"The Gate"

In the 1920ís when William Jones, Trip, was seven years old, his father Ishmael had a thriving Taxi business, and young Wil would often accompany him, when taking people to various places around Llyn.

One winterís night Ishmael had a call from Robert Evans, Penarfynydd, he wanted to go down to Aberdaron for a pint or two after a hard days work on the farm, and as always young Wil was keen to tag along. Back then there were two gates to open on the road to Penarfynydd, the first was on the way down the hill just before Tyn Llidiart, and the other between Ty Croes Mawr and Penarfynydd, the gate posts are still there, even though the gates themselves are long gone. Ishmael was keen to take Wil with him, as it saved a lot of time and bother with opening and closing these gates.

The short journey down to Penarfynydd went without a hitch, with Wil jumping out as the car came to a stop, just far enough away from the gates to make room for them to be opened, and Ishmael could see his young son in the dim headlights, struggling with the latches, but he knew that Wil could manage, as he had done this many times before. On the way back to the village, young Wil was in the front with his father, and Robert Evans in the back, as the car came to a stop at the second gate, on the hill above Tyn Llidiart, Wil got out and ran to open it, (which opened down towards the car).  

After the car had gone through the gate, in the dim red glow of the brake lights, young Wil pulled the gate shut, and as it clunked in its latches, a figure leaned on the gate from the other side. He was dressed in oilskins and souwester, and was soaking wet, (even though it was not raining that night) he made no sound at all, but worst of all, Wil could see right through where his face should be.

"William" giat_tyn_llidiart.jpg (47869 bytes)

"The gate posts today"

"Ishmael and his Taxi"


It was a full three days before he could tell the story, thatís how much of a shock the young lad was in, and try as he may, his father could not get him to go with him ever again, well not at night anyway.

(Footnote) What I find very strange about this story, for any one familiar with this spot, is that there is nowhere to hide from car headlights, as itís just open fields on either side of the road. And even though Wil told me the story more than forty years after it happened, he still found it very difficult.

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