Date: 15 Jun 2003


Helo, Endaf yma hogyn Bethan. Ddim yn gwbod bod y safle yma yn bodoli tan i Gwenllian ddeud yn parti priodas neithiwr bod llunia priodas arno fo heddiw. Llunia da iawn a llunia da iawn o'r ardal fyd, codi hirath arna fi wan gan fy mhod i'n byw yn dre wan gyda golygfa gwych o parking gefn Crown!


Date: 17 Jun 2003


Smashing Tony I will put my B&B on your super web site. The photos of the wedding were great. Jackie Golygfa (see you early July) C/o lucasstratford@aol.com


Date: 17 Jun 2003


Tony, It's Donald from the SEAWELL here, I am trying to get a message to you to ask if you have any software that you can take out with you to install on my new laptop,It's not brand new but ideal for my study. It's a Dell CPI Latitude P2 233mhz, so if you have anything that may be usefull, that would be great- excel etc. Rumour has it that the ship is going into Aberdeen on Saturday morning! See you whenever, weather not looking too promising for Thursday. My e-mail address is Barrahead1@aol.com


Date: 18 Jun 2003


Congratulations to Petra & Tom, from Petra's sister Krista and family. What a perfect day! Lovely photos Tony, see you all very soon. Krista Gayton.


Date: 21 Jun 2003


This must be the best website in Wales!! Rhiw, my happiest days were spent at Penycaerau Farm which was then farmed by the Jones family Tom, Nel his wife, Nels brother Wil Hughes and Tom & Nels two children Huw and Dorothy. We stayed in their house for two family holidays, then when my father died the Jones family invited me back for the summer holidays - Six weeks of bliss!! The time spent with them influenced my life as this city boy from Manchester took up farm work, which has given me over 30 very happy years. I remember Evans the Policeman and his kindness, one day that started wet I walked to Aberdaron coat and all seeing my burden when the sun shone he took my coat and hung it behind his in the pub doorway saying "it will be safe there boy" Once abain well done I think I may become a regular visitor. Best wishes Peter Hall


Date: 28 Jun 2003


To the team at Rhiw.com Taking this opportunity to express my enjoyment while visiting Rhiw.com Found your site educational, interesting with good photography and of course very funny, I would more than like to set up a similar site of my own one day.


Date: 30 Jun 2003


Hi there, My name is Heather Rees and I live in the city of Newcastle in Australia. I have visited your village a number of times and stayed with my friend Emlyn Jones and of course it was Emlyn that gave me the web address. Congratulations on a great web site. I will send the web address to friends and family so they can also appreciate your lovely village and see why it has a special place in my heart. Many thanks Heather Rees


Date: 14 Jul 2003


Da iawn,


Date: 25 Jul 2003


GWYCH,Griff, Nebo Bach gynt.


Date: 27 Jul 2003


Gwfan ddiddorol, broffesiynol iawn. Lliwiau perffaith ar y cefndir a font ddiddorol. Logo neis hefyd.


Date: 27 Jul 2003


Erioed wedi clywed son am y wefan cyn i Gwenllian ddweud wrthai heddiw. Llyniau gwych a diddorol. Llongyfarchiadau ar wefan mor gret.


Date: 30 Jul 2003


May I be the latest visitor to leave a comment in the guest book... Rhiw.com is a website that I find myself coming back to time and time again, the old photographs of Rhiw I find to be very interesting and of course the more updated photos are very well taken, the research into this site must of taken much of your time and I'm sure there was a great deal of pleasure involved, the history and the life of our distant relatives who we must never forget is being brought back to us in Rhiw.com it only makes me feel like wanting to go back in time and play a part in the makeup of our rural past, Our distant relatives went through very hard and desperate times and somehow still found the will to carry on, (today's people would never be able to) I often think that we should all find it in our hearts to remember the hardship that our ancestors had to endure, I also find that it only takes little imagination to feel the life of our past people. I hope this website will continue to grow and that the local people of Rhiw will come foreward and help you in every way they can to make Rhiw.com even better. All the very best.


Date: 30 Jul 2003


Thank you for a very pleasurable hour browsing the website. I will return! I was delighted to find a photo of my grandfather, Richard Jones - Dic Lon Las - on the site, and the accounts from Daniel Rowlands, my great-great-uncle. My family and I have just returned home to Manchester from our annual pilgrimage to Rhiw, having spent a week at Tan-y-Foel (where my father Gwynfor used to worship in its days as a Methodist chapel). Thank you for such a loving website which does justice to the beauty and history of the village and its people. Susan Wildman Evans.


Date: 01 Aug 2003


Hello, my name was Brenda Thomas and i used to live in Eifon House. from birth till the age of 12 ( I am now 71). I lived with my mother (Margaret), father (will) and brothers (Herwyn and John). I now live in bristol and have two daughters (Julie and Trudi), I had a son who passed away (Nigel). I love the site it bring back good memorys. I hope to visit back in the future. I'd love to see the village again, lot's of love Brenda Bachyivion.


Date: 03 Aug 2003


Da iawn. Y mae'r safle yn hawdd i grwydro drwyddi. Da o beth i bentrefi eraill LLyn i efelychu y wefan hon? Gwyn Rhydderch. Mab Catrin Mary a fu'n byw yn Carreg Lefain Fawr.


Date: 06 Aug 2003


Mae'r Wefan hon yn ardderchog fedrai neb ofyn am well rwyf yn ei mwynhau yn fawr llawer o ddiolch i chwi daliwch ati, Eiddoch yn gyir Megan Edern


Date: 07 Aug 2003


We recently bought Sea View - The Post Office and already love Rhiw. The website is fantastic. Delighted to finally see a picture of Elsie as we've heard so much about her. We hope she would approve of us living in her home and that she would forgive the little changes we're making. The Williams family


Date: 14 Aug 2003


The website gets better each time I look at it! thanks. Sue Frisby.


Date: 24 Aug 2003


Hi Tony, This is Emlyn's friend from the USA...Gaye-Dawn Hannaford! This site is INCREDIBLE!!!! Makes me 'homesick ' for Rhiw and the Jones' family! Hope Gwenllian is well and that all the family is well! Take care!


Date: 31 Aug 2003


Hello Tony just viseted your website after talking to you in the smoking area onboard the CS Seawell. Bob Toward Canyon ROV. Thank you for all your effort on this site. As you know the signals out here can be eratic an so I was unable to open some of the pages. I will however be returning to this site in the future.


Date: 01 Sep 2003


I think it is great and it is very interesting, K. Elder.


Date: 02 Sep 2003


Llongyfarchion ar eich tudalennau. Ardderchog! Llawer o ddiolch am eich ymdrechion Gwenllian. Sion Llwyd - llywydd y Gymdeithas Sydney Awstralia


Date: 07 Sep 2003


Very good website. We are frequent visitors to the Aberdaron area and have been for nearly 40 years. We love the area and the friendliness of the people. Mike has many digital photos of local views. If you would like to use some for your website, you'd be welcome. (m.pinckard@zoom.co.uk). Thanks, The Wainwrights and the Pinckards.


Date: 11 Sep 2003


Just had a look at your website, I ignored the History, People, old photographs, and the labour of love that went into it, and went straight for the hard to find, Adults only (grown ups) jokes and cartoon section, which I found to be in very bad taste, (but well worth an article in my newspaper) after all if I say good things about you, then our readers won't be interested, and we must try and increase our circulation, other wise we will be out of a job. Regards, Wayne Kerr, Sub-editor, (subnormal) Canary & Dumbo Herald.


Date: 12 Sep 2003


This site makes me laugh,the thought of a load of inbreading people coming together and making a site really tickles me! keep it up.jokes are funny


Date: 12 Sep 2003


If you hang on a tick I'll get my banjo out. (webmaster)


Date: 14 Sep 2003


Hello Gwenllian a Tony, Roeddwn yn falch o weld bod mwy o bobl wedi edrych ar eich gwefan yr wythnos hon nag oedd wedi darllen yr "Harold." "It pays to advertise" meddai nhw. Pob lwc a daliwch ati, Greta.


Date: 15 Sep 2003


Fantastic web site, very interesting but also funny! Well done!


Date: 17 Sep 2003


I have viewed the contents of this website and sent E-mails to the owner of this website. From the responses that I have received I would have to say that this is the nicest Celtic Culture Community website of the World wide web that I have ever seen. Andrew Siddle.


Date: 20 Sep 2003


An excellent site and I enjoyed looking at my old land. I was brought up at Graig Fael going to school at Bryncroes. I left and spent most of my life away. It is great to see this site. Ieuan Jones


Date: 28 Sep 2003


Being the six thousand and two hundredth visitor to Rhiw.com only goes to say that things are getting better each time I visit. Thoroughly enjoying the photographs old and new, and finding your keen interest and much knowledge on the history of your home village and of course your talent in photography to be inspiering. I will continue to enjoy Rhiw.com in the future and wish you all the best.


Date: 29 Sep 2003


Excellent site with super graphics .Although I only live a few miles away in Criccieth the site gives a splendid insight to other parts of the Peninsula. D.C.T.


Date: 01 Oct 2003


Hi, was passed this website through an aquaintance and just wanted to comment on how stunning the seascape views are. Really lovely. I will have to delve further to see if I can find out more local information from the site, it looks like a lovely place to visit. Best regards, Cait. London.


Date: 04 Oct 2003


What a great web site. We were all very impressed in Holyhead Coastguard Station. Nice to see pics of some of the old ships we sailed on Tony. Keep up the good work. Regards John McClymont


Date: 06 Oct 2003


It was a very nice surprise to come across your site as i have been visiting this part of wales for over 50 years.We have usually stayed at Fairbourne (actually Inys Faig) for many years at The Shoe run by Ann Lyons & her Mother .Sadly they are no longer with us so recently we have been staying at Friog at Sea View run by John & Dee Ellis who make us very welcome.I should like to visit Rhiw soon.


Date: 06 Oct 2003


Peter & Enid Hull from Groby,Leicestershire


Date: 06 Oct 2003


Peter & Enid Hull-Hull@groby78.fsnet.co.uk


Date: 09 Oct 2003


Wedi cael oriau o bleser yn edrych ar yr hen luniau. Byddwn yn ymweld ar wefan eto gan ddisgwyl gweld mwy. Difyr iawn. Gwilym a Mair Noddfa.


Date: 17 Oct 2003


What an amazing website. My ancestors came from Wales and I have to say this is the best website I've ever seen such beautiful photography and what an amazing collection of old photographs and tales you have. One can almost feel one's identity.Keep up the good work as I shall surely return to your website. I almost feel privilaged signing your guestbook. Thank you for a very pleasurable hour. Lou Texas USA


Date: 29 Oct 2003


Found the web-site almost by accident-I was re-living some old memories of my seafaring days on the Blue Funnel web-site and then had a tour of this wonderful site. Now I need to visit the area again to re-live some childhood memories! A wonderful site, and worth the time I've spent on it. I'll be back! Thanks for sharing the area with the unfortunates who live in less beautiful areas!


Date: 30 Oct 2003


Dwi yn meddwl ei fod yn wych yn enwedig y gwalltiau ers talwm e.e Bethan a Menna.


Date: 06 Nov 2003


Edrych ar Rhiw.com bob nos, mwynhau y lluniau yn arw, dim yn meddwl am funud y buaswn yn gweld llun o fy hun hefo fy chwiorydd a'm brawd, hefyd dad.Ann Jane (Nebo Bach gynt)Nawr yn byw yn Lloegr.


Date: 19 Nov 2003


Tony & Gwenllian Excellant site - really enjoy photographs. Is it possibe for something on 'live issues' eg the new road? Very useful for semi permanent residents like ourselves. Regards Paul, Pwll Melyn paul.dove@littlewoods.co.uk


Date: 24 Nov 2003


Diolch o galon i drigolion Rhiw am y safle we bendigedig yma o Rhiw sydd wedi cael ei sefydlu ar ein cyfer ni yma yn Mhen Lyn. Diolch Gwenda A. Roberts


Date: 25 Nov 2003


Gwefan ardderchog Llongyfarchiadau ar gyflawni safle eithriadol o ddiddorol. evan.dobso@talk21.com


Date: 03 Dec 2003


This was a pleasant surprise to find this website this morning,and to find scenes of my childhood in Lleyn unfolding before my eyes.It also looked like one of my cousins in one of the photos.An excellent site for me.Give my regards to Menna Jones,my cousin if you see her.Havvrone Rhodri,Saskatchewan,Canada


Date: 10 Dec 2003


Bendigedig - diolch am holl waith pawb, yn wir. Adnabu pawb fy nhad fel Ben Tan'Rardd a nefoedd i mi oedd cael treulio gwyliau yn Ty Croes Bach lle ffermiai fy Modryb.


Date: 10 Dec 2003


Bendigedig - diolch am holl waith pawb, yn wir. Mae trysor o wybodaeth yma. Gwefan gwerth chweil ac edrychaf ymlaen at ddatblygiadau yma eto . . . ----------------------------------------- Gwelais yma fedd-argraff i fy Modryb Catherine yn Eglwys Aelrhiw farwodd o meningitis yn 20 oed. Yno mae bedd fy nhaid a'm nain hefyd a 'Dewyrth Robin farwodd yn Nant Gwyrtheyrn. Adnabu pawb fy nhad fel Ben Tan'Rardd a nefoedd i mi oedd cael treulio gwyliau (50au/60au) yn Ty Croes Bach lle ffermiai fy Modryb Sian (Jane Williams) ac Evan ei gwr. Dywedai fy nhad gryn dipyn o hanes cymeriadau Rhiw, eu dywediadau a rhai o ddigwyddiadau, enwau llefydd a.y.y.b. Os buasai ychydig o wybodaeth felly o ddiddordeb i chi, gadewch i mi wybod - efallai y rhoddai rhyw 'snap-shot' o hanes ---------------------- Aled Williams aled@informatics.bangor.ac.uk



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