The Old House

The story I’m about to tell you is true, the house where it happened in, and the family whom it happened to will remain anonymous. The woman like a lot of people is afraid of being ridiculed and not believed, because of the stigma attached to anything that is not “normal” The house like a lot of Rhiw’s dwellings is very old, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth centaury, and like a lot of other homes here, it has gone through alterations and has changed out of all recognition in the last two hundred years.


About ten years ago, on a cold and dark winters evening, the mother and her two children were alone in the house, the father was working late, and would not be home for some time, they had eaten their super and the woman was about to sit down to watch television, the kids like a lot of other children were doing their own thing, one was watching his own TV. in his bedroom, while the other  was doing homework from school, leaving the mother alone down stairs to watch “Coronation street” in the lounge. At some time during the program (she can’t remember exactly when) she heard one of the kids coming down, she turned around (the lounge was open plan) and her young son was coming down stairs, to get a can of juice from the fridge, and after a couple of minutes back he went up stairs, with a quick “good night” on the way. But only a few seconds later, again she heard one of her offspring descending the stairs, but this time she didn’t bother turning around, as she was immersed in the “drama” on the box, and anyway, kids ar like that, just after a meal, which they don’t even finish, they are in the kitchen again looking for something to eat or drink. But this time there was no noise from the kitchen, not the usual banging of cupboard doors or the fridge being raided, no not this time, the foot steps had stopped, but the feeling that someone was behind her was overpowering, and when she turned around, in the dim light from the T.V. and the one lamp she had on, was a “glow” or to put it in another way, a misty kind of haze, the room had turned very cold, so cold that she started to shiver, she was absolutely petrified, and paralysed with fear. Then the “glow” started moving slowly across the lounge, she could only sit and stare, and then it disappeared through the wall at the far end of the room.


When I talked to her recently about this, she could recall that this “thing” didn’t walk, but floated, it was about two feet clear of the floor. But the most amazing thing about this encounter is that the part of the wall where this “glow” disappeared through, used to be the front door, but at the time none of the family knew this.


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