The Lady in White

  "Harry Jones"

Up to the time I was eight years old my family lived in Awelon, and my father Harry Jones farmed in Llwynfor, Garth and Conion, the milking was carried out at Llwynfor, and in those days it was all done by hand. Even with the tiny dairy herd that he had, it was a long and monotonous job, so consequently he use to start very early in the mornings, and would often leave the house well before dawn, so that the milk would be in the churns and on the “stage” in the village before the collection lorry would arrive mid morning. (The “stage” where the milk was left is still there, on the right hand side of the road as you walk from the cross roads towards Nebo chapel)

This particular day, it was still quite dark when he left the house, It was a nice morning though, and apart from the cockerel at Ty Ucha in the distance, quiet and still, and by the time he turned the corner at Penboncyn he could just about see the road in front of him, but he knew that by the time he was down the hill at Llwynfor (about a quarter of a mile) and got the cattle in, it would be light enough to start milking.

The road from Penboncyn down past Morawel to the corner at Bwlch is quite straight, with a high hedge to the left, but a lower one on the right, and by the time he reached the corner, the first glow of the summer sun could be seen over Hells Mouth, and the Snowdonia mountain range beyond.

All of a sudden he was aware of some thing behind him, and as he swung around he could see some one about 200 yards away, standing in the middle of the road by Morawel, from that distance he could just make out, that it was a lady, and wearing what appeared to be a long white nightgown!!! but not only that, this lady had now started walking down the hill towards him. His immediate thought was that she had come from Morawel, and had seen him pass, and was in some sort of distress, so without a second thought he started walking briskly up the hill towards her. Before he even got a quarter of the way, she had changed direction and was now clamouring up the hedge to his left, this he found to be very odd to say the least, so he started running, but by the time he reached the spot, she had already gone over the hedge into the small field below Morawel. By now he was out of breath, but was still determined to find out what the hell was going on, so with one leap he was up and standing on the hedge, and was peering over into the field below.

lon_morawel.jpg (36692 bytes)

"Looking back towards Morawel"

Nothing!!! Even though he had a clear view of the whole area, and he was there only seconds after she had gone over the hedge, she had just disappeared, as if by magic into thin air. And then it hit him, he had just seen his first (and only) Ghost.


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