio hwylio ar y "Panache" mewn ras yn Abersoch rhai blynyddoedd yn ol, dwi byth yn cofio mynd adra noson honno!!!! Cofia alw os ddoi i'r Rhiw, Tony.


Date: 11 May 2005


You have done an exceptional job in creating and designing this website. My congratulations to you!!!


Date: 11 May 2005


Enjoyed your site very much of special interest was Capt Sam Williams with whom I sailed with for almost a year back in 1950 M A Bond MM ret.


Date: 13 May 2005


Very good! cant wait to come and see you all this weekend and how is smot! xxxxxxxx

Smot's doing fine, he's just sitting here next to me (as he always does when I'm home) Regards Tony.


Date: 14 May 2005


Diddorol iawn oedd gweld hanes Sam Kent Williams - roedd ei dad yn frawd i'm Taid John Richard Williams a oedd hefyd yn master mariner. A oes rhywun hefo gwybodaeth am Dicus Parry o Nefyn a oedd ar y mor? Fe'i collwyd 1860-1866.

Hwn yw'r unig Dicus wyddom amdano, gobeithio ei fod yr un a oeddech yn chwilio amdano. Tony

(Dicus Williams, sgwner Vron,  boddwyd, Rhagfyr 24 1880, yn 40 oed.)


Date:  20 May 2005


Your site is really very good and a delight to browse at so much history / photos  of the Llyn .

 I was particularly delighted to see the account of my father's  ordeal on the San Demetrio (memoirs of Mariners - Capt. J. L. Jones). I think there was also a film made about this story which has been shown many times on tv.


Date: 26 May 2005
Hello Tony, these is Luis Javier an architect from Mexico, I like your website, I didn´t know about Rhiw and all its interesting people and places. I´m impressed about the Bryn Ffowc artcraft work so I would like to contact him by e-mail to know some details about his work, so please if you have an e-adress of him, or ask him some question, I´ll be very grateful.  L J Ponce.

Hello  Luis, Glad you like our website. David has a website as well, David Frisby.co.uk  I hope this helps, Regards Tony.

Date: 30 May 2005  

My family, the Hughes family owned Bryn Cynan, Porth Neigwl for many years, 1950's to 1980's. My dad, Charlie, mum Jean and us two children, spent every school holiday there and loved every minute. It was an idylic childhood, spent on the beach and exploring the fields, holidays were endless. When my father died , unfortunately Bryn Cynan had to be sold, but I have been left with a love of the area, and your website brings back so many memories. Thank you . Jill Prior (nee Hughes)  Staffordshire.


Date: 09 Jun 2005

I am very interested in the ships of Blue Funnel lines. I do hope I can find more photos related to Blue funnel lines. Although I am a Chinese, I really feel fresh after visiting this website. Thanks.

We hope to have more Blue Funnel photographs in the next few days. Regards Tony


Date: 13 Jun 2005

Fe fydd fy hen daid Griffith Jones Hughes, Llain Las, Llangwnadl foddi yn Mor India yn 1910, tra roedd yn gwasanaethu ar yr Arvonia. Oes gan rhywun ychwaneg o wybodaeth? Diolch.


Date: 13 Jun 2005

This web site is very good to any one wanting to know about this lovley area. Fantastic I have been three times and stayed at Megans campsite in a large tent over looking the sea. This area is one of my favourite spots in the world and I have seen a lot of it. I was trying to find some old pictures of the farm or Megan in your collection. My girlfriend has even painted a picture of me looking out to the shore i love this peacefull place and your site thanks Vince.


Date: 14 Jun 2005

brill sight  
by Chris s


Date:  22 Jun 2005

Great Website - which I only had time for quick look at today, after my cousin told me about it. I will be back. I have particular interest as descendant of Hugh Jones, Tan Y Parc, Nevin 1812-1881 - Master and owner of 'Ann and Ellen' built in Porthdinllaen. (which by the way seems to be the only one on the Porthdinllaen list which you don't list the fate of - any ideas as i don't know either?
Dr. Robat Williams (Dumfries)

Glad you like our website. Just had a look in the big black book!!! The schooner Ann & Ellen was built at Porthdinllaen in 1858 by Hugh Hughes, length 79 ft, breadth 29 ft, and depth 11 ft 1 in. She was owned by Hugh Jones of Nefyn. She had a new standing jib fitted on the 24th of June 1872 by David Rice Hughes the Sail Maker at Porthdinllaen which cost £7.4s.8p. She was sold in 1883 to Lewis Williams of Porthdinorwic. (Felinheli) She was converted into a hulk on the river Thames in 1895. Regards Tony.  


Date: 26 Jun 2005

Just found your site. My wife and I were in Nefyn last week and cleaned the grave of my great Grandfather, Captain Owen Jones, Glasmor, Nefyn, who died 25 Dec 1923. The churchyard in Nefyn is a disgrace - the local authorities should be ashamed about the state it is in.

My mother still has her father's log book from when he sailed in the early 1900's and I will see if I can find out any information for your website. He is buried in the churchyard in Morfa Nefyn, having been born in Nefyn in 1886. His mother Elizabeth Ellis, Owen Jones's wife, was born at Pistyll Farm in 1865. Chris Williams.

We're sorry to hear about the state of the churchyard at Nefyn, but this is an exception rather than the rule on Llyn, the ones at Rhiw and Aberdaron for example are always well kept. We are always looking for information and history of seafaring, and we look forward to any that you may come across. Thank you, Tony.  


Date: 29 Jun 2005
Hello Tony Ac Gwen,
Found your site by a bit of luck.Very well put together.Nice photo's. KENBACH VILA VELHA, VITORIA BRAZIL.
Great to hear from you Ken, Hope you are keeping well, Tony and Gwenllian.

Date: 01 Jul 2005


Lovely site! Exactly what "Web" does best and a credit to your endeavours. As a regular visitor (and one time summer resident) to the Lleyn Peninsular. My family and I have many fond memories of Rhiw and environs. Keep up the good work. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Best wishes

John Butler, Yacht "GALESA" (Hafan Pwllheli)


Date: 01 Jul 2005





Date: 19 Jul 2005

I am doing some research on my Grandfather, Master of the coastal vessel BAY FISHER. Through an enquiry to a diver, I have discovered your excellent website. Now I've got my first picture of this ship.
The BAY FISHER was originally called the Tarnwater, built by J Lewis & Sons Ltd. of Aberdeen in 1919 for the Mason Shipping Co Ltd, Liverpool. She was sunk by enemy aircraft near the Bell Rock Lighthouse, off Dundee in 1941. Sadly my Grandfather died and I never got to meet him. Thank you for the picture, it means a lot to me. Regards, Brian Pritchard


Date: 23 Jul 2005

Hello Tony, What a treasure this website is! I have spent a good deal of my afternoon looking through it and there is plenty still to read. I was quite surprised to see a picture of MV Lycaon on the site. I served on her in 1982 as part of a Royal Navy party in the South Atlantic. Thank you for your help with information and photo's of SS City of Cairo. Much appreciated. I wonder if you or any of the viewers of this site have a photo of Reardon Smith Line SS Queen City lost during WWII. Once again thank you – A great site! Regards, Hugh MacLean, Scotland

Thanks for your comments. Hugh has his own website dedicated to the memory of the men and women that were on the "City of Cairo" when she was torpedoed during WWII, It makes fascinating reading, and is thoroughly researched, and a great credit to him. http://www.sscityofcairo.co.uk/index.php 


Date:  27 Jul 2005

Da cael gweld cymaint am yr ardal a'i phobl. Pleser mawr cael geld gwaith John Rowlands - Olwynion Aflonydd - unwaith eto. Cofiwn Ednyfed Jones gynt yn trafod ei waith yn Ysgol Ramadeg Pwllheli. Fy hoff waith - Y Lori Laeth yn saff. Robert Owen, Sir Gaer.


Date: 29 Jul 2005

Hello Rhiw

What a lovely website you have created, it will take me sometime to browse through all of it, but I shall enjoy doing so. My Great Grandfather, Robert Williams was born in Llanfaelrys in abt 1874. I couldn’t find it on a map of Caernarvonshire, so I wrote to the Archives Offices at Gwynedd  and they said the birthplace of Robert Williams is the parish of Llanfaelrhys (present day spelling) which is adjacent to the parish of Aberdaron, and closely connected to the parish of Rhiw. Robert married Mary Lewis who was born in the parish of Carnguwch - another parish on the Llyn peninsula.  On the 1901 Census their married address is 55 Abererch Road, Pwllheli.  I have so far ordered three marriage certificates, which weren’t the right ones, so if anyone on this website has any information about Robert Williams I would love to hear from them.  In the meantime I will enjoy looking at photographs, and reading of where he grew up, on your website. Kind regards, Shirley Frost (nee Williams)

There is only one Robert Williams on the Llanfaelrhys 1881 Census, but he was only three, and he lived at Bryngoleu. But we don't think he's the same Robert that you are looking for. Regards Gwenllian. Link to Llyn Census 1881


Date:13 Aug 2005

Visited the Lleyn many times scuba diving around  in the interesting waters around St Tudwal islands and Bardsey. Found the sections about the areas maritime History and shipwrecks and smuggling very interesting. Also some excellent information about the community. Thanks Tony, Blackburn, Lancs.


Date:15 Aug 2005

Interesting site as I also joined Blue Funnel in 1968 as deck boy. My first ship was Menestheus . My first deep sea was Atreus, keep your site going. Clive Jones South Shields originally from Morfa Nefyn. Thanks Clive, if you have any photos of your time on Blue Funnel we'd be most grateful if you could let us know.


Date: 26 Aug 2005

How great to have a community site. Would anyone know where the Parish records are kept for the Churches in Rhiw. I found on familysearch.org the Christening of my grt grt grandfather William Thomas on the 19th April 1818 Rhiw also his parents marriage Griffith Thomas to an Elizabeth Williams on the 17 Dec 1817 Rhiw. I would hope that the records would have addresses and family details. I know that William married Elin no maiden name and he was a joiner/carpenter and from 1861-1891 lived at Pen y Castell in Bryncroes. I have the 1861 census if any one from Rhiw would like any look ups. It is available on Ancestry.co.uk which I subscribe too. I visited the area for the first time this week and was overwhelmed at its natural beauty what a fabulous holiday destination, for Joyce nee Thomas.


Date:  29 Aug 2005
Enjoyed your site very much , I sailed with Capt S Williams in the 1950/51 period on the Busen Star, he was well liked by all, a proper seaman .Once on a voyage out from Brombrough we steamed close to the LLyn Peninsula and he sounded the ships whistle so his family could hear and know he was passing.


Date: 31 Aug 2005
Hello Tony, I have looked at your 'Rhiw' website with great interest. I know very little about boats though as a student I worked as an assistant cook on Townsend Thoresen car ferries in my home town of Dover so I have some connection and feeling for the sea. This is what prompted me to buy a small cottage in Robin Hood's Bay, in North Yorkshire. I wrote the following letter recently to Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management. I am inclined to think that 'Greysborough' might be a miss-hearing/spelling of 'Guysbrough'.

I came across your very interesting site while looking for a picture that might fit the description of 'Elizabeth Jane' given on its Registration Document'. If you could confirm your best 'hunch' of what she might have looked like, perhaps with reference to your own collection of photographs, I would be most grateful. Many thanks.  Stephen Gavin.

porthdinllaen_01.jpg (68881 bytes)

Hello Stephen, Glad you found our website interesting, the schooner on the right in this photograph would be similar to the "Elizabeth Jane" being of similar length and having two masts, but as no two of them were the same, that's as close as anyone could get it really. Regards Tony.


Date: 02 Sep 2005
Found your website fascinating, I live on King Island in the middle of Bass Strait where the "Carnarvon Bay" was shipwrecked, here is the site address if folks are interested.  www.kingisland.net.au/%7Emaritime/carnarvonbay.htm
I found it also interesting that 'she' came from your area.
I had not read the info on your website before about the Carnarvon Bay & found it very interesting, I will discuss it at the next museum meeting this month, I'm sure the rest of the members will also be interested.
I stumbled upon your site, looking for information on a "Captain Owen Owens" who was on the "Netherby" that was shipwrecked off King Island in 1866.
Is this the same Captain Owen Owens, that is in your "Llyn Captains" page? I hope someone can help me as I have been trying to find out what happened to him after he left King Island and the wreck. I can be reached on cconn@kingisland.net.au Thank you, Chris Conn, Secretary, King Island Historical Society.

Hello Chris, Thanks for your comments and the link to your website. We use the following link quite a lot as it is a brilliant source of information. http://www.welshmariners.org.uk

Capt Owen Owens of the "Netherby" was born at Llangrannog Cardiganshire in 1821. Commanded the Netherby from 1864-6, Bombay, ship lost, discharged Melbourne 7 Nov 1866. C/55869/ "Samuel" 1867-74, Callao, Rangoon, Akyab, SA. C/54160 "Pegasus" 1874-83. It is interesting to note that the "Pegasus" was Commanded by Capt Griffith Jones Nefyn from 1867, whose son also called Griffith Jones was a brother in law to Capt William Griffith of the Carnarvon Bay. Regards Tony.


Date: 03 Sep 2005
Thank you very much Tony for your swift and useful response concerning 'Elizabeth Jane'. Stephen Gavin

Glad that we were able to help Stephen. Regards Tony.


Date: 11 Sep 2005

Read with great interest the e.mail from Richard Noon re his time on the Fl.f Balaena in 1961. I served on this whaling factory for two seasons as Cabin Boy & saloon steward 1949-50 & 1950 -51under the captaincy of Per Verik, I am still in contact many years later with English and Norwegian  friends who also worked on the Fl.f Balaenaduring the same season's . Would like to hear from anyone still around from those day's. Best wishes for your Website. Richard Muir Clancy.


Date: 11 Sep 2005
Hi there, what a fantastic website. Came across it by chance after looking for model lifeboats. Read some very interesting stories and will be returning to read more.


Date: 13 Sep 2005
Now then would you be Tony Jones a.b.St Columba. Just been told about your web site. I’m Jim Everett worked on the St Columba hope all is well with you.

Hi Jim, yes it’s the same Tony, he’s away at the moment, up in Norway on the DSV Seawell, but should be back by the end of next week, if you’d like to get in touch then


Date: 20 Sep 20

I was suprised to find the piece on your site concerning the sailing ship Milverton.
My father sailed on this ship from 1912 to 1914. I still have his diary of the voyage. I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who had connections with this ship
Glynne Jones


Date: 20 Sep 2005

Charlotte Nelms - Great use for homework.


Date: 03 Oct 2005

Elan Williams...defnyddiol iawn i gael gwybodaeth am bentrefi lleol


Date:  05 Oct 2005
nico campbell peterhead 10 10 05 very interesting boats


Date: 09 Oct 2005

Ex Blue funnel seaman a-b early 60's over 12 years coasting and deep sea came across your web on speck
A1 enjoyed it Terry Upham (Bristol)


Date:  09 Oct 2005

Hi this is lester, thanks for the info regarding the graves of the two murdered saliors.  i have really enjoyed looking through this web site and spend many an hour reading the letters etc,
I have also been looking into the history of Hells mouth area, ie; near the main car park where there are the remains of concrete walls etc. a few years back i found some picture of the area, which were of a mock air-field, showing canvas air planes being moved around by hand on what looks like a rail system. The photos i have seen where apprantly taken by German re-con airplanes, and i have also been told, that it was used as a lookout station for German planes, that were heading for Liverpool. I wonder if this is true?  appreciate this is not really the Rhiw area, but i blame your site for my increasing interest in the history of the whole area.(i thank you for that greatly) Would anyone know where i can find out more information regarding Hell's Mouth.
Keep up the good work, i look forward to seeing all the new stuff when it arrives and will let you know anything i may find.


Date:  10 Oct 2005

Dod ar draws y wefan yma ar ddamwain, chwilio am Saithbont a Dafydd Glyn.
Hynod o ddiddorol, siwr o alw yn ol i ddarllen mwy.
Tudor Williams

Date:  01 Nov 2005
This is a truly fascinating website and the photographs are pure nostalgia of the very best type. I am looking for interesting old photos of buses and lorries on the Lleyn and especially anything that might have my late uncle Robert Griffiths who drove for Tocia and other private bus companies casually in the 1930´s and 40´s.
I would like to hear from anyone who might be able to help me.
Thank you
David Griffiths
Zamek Borec
41002 Borec
Czech Republic

Hello David, Thank you for your comments, could you send us an e-mail, and we will try and help you with your inquiry. T&G  


Date: 02 Nov 2005
Hi this is nico campbell good site !!!! u know my dad paul stephen he works with you bye


Date:  05 Nov 2005
Found your web site whilst looking for ships my Dad sailed on.I grew up around Corporation road in Birkenhead and seen the Blue Funnel Deck Boys training,surprised to see my uncle, Mick Brabander (Bosun), was involved.                           Rob Murphy 


Date:  06 Nov 2005

Hi Tony What Nice website and something you can go back to time and time again I must admit that i found your site whilst researching the DSV Seawell and looking back through your guestbooks I found a chap called Donald who sails aboard,he had also left his mail address to which I approached him and although this was in 2003 im hoping that he 's still on that address I would also appreciate if you have come across any other contacts with respect to the Seawell that you would pass on my address in the hope of turning up more info.My intention by the way is to build a scale working model of the ship My Address is algiecrook@dsl.pipex.com


Date:   06 Nov 2005

Hi, My name is Phil Hughes, I left my native Nefyn in 1955, the son of Herbert Hughes or as he was better known Herbert shop Hughes. It is fantastic to see a photo of my Grandfather on the site David Hughes capenter of Nefyn. As my Taid died before I was born I only have one picture of him and my Grandmother on their wedding day. Could someone out there please corfirm that Taid is the gentleman standing second from the left. As you see from my email address I have never forgoten where I come from. Many thanks Phil Hughes nefyn@aol.com


Date:  08 Nov 2005
please make sure that all photographs are properly orientated as I downloaded an image and I have been told that the image is reversed, i.e port is now starboard, good site else, thank you Derek Shell


Date:  08 Nov 2005
Gwilym Owen
WRECSAM  (Edern, gynt)


Date:  11 Nov 2005
Robert Dennis Williams Pwllheli                                           

Diddorol iawn,wrth bod yn gynt longwr mae diddordeb mawr am yr hen longau ar drylliadau sydd wedi digwydd o gwmpas Pen LLyn, Rwyf yn cofio mynd i lawr i Gareg y llam pan roeddwn yn unorddeg hefo Roy Refail Boduan a Hiwi John Bryniau i weld y LLong Amy Summerfield pan roedd hi ar y traeth a Wil Harlach yn dechrau i malu,  Bren carrier oedd ganddo ef yn cario y darnau or cwch,Roedd haner llong arall ar y traeth rhwng Amy a Gareg y llam ond rwyf ddim yn cofio ei henw does dim iw weld rwan,roedd dwy DKW ar y traeth hefyd a cwch achub roedd wedi dod oddi ar y haner llong, gobeithio y bod hyn o riw diddordeb i riwyn,Cyfarchion mawr i RHIW.COM  Dennis

Diolch Dennis am yr hanes yna. Pa gwmni fuoch chi yn morio efo nhw? Os oes gennych luniau neu hanes o'ch amser ar y mor mi fyddan yn ddiolchgar iawn i glywed gennych eto. Gwenllian


Date:   13 Nov 2005
Hallo !
Greetings from Norway!! You have a wonderful website. Extremely impressive...congratulations...well done!!
It was a pleasure to "visit" you! I'll be back again!
Have a wonderful day.
Kindest Regards from Bjarne
Velkommen til/ Welcome to :
Mail :

Thanks Bjarne, your website is also very impressive and will need more time to look at it properly. All the best Gwenllian


Date:  13 Nov 2005

Wonderful photographs, we love the area and come twice a year.  My husband's mothers family came from the Borth y Gest area so we do have an interest.  The church at Aberdaron is so peaceful and lovely.  Thank you for sharing the information we shall certainly visit the site again!

Date:  16 Nov 2005
My name is Dave Whalley, I spent many,many happy days at the site on Moel-y Berth. I was prompted to sign the guest book after reading the comment from Richard Saunders and wondered if this was the son of Hubert and Barbara who my parents were very friendly with for many years. If this note is read by anyone who has any news about families who spent time at Moel-y-Berth from early 1950's to late 1960's it would great to hear from them. My email address is rdwhalley@aol.com


Date:  18 Nov 2005
Thank you so much for your website. I heard a reference to Keating's Powder in an episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot, and typing that phrase into google lead me to this treasure of a site. It is nice to see that there are still people so connected to a sense of place and history. var5@aya.yale.edu


Date:  29 Nov 2005
I came across your website by accident, while searching for wart cures for my friend.  I have Welsh ancestry and love all things Celtic, though I do not speak Welsh having lived in the Midlands most of my life. I think it is a wonderful site, enchanting and charming.  It brought a lump to my throat just as whenever I have driven into Wales in the past I have had to stop the car to take a moment to weep with joy at the beauty of it all. I am housebound at the moment so your website was like a breath of fresh air to me. Many thanks. Love and Peace, Anna Amethyst Evans.

It's comments like yours that make it all worth while, we are glad that the many hours of pleasurable work that we have put in to this website is really appreciated. Thank you very much, Gwenllian.


Date:  30 Nov 2005
Safle we werth i weld.  Roeddwn yn chwilio am longau Blue Funnel pan yn chwilio am hanes teulu. Roedd fy Nhad wedi bod ar Ajax a Jason cyn gadael y mor, cyn i mi gael fy ngeni yn 1951.  Aeth fy mrawd wedyn i'r mor efo Blue Funnel fel Engineer. Dod o Borth Amlwch yn wreiddiol ond yn byw ym Mhwllheli ers 1973. Gwenda.


Date: 03 Dec 2005
A great web site and one recommended to all my friends who visit the area. I have been coming to Abersoch (Where we have a family place) annually, Since 1928. I am still intrigued by the history of the area and your site has filled many gaps. Well done. David Robinson



Date:  06 Dec 2005
Re "Doctors of the Wild Wart".  I already mentioned that my mother had her Dafad Wyllt treated here in the 1960s.  She died a few weeks ago aged 99, so that has to be a pretty good recommendation!  There was speculation on one weblist that the active ingredient might have been petty spurge.  Who knows?  Well, it has come time to treat my DHs squamous cell Ca - didn't fancy the knife, or any of the other things that slash or burn but don't destroy!  Went with Cansema salve - thought it wasn't working, as no pain or itching or any sensation at all.  Not so, it's coming away nicely as if it was performing for a text book.  Heritage of Pencaerau, say I, for how else would I have got conviction and courage to be "traditional" as opposed to "orthodox"?  newses@aapt.com.au Rowena


Date: 07 Dec 2005
Hi my name is Meghan Jane Williams I am the daughter of Hefin Gwynn Williams grandaughter of Annie and Richard niece to Robert Robin Minnie Nancy and Dylys I am trying to research my family history but I am at a bit of a loss I cant go back any further than my grandparents I visited Aberdaron with my parents when I was 8, I am now 27 I would love to hear from any friends or family members my email is mjwillia88@hotmail.com I am also trying to contact my uncle Robin and his wife Mair any help would be fantastic happy holidays to everyone from Australia and thanks for the great site, yours sincerely Meghan Williams


Date: 16 Dec 2005

As an Australian post-graduate of the University of Wales (Cardiff) and a former merchant navy officer on tankers and bulkships (F-M (FG) No 102201) allow me to congratulate you on this fine, very fine Webb page. It is a credit to you all and an honour to us who served at sea. I remember in my youth Ben Line, Clan Line, Alfred Holt, and the "Hungry Goose" Line and so many others berthed at Port Kembla, Sydney or Newcastle NSW. It was a joy to see some of the ships again. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cymru will always be for me a happy souvenir.


Date: 16 Dec 2005
Thank you very much for the pictures of my auntie (Ceri Roberts) it is lovely to see her in them


Date: 20 Dec 2005
Congratulation on your excellent Web site. So many great photos.
Alan Hitchman, ((Ex Blue Flue))


Date: 21 Dec 2005
Wonderful site, with remarkable history and photos. Came across it while researching my wife's ancestors, one of whom is Reice Bodurtha, born in Wales in 1625, whose name may be a version of Rhys Bodwrda. Not sure yet if Rhys is one of Hugh (Huw) Gwyn's family, but I'm continuing to explore. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing such remarkable information.

Neil Leguillow, Olathe, Kansas, USA


Date:  23 Dec 2005
Hello Everybody ,

I have found out that my Family ROBERTS come from Llangwnadl. I can get as far back as ROBERT RICHARDS b 1773-1847 and Janet ROBERTS 1773-1850. They lived at GLAN yr AFON I have visited the family Graves many times at the church. What I have found out on your site is that a JANET ROBERTS of GLAN yr AFON LLangwnadle 1773- 1850 sailed on the Remson  in 1828. I feel that this must be my GGGreatgrandmother but is it usual for emigrents to go and come back. Can any body shine a light on this for me as her body seems to be interned with her husband and son David in the church grounds at Llangwnadle

Many thanks and kind regards


Date:  26 Dec 2005
Very informative, thank you very much.
Ray N. Booth - CAE HIC


Date:  28 Dec 2005
Very helpful and interesting site. Peter Brooks

Date:  31 Dec 2005

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Tony a Gwenllian, Edrych ymlaen at y deuddeg mis nesaf o Rhiw.com. Gwefan wych ac addysgol. Hwyl Gwilym.



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